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Superman Returns
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

this is one of the most underrated movies I can think of. I would like to understand why this movie gets dismissed and put into a negative light. Singer did a great job, with some heavy nostalgia, in potentially reviving this franchise. Who could've done it better? And Brandon Routh is totally got a raw deal - he was excellent becoming Christopher Reeves playing Superman. I saw Superman: The Movie in the theater when I was a kid and it was on the level of Star Wars for me at the time. This is the only other good Superman movie made since then. Other than the very last line by Lex Luthor, the movie was solid and excellent in parts. The airplane scene is one of the best - well made, memorable action sequences that come to mind. With Man of Steel, Snyder went too far in steering Superman away from tradition - which is why, I think, some people didn't like 'Returns' - they wanted a retelling. All we got was a headache...