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Death Race 3: Inferno

Just as good as Death Race 2 and maybe even better, it is like a straight continuance and a really well thought out way to plan the bridge to the famous remake of Death Race with Jason Statham (as 2 and 3 are prequels).

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

A pretty good way to reboot a franchise if so desired. I liked how it started with Superman as a young man honing his still budding skills and having flashbacks of his way to the Kent farmhouse. Then, it gets really good with General Zod threatening Earth...

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Another excellent entry in the so fantastic X-Men franchise. Fits in nicely as the latest as of this writing.

Joy Ride 3: Road Kill

Another entry in what I'd call the sub-genre of horror called "Terror Trucker"! This one continues the sadistic games of my favorite demented driver Rusty Nail. Now since Mr Declan O'Brien owns Wrong Turn, let him please continue the saga with one more sequel called Joy Ride: Wrong Turn! Ken Kirzinger actually played a hillbilly in Wrong Turn 2 and this would pit Rusty Nail against the Wrong Turn Hillbilly Horrors! It only makes since to do a Versus movie since Mr Kirzinger also played Jason in Freddy Vs Jason! Please get this done Mr O'Brien!!!!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Quite a bit better than The First Avenger, but a little long and nearly got to be too much although bringing back Black Widow and introducing Falcon were appreciated steps.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The movie that explains the origins of Captain America captures and justly features the correct timeline to set up the sequel as well as The Avenrgers.

Great Guns
Great Guns(1941)

Definitely after the greatness of L&H with Hal Roach Studios, but this is one of the rare exceptions from their later films probably due to still being fresh from Hal Roach.


Nothing like Hunger Games as sometimes compared by others, the film is its own story and independently compelling. Somewhat reminiscent of our own societies where humans still think they have the right to control other human lives. They even have microchipped tracking with brainwashed soldiers!

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

An awesome way to describe one of my favorite toy sets of my childhood! I loved the updated, more realistic take on this movie that nearly overdosed the action.

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Psychological thriller that snuck up on me. I've heard about it my whole like and just recently saw it. Great for its disturbing senses that created a new sub-genre called "Psycho Biddy", lol.

Joy Ride
Joy Ride(2001)

I definitely saw the suspenseful scares the writer and director were shooting for. Our menacing, yet mostly absent psycho trucker Rusty Nail had an intense voice and it was funny to see Paul Walker so afraid.

Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead

I really enjoyed this one as our sadistic meany Rusty Nail got lots more of a role than the previous film. This could really turn into a whole new horror genre called Terror-Trucker! I'd love it!

Muppets From Space

Another good one from the Muppets, though I was a little disappointed that only a select few Muppets got any role time in this one.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

Certainly not the best Muppet movie out, but proof that they are timeless classics and this was the resurge for the new generations to support more movies!

The Muppets Take Manhattan

Back on track, this is probably my favorite next to The Muppet Movie from 1979 (their first in a long Muppet movie series).

The Great Muppet Caper

Still a laughable and easy-to-watch movie, but can't out-do the first best Muppet movie!

The Muppet Movie

Always puts me in a great mood to watch this. I'm a Muppet mark!

The Thief Who Came to Dinner

Good pace enough to keep watching. Never get into a game of Cat And Mouse with Warren Oates!

Feast 3: The Happy Finish

I can't help it. I'm a big fan of Feast and Feast 2, but this one was sloppy and rushed together like production just wanted to be over it and the awful direction kinda proves this.


I saw the original, but couldn't muster all the way through this one. maybe those who like to see females brutally killed would enjoy this more than I did.

I Saw What You Did

Pretty good for its very dated era. The backing music was oddly chipper for a suspenseful picture, but it helped me laugh.

The Last Man on Earth

Very much reminded me of the book I Am Legend, but the book was better as is the remake that follows the book even less. Vincent Price did a fine job and wasn't over-the-top like he usually is and was quite fun to follow. This was one of his tougher, yet better performances.


A well-done rendition of the old story. Not a moment of boredom and I'd look forward to any sequels. The more "Empire" changes, the more it stays the same. We need a modern-day Hercules!

Resident Evil: Extinction

Should've been better - but it wasn't. Relied to heavily on The Umbrella Corp issues to be a genuine zombie flick which is what I wanted.


Another touching, heart-felt film like all the so-called "comedies" are today. Though Tammy passes off some funny parts, Melissa McCarthy has done better.

Wolf Creek 2
Wolf Creek 2(2014)

More or less the same movie as before only cheaper. Watch this one only if you were a true fan of the first Wolf Creek.

The Babadook
The Babadook(2014)

Interesting. Felt a little like an indie film and though not much action or horror, it kept a sense of eerie unease which made me watch on. I would've rated it lower if not for the scary visuals being rather horrifying.

Cannonball Run II

More zany cameos, but not quite as funny as its predecessor. In fact, the show kind of gets "off track" from the race if you'll witness the pun. Still a good time for those who enjoyed the first movie though.


Another Cagney Masterpiece that should've been named something different since taxis weren't really at all the plot of this movie. A large middle section is devoted to Cagney trying to win over the lead dame, but the beginning sets up the story and a great ending ensues.

Frisco Kid
Frisco Kid(1935)

Cagney is Cagney as always in his somewhat similar gangster-stereotype of good-guy-in-a-bad-time senario that is set to a different era than the usual, yet still doesn't disappoint.

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

Better than the original, yet tied it in superbly. A new story about the old movie and events with a new killer (or is it?)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

This had raw acting that is rarely found today. The scenes were scary and realistic enough not to warrant a billion dollar production that keeps it gritty.

Soylent Green

I didn't get what was so great about this film. I guess it depends on what one is ready to see. This was something of a mysterious investigation of sorts and I just expected better.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

A tense and strong continuation about the evolution of Cesar from the first movie as well as his ape followers. I hope this franchise turns out more as great as this one.

Zombie Night
Zombie Night(2013)

Great and underrated, this felt like a Walking Dead / Z nation movie. fast paced and the motions just kept rolling on. Very recommended!

The Prime Time

I liked the feel and direction of this film and who gets tired of Karen Black anyway?

See No Evil 2

A slightly weaker sequel, but I give points for immediate continuation and newer story. This franchise could easily turn into a really successful series if producers played it right, but they probably won't.

See No Evil
See No Evil(2006)

I found this film to be entertaining and a breath of fresh murder to the slasher genre that Kane is perfect for.

Dominique (Avenging Spirit) (Dominique Is Dead)

Not exactly terrifying, but the director uses the environment to really capture an uneasy feel throughout the film at a fairly good pace.

The Boogeyman II

Nearly an hour or so is a recap of the previous installment accompanied with the narration with original film scenes. Then a few lazy kills we've all seen before. A sequel that shouldn't have been.

The Boogey Man

I'll tell ya right now; "The Boogeyman" is various shards of glass from a broken mirror that has hypnotic powers! With that bit of hilarity stated, this cheaply made film does have a few good kills and a notable, yet laughable plot.

Catwomen of the Moon

A terribly ridiculous movie that I didn't rate so high because any part was good. On the contrary, I rated it as such due to it providing me with some of my hardest laughs!

Blood Tide (Demon Island) (The Red Tide) (Bloodtide)

Forgettable if you're lucky. Amateurishly performed with no demons. There may have been a second's glimpse of something at the very end, but how it wasn't the ending career of James Earle Jones is beyond my comprehension.


Holy shit, Hollywood hasn't made a horror movie this dedicated in years. I had it figured out about halfway in, but still loved it and didn't expect the ending.

The Crying Dead

Reminded me of just another ghost hunters show, but longer. Nothing much happens other than lots of bickering between the crew and like 3 half-ass scary scenes.

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Ongoing sequels of crap and this was no exception. It took different direction and was more serious than previous entries that worked to its disadvantage.

The Purge: Anarchy

A very good sequel that I felt was actually better than the first or at least different. It followed the rules of making a sequel: more characters, more violence, and a new storyline that still maintains a bridge to the first film.

Frank Miller's Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

A great bridge to the original if not a little wackier. Any fan of the first would love this and could watch it in this continuity: First, the Bruce Willis segments from 2005 Sin City. Then, this entire movie straight through. Next, watch the Clive Owen segment from 2005 Sin City and lastly, the Mickey Rourke segment also from 2005.


Not even close to as good as it was hyped up to be. Slow and boring with only a few cheap scare scenes of the startled jumpy type rather than relying on pure scrae tactics.

Joe Kidd
Joe Kidd(1972)

Typical Spaghetti Western with typical acting and storyline - but never gets old for me!

Sherlock Holmes

Brilliant performances from all involved with quick wit accompanied by a great story.

A Haunting At Silver Falls

Not a bad mystery movie that has above-average acting with an occasional eerie scene to thicken the plot.


Good ol' fashion hillbilly slasher! You've seen it all before, but have you seen this one?

The Uninvited

Takes way too long for anything to get started and finally when it does, it isn't impressive.

Funeral Home
Funeral Home(1980)

I don't know why this had an anniversary edition made or even why it's considered a horror movie. Yes, it had an old funeral home in it, but so what?

Motorcycle Gang

Better than you'd think from such a cheap look and unimaginative name. It's a cat-and-mouse game between a regular family and (wait for it)...a Motorcycle Gang!

The Choppers
The Choppers(1961)

Ahead of its time and a hidden gem among early exploitation film. Keeps a decent pace providing many unintentionally dated laughs.

Love Happy
Love Happy(1950)

definitely not the Marx Bros best work, but notable for their last film together. Harpo has a larger role and things were funnier after Groucho finally makes more appearances toward the end.


So hard to watch that I had to break it up 3 times to finish it. The senario was silly and deaths sucked. Not even bad in a good way.

Dead Before Dawn 3D

Better than expected by mixing absurd humor with horror brilliantly.

The House That Dripped Blood

Four short stories about the residents of the title house that ironically has little to no blood involved, but still a good atmospheric film for Halloween!


Not as much happens as one might think, but due to the direction, style of filming, and silly subplot with an audience, this was quite entertaining.


Rich character development if not somewhat bizarre with a virus not unlike that found in 28 Days or Weeks Later, so they really are the Infected and not zombies.

The Food of the Gods

I think I saw this a few years back and it's that good type of bad. Probably one of the best sci-fi big animal movies of the 1970s.

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A classic that has laughable scares and enjoyable as a midnight movie.

The Monster That Challenged the World

Disappointing. The parts with the monster are pretty cool, but damn are they few and far between!


Cruel yet suspenseful, it's original if you ignore the previously made Korean version like I did. Plot thickness is vast and maintains the sense of mystery, but has way too many shots of Josh Brolin's ass.


Didn't really understand it and certainly wouldn't recommend it. Kinda trippy, inferior Jacob's Ladder in my tried opinion.

Dead in Tombstone

Kinda had a feel of Ghost Rider meets Jonah Hex with The Crow plot.

21 Jump Street

Yeah, I got a few laughs from this and enjoyed the banter between Hill and Tatum, but thought it could've went further.

The Expendables 3

Slightly more stale than the last 2 due to the new, young Expendables and again with the almost too-much-at-all-times action, but good story with hopes they make another one.


Holy shit! I don't support Victimless Crimes Dept, but other than having that element in here, this movie rocks! Jason Statham is the only real last action hero we have left.

The Call
The Call(2013)

This ended up being a very intense thriller that was so much more than just some girl in a trunk crying to a 911 operator!

Don't Look in the Basement

Lacks depth and very silly where nothing happens except mental patients running around to freely act goofy until the climax at the very end.

The Master Touch

Really only boasts that 1972 charm, but takes a long time to accomplish anything, offering a few, slim action scenes. I claim to love 1970s cinema, yet today's action movies have spoiled me.

Fight for Your Life

Nothing even close to being as good critics had me believe. It's pretty boring save for shock-value of some racist dialog and slightly mean-spirited violence.

The Hills Run Red

A very well-done Western where the underdog must get his life back.

Una Lunga Fila di Croci (Hanging for Django)

Didn't feel like the average Spaghetti Western I'm used to due to more wooded areas as opposed to the desert and almost had too much going on in the first 15 minutes! I needed to re-watch it for the plots to sink in.

The Haunted Mansion

A rather smart Eddie Murphy children's movie that has enough strategy to even keep adults entertained.

Thunder and Lightning

Packed full of great action sequences, hysterical humor, and witty one-liners. Reminded me of a swampy Dukes of hazard with Coon-Asses!

Ultimate Virus

Something shown late at night that most audiences wouldn't sit through these days.Truly not what I expected either as it's mostly politicians just talking politics to one another rather than showing any consequences of a deadly virus.

Starman - Attack From Space

I can't decide if this was a waste of time or not! It was bad in a fun way with a Death Star and Oriental Superman!

Leave It to Beaver

Not as good as the old TV show, but gets a passing grade for trying to update the Beaver universe. It does have humorous moments with a moral ending.

Tale of the Frog Prince

A lesser-known Robin Williams outing that feels more like a play and done when Williams was actually funny. Teri Garr was pretty good, too!

Galaxy of Terror (Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror) (Planet of Horrors) (Quest)

I'd think a space horror that has Freddy Krueger and captain Spaulding in it would've been cooler. But this was before Robert Englund and Sid Haig's iconic roles. In fact, the latter only has one speaking scene opposed to his lunatic clown role never shut up.

Toxic Zombies (Bloodeaters) (Blood Butchers)

Not the typical "zombies", but an original story with enough violent scares to keep an audience interested.

The Wizard of Gore

Contains lots of gruesome blood-letting, but unfortunately relies on that alone rather than solid acting or anything resembling an intelligent plot.

The Cannonball Run

One of the funniest comedies I've seen of all time and it still holds up! Cast-full of well-knowns of the era that never go dull.

Bloody Moon
Bloody Moon(1981)

Somewhat creepy if not flat-out terrifying with performers who are sort of likeable despite the laughably bad acting.

Attack of the Giant Leeches

More about a cheating wife and her loser husband until maybe halfway through which proved to be an awfully long set-up!We're finally allowed to see very poorly created Giant Leeches.

Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Dramatic crime noir made a come-back in the 1990s to an extent and this film is a decent example of doing it right.


Wow, Denzel just gets better with age. I enjoyed this from start to finish & it didn't even have to contain much action, haha.

The Chase
The Chase(1946)

Pretty decent up until it's just talking for what seems like forever between the main dude & chick.

Navajo Joe
Navajo Joe(1965)

A great Spaghetti Western with an American star. I love revenge flicks with such an awesome score that Kill Bill had to steal much of it!


Attempted to watch this once and shut off the tv. But I gave it another look and paid enough attention to turn if off at the end.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

The only Sasha Baron Cohen comedy that starts to get old after Ali G, Borat, and Bruno so know what you're getting into and be a huge fan to enjoy this one.

Rolling Thunder

Typical 1970s action/revenge plot with sluggish scenes accompanied by sporadic violence. Not as memorable as I had hoped.


Pretty much could've been titled "Those Black Fockers" if Wayans were involved. It was a good version of Meet The Parents and had just as much heart-felt cheese toward the end, though still a decent take. Can we look forward to a sequel called "Little Peeples"?

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Much better than what I was told it would be and as a life-long zombie fan, I had to give it an honest try. I'm glad I did!

Murders in the Rue Morgue

Short and sort of a fun take on Poe's classic tale. Entertaining all the way through!

The Last Stand

I tried to get into this movie twice and twice I lost interest. The movie has okay action sequences, but I still got bored with the acting.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

Full of entertaining action inspired by the old fairytale with new characters and developments!


It started out promising with Medieval re-enacting bikers that ended up kind of dumb and lame. I understand why Romero stuck with zombie films.


Had a few decent parts, but not nearly as good as it was hyped to be and Stallone was way better in the original!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Ah, so much for real stunts without computer cartoon graphics. I anticipated this movie to be slightly let down as it contained way too much relationship drama and blah-blah talk. Though the blend was done nicely and I'd probably watch it again although I was finally relieved once this film ended.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Good enough for a re-do and fairly well-acted. It was nice to see more actual stunts and less computer animated action in this one. I enjoyed the story and will anticipate next year's sequel.

Police Academy

Laughable comedy about a dysfunctional police training facility that spawned several sequels of the same style.

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

A great parody of serious Robin Hood movies, particularly Prince of Thieves. See a very young Dave Chappelle in this one!

Saw III(2006)

What may should have been the last movie and certainly the slight downfall of the franchise, this one pits a guy on an adventure to save his wife.

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

Keeping things fresh and new, a different design is keeping a group of people tortured.

Super Troopers

Maybe it contained some humor the 1st time I watched it, but really got tired of it after the 2nd time...

Friday After Next

Nearly as good as the one before with the same comedy style and to see Johnny Witherspoon interact with Don DC Curry is hysterical!


I disagree with so many friends who hail this film. It was alright, but the 2 sequel are more of my comedic taste. This one didn't know whether to be a comedy or at times a ghetto drama.

Employee of the Month

Had some funny moments and a twist I didn't see coming.

State of Grace

Good Irish mob movie with a suspenseful attitude and decent acting.

One Dark Night

Not great acting plus a kind of silly plot, but maintains its creepiness and is worth seeing if for nothing more than the finale'!

Scream Bloody Murder (Claw of Terror) (Matthew) (The Captive Female)

A little better than others admit. It kept me interested enough to watch, yet uncomfortable enough to be uncomfortable. I thought it took the state of mental illness more realistically than many modern films.


Not too bad. Actually pretty good little low budget thriller with one of those popular twists I didn't see coming, but enjoyed.

King Kong Escapes

Only good for the sake of making fun of it.

Harry Brown
Harry Brown(2010)

Quite enjoyable. I found it to be like a British senior citizen version of Death Wish!

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

I felt as this was every bit as good as the first one and tied in greatly. We'll see if there's a third sequel......

Insane Clown Posse: Big Money Hustla$ - The Movie

Provided a few cheap laughs. One really ought to be an ICP fan to truly appreciate.


What I consider a true Super Hero movie! Good development and story without me ever reading the graphic novel. The film flows well with action and many comedic points!


Another "So-Bad-It's-Good" type with several different monsters and laughable FX!

Curse of the Swamp Creature

Terrible plot and acting to boot. The star is for the last 5 minutes when the creature is actually seen.

Stephen King's 'The Night Flier'

I didn't really like it. The movie was more like a sluggish detective noir than a King horror and this made it disappointing.

This Boy's Life

Not too bad. I mean it kept me watching and the acting was excellent. De Niro was a dick and DiCaprio was sympathetic.

Dracula Vs. Frankenstein

A pretty good idea to bring the classic monsters together again that turned into a pretty bad movie, lol. The type of movie in the background while visiting J. I recommend watching Abbott & Costello again...

The Mummy's Ghost

Certainly not the best sequel The Mummy has been involved with. Getting more stale than the Mummy's Wrappings!

Machete Kills

I found this one more enjoyable than its predecessor with more over-the-top bloodshed and a stronger story.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Provided nearly non-stop laughs and I got that many participants didn't realize a film was being made at the time which made it even funnier.

The Evil of Frankenstein

I only kept watching because Svengoolie hosted it and made it entertaining! Most of this was all build-up for the last exciting 30 minutes.

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

What a fun piece of trashy crap! It's extremely violent and contains terrible acting to go along with it's silly script and totally ridiculous climax.


It was okay, but it felt way too much like Men In Black. The only difference was that MIB had aliens, a better script, and a better director!

The Conjuring

Nailed it with the vibe of the times and eeriness of a real horror movie we are so deprived of these days.

Curse of Chucky

Holy shit! This was darker, creepier, and so full of suspense at first, that it almost didn't go with the Child's Play franchise. Then it eased up until it smooths out nicely towards the end. This should make any Chucky fan pretty happy!

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

Finally, something to be scared about somewhat. Took me back to a 170s terror with squishy vi9sceral sounds and better acting. I felt their pain.

The Slammin' Salmon

Every bit at good as Waiting and Duncan really provides the laughs as the dumb restaurant owner.

Red 2
Red 2(2013)

Every bit as good as the first Red and about just as confusing. Some returning cast members are mixed with some new very well.


Sci-Fi comedy really comes together with the starring of Meg Ryan, Martin Short and Dennis Quaid. The latter 2 mash extremely well and provided many serious laughs. When there was no laughs, there was great action!

No One Lives
No One Lives(2013)

I thought it was original enough and had lots of gore, but no one was likeable and no one was worth watching for long.

Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins

Great 1980s action flick and though most of the movie dealt with Remo's training, it was still captivating.

Hot Lead and Cold Feet

Cute Disney movie that's nearly unknown today. Gave me an appreciation for Jim Dale who had duel roles as twins and Don Knotts co-starred for extra silly fun.

Case 39
Case 39(2010)

Starts out as a completely different movie than what I expected to end as.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Not all that great. Don Knotts is his typical, nervous Fife/Furley character which is funny, but the movie has little to do with any ghosts.

Shake Hands With the Devil

Period piece concerning Ireland's fight for independence which was slow-paced and sometimes hard to stay interested. However, I did enjoy the presentation of the freedom fighter view.

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

Almost as good as Cagney's White Heat he filmed a year prior. This one is more suspenseful and not as evenly paced maybe, but still a great!

This Is the End

Not even near as good as it should've been with all the "talent" playing themselves. I expected way more out of Craig Robinson and Danny McBride though the rest of the actors suck anyway. The movie played like an unfunny documentary of End Times and was mostly disappointing.


A good way to make fun of the explosion of zombie films we've recently seen with a humorous twist in a 1950s suburban universe. Gotta love exploitation!

Triple Dog
Triple Dog(2010)

Kind of cute to watch 20 year old girls play immature teens. I doubt that the story was very good, but seeing these silly little cuties kept me watching all the way to the end. Nah, the story was half-ass interesting, too.

The Purge
The Purge(2013)

Interesting plot with completely unrealistic circumstances still makes this suspenseful film work. It kept up its intensity throughout its duration.

Conspiracy Theory

Eh, I had hopes for this as Gibson was funny as a raging loon. But then it just got so over-the-top even with the movie trying to prove its point.


Really good and mostly genuine depictions of the times, but really, really long and drawn out! Otherwise, a great example of what real patriots should be like to defy a tyrannical rule.

Gangster Squad

Captured the era rather well and Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen played phenomenally. This story tells the tale of how cops are just as slimy and crooked as gangsters, but worse since they blindly obey orders to take action against victmless crimes such as selling booze or promoting gambling dens while getting paid far less than the gangsters all the while still making cops look like "good guys".

Stand Up Guys

If any pair of actors can still entertain me by "Walken" around town and talking, it's definitely these two! Alan Arkin even shows up for a little while to make this trio great to watch.


Not bad at all. Contains a typical 1970s way of shooting cinema and a decent storyline not unlike Death Wish.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I'm not a Trekkie, but I know enough about the TV series and movies to closely follow and this movie was much better than I imagined. It is researched and truly a well put-together prequel.

The Baytown Outlaws

Much better than I imagined as Billy Bob impressed once again. Great cinematography and action sequences with a kind of funny dialog.

Hit & Run
Hit & Run(2012)

Teaches guys that they should become whatever their girlfriends want and tries a little too hard to be funny, but does obtain a few laughs and could be considered somewhat enjoyable.

Identity Thief

This is the film that made me a Melissa McCarthy fan! Zaney fun between her off-the-wall self and straight-laced Jason Bateman. Good pairing and kept me laughing through the whole movie!

Children of the Corn

A far more inferior version of the original for several reasons. The story takes place in 1975 and the main protagonists look remarkably current in attire. They are also interracial which while did start happening more in the 1970s, really was a tatol rarity for a White man and Black woman. Then, they act like they can't stand each other which hurt the story. The original was more dated, had a more believable couple who got along. The original was also done in a better sortytelling form.

Children of the Corn

Much scarier as a period piece as with today's technologies, the events would be pretty impossible. Acting was up in the air, but the feel of the movie was definitely there and worth a watch of your own.

Storm Warning

Not too bad. The director went to great links for set and location detail and the acting was fairly good. I genuinely felt for our victimized couple and also detested the predatory bad guys which the creators of this film were intending. Even when there was no action, the intensity was strong! The rest of the time is bloody with realistic violence. This is a hidden gem among straight-to-videos!

Wrong Turn 4
Wrong Turn 4(2011)

When ideas are running low, make a prequel. At least this one was fairly original and is a true bridge to the franchise. Also, this is way better than that lousy Wrong Turn 3 that should've been just skipped! Some things I would've done differently in making this movie would be to have Tree Finger walk/run in that awkward limp he had in the first movie and made the time frame around 1993 instead of 2003 when the first one was to take place. Also, it was a bummer to find out that the brothers' deformities were apparently self-inflicted rather than birth defects from being inbred.

The Exterminator

This wasn't a bad movie a la "Death Wish" only there was almost no build-up to the good scenes and some scenes seemed suddenly cut which really hurt the film's progress and intensity. But revenge movies are always good and this is no exception.


The girlfriend insisted I watch this with her and it was pretty good. Definitely not a children's flick, although not bad for kids to see. The animation was very good a la Nightmare Before Christmas - no, probably better and with a bizarre storyline reminiscent of a forgotten fairytale.


Plenty of violence and reminiscent of Defendor starring Woody Harrelson. But only Rainn Wilson could've pulled this one off so well. Same concept, but it was different than Defendor. Points also earned for both Kevin Bacon and Michael Rooker as bad guys and with Ellen Page also being on top of her game as our hero's crazy sidekick!

Lie Still (The Haunting of #24)

I only rated it as high as I did due to this movie having a couple of creepy spots. Otherwise, it's boring, not well-acted and a waste of time (not that the director didn't try his hardest).


I guess I expected more. The action is very few and far between which disappointed me although the acting and musical score was exceptional and is why I can't give this a rotten score.


The dvd cover shows Zach Galifianakis front and center when he actually is only in the film for about 15 minutes. Anyway, the rest of this movie isn't at all what I thought it would be either. Actually, I don't even know if I can say it has a plot. It's about 2 guys walking around the city and debating their beliefs. Weird and shiftless movie that could've been better done by a first year college project.

The Flying Deuces

One of L and H's later movies, but the boys still have it and are just as funny as they ever were.

A Day at the Races

Typical Marx Bros cracks that may not be their best work, but what I thought was worth watching. It would've been way better without the boredom of singing.

Jacob's Ladder

Pretty good mind-fuck of a movie with creepy paranoia from Vietnam soldiers dosed with BZ. Stays interesting throughout and has a solidly bleak ending.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

This was an okay movie for a remake. It didn't capture the feel of the superior original, but was created with a slicker, bigger budget that actually hurt it when comparing to the original. Several new characters are added and attitudes of recreated characters are updated for the times. Also, Charley's mom plays a bigger role and also look for Chris Sarandon (the vampire in the original Fright Night) to make a cameo.

The Public Enemy

I wasn't as impressed with this as most of Cagney's other gangster movies. It seemed longer than it needed to be and mostly just drama. But the acting was awesome.

Cowboys & Aliens

Not as bad as many rate it, but indeed this could've been a great genre clash rather than just okay until I forget about it once it's over. It should've been more campy like maybe Mars Attacks and that type of comedy rather than the serious movie it was ridiculously made into.

In the Mouth of Madness

I genuinely liked it. Very supernatural and suspenseful with plenty of crazies. Made well with some eerie points and a satisfying ending.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Once I got over the obvious and constant CG, it was actually a very good movie with a solidly built-up plot that stays on track. Gives several sly nods to the original series in names and quotes.

High Sierra
High Sierra(1941)

I was going to give this a big rotten review due to the first half being so overdrawn and incredibly boring! I enjoy build-up, but this took way too long and had nothing going for it until the last half where the movie begins to finally come together and keep my attention. Maybe I expected too much, but the acting was above average and watching this for the last 45 minutes made things worthwhile.

Perkins' 14
Perkins' 14(2009)

The director hired mostly family members and bizarre looking Romanians for this somewhat original idea that wasn't acted terribly well and had an unrealistic if not sloppy ending that still pisses me off. Getting over those inconveniences, the plot moves along and the action stays fairly solid.

The Fog
The Fog(2005)

Inferior to the original in every way except effects. The story was updated and slightly changed which also may have made it benefit, but not enough to surpass the original.

The Fog
The Fog(1979)

The mood was dead-on and very creepy! Likable characters that had a musical score just a s creepy as the ghosts.

Paranormal Activity 3 - Extended Version

Has a few scares, but nothing that hasn't already been done in it's previous films. The story is a bit dull and the writers have run out of new ideas except for the ending which explains a little more. The ending is actually the only reason why I didn't rate this completely rotten.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

Way overhyped. Even with the middle of the movie on fast forward it was drawn out and boring. I get what the movie is about and I happen to like sad endings at times, but anyone who works for the IRS is scum and I could never see them as a good person. Maybe if Smith played a postman I could give this review a 40.


Around the first 20 minutes, I began seeing this flick more as a war movie rather than a ghost movie. It helped me enjoy it better as most supernatural aspects were ditched in favor of ghostly possessions. Actually, this movie may have done better if it was a straight war movie where the characters go crazy rather than get possessed. Anyway, it wasn't a terrible movie and the ending was a decent way to close it off.

Werewolves on Wheels

I wanted to give this such a higher review because the creators really had something here and they neglected it badly! This should've been a great exploitation gem from the 1970s, but it was dropped and it broke. Makeup was pretty good, the music was excellent genre style, and the movie boasts Satanists vs Bikers! But werewolves were only seen in the last third of the movie for a very short amount of time.

Brooklyn's Finest

Kind of dull most of the time with overly dramatic dialog that made me fight myself to stay awake just to see the ending. The acting was above-averege and what tiny amount of action was in here was good, but only enough for me to see the 3 main stories come together. This film was unmemorable and it really doesn't matter whether you see it or not.

In Time
In Time(2011)

Aside from the 2 mains having one too many deep talks or make-out sessions, this wasn't at all a bad movie. It makes good with twisting a coming cashless society in an extreme sense and exploits the flaws it will have. I'll will remember this movie's originality.


This came on one night when I was stranded in a hotel room and there was nothing else to watch. I expected it to be better, but I've never been one for straight-up dramas like this. However, the witty dialog and decent acting did actually hold my attention.

Leprechaun 2
Leprechaun 2(1994)

More Leprechaun fun while not being at all bridged from the first movie. You have to just not think too hard to enjoy this series. The acting is horrible and the plot is even worse that the one in the first movie.


I thought it was fun and original. Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun really is a scary little fellow and shares some brutal death scenes all the while making funny cracks about his victims' demises.


Kind of scary for a film made these days. It has a supernatural chill throughout and the acting wasn't half bad. It kept us interested for the whole movie and reminded me of some Twilight Zone episodes at times. However, after its ending, we still aren't explained anything which sort of sucked. I guess not everything always gets explained in life either.

Kiss Me Goodbye

I saw this movie years ago and when I saw it again recently, I forgot what a smart and overall great comedy this was! The story was solid as was the acting and the dialog was hilariously witty. James Caan is the real reason to see this as he steals every scene though Jeff Bridges and Sally Fields also performed very well!

30 Minutes or Less

It was okay. Danny McBride and Nick Swardson worked well together and made the movie as funny as it was. The plot should've been able to provide more laughable spots, but it did okay for what it is.

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

This has some funny parts, but gets old fairly quick. Upon the orgy, it goes on for too long and the movie isn't even over afterward. I finally turned it off during the last 4 minutes I couldn't have cared less about.

Who's the Man?

This was funnier than many give it credit for and is a who's who of the hip hop community at the time due to featuring many rapper cameos. It is often intentionally corny and one has to truly be a fan of Ed Lover and fat Dr Dre to enjoy this.

Demonic Toys 2

The 2 toys that were utilized in previous films weren't nearly as utilized here. There is an extra long seance in the middle of the film that throws the rest of it off and begins to be more about possession than demonic toys. The characters are cheap, the acting is just as bad as its predecessors and I hope this franchise is laid to rest.

Demonic Toys (Dangerous Toys)

Creepy, but silly and poorly acted. That is the fun of it I guess because I still watch it all these years later.

Killer Elite
Killer Elite(2011)

I thought it would be much better with Robert De Niro in it, but not really. The first half plays like a slow soap opera with a few action sequences unable to keep me awake. The second half is a little faster and of course, De Niro steals every scene he's allowed to be in thank goodness!

Wyatt Earp's Revenge

Better than expected with Val Kilmer as the old Wyatt telling the prequel to Tombstone...sort of. It really is a fairly good Western for a low budget straight-to-video. It has some plot holes if you are trying to force it into a Tombstone prequel, so be prepared for that. Val imitates Kurt Russell's version of Wyatt Earp fairly well and the movie even has a quick young Doc Holiday meet and though he isn't playde by Val, he's still a daisy...or huckleberry!

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

I expected a little better since Eddie Murphy was in it, but this still isn't a bad film. It kind of reminded me of some old school Murphy and Stiller flicks which is a good thing! Casey Afleck is good in here, too.

Soul Men
Soul Men(2008)

Not bad for a few chuckles. I liked it more than I figured I might due to a decent plot accompanied by Jackson and Mac's good chemistry and twisting storyline.

Doll Graveyard

A great deal of trashy fun where the plot is never explained, the acting is horrible and the dolls are cool killers!

The Sitter
The Sitter(2011)

Very much like Adventures In Babysitting, but more modern and maybe not quite as good though much nastier. It has over-the-top characters and good laughs. I saw it when I was a little depressed about finding a better job and this film cheered me up.

Mother's Day
Mother's Day(2012)

Dark and violent film that has somewhat more realistic acting than what is typically found in today's movies. It made me really hate the "bad guys" and sympathize for the victims as per the point of making this. Continued thrills, suspense, and violence all throughout the show. Did I forget to mention the violence?

28 Weeks Later...

About as good as the 1st movie which also wasn't at all bad. This one continues the story of the infected seeking victims, but presents a new story with new characters and moves a bit faster paced than the 1st one.

28 Days Later

I didn't care too much for it the 1st time I saw it, but I recently gave it another shot and have changed my mind. This has scary, hyper-violent infected people preying on victims and also tells the nature of cruel humans preying on victims who aren't even infected which makes this similar to Romero zombie movies. Oh and by the way, this isn't a zombie flick. The infected people in this movie have a rabies-type of virus and are not the walking dead as they can be killed by the same means one can kill a normal human. Anyone calling this a zombie flick might be retarded and shouldn't be listened to.

Adventures in Babysitting

Still holds up as good by today's standards. Funny characters and even funnier plot and dialog.

Marvel's The Avengers

Even better than I thought it'd be. The introduction of Loki in the beginning was fast-paced and exciting. Then it slowed down quite a bit into a well-acted drama. More good action and then slow drama again. Finally, the last quarter was action-packed! The movie gives all heros involved good time to shine and neglects none of them. I was totally sold at Loki being a very credible villain even more than he was in the movie Thor.

The Lair of the White Worm

A bit goofy, but I think it was supposed to be. Hhmmm, I really don't know how to rate this because I'm not sure I actually "get it" for once. Give it a shot.

Meeting Evil
Meeting Evil(2012)

"Meeting Evil" is misleading due to nothing here being evil or supernatural as somewhat hinted at. Samuel L. Jackson owns every scene he was in as expected and is the only real reason I rated this as high as I did. I guess I wanted more since I was excited about seeing it for so long and was a little disappointed. Again, Jackson gives his typical greatness, the dialog and suspense is pretty good and then just gets tiresome during the last 30 or so minutes.

The Bucket List

Warm comedy that has a little too much man-to-man drama talk, but the seasoned actors pull it off as best as possible. The movie is rather basic and fun with what I thought was a somewhat obvious ending. I give it the rating I did because Jack and Morgan meshed so well together.


Fairly original idea, but not good enough with bad acting and unlikeable characters. Plus, no reason is given for the situation which I view as poor writing/directing.


This film was hystarical! Of course, you yourself should be a fanboy to catch all the winks and references that were packed full in this movie as it makes nonstop fun of itself. Very satisfying especially if you don't mind some Trekkie humor as well!


Somewhat awkward acting for the story to go on, a little hard to understand, and completely disinteresting by the end of the movie

Things to Do in Denver...When You're Dead

I finally saw this after many years of anticipating and determined that it wasn't worth all the hype. It was fairly slow throughout and should be appreciated more as a well-acted drama than any type of action-packed "Tarantino" film that it is not. It was about on par with State Of Grace except State of Grace is slightly better. Fuck the head.

Wake of Death

I am more of an older JCVD fan than I was when he was big in the 1980s. This movie had a good plot, some of the best camera work I could ever hope for and the action scenes were good as well, but between action, this film drags slowly on due to poor dialog delivery and not because of JCVD.


Too bad that the acting was kinda good because everything else was undesireable. The characters aren't that likeable with the pace dragging on and fleshed out like a TV crime drama and wasn't at all like the action-packed trailer made it seem. I found myself counting down for when it would be over. Then right when you think it's over, WTF!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Going into this knowing that the history is completely made-up definitely helps. Even most of the actual history thrown in is certainly warped and non-factual. But this film was fun and over the top which it was absolutely supposed to be. Can we continue the franchise with Benjamin Franklin: Werewolf Hunter, Mark Twain: Zombie Hunter, or maybe Doc Holiday: Demon Hunter? I'm on board! Just remember that I came up with these movie names, so if I don't get credit, I could get sue-you happy ;)

Dan in Real Life

Mostly forgettable as it was a typical heart-felt love story with a few sweet comedic smiles thrown in.

The Shawshank Redemption

Powerful drama masterfully performed by Robbins and Freeman with the latter also narrating like a champ. Contains some suprisingly violent scenes while maintaining the sense of a drama. I was steadily interested to see what would happen next and was left satisfied. Good job directing, Frank Darabont!

Carnival of Souls

All atmosphere with creepy music, but this very slow-paced suspense dragged and although I appreciate the effort, the ending was predicatable and not very well-acted.

Brain Damage
Brain Damage(1995)

Some gorey scenes, but the acting is bad and the overall story is very simple. Best watched while drunk or high and never to be taken seriously.

Act of Valor
Act of Valor(2012)

Propaganda piece with little if any personality. The SEAL team in this movie are real and not actors which was okay because their acting still out-did many established actors. The pace was back and forth with action one minute and plotting/planning the next up until the tear-jerk ending.

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

It takes a while for the dead to rise, but the dialog between the living keeps this movie entertaining. It's nothing scientific - just fun!

Paranormal Entity

Obvious rip-off of Paranormal Activity done in the same style, but with it's own story which wasn't bad and plenty creepy in it's own right.

Dead Alive
Dead Alive(1993)

Lots of gore, blood, and sticky guts in this tongue-in-cheek dark horror/comedy. It gets even sillier towards the end, but the whole idea of this movie was to have fun making it as is with Peter Jackson's early films.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

Very misleading promotions labelled this a horror film when in reality it plays like a drawn out forgein/art psychological drama. I often caught myself asking "damn, is this over yet?" when it isn't even that long of a movie. Not much action or violence and certainly not scary.

Wall Street
Wall Street(1987)

Fairly interesting with lots of dialog that stays very interesting. It taught me a lot more about previously confused perceptions about insider trading at the stock market. Gripping at times and well acted by the even then seasoned cast.

Secondhand Lions

Has a good feel throughout with decent acting. The script worked and is heart-felt yet still provides some good laughs.


Quite a bit better than the first movie which is saying something. This one boasts more alien action, a higher body count, more over-the-top and deminsional characters that still work as a great bridge from Alien.


A little overrated, but it was okay. The acting was realistic and the characters had a bit of depth, but not a high body count and you really need to know that you're relying on the suspense before watching this or you could get disappointed.

The Cabin in the Woods

I was impressed by this film. It had the typical young victims in what seems to be a typical spooky forest with typical scary monsters, but the movie goes way farther and sets you up for it from the beginning. I'll never forget this physical Matrix and probably will never look at horror movies the same way again. Awesomely satisfying scenes especially during the last half and a much more unusual ending than nearly any other film!

Pit and the Pendulum (The Pit and the Pendulum)

The acting wasn't exactly great as John Kerr cannot fake an English accent and Vincent Price's performance is overdone as usual. But the enviroment was creepy and the story kept me watching though it was mostly dialog. I would've rated this movie less if not for the spectacular ending which was subtle, yet effective.

Snow White and the Huntsman

I'm not particularly a fan of anything medieval since it bores me to sleep usually. But this adaptation of the Snow White story we grew up with was created seriously for the most part and played out much more adventurously. Though it really pounded us to positively accept the idea of others bowing down to another puny human as a King or Queen which is sickening.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Different type of vampire tale dealing with bullies, first loves and the relationships that follow both. A little bit of violent blood-letting, but not much and comes acoss more as a drama than a horror film. The characters are played greatly by the young actors who remained sympathetic and likeable throughout.

Road Kill
Road Kill(2010)

So aweful that the producer should kick himself for a few years. The actors did what they could with what they were given and what they were given is a nonsensical, sloppy script that has no logic or explanation even towards the end. It's hard to believe that a movie with a cast of 5 could be such a piece of Ausiie crap.

The Stepford Wives

It takes a long build-up to what I thought was an obvious conclusion, but the acting was pretty good especially for the timeframe in which this film was made. Yep, they just don't make 'em right anymore.


Straight-forward WWII movie that I was suprised to see done so well. Enacts little known factual history that I've researched on but not enough. This film was quite enjoyable.

The Expendables 2

Stallone did it again with another great action-packed film that brought thge actors of The Expendables back for a nicely done sequel. Just as good as the first one!!

The Expendables

Very good to see non-stop, over-the-top action. Definitely recommended for the avid shoot-em-up fan (especially if you want to see some old 80s action heros still pullin triggers).

Seven Psychopaths

A very good cast with awesome performances is what carried this script. It was watchable right until the loooooong desert scene. Then it picks up again. Yeah, the desert talk should've been edited as much shorter.

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

From the weird mind of David Lynch comes this somewhat boring yet surreal thriller until Dennis Hopper's character steals every scene with his intensely creep Frank Booth. The movie comes off as rather slow most of the time which makes it lack. If for nothing else, watch for Hopper's over-the-top performance.

Zombie Apocalypse

Half-ass zombie flick starring zombie-movie typecast Ving Rhames. The story isn't terrible, but stayed generic, lacking in any direction and had just aweful special effects. Played out like an extra long Walking Dead episode but much, much cheaper. Still somewhat nice for any zombie fan though.

A Christmas Carol

The spirit of the original book is transformed beautifully to the screen in this adaptation. Geaorge C Scott is a remarkably crass yet deep Scrooge who is elegantly nasty in the beginning and turns it around after seeing the error of his ways. This is my favorite version of the Charles Dickens classic tale.

How to Train Your Dragon

Cute movie with likeable characters and a unique story and good redeeming qualities.

Island of Lost Souls

I read the book to which this film is based and thought this was reasonably faithful despite HG Welles hating this film version of his writing. It was considered shocking for its time and still mostly holds up by today's standards. Charles Laughton is a very swauve and confident Dr. Moreau.

The Hunger Games

Very similar to such films as The Condemned and Battle Royale. But it takes a more mediphoric nature which I admire and the characters with their believeable and realistic personalities are easy to like. My only complaint is that this was fairly predictable with little accomplished at the quick-cut end.

Vegas Vacation

Still not getting tired of the Griswolds although laughs are getting a little desperate for the writers. The chemistry between Sparky Clark and Ellen are definitely still there and more story is given to Audrey and Rus as they venture off on their own sight-seeing.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

The Griswolds are still funny despite changing kids every movie. This one celebrates Christmas at their home with zany relatives (including Cousin Eddie) with what becomes predictable results, but none the less laughable.

National Lampoon's European Vacation

My least favorite of the Vacation movies that still provides funny moments and is a pretty good companion to the first movie.

National Lampoon's Vacation

By far, the best Vacation movie National Lampoon ever created is this first one. Very funny moments in this road show to get to Wally World!

The Dark Knight Rises

What a disappointing waste of movie that should read more like The Dark Knight Falls. We don't even see Batman until 30 minutes in and he continually gets his ass kicked. Bane and Catwoman are cool, but this movie fails way below the superior film before it as if this is a drawn-out drama with less action you'd expect from such a once promising franchise.

Death Line (Raw Meat)

Plays more like a cop drama with most of the film dedicated to inspectors getting closer to knowing why people are disappearing/dying in the London Underground subways. Not a particularly good movie, but the director was obviously impressed with the gruesome set-pieces he took very long shots at. Yet as a story, it's really simple and a little dumb.

Seance: The Summoning

The unknown actors were likeable, tried really hard and weren't half bad, but the script was aweful, the Christian aspect is shoved fiercely down our throats, and the movie as a whole was very cheaply made. Typically quick production, straight-to-video value hoping for a few bucks.

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Has some genuinely frightening moments with a cat and a spider. Has nice dialog between husband and wife. Has nice set-pieces. But the ending was rather bleak and though I understand where the director was going, I felt it was a little hurried and empty.


I went into this liking the idea, but then couldn't get into it as it seemed too long with not enough development. The flashbacks are nice, but really doesn't set anything off from the sheer boredom.

Watermelon Man

This film has a couple of funny back-and-forth banter between our main character and others. Ahead of it's time, but overdone sometimes and just goofy even for 1970.

The Monolith Monsters

Bullshit. Boring movie with a deceptive title as there are no monsters in this flick. It's all about strage crystals or whatever and the reviving of a little girl. Oh, and an attept to repair a dam.

Deck the Halls

Unlike nearly everyone, I thought this was a good Christmas movie that gives lots of laughs mainly due to the constant back and forth bickering of Danny DeVito and Matthew Brodrick's characters. It ended up capturing the Christmas spirit really well and made feel good about mankind for a change.

Kill, Baby, Kill (Operazione paura) (Curse of the Living Dead) (Don't Walk in the Park)

Tried to watch it twice and still just couldn't get into it. The set-pieces were nice, but the story tried to be gothic and weren't. It had too many inspector scenes that made it more of an old cop movie..


Pretty lame and annoying in that the film often reminds us that it is through a video tape with all its overdone VHS wear (lines, static, blue screen, etc). Guys are always yelling throughout the movie while our shakey camera work is irritating beyond enjoyment. Way worse than the typical "first-hand point of view found footage" genre.

The Hillside Strangler

I thought this movie was done right! It is especially good if you know the true story. The acting was way above average and contains strong violent moments that are sometimes hard to watch. Check out the creepy song during the end credits by Earthlings!

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Zombies

Not a complete waste of time as it did have it's entertaining moments with above average performances by actors given a pretty silly script. Though some makeup was very simple and obviously unprofessionally done, the film color really worked and the special effects weren't terrible for such a cheaply made good time.

Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation

The very few zombies this movie contains do have nice make-up, but the effects are badly-done cartoonish computer blood. Other than these small features, the film is about two brothers and a few other people talking.

Night of the Living Dead

Utter trash. I didn't give it a complete zero because it has Sid Haig in it, the poster is way better than the actual movie, and the origin Sid is involved in is interesting. The rest of the cast could benefit from acting classes and that's it. Without Sid, this movie gets a ZERO!


I can appreciate the atmosphere and musical score to this eerie partnership of legendary horror icons Vincent Price and Peter Cushing. The story is fairly good and watchable, but often slow and predictable. It's still worth a viewing if only once.


Excellently acted and a plot that is well played out with a little too much romantic side-plot for my taste, but I got over it. Locations and clothing represented the timeframe really well and the story was a good example of little people standing up against corruption and senseless laws.

Piranha 3-D
Piranha 3-D(2010)

I guess this was supposed to be a remake, but it stands on its own and is way better than the original one from the 1970s. Bloody and gruesome violence for those who don't care whether characters are very likeable and can get past the cartoonish CGI. Plenty of nudity and ripped apart body parts all over the place!


I loved the idea, but this film contained actors who seemed bored and the plot just took too long to get going.

Maximum Conviction

It's okay for a bored late night to see Steven Segal and Steve Austin randomly cuss through a casual conversation. The fighting is there with thick drama as well. Kind of seemed like the director was trying hard to make a reason to keep the film going in circles which got tiresome after 30 minutes or so.


This has an interestingly enough story to stay tuned at first, but I wouldn't call it a "horror flick". It's more about a city boy who's unaccepted in a hick town where nobody but a country girl believes him. Things don't pick up until 13 minutes are left.

Stake Land
Stake Land(2011)

Kind of reminded me of Zombieland (hence the title Stake Land probably). But our protagonists are against a world of vampiric zombie demons that they refer to as vampires and a religious cult. It starts out solid, then slows the pace to a halt, and picks back up some after we're already a bit bored.

Skeleton Lake (Battleground)

A cheap and simple waste of time with a badly acted script that makes it humorous when it's supposed to be serious. It took a little too long to get moving even for the kind of movie friends watch while drinking and talking through.

Get the Gringo

Much better than expected! Takes place almost exclusively in a third world prison and the acting/sets were so good that I could smell dirty Mexicans coming through the screen! This kind of reminded me of an extra long season 3 episode of Prison Break. The plot stayed focused and good amounts of violence ensues.

Seven Below
Seven Below(2012)

As much of a fan as I am of Ving Rhames, damnit to hell if most movies he's in these days don't just completely suck. I'm also suprised that Val Kilmer has sunk so low as to be in this waste of film. Both dudes must really be hurting for money.

The Burrowers

Plays out more as a regular Western with touches of suspense rather than an out-right horror film. "The Burrowers" are never even seen until the end, but the authentic locations, sympathetic characters, and decent acting kept this watchable.

Seeking Justice

Wow, lots of people didn't like this oldschool Nicolas Cage return, but I was on "the edge of my seat" to be cliche. It felt pretty good for a change and I hope Cage makes more thrillers like this in the future.

Batman: Year One

No. The voices were all monotone and their was hardly a story. It focused more on Lt Gordon and was extremely boring. Very little Batman or Catwoman involved and how a cartoon was made so boring is a puzzle.

The Pact
The Pact(2012)

Evenly paced ghost story with slight eeriness that happens to all of us when we are alone and paranoid. Genuinely frightful at times as we begin to unravel what goes on.


Quite different from what I expected in a good way. But the film still suffers a bit due to poor FX and a straight-to-video feel. Otherwise, it is a little creepy with a nice set and some good scares.

The Courier
The Courier(2012)

Cheaply made half-ass action flick with a few good scenes. But the movie as a whole strays from direction. I did in fact find the acting rather diverse with some putting in a good performance and others acting like they could use a refreshed class. Not bad, not great. The ending should've been better. Could've been worse. Take it or leave it.

Django Unchained

I haven't seen a movie this good in a while. It's like a Blaxploitation Speghetti Western done fantastically! The dialog was superb and the action is just capitol! Great storyline that doesn't lose focus and is an overall enjoyable (if even a little surreal) instant classic in my book. The soundtrack is also excellent and even has the theme from the original Django.

The Collection

Reminded me a lot of Saw 2 because the writer/director used many of the same style of action, gore, and atmosphere. This is a good thing as I enjoy the Saw franchise. This was a good sequel to The Collector. Maybe even a little better with a welcome back to Arkin from the last movie as well as more tortured victims.

The Collector

Finally a slasher movie that is as original for these days as it can be. Shocking and genuinely scary at times, the deaths made me twitch while I self-sadistically wanted more. But I didn't have to wait for long.

Bad Ass
Bad Ass(2012)

Very enjoyable and I liked the mostly realistic action. Contains a solid story that never swerves and Danny Trejo was a good cast choice. I believe it would've made good money if it was put in theaters.


Hahaha, not a movie for my personal library, but with the dated look and even dated comedy, I was glad I saw it just once. It is corny, but I enjoyed it I guess - just not enough to recommend.

Vertige (High Lane)

Simple hillbilly stalker/slasher film from the mountains that would have gone nicely over as Wrong Turn 3 instead of the crap the Wrong Turn franchise served us as their third installment.

Death Race 2
Death Race 2(2010)

Pleasantly suprised that I liked this better than the Jason Statham Death Race as this is a good bridge to that one, yet more enjoyable.

Max Payne
Max Payne(2008)

I saw the negative reviews and went into watching this film thinking it was worse than it turned out. The colors and atmosphere are genuine to the game, but still somewhat believeable in a surrealistic noir way. The dialog is intentionally over-the-top and the violence makes no apologies. I never played the game, but the movie wasn't half bad.

The Raven
The Raven(2012)

A great Mystery aspect on the imaginary history of Edgar Allan Poe. Wonderfully acted by seasoned veterans of the screen with a dramatic score. Accurate on period style and clothing for the time with a somewhat eerie atmosphere makes this film quite worthy of a view.

High-Ballin' (Death Toll)

Nice 1970s cinema feel of a truckersploitation with likeable characters and decent 1970s dialog and action sequences. I'm surprised that this film isn't more well-known.

Death Race 2000

An enjoyable, action-packed exploitation race movie with great kills and even a little blood. The acting isn't great, but that makes it even better.

Texas Chainsaw

I'm considered by many to be a Texas Chainsaw expert and thought this story itself wasn't bad, but the asshole director who stated in numerous interviews that they went to extremes to keep Chainsaw authentic really shit the bed here. I write this because although the film is supposed to take place circa 1993-94 (20 years after the original), we get to experience a modern hip hop song, a couple of modern cell phones, modern GPS technology, several modern cars, and even modern gas prices. I personally could have directed a far superior movie with the same script. Thanks for ruining my favorite franchise, dickhead John Loserhop!

Madison County

It takes quite a while to get to the horror aspect of this film, but the eerie build-up and character development is easily watchable due to both being done so well. The performances were so incredible that the characters felt like real people I personally know which made the terror all the more tense when bad things do finally start happening. The death scenes were realistic and bloody and with a few minor tweaks to the story, this could've been a far superior version of the new Texas Chainsaw sequel reboot instead of the weak shot we got for 2013.

The Three Stooges

Haha, I went into this really trying not to like it, but the 3 actors did such a wonderful job portraying The Stooges that it worked. This felt like a real Three Stooges movie in today's world. I'd recomend this to any Stooge fan.

Bullet to the Head

Stallone still has it as we're treated to a 1980s style noir/action flick that is taken like a serious Beverly Hills Cop that Stallone missed out on (only the funny Black cop is an intense Italian hitman in this one).

Jack Reacher
Jack Reacher(2012)

I never read the book "One Shot" in which this film is based, so I'm sure it's better than the movie. This was a little too talkative for my action taste, then awkwardly no dialog for an extended amount of time. In fact, there was almost no action in contrast to what the TV ads suggest. It felt more like a detective noir film, only with Tom Cruise.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Holds it's own right up with Young Guns, The Unforgiven, and Tombstone despite this one being a remake. It almost felt Speghetti in nature which I'm stating as a compliment. Nice storyline, somewhat emotional, and a happening body count!

The Devil's Rejects

A decent follow-up to House of a 1000 Corpses with a few continuity flaws to those who pay too much attention. The best thing about this one is the 70s feel and better acting than the first movie.

House of 1000 Corpses

This was done campy, cheesey and over-the-top on purpose and those who can't see that have rated it badly I guess because they were taking it too seriously and can't enjoy schlocky fun. I recommend this movie because it's like a throwback to the B-horror of the 1950s.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Sweet movie with plenty of wild characters and good story-telling. A tad longer than I wanted it to be, but worth watching in its entirety.

Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

Provided some good, campy laughs by making fun of itself, poking at stereotypes, and sarcastically addressing pre-conceived judgements. The death scenes are cartoonishly fun.

Edward Scissorhands

Intentionally campy and awkward that made me feel like I was watching a Dr Suess movie which I've come to think a lot of Tim Burton's films. Very unusual story with an interesting protagonist.

Paranormal Activity

I like this very much and could watch it several more times. This film really makes a creepy impact where "a little bit goes a long ways".

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Maybe it's because I didn't relate to it or because I don't care for Mid-East cultural references, but this was one of the worst Sandler films I've ever seen and that's saying a lot since all of his movies in the last 10 years have been the same tired story with different characters attached to them. Lame.


Anyone who appreciates Family Guy humor will certainly enjoy this one as I did. Balanced with silly to crass jokes, this movie had me laughing most of the way through and maintained a somewhat serious storyline as well.

The Great Gatsby

A little more than a surreal love story, but I love the time period it represents and the actors did an excellent job portraying the era.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

I disagree with reviews that claim this movie glorifies the kidnappers and makes them look like good guys. On the contrary,I liked this as it had multiple narrators and showed The Rock was a more virsatile actor than in his previous films.

Terror Train
Terror Train(1980)

Not the best movie of the year, but a decent slasher film from early days. It won't seem as great these days, however it did depend on some bloody kills and a who-dunnit type of plot.


A little less interesting than the prequel which is unusual. Otherwise, it was more of the same, but less.

Kill the Irishman

Because the movie states to be the greatest gangster film since Goodfellas, I was actually going into it very grudgingly with such a claim, but ended up very pleasantly surprised at how true the statement was! I was impressed with the story as much of it was based on the true life of Danny Greene from Cleveland and even has a decent documentary style bio on the special features.

Hellraiser: Revelations

Each time a new Hellraiser is made, it's worse than the one before it and most of us gave up after the 2nd or 3rd one. The only reason I even gave it the rating I did was for the acting ability of Nick Eversman, but sadly, his talent couldn't save this flop. I've seen better acting and plots from high school plays.


This film was one of the few "horror movies" of today that was actually scary. It has bloody violence and a great plot: Hostel On A Motherfuckin' Train!!!

A Night at the Opera

Not my favorite Marx Bros movie and more slow at parts than their others, but it is still a Marx brothers great and has very funny lines.


Oh wow, if horror movies were only made like this these days! Not a lot happens in this flick, but when it does - it really does! Lots of character development and build-up that doesn't get tiresome and becomes completely relevant. Stressful parts that savor the fright for successful impacts!

The Hamiltons

An okay dysfunctional family flick with a bite, lol. This had some jumps, but was also kind of a long drama getting to know the characters and seeing them interact a bit long. Then there are some touchy kills. It's worth seeing maybe once.


More stressful and terrifying than I imagined. The director made this for the audience to be right alongside the cast and did a very good job. Simple horror like...well, I don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it, but this was realistic and made me feel true terror!

Animal Farm
Animal Farm(1954)

What a great way to describe current politics and in 1955! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

The Midnight Meat Train

Very gory, but too quickly put together and not as scary as I wanted it to be. Played like one of those obscure straight-to-video titles. Yeah.

Wolf Creek
Wolf Creek(2005)

I thought the first scenes were slow, but realize now that it was necessary for strong character development as that really impacted the following events. Good acting from all players in an all around terrifyingly realistic movie.

Babylon A.D.
Babylon A.D.(2008)

I rate this rotten though I seem to have still showed more compassion than others who rated this much lower! I really expected Vin to carry this one, but if he did at all, he dropped it early on. He seems old and tired which may be intentional, but really hurt the movie in doing so.

Surviving the Game

Started out good which is cool since Ice-T was still new to acting for the most part. This has decent action and violence, but kind of in a desperate way and the ending could have been a little more thought out.

Psycho IV: The Beginning

Well, they finally ran out of ideas and ruined Norman Bates. This movie has a reformed Norman telling a radio personality how it all started which is not only unneccessary, but embarrassing to have made this piece of dull crap. Even the climax was predictable and unshocking.

Le Notti del terrore (Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror) (The Zombie Dead)

Horribly bad even to make fun of. No character development and sad performances if I missed the effort of character development. I created better plots with my Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures in the tub when I was 10!

Angels with Dirty Faces

Not the best James Cagney crime flick, but watchable with good morals and an unforgettable ending.

The Rage: Carrie 2

Maybe this could've been less horrible if it was made alone instead of being unworthy of Carrie-ing the name.

Midnight Movie

Not bad - could've been better. The acting sucked rather badly and I wished they gave us more background on who the killer was before he created a movie he could enter and exist at will and how he transported others back and forth from real life to the movie. Otherwise, a great soundtrack and bloody murders.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Tarantino is obviously a fan of John Woo's 1980s actions and this movie is an awesome example to that statement! This has very much of a 1980s feel as it was supposed to be set in 86-87 according to Tarantino. It has lots of big name stars (before they were big stars in some cases), great characters, and runs smoothly all the way up to the grand finale'!

Dead Presidents

Masterfully done with good dramatic energy and certainly a classic.Also, a good example of how the American system treats its veterans.

The Roaring Twenties

Now this one was better than The Public Enemy and just underneath White Heat. Good character collaboration, development, and evolution (or opposite of evolution).

Night of the Living Dead

Not faithful or as gripping as the original and only true zombie fans should even get anything from this version.

100 Feet
100 Feet(2008)

Not bad at all. Very original yet classic ghost story of isolation, helplessness and of course, victimization. Has some spooky parts (if not terrifying) and not badly acted particularly by our lead character. It has a memorably violent death towards the end that made me feel bad in a good way, the same way I suspect the director wanted us all to feel.

Lady Killer
Lady Killer(1933)

I'm always game to see anything with James Cagney in it, but was still surprised at how good this one was. It's definitely a crime film, but doesn't need a bunch of gunplay to be entertaining. It even has some intended humor that made it all the more likeable!

Street Law
Street Law(1974)

This came out the same year as Death Wish and has almost the identical idea/story. It's a good Franco Nero role (as is all of his underrated greats) and drags on a little with some unintentionally laughable dialog, but overall a good 1970s Italian Action!

Death Wish
Death Wish(1974)

Not bad, not bad...kinda slow at times and Charles Bronson plays the same character he always does, but I enjoyed the action and idea behind the story. It's a classic and worth a shot if you've never seen it.

V for Vendetta

I understand what the creators were going for and I am pro-Revolution, but this film fell a bit short of what I expected.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Robert Rodriguez was obviously a fan of the comic and did an excellent job at creating a live-action version of it. If you like the graphic novels of Sin City, you'll probably really enjoy this even more!

Vampires: Los Muertos

A little worse than the first Vampires. This one tries to follow Vampires which it fails at in that it takes itself too seriously and gets really boring about halfway through. At least the Cross from Vampires was brought back and the story is relatively similar.

John Carpenter's Vampires

This movie has a nice score and above average acting. I liked the plot though this in no way is a horror or traditional scary flick. Think of it as more of an action-packed Vampire western!

Street Trash
Street Trash(1986)

Yeah, pretty bad. The cheap effects and childlike acting were the real trash of the film!

John Carpenter's Escape from L.A.

At least as good as the first movie and maybe a little better being that it's loaded with more over-the-top action and acting. Otherwise, very similar plot to Escape From New York.

Escape from New York

The acting could've been better, but the story was exceptional and had Lee Van Cleef in it!!

Raggedy Man
Raggedy Man(1981)

No, I guess this isn't what I thought it should be. It could've been more. Instead, we get a mix of awkward romance and a quick glance at action. I wanted more Raggedy Man as a character, dammit!

Pretty Woman
Pretty Woman(1990)

Touching, romantic light comedy with watchable emotion from the main characters. Silly at times, but believable.

Animal Crackers

One of The Marx Bros more successful films as it had me hardly containing myself from laughter (particularly at Harpo this time). Good story and good timing. Very smart and smug!

Cape Fear
Cape Fear(1991)

Very suspenseful and creepy to see a hunter stalking his mostly prey. Great score to accompany this remade thriller!


Surprisingly enjoyable for more than a few reasons. Esther is a creepy little genius who plots and schemes against the family who adopts her. This movie is mysterious and worthy of a Hitchcock nod!

Cinderella Man

Much better than the sissy name they gave the movie (apparently, the character was really nicknamed this). It's a good drama that remains interesting throughout and contains above average acting from most of the entire cast. I felt what they wanted me to feel and will watch this again someday!

A Clockwork Orange

I didn't care for it. I thought the storytelling was extremely bland and the point was lost in all the violence instead of impacting it. This film then dragged onto rehabilitating our main character in an also brutal way as I began to fall asleep due to sheer boredom.

The Score
The Score(2001)

The film spends the first act convincing De Niro's character to do one last score, etc and afterward takes off in a very intense and entertaining level from there!

Hollywood Shuffle

Silly and really reaching to be funny at times, but provides some comical laughs often at a good-natured racial expense, making fun of itself as well as our society and cultural flaws.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Usually a supporter of Tim Burton and a fan of Johnny Depp, but this movie seemed to drag on. I started falling asleep when Sweeney began singing about finding his "friends" and desperately tried to stay awake from then on. I guess I'm not into musicals because I hated every song and there was a lot of singing. If you like plays and operas, this movie copies the style and this movie is for you - not me.

The War of the Roses

Good story-telling from Mr De Vito. This film kept me intrigued the whole time and never got boring even for a little bit. Tragic ending , but with good morals of lessons learned.


Came out just a year before Super with Rain Wilson and stands on it's own as darker than Super (if you can believe that). A little funnier, too, but in a different feel as not to take away from Super. Pretty depressing in a satisfying way towards the end.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Very much a psychological vigilante film with good acting that continually builds up to a great climax! Not always action-packed as some might expect it to be. Again, it's more of an Art film with a good mental note.

Coming to America

Very funny to see Eddie Murphy play an African prince in Queens, NY (Arsenio Hall wasn't bad either)!

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

It's obvious that much of the cast is getting as tired as it is to watch this boring franchise. I really enjoyed the first movie and in this one, Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush aren't their usual brilliant selves- they are still superb actors, but seem to be pretty much done with this as they acted like even they thought a 4th film was overdoing it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

It doesn't hold a shaky candle to the greatness of the first movie. There is a very long scene of 2 ships firing off at one another that severely slows the pace down. Afterward, it is so sluggish that I found it hard to watch.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Thoroughly enjoyed this one! Fresh at the time and great new characters that keeps up a steady flow of action and Jack Sparrow wit!

World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2

I'm not even sure why I try. I wouldn't have gotten this trash if it wasn't for my friend at the video store giving it to me for free because the original Zombie Diaries was a huge pile of shit. At least this one is a sliver of a better movie (it's hard to say that). This one deals with the military and very few civilian survivors left as the world has been overtaken by zombies. More zombies in this round but the acting could've been done better by my little neighborhood kids playing in the backyard. Overall, this is a second helping of shit pile from the first film.

The Zombie Diaries

I haven't been this disappointed in a while. There are hardly any zombies in this movie, the characters aren't likable or even realistically performed. This movie was a huge waste.

Little Fockers

A good fit to the 2 movies prior to it with a lot of the same comedy that feels like you saw it already in those last 2 movies. But it was still funny as it appears Greg's parents make a cameo appearance until the end when they get more movie time. Harvey Keitel makes a small appearance and interacts with De Niro which was kind of fun for us Taxi Driver fans and as always, just with the previous Focker movies, Robert De Niro steals every scene he's in!

Meet the Fockers

Good continuation of the last movie with the same type of humor that made it good. Of course, this movie wouldn't be what it is without Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro interacting. Hilarious!

Meet the Parents

Good and zany comedy that doesn't try to be clever about sneaking in romance which is hard to find in today's comedies.

Quarantine 2: Terminal

Every bit as good as the first movie with new characters, new location, and a nice bridge to this movie!


I liked it. Not a zombie flick as many may mistake and more like a "28 Days Later" type of rabies pandemic. Very claustrophobic and scary at times.

Black Sheep
Black Sheep(1996)

Pretty much the same as Tommy Boy, but not quite as good. This is in no fault of Farley or Spade as they still seemed to enjoy working together, but the film is just a wanna be Tommy Boy that doesn't cut it.

Tommy Boy
Tommy Boy(1995)

Farley and Spade at their best together. This is sort of a road movie in my opinion and I laughed throughout most of the movie. Yes, a bit goofy and corny in parts that shouldn't have been, but this is made up for in the 2 characters constant banter.

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Pretty accurate portrayal of office drone life with lots of sarcastic humor to boot!

The Wizard of Oz

Grew up loving this movie. Nicely acted by the very diverse actors who play very diverse characters consisting of different subplots to entertain us while getting to the main plot's climax. A work of brilliance!

The Zombie Farm

Mexican Voodoo Zombies! Sounded cool, except the acting was horrible and only consisted of Latino performers (in the USA) where one actor went on a racial issue in a movie where race wasn't a factor. Oh, and very few zombies. Pretty dumb movie from a dumb writer and dumb director.

Mexican Werewolf In Texas

It had an awesome title and cover so I thought it might be good! And was I ever wrong!!! It was boring and full of long dialog that didn't even pertain to the film. Very poorly acted and in fact, I only rate it as high as I did for the cover art and film's scenery.

The Dead and the Damned (Cowboys & Zombies)

Makes out like a badly acted play of amateurs, but I kind of liked the potential story it had with a meteor turning townfolk into zombie/demons. The chemistry between the leads could've been good if they took more acting classes, but otherwise, this movie turned out to be very little plot and was just fun to make for the creators. Otherwise, this wasn't special at all.


Seems like a poor excuse to make a movie about giving victims to a giant cartoon snake. I was bored from the beginning, but it was good to see John Voight and Ice Cube interact this once and only time.

Tremors 2: Aftershocks

I liked it even better than the first one. It gives Fred Gross and Michael Gross from the first one more screen time and evolves the story.


Good stuff. This felt like a trashy 1950s Sci-Fi which I enjoy and I like the chemistry between the 2 leads. This remains a little scary feel while keeping the laughs coming.

Romper Stomper

Another misinterpretation of Skinheads. The movie itself had an okay plot, but Skinheads are the way they are for a cause and it was unnecessary to make our main characters anything other than Gutterpunks which I found pointless other than giving relevance to a riot with Asian-Aussies.


Lol, not even close to being realistic, though entertaining for make-fun-of purposes. This should've been a comedy, but the director mistakes it for a serious portrayal of scary Skinheads! Lousy acting and even dumber plot. Did you know that Skinheads hunt down college kids in the woods and literally crucify their own? They do in this cheap flick!

Full Metal Jacket

Holy shit! This is my favorite Nam movie due to every actor is incredible, but Mathew Modine and R. Lee Ermey are the main reasons to watch. I like it especially because it realistically shows how the boys endured boot camp and then switches to Vietnam in an urban setting rather than the typical jungle setting which wasn't what Vietnam was all about. Masterful film!

The Hills Have Eyes

Good idea but poorly done. This actually needed a remake to improve the genre...not a sequel!

Zombi 2
Zombi 2(1980)

Never was impressed by this film. Well, I am impressed with some of the makeup and had higher hopes, but was let down. The acting sucked and the plot was bland. It's kinda like they just rode the coat tails of Dawn of the Dead and tried to sneak this through to the audience hoping we'd bite and many of us unfortunately did. It's hit or miss with some of these Italian horror directors ya know.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

Very terrifying movie - especially in a time that scary movies suck. This had very realistic acting and had fantastically stressful parts! I didn't give it a 100% due only to some slightly sloppy CG, though most all the CG was still way above average than many movies that utilize it.

Ernest Goes to Jail

Probably my second favorite Ernest film after the very first one (Ernest Goes To Camp). Jim Varney's talented acting proves beyond the wacky Ernest character as he also plays a completely different type of character in this one!

Ernest Saves Christmas

Jim Varney proves that he still has what it takes to make Ernest funny. This Ernest film is probably the sweetest and most family oriented in the series. Not bad, kinda cute.

Ernest Goes to Camp

Intentionally silly and the cast seemed to have fun making this film. I believe this is the best Ernest movie out there (not that the others are bad either). This can pretty much be seen as an entertaining family movie and feels good.

Day of the Dead 2: Contagium

Crapola! This film bares NO connection with any George Romero masterpiece and rips the name off a good movie. I've seen bad zombie movies that were still better than this as I'm usually a big zombie fan. These zombies can crawl on ceilings, but the movie should fall on the floor! Poor acting and a dumb plot.

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

I'm usually a Statham fan, but I got bored of this kind of fast. The beginning looked promising, but it disappointed me with its predictability.

Lost Boys: The Thirst

This movie gets back on track with the first one as I'd consider this one "part 2" and scrap the real "part 2". It has both Frogs in it which is bad ass and relevant to the entire movie. It still doesn't compare to the first movie, but that would've been hard to do anyway.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

I wasn't a big fan of this letdown film. It was nearly identical to the superior first Lost Boys only played out like a TV movie. I mean it had some parts, but they were mostly already done.

The Lost Boys

A very good vampire story - one of the best! I liked the idea of vamps being bad boy trouble makers. A bit corny at times, but the sarcastic cracks from the Coreys made it okay.

18 Again!
18 Again!(1988)

I only gave it the highest rating I could stand because George Burns steals the show as always, but his co-stars sink this tired, old concept down to the bottom rung.

Vice Versa
Vice Versa(1988)

Which came first? Vice Versa or Like Father, Like Son? Doesn't matter because they both accomplished being flops except Dudley Moore is way cooler than Judge Reinhold.

Like Father, Like Son

As much as I like Dudley Moore, he couldn't pull off the laid back son no more than Kirk Cameron could pull off the tightly wound dad. Forget about this weak attempt of a movie.


Hahahahaha! This is what made me a Dudley Moore fan! I love the smartass humor this film provides!


Over-the -top action about saving-the-girl. Quite far-fetched but really an awesome adventure!

The Corpse Grinders (The Flesh Grinders)

I like this terrible film only because I knew not to expect much out of the film's title and plot. It's a good bad movie with horrible acting, awkward pacing, and ridiculous story not unsimilar to The Undertaker And His Pals.

The Beyond (...E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà)

Not all that it was hyped up to be. The plot was kinda on a whim and had what seemed to be a few random characters until the end. In this film's defense, it did get better towards the end as focus seemed to be getting better. Then the ending was rushed and senseless.

Get Him to the Greek

Better than I figured it would be, but still somewhat forgettable. A few laughs here and there. Nothing special, but Russell Brand definitely was the star.

Total Recall
Total Recall(1990)

A little hard to understand for me the first time around, but better the second. Very intricate with a high body count.

The Running Man

I like the statement it makes more than the movie itself. But points are scored for the unique "stalkers" and Jesse Ventura!

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

This film could've been so much more. I thought Cage was a great choice for the title character until I saw the film. He was just the same character he always plays in all his movies. Also, the plot wasn't well thought-out and again, could've been much better...


Tries to be too funny and corny, nearly succeeding. Not a bad spoof of our beloved outerspace films of that day, particularly Star Wars. But seems too unintentionally kiddish at times which got annoying fast.

Last Action Hero

Campy on purpose and makes fun of itself quite a bit. Action packed, of course and funny at times with a somewhat silly plot but enjoyable.

How to Be a Player

This movie seems rushed and attempts to be funnier than it really is which was a shame because I had faith in Bill Bellamy once upon a time.

Throw Momma from the Train

I like it mainly because I'm a big Danny DeVito fan. It appears dated a little and drags on at the beginning but the comedy between Devito and Ann Ramsay is better than with Billy Crystal although he isn't terrible. It turns out to be a cute movie and even a bit wholesome!

The Stuff
The Stuff(1985)

Oh, not bad. The acting isn't spectacular, but the concept was cool and original for its time. Not much else to say.


This movie doesn't know whether to be a stand-up show or a romantic comedy. Eddie Griffin really tries here, but his co-stars hold him back hard. Eddie is much better these days.

The Jewel of the Nile

I liked this one better than its predecessor! More DeVito and Douglas time which is hilarious! Douglas and Turner work even better in this one as it really appears that they've been living together for a year since the 1st movie that bridges this film to it one very well!

Romancing the Stone

Not sure if this is an action or a comedy because it works both ways so well. DeVito, Turner, and Douglas are the ones worth watching though the supporting characters are also notable.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Definitely the darkest and more serious Harry Potter within the franchise and fittingly wastes no time in taking care of business immediately after the start credits! There are several good fight scenes and not much humor at all as is found in the previous films. This film was a good way to end the series.

From Beyond
From Beyond(1986)

Yeah, I guess I liked it. This film stayed busy most of the time and changed up to prevent boredom with several gory scenes to its honor. Memorable.

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Big budget Hollywood did this right! I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed this (especially to consider how big of a fan I am of the original series). It has nearly non-stop action and pays smart and quiet homage to the series. This was actually more like a prequel to the series where this movie details the events leading to The Team becoming wanted mercenaries only with a modern day telling.

The Campaign
The Campaign(2012)

Pretty close to how real candidates run a campaign and hilarious with Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis' chemistry to out-do one another. Lots of funny parts, but then has the dreaded sweet ending so many "comedies" suffer from these days.


I enjoyed this musical comedy in the theater when I was much younger, but I realize upon re-watching it that it is fairly simple, childish, and corny. I guess it's meant to be. I rated it what I did for the memories.

X-Men: First Class

This came nicely together like a fitted puzzle piece. You can literally watch these films in the X-Men timeline now that this movie came out starting with this one, then X-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men, X-Men Unite, and X-Men The Last Stand.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Wolverine didn't need a solo movie dedicated to him and the Victor character's acting was hard to watch.

X-Men: The Last Stand

I thought it was every bit as good as the last movie and those who disagree probably didn't like the changing continuation of the films rather than keeping it within the comic. This is evolution in progress.

X2: X-Men United

Great sequel that actually one-up's the original! Good new plot and plays out just like a live action version of the old comic, only slicker and new.


Only true comic geeks may find flaws in this action-packed live X-Men movie! It's been modernized and some things added or left out, but who cares? This is a good compact telling of the characters and the 1st of the franchise.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Slightly better than the original in my opinion with the same warm moral feelings and somewhat superior acting due to its budget and slicker appearance.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Cute story for the family that provided original plot and stayed interesting. Felt satisfied afterward.

Jeremiah Johnson

I didn't think I'd like this one, but was I ever wrong! Great frontier movie with more action that takes a sharp turn!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

My least favorite Potter yet. It just seems like the actors are getting tired, the inquisitive music wasn't there, and damn near no laughs at all. This is really made for the build up of Part Two I guess, but this was just bland compared to the other terrific Potter movies.

The Dead Zone

I felt thoroughly satisfied at the end. This is worth watching several times over even though there are some slow build-up, it's worth it. It starts with several plots that stay interesting and then for the finale'!


I accidentally saw this when I meant to see The Dead Zone. This wasn't too good. Mostly a bunch of talk about a machine and experiments so it was more like an old documentary I was forced to watch in junior high.

Black Christmas

God-awful and boring with very little body count and poor acting. I'm not sure why people rated it as high as they have.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

This movie mind-fucked me for days afterward. It's got decent acting (Denzel playing the personality he always plays) and a plot that becomes very intricate. Starts getting faster-paced half way through and stays exciting until it's over.

A History of Violence

This has that style of 70s cinema that I couldn't look away from and a pretty basic plot. The violence was a nice, quick jolt when it happened and the acting was not bad (especially by Ed Harris). The movie felt good to watch.


Very underrated good movie with superior acting by the great Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson. They just work well together. I enjoyed this movie as it was well put together and suberbly acted. One of the original super hero movies that is actually as realistic as a super hero movie can get!

Superman Returns

Another hyped-up return of what was kind of a sequel/reboot attempt that failed.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

This probably couldn't even have been saved by another director and shouldn't have been made. I think they ran out of ideas during the last movie. We could've given Superman a break. This is forgettable (at least I try to)!

Superman III
Superman III(1983)

This one is making the franchise fairly tiring and I really only liked it for Richard Prior. Still, a solid story, but pacing was off while trying to be too funny (with Prior) and it just begins to get old.

Superman II
Superman II(1981)

Definitely the strongest in this Christopher Reeve franchise of Superman. We see a firmer storyline with villains that are fully capable of outdoing The Man of Steel. Though the only downfall was that the ending was totally rushed.


Christopher Reeve really captured Superman here and I don't think he can be replaced. A little restless while searching for a storyline, but connects well with the sequel. Also, this doesn't need a big plot since it's the telling of Superman's origin.

Rebel Without a Cause

Good show just as everyone else thinks and for a reason. Somewhat slow at first, but important build-up for later use. It's still entertaining and relevant for today's audiences. I can only imagine what the audiences of it's day must've felt.

The Sixth Sense

I found this to be impressive. The slow-paced suspense does not take away from this movie - only adds to it. Creepy in many parts and has what I didn't expect for an ending. Great!

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

This was fun and I honestly wonder if the creators thought it would do as well as it did. A good follow-up to the previous Mad Max films that stays current and fresh.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Definitely the best within the Mad Max movies with a ton of great actions provided by very colorful characters. Good story and told in somewhat of a twist at the end.

Captain America

Unfairly critiqued. This isn't a bad film if you don't take it seriously. It was before the DC/Marvel boom that puts out epics of the present. It's easy to watch and not all that bad if you don't expect it to match today's super hero movies.

Paura nella città dei morti viventi (City Of The Living Dead) (The Gates of Hell)

Every poster I've seen of this crappy movie looks way better than the actual movie itself. Not much happens other than boring, bad dialog with long, stalling scenes. There's a couple of supernatural things that happen as well as a few gruesome things that my girlfriend said made her stomach hurt, but nothing to be syked about. The infamous drill scene really wasn't that impressive either. Pretty much a waste of disappointing time with very limited appearing and disappearing "living dead" scenes.

Kansas City Confidential (The Secret Four)

Great storyline and eerily exciting. Nice points of action and the ending kept me in suspense.

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

I thoroughly liked this film. I remember it coming on TV many times and never got tired of it. Wholesome and enjoyable.


Just when I thought vampires were played out and unchanged for too long comes this original and thought-out movie. It is interesting to see how vampires would inevitably evolve and the surviving humans would have to deal.


Very creepy and reminded me of Poltergeist which was also good. This is one of the much better ghost movies to come out in at least 20 years.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(1972)

It's okay for it's time, meaning that I enjoyed the 70s cinematography and the score. But honestly it should've contained more quickness because it suffers from some really stretched-out charater development that I wanted editted out in place of even more gritty, pratical stunts that the 70s were so good at delivering. Overall, a fair 70s cinema flick with typiocal 70s flair.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

I knew Ben and Nick's family who this movie was about and it's just about as heart-breaking as the actual events. This was a pretty interesting movie that kept most of the facts straight though the names were changed and the kidnappers weren't "whiggers" as portrayed in the film (rather the opposite) and some events were hightened for Hollywood (no pun intended). Good acting from all sides.

Three Kings
Three Kings(1999)

This was good. I haven't seen a movie concerning Desert Storm before which made this original for me, but also combined a very likeable story with plenty of action-packed plots that stayed focused on the main goal. Decent acting, too!


This plays like a slow made-for-tv drama where it shows boring flashbacks and boring dialog in between Steve Austin getting his ass kicked. It had potential if the director wasn't about slow-paced talking in place of what was supposed to be an action flick.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

This could've been better if the director didn't try so damn hard, but then again, Brits always try way too hard when coming to cinematography. Of course, the music sorta sucked, too. This film and story would've been way more awesome if it was made in 1974 America with Charles Bronson, Warren Oates, and Lee Van Cleef.

Secret Window

This was pretty good. Very well acted with attention to detail and stayed interesting through the entire movie. No sloppy ending either! Well done. Depp and Tuturo were good together and Dutton wasn't bad either.


Something to watch. It's a story - not exactly based on a true one like it's supposed to be, but it's still a story.

Do the Right Thing

A day in the life of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Pretty lame and disinteresting while ending up promoting one to do the wrong thing.

Blood In, Blood Out (Bound by Honor)

Not at all bad. Had multiple storylines that stay interesting and though kinda long, was still entertaining if nothing more than for the superior dialog.


Overrated rubbish. This has slow and boring acting where I could barely hear what was going on and still didn't care the rest of the time. The slow and boring score even made this movie less appealing. Even turning this film into a semi-slasher flick towards the end didn't save it. The short films "Dad's Dead" and "Mole Hills" on the extras were pretty aweful as well, but more entertaining.

Wild Wild West

Before Wil Smith graduated to more serious roles, he was in corny kid crap like this. It does have some neat imagery along with original gimmicks, but something just felt forgettable. What movie was I rating again? Oh, yeah. Nevermind.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

A pretty wicked take of the book that holds up to any original (pick one) with Will Smith leading a better-than-I-thought-he-could-do role. Exciting and scary. Good work.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Filled with great action and acting, this may be my favorite Potter since the first one. Great story!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

There are reasons to like this one more than the first particularly due to a much meatier plot with a somewhat dark story, but I thought it dragged on slighty too long. It's still a great movie.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

The girlfriend made me finally watch this and I admit that it was quite good. More of a getting-to-know-the-characters type of movie where plenty happens though not much plot really is needed yet. Very likeable.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Not taking anything away from this one as I like all Potter films, but this one seemed to go on for a bit and bored me mainly due to the length. It is relevant and a good watch, though I expected better.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter movies really have never disappointed me yet and I doubt they ever will. This is one of the better ones as the series begins it's climatic end. Very exciting!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Very good although more sluggish in some areas compared to the prior films. Then it makes up for everything in the last half! Definitely still a relevant Potter movie and one not to miss.

Suicide Kings

Very workable storyline and suspenseful with above average acting. Of course, everyone knows why this film was even remotely watchable: Christopher Walken. Ya know that running is good for you, but Walken kicks ass!


This was a fun movie and I'm not sure why it isn't ranked higher. No, it never had potential to be a blockbuster smash and does have a few silly parts, but it's also filled with fighting, shooting, explosive, killing action and has one of Sly's best characters which is saying something!

War of the Worlds

I liked how Speilberg twisted this up to make it more modern and more believeable. I'm not generally a Tom Cruise fan, but he did this well as did lil Ms Fanning. I was genuinely scared at times which is hard for movies to do to me these days.


I'm not sure why people didn't like this one, having good story and good characters. Bullseye is re-imagined into an Irish merc while Kingpin was turned into a big Black Suge Knight (original owner of Deathrow Records) type of gangster! The costumes were good and the fight scenes weren't at all bad.

Return of the Living Dead Part II

Bad excuse to make a sequel except for the re-pairing of Thom Matthews and James Karen. They do make this somewhat bareable, but only for one showing. Oh, and the DVD version replaces the eerie score with chimes and Bevrly Hills Cop scoring, making the film even less pleasureable.

King of New York

Very little life in many of these well-known actors which I found odd except for the great performance by Lawrence Fishburn. It's a good movie, but more of a drama than what many might think of as a gangster film. This has some unrealistically corny parts and plays like a made-for-tv movie at times, even having a rather unsatisfying ending. But there's a pretty damn good shoot-out towards the last quarter that I love to re-watch which rivals the last Scarface shoot-out. This movie is good, but mostly for the superior acting of Fishburn.

From Paris with Love

I enjoyed it as Travolta's character reminded me of myself which I like. Pretty good story and very few slow moments make this movie a blast for the A.D.D. crowd!

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

A time-passer filled with action and quick camera effects, but still seems like they tried too hard. I didn't care for it.

Motel Hell
Motel Hell(1980)

It was alright...definitely original plot and pretty scary for the time with the seemingly down-home, friendly motel proprietors.

Invisible Child

Typical Lifetime-style movie only without the wrongly abused woman and the sadisticly evil male. This movie is actually unconsciencely hilarious which is why I rate it as high as I did. Otherwise, I'd rate it even less. The ending isn't too realistic in that the whole issue the movie is based around was too easily rectified.

The Signal
The Signal(2008)

Kinda reminded me of a cheaper 28 Days Later/The Crazies. It starts out really promising, then it's as if the director gives up as the longer the movie goes, the slower it gets which ended up being boring. Flip side for gorehounds is it's filled with cruelty and senseless ultra-violence.


The word "epic" came to mind in the 1st 10 minutes of this show. They have good actors and even the slow parts weren't very slow! This was very easy to follow and didn't have any complexity, but that doesn't matter. It was still greatly entertaining.

Hobo With a Shotgun

I see where they were going with this and they got there. It felt very much like an early 1980s Troma feature with ultra-violence and its over-the-top bloodbaths, but I didn't like the extreme cruelty by the bad guys (setting children on fire just isn't for me). I can see why some people will like this film, but in my opinion, it falls short.

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I think I liked it. This was a strange movie with a lot of good effects and a story like an old fairytale. Much of it was in the style of Harry Potter. Tim Burton would probably love it.

Transporter 2

Wow! Better than the 1st movie which was still quite good. This film has even more ridiculous stunts (remember, on purpose) and a more focued story in my opinion. Very good! The action is just as good, but paced better.

The Transporter

Pleasantly suprised that this was a solid action film with laughable stunts though intentionally. Only problem with this is that there actually may have been TOO much action! The fight scenes sometimes dragged on for a while which took away from the plot.


Not bad. The acting could've been better and the story should've been more intricate, but I was overall entertained and this provided some creepiness that I was hoping it would.

Punisher: War Zone

This was the closest thing I got to a true rendition of The Punisher. Bloody violence and an okay story despite ripping off Tim Burton's Batman from 1989 (you'll see). Kinda cheap villains by the way.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

very bit as good as the 1st Hellboy if not maybe even a little better! Well done, new story that still nicely bridges the 1st movie and doesn't lag. Somewhat better fight scenes and action.


Pretty entertaining and remains mostly true to the comic. I think it wouldn't have been as good if Ron Pearlman hadn't played Hellboy! Excellent!


Wow, many friends of mine didn't like this at all and said it was horrible, but I completely disagree! This was a smart, well-done movie with genuinely scary parts that maintained realistic reactions.

Weekend at Bernie's

Pretty bad, but had a few laughs if you don't take it seriously. It played about as well as a live cartoon would and had the same type of humor.

Forbidden Planet

Why do people like this? Is it because the effects were good for 1950s Sci-Fi? It certainly wasn't due to the excitement or action.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Once again, I was slightly let down as this seemed too much like the first Iron Man. I was debating weather this was better or not, but concluded it was about the same. Whiplash wasn't given enough screen time.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

I was excited to see this and the acting is quikte good, but I expected more story and action; not just cgi cartoons.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

Decent remake (though at the time of viewing, I hadn't even seen the original). Superb acting from everyone involved and a really good story that never strays and continues to get to the point. Not ovedone and drawn out, overall pleasing though I didn't see the point of kicking the Indians. Certain things made this Rooster Cogburn less likeable than John Wayne's.

Mean Streets
Mean Streets(1973)

It was good for a drama. I realy expected more gang related blood from the director and didn't get it, so it wasn't the movie I thought it would be. But if you're looking for a NY drama with multiple small plots then this is fairly good.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

Great drive-in style movie with loads of action that almost has that old Charles Bronson feel to it. I would've given a higher rating if not for the weak ending. It left me disappointed though up until the end, it's good!

The Wicker Man

Yeah, it was a flop. I haven't seen the original yet, but it is probably better than this - it has to be! Nicholas Cage and the rest of the cast performed like they knew this would suck and it does like a big waste of time!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

Just as silly and dumb as the series. If you like the show, you'll like this. It' just one extra-long episode that stays true to the show. Not as big of a deal as Cartoon Network made it out to be, but okay.

Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever

Cheap junk even worse than the first. I give it 10 higher points for the obese fatty having sex in the pool! That was the coolest part of this trash.

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

I enjoyed this comeback as some main charactrs return and stil got it! This could put Scream back ontrack as they still shocked me with th end as I thought something completely different would happen and I was even being creative.

Scream 3
Scream 3(2000)

Not as good as the original 2, but enjoyable nonetheless. Getting a bit stale and tiresome, but still a Scream movie.

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Great follow-up to the original with another good twist I ddn't see coming.


Lots of people didn't like this and I realize it's much slicker than gritty slasher movies from past that we enjoy. But this film pokes fun at the genre and still maintains seriousness.


I first saw this when I had a migraine headache and was iffy, but I quickly forgot the headache and thoroughly enjoyed this film! Plenty of action and a somewhat intricate plot that still stays easy to understand. Though all performers were well chosen and did a great job, I felt John Malkovich stole most of the scenes he was in.

Me, Myself & Irene

I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was so good that it hurt my lungs from laughing through the whole film. Jim Carrey always works hard to get a laugh and he gets countless ones here.

Wild At Heart

I liked this one back when it came out and I guess I still do to a corny extent, but for different reasons I understand better now. It's certainly for David Lynch fans and has a fairly enertaining plot, cheesey acting, and memorable characters.

New Jack City

One of my favorite movies in the 90s and definitely one of the most influential. This movie-making style actually was the one that busted open the door for many imitators even being used today. Snipes was aggressive at being a greedy gangster and was complimented by both his own associates as well as Ice-T's character plotting against him.


I know the Gacy story pretty well and was deeply disappointed that this boring, cheap piece of waste isn't it.


Plays like a Lifetime movie with less than great acting and way worse dialog except for Dee Snider's Captain Howdy character. Watch this once for Captain Howdy. He had potential if Snider worked on this maybe longer.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

A little slower than the first movie, but still very good considering this one had a purposely different feel. It's a great sequel and stays true with a solid ending we were all waiting for.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Almost perfect. Good action/fight scenes. Cheesey in the way that's good with a decent storyline. I'm a fan of both old westerns/kung fu/samari movies and I get this.

Natural Born Killers

I understand what Oliver Stone was shooting for and he scored a bullseye for me! You either love it or hate it, but those that hate it probably didn't analize it properly.


So much better than the newer Dillinger movie called Public Enemies with much of the same situations. The 70s were just a better feel for movies and plenty more action in this one!

White Heat
White Heat(1949)

One of the best non-mafia gangster movies ever made and definitely one of Cagney's best roles which is hard to determine since Cagney was great in everything.

Cannibal! The Musical (Alferd Packer: The Musical)

This was not bad. Some gruesome parts tha were hilarious and dialog that knows it's sarcastic and cocky.

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

Yep, Adam Sandler is old and has lost it. He should take comedy courses from Will Ferrell. A far cry from those Billy Madison days though every Sandler movie is a poorly disguised Romantic Comedy!! Heart-felt and sweet is not my type of comedy.

The Horde (La Horde)

Contains 28 Days Later "Zombies". Th acting is okay for unknowns, it has a sub-plot that is really somewhat laughable when watching the players try to sell it. Overall, not a great "zombie" flick.

Cut and Run
Cut and Run(1985)

More amatuer crap from the man who brought us garbage like Cannibal Holocast. Not as sick as Cannibal Holocaust, but just as badly acted by the main characters. No animal cruelty which earned it points. Something of a storyline, but rather sloppily put together, often lost and slow.

Transilvania Seis, Cinco Mil

Cooky and fun to see Goldbloom try to be funny. It had some zany moments, but this bombed overall. Disappointing to see only a couple of spooks and even that was towards the end.


A little silly, but definitely fun if not a bit corny.

Mr. Mom
Mr. Mom(1983)

It's a good story (at least original as far as I know) and the comedy is definitely there. One of the reasons I became a Michael Keaton fan (next to Johnny Dangerously)!

The Violent Kind

Aside from skinny young bikers that I never see in real life, this was an original supernatural film. The acting isn't great, the budget certainly wasn't expensive and casting could've been better, but the film maintains eerieness that stays somewhat unexplained and gave me a creepy feeling.

Fair Game
Fair Game(2010)

Another film I thought would be way worse than before I viewed it. Easy to understand, fairly accurate to the actual events and very well acted. What really brought it to greatness was the speech Sean Penn gives to a class at the end of the movie!

The Hangover Part II

The creators tried to top the original which in a few cases, maybe they did, but this is mostly just as good as the first which is still a compliment. Much of the original cast was brought back and more of the same gags with a couple of new things.

Johnny Dangerously

For those who don't know, Michael Keaton is immitating James Cagney and he does it too well! This great piece set in 1930s had me rolling on the floor!

Little Man Tate

Very well-acted with likeable characters and some funny moments as well as dramatic moments. A well-rounded movie that felt good at the end.

According To Greta

The movie info here is inaccurate, but even so, this tried to have a point, but didn't and was dull as well as not very well acted.

Murder Party
Murder Party(2007)

Not too sure I have the right to rate this since it sucked so bad I didn't even finish it. The acting was lame and the story seemed cheaper than porn with a story.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

Having originality with 6 British chicks going to die in America without any guys to save them rather than the played-out idea of an American couple with a male "3rd wheel" going to die somewhere other than America. This film has a long build-up which is okay due to great character development as the girls interact with one another. Then things start getting claustrophobic enough to even make me squirm in my seat. Soon afterwards, the blood and guts pour! A better scary movie to come out in quite a while.

The Cave
The Cave(2005)

The director thinks people in this line of work are all fairly young with Hollywood good-looks! This felt like a movie the whole time and wasn't scary.

Blues Brothers 2000

I understood the desire for a sequel and I tried hard to like this, but it hit far below the original. It doesn't have the same feel and with Belushi missing, it's just wrong.

I Drink Your Blood

My friend was looking for a sleazy grindhouse experience and I've heard of this film for probably 25 years, but wasn't enthused when he brought it over. Come to find out, this wasn't half bad and provided some frightful moments as well as unintentional laughable ones. It is one of the better drive-in/grindhouse flicks from the early 1970s.

The Blues Brothers

Fairly enjoyable and has some great laughs that come aross rather clever. Other laughs come across as smart-aleckly ridiculous! Overall good show.


I only rated it a high as I did for the gore. As eerie as the ending is, it's also stupid and makes no sense as if the director was just in a hurry to end it.


Simple and creepy little sci-fi gem witten by Stephen King and directed by John Carpenter. Pre-curser to Maximum Overdrive, but not quite as corny.


Good story! I can't believe I waited so long to see it. It shows realistically how the State makes it extremely difficult for addicts who genuinely want help kicking the habit, but don't know the system or have the funds for quick recovery. Good plot, good acting.

The Heavenly Kid

Somewhat humerous but not greatly acted and the plot is quite dumb. Actually, the timeline puts the highschool kid at about 20 at the youngest and shows how sloppily put-together this film was.

Death to Smoochy

This one actually provided many laughs! It exploits the greedy criminals behind charities and film productions alike in an over-the-top, yet in a still realistic way. Norton is funny and Williams is his old crazy self with the best lines (pun intended)!


Good soundtrack and above average acting about a group of friends with unique personalities and ambitions torn apart when one of them feels the power of having a gun. Ends with a good lesson.

Trapped in Paradise

A very nice comedy! Cage, Lovitz and Carvey mesh really well together! The storyline stays fresh and grows while Cage is funny, yet maintains some seriousness while Lovitz and Carvey keep the laughs coming nearly non-stop.

Friday the 13th, Part V - A New Beginning

I kind of like to pretend that this movie wasn't part of the Friday franchise and even pretend that it wasn't even made. Watch the ending to find out why.

Shaun of the Dead

A very good parody of the zombie genre coming from the Brits and I normally don't like Brit movies! This one is done brilliantly.

Dèmoni (Demons)

Gross 1980s Italian Demon flick that delivers the gore no matter how bad the acting and rather the plot was lame or not shouldn't matter when watching this. It was fun and had some okay scary moments. But despite my typical disliking for remakes, this one could probably benefit from one.

Wrong Turn
Wrong Turn(2003)

Just another unoriginal Psychos-in-the-Woods movie that we've all seen so much of before. I did like the direction used and the cinemaphotography which seemed very steady and professionally done. The protagonists seemed a little too invinsible even for a movie of this type...

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Just keeps getting better the more I see it. Superb acting, good dialog and plot. This movie is actually somewhat based on real-life Irish Boston gangster Whitey Bulger.

Clash of the Titans

I've enjoyed this classic ever since it came out. All types of good creatures to battle or befriend in this Greek-inspired flick.

My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Better than the original. More biting edge with more kills and a different ending. I liked it enough to buy it...

My Bloody Valentine

Very eerie with some nasty kills but also bad acting and a completely unrealistic plot. This one is unusual in that the remake was actually better!

Run Ronnie Run!

LOL!!!! Way better than Joe Dirt. Funnier and dirtier just as one would expect from David Cross!

Walk the Line

Phoenix is no Jamie Foxx, but the job gets done and this turns out to be a very good story about the legendary life of Johnny Cash who would probably have been proud of this story about himself. Much like the movie Ray that isn't my typical kind of movie, this one also has me watching anytime someone wants to see it. Well done!

Blood Feast
Blood Feast(1963)

Lame. So much in fact that I fell asleep before it ended. The only reason this is of cult status is due to it being the very first gore movie. That's it.

The Condemned

Unoriginal story and predictable ending, but a good show for those who enjoy a fair amount of creative violence.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

Definitely "tongue-in-cheek" as intended, but with unintentional bad acting. Kudos for bringing back the same family (especially Jim Seidow's cook character) and bringing in Dennis Hopper into the franchise, but it's still just sappy and terrible. The only reason I keep watching it is for Bill Moseley's Chop-Top character.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Stupid, lazy, sloppy movie made only for a failed attempt at cashing-in on the franchise name. It was confusing, not scary, and I don't even think the writers knew what to do towards the end.

Creepshow 2
Creepshow 2(1987)

Not nearly as good as the first one with stories that seemed to be made in a hurry.

Diary of the Dead

Another one for the true Zombie Lovers. The story is the same as all the rest and getting tiresome. I only rated it as high as I did for the fun of it being first person videoed. Romero is starting to look desperate.

Smokey and the Bandit II

An okay continuance to the first movie, but gets sorta old after the first hour or so...

Day of the Dead

The worst of the Romero zombie movies in my opinion, though many disagree. Hard to explain, but I just couldn't get into the scientist/military conflict and trying to humanize a zombie.

Alice in Wonderland

Not as great as hyped, but certainly watchable. Depp does what he does best which is stealing the show from everyone which I can't complain about. It was entertaining, but only to see Mr Depp.

Public Enemies

I am a big Johnny Depp fan and it wasn't his fault this movie was such a disappointment. It was because I saw the superior movie about the same thing called Dillinger starring Warren Oates. This one was more dramatic, less violent, and much more boring.

The Hills Have Eyes

Good enough to watch more than once and definitely better in every way to it's original. The makers actually worked to explain things better and make it more realistic.

The Crazies
The Crazies(1973)

A good example how the government would handle the situation, but still not as good as Romero's zombies pics. This is still way better than it's remake and has that superior 70s realism movies used to have.

The Northville Cemetery Massacre

This flick claims to be the best biker flick ever and it's fairly true (especially to anyone who likes the superior cinematography and story-telling of the 70s movies).


Great movie...not as great as Goddfellas, but close. A little too long and drawn out though.

Ms. 45
Ms. 45(2013)

Pretty stupid. About a furry mute chick that gets gently raped and then goes out on a mission to rid the world of all men. Bad acting and awkwardly slow moments.


Very bad movie. Ridiculous plot, ridiculous acting, ridiculous shots: just a horribly ridiculous movie. It's not even about frogs. It shows LOTS of close-up frogs breathing and jumping (being thrown). Otherwise, there are extremely bad death scenes commited by spiders, lizards, snakes, even gators. Frogs fianlly somehow kill at the very end, but how is never explained.


Slightly better than the original with better acting and more sequences.

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

I was disappointed. I thought for sure it would be better than the original and it wasn't - just different in that the effects are sharper and the acting is better, but this movie just dragged on. I couldn't wait for it tom be done!

Big Top Pee-wee

Pee-Wee still has it, though the rest of the cast was trying too hard and the script could've been a bit better worked.

Pee-wee's Big Adventure

Never seen Pee-Wee before this movie, but here is what made me a fan! Funniest and silliest Road Movie I've ever seen!!

Mystery Men
Mystery Men(1999)

Had me laughing mostly throughout the entire show. Smart and original with a humorous plot.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Provided some laughs and cute moments, though most of the vampires seemed like weak props. Vampire Pee-Wee was the highlight of this movie- stole the show!


Forgettable. Mildly entertaining, but mostly just corny and not necessarily in the good way.


Still enjoyable and not ready to get tired of Laurel and Hardy as they are still obviously having fun. Silly plot, but at least they keep it original.

Sons of the Desert

I actually agree with the critics this time. This is one of L & H's best. They are upbeat and ready to make us laugh hard with quite a bit of action thrown in this one.

The Big Noise

It provided a few laughs and some Laurel and Hardy classic was still visable, though this is the era they started burning out and it showed. Anyway, they pass for effort, but not long after this one.

Pardon Us
Pardon Us(1931)

One of L & H's early feature films and arguably one of their best! Shows the boys in prison and trying to escape!

Way Out West
Way Out West(1937)

Takes Stan and Ollie out to the Old West which is a sharply new turn from their usual city antics. Great story with Laurel and Hardy as fresh as they were in the early 1930s. I laugh at this movie and get hoarse!

A-Haunting We Will Go

The title has nothing to do with this movie as it's not at all a spooky one. It's based around a magic show with a fairly solid story. It's not at all bad for the Laurel and Hardy of the 1940s (I just prefer their 1930s work). They were getting older, but they didn't know it and this movie should provide a good time for any Laurel and Hardy fan!

Ice Twisters
Ice Twisters(2009)

More of a documentary with bad acting and worse effects when anything other than talking actually happened. Seemed like an edited SciFi Original and those are almost always cheap and hurried.

Dungeons & Dragons

Cheaply made with corny acting even for a "Fantasy" flick. Marlon Wayans was probably the best thing about this movie, but they dropped the ball completely by not giving him enough showtime towards the last half of the movie and the ending was confusing, making no sense at all!


Well done Crime Movie that is fairly quick paced with great dialog and has lots of fantastic shoot-outs!


Seemingly prejudice from its historical inaccuracy, but well-acted and violent to keep the audience entertained. Some of the set pieces and wardrobe are over-the-top which lends to more inaccuarcies, yet keeps the movie interesting. Don't knit-pick it; just see it as an enjoyable action flick.


I fianlly saw this flick in full after many years of trying to. The effects are only somewhat impressive even for its time. The acting is good and not the actors' fault that the script seemed written by a first-timer for an experimental college project. I found the overall movie rather boring with more than a few ackwardly slow moments.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Definetly a Genre Film, it has okay acting and an okay story, but the action and fight scenes are what made it worth continued viewing for me. The lack of dull moments is the main reason I've rated it as I did.

Nice Guys
Nice Guys(2005)

Not very good. The acting is bad and the camera work is done like a novice high schooler. Probably should've taken a little longer with the scripting, casting and rehersals.

Higher Learning

Not exactly realistic when dealing with Skinheads and educated college Bros, but the acting was quite impressive and the story mostly original. However, I'm afraid that audiences didn't learn what the director was gunning for us to take away from the film. It didn't change anything.

The Toxic Avenger: Part II

Slightly better than the first one, but still badly acted, cheaply made crap.

The Toxic Avenger

Crap. bad acting, bad plot, and unconvincing though I understand that it's supposed to be. It's just cheap crap.

Tales From the Hood

Somewhat entertaining, though it was racist trash that constantly made the White man look like the villain and I felt as dumb as an Ebonic educated hoodrat after it ended...

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Undead

Very silly and not what I expected. I watched this when I was sick and it made me happy.


Not my usual style, but I confess that I actually liked this. It was sort of a fantasy based on reality with a good, romantic storyline that even had a little action mixed with the factual tragedy. It moved me.


Not a bad film. Not one I would buy, but it works the first time I saw it. Good acting (only one actor in the whole movie), the plot is suspenseful and will surely creep-out those claustrophobic types like myself!

Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

Pretty forgettable even for a sequel of a bad movie to start with. Nobody in this pic seems to be too interested in making this movie as if they all KNOW it would be worse than the first one and it is!

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Yeah, not that good. Attempts to be funny with a typically heart-felt ending that most all of today's comedies embarrassingly have...

I Lunghi giorni della vendetta (Days of Vengeance)(The Deadliest Gunfight)

Average Spaghetti Western with typical awkward acting that still works for the genre, a few corny attempts at comedy and fair amounts of shooting action! Overall, not a well-known movie for reasons, but good to watch for you Italian Cowboy fans.

Strangers with Candy

Good comedy. I enjoyed the show a lot and was entertained by this movie. However, be warned that it is a telling of the show and not a continuation of the show.

The Lost Tribe

Fairly cheap and quickly made. This story has been simlilarly done before except this version is forgettable.


What many of us horror fans were waiting for as long as you don't take it too seriously. It is intentionally over-the-top with both story, characters, and bloodshed. A solid backstory and gruesome violence makes this one good to see by yourself or with friends.

Hatchet II
Hatchet II(2010)

It could've been way better, but the ball was dropped. Continuity holes you'll have to see for yourself.

The Grand Duel (Il Grande duello)

A little Western gem usually passed up, but not too badly done. It has Lee van Cleef playing the type of personality he always has with a typically good Spaghetti Western soundtrack.


Plenty of violence and over-the-top gore which is great, but the Anti-American, Pro-Illegal Immigration stance is too obvious instead of being hinted at in even a slightly intelligent way. The movie didn't win any new recruits to the Pro-Illegal cause and may be enjoyed by those who are already in support of illegal trespassing criminals who shit on our country.

The House of the Devil

Well-done horror throwback that takes quite a while for build-up, but when it finally gets good, it gets very good. I liked it and it definitely made me feel as though I was watching a horror flick from 1981.

Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Nicely done with a much different twist that I enjoyed. Half the movie is like a documenatry and kind of slow, yet crucial to the remaining half that is done in sharp cinema fashion.

The Roost
The Roost(2005)

Tragically bad and boring. Nothing much happens for most of the film except the victims huddling in an extremely badly-lit barn. Bad acting. This sux.

I Spit On Your Grave

Not too bad with a rather intense scene against our heroine, but revenge kills that lack a little in my opinion. It's overall worth a look maybe once. Not as great as I expected.

Family Guy Presents: Something Something Something Dark Side

Family Guy hit The Empire Strikes Back dead-on just like they did 2 years prior with Star Wars: A New Hope. Scenes so similar that I thought it was from the original movie. Family Guy funny!

Family Guy - Blue Harvest

Hilarious and brilliant parody of an even more brilliant movie! You should probably be a Family Guy fan to truly understand, but even if not, just being a Star Wars fan will give you plenty of laughs.

Smart Money
Smart Money(1931)

Forgettable and not worth watching just because Eddie G and Jimmy C are in it together. Cagney doesn't get much air time and the movie doesn't have a single gunshot to it which is disappointing for a Robinson or Cagney movie...

Room Service
Room Service(1938)

Despite what some users say about this Marx classic, this is my fave! Highly recommended.

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

No, not the Marx Bros best movie by any stretch. It IS The Marx Bros, so it's good, but gets tiresome towards the end. Too much singing!

Still Smokin'

This one has Cheech and Chong going overseas as celebrities just to be mistaken for other celebrities. There are some pretty funny parts, but it's hard to make up for the rest of the film and certainly too hard to recapture their great early work. This one is more boring and predictable as if they are trying too hard by this time.

Cheech and Chong's The Corsican Brothers

Cheech and Chong did great things with there first 3 movies. Unfortunately, it was time to call it quits before this one came out. It seems like the comedy team are getting a little tired of themselves and are really reaching for humor by now.

Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams

The last "passing score" I give a Cheech and Chong movie. This one was watchable for the hardcore C and C fan, but most of it is the same old thing - nothing new. It's a fun watch, but barely.

Up in Smoke
Up in Smoke(1978)

The first Cheech and Chong film debut from their comedy routine is a pretty good start in a line of movies that didn't quite succeed like this one and the follow-up in 1980 (Cheech and Chong's Next Movie). Not too slow paced until the end. Well worth checking out!

Cheech and Chong's Next Movie

The pothead duo's most enjoyable movie in my opinion. Both comedians keep the lines rollin' (pun intended). The coolness about this movie is that unlike most other films that start right away, this one builds up and then stays funny throughout.

Murphy's Law
Murphy's Law(1986)

Not one of Bronson's best, but somewhat laughable (albeit intentionally) and the action is definitely there. Fairly good Bronson movie for his later years.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Very entertaining! To hell with the critics who don't know what the public likes. See it yourself. Downey is great as the prick and funnier than Zack G, but this film was better than Trains, Plains, and Automobiles!

Bachelor Party

More of a real comedy that we lack in recent time with almost all comedies really being sweet romance flicks with a few light laughs. This one is a better one.


For some reason, I remember this film being better when I watched it years ago. But now it just seems dated and not as funny. I was disappointed.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Action-packed with great characters and fast development. I was still interested in the film after forgetting it was supposed to be about vampires until finally suprised when vampires came into play. Rodriguez did a good job.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

One of the first movies to change the way many movies are made today. Each decade has a movie so influential, but I haven't seen one out-do this one as of 2011. Over-the-top characters by established performers as well as situations that all come together perfectly.

Interview with the Vampire

Eh, I could go either way with this one (pun intended). Not just a bunch of blood or action and not really what most of us might call a horror flick, but watch it for the superior acting ability of Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Christian Slater plays the charatcer he always plays fairly well, too.

Kiss of Death

A fair remake with fair acting from a cast that could've done better. Certain liberties were taken in doing this remake which made it slightly better than the original.

The Town
The Town(2010)

I expected more out of this romantic love story, but will give props on the occational violent action! Overall good story for the likes of Ben Affleck.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Not a bad movie that actually has more of an intricate story than I thought it would, but Steve Carell pretty much has to carries the entire cast.

Repo Men
Repo Men(2010)

Way better than most people will tell you and has a moral message as well as typical govenment matrix that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Survival of the Dead

I get and agree with the social commentary, etc of this movie, but obviously Romero is getting desperate for new material. Overall, I am a zombie fan and glad I rented it, but wouldn't buy it.

The Haunting
The Haunting(1963)

Mostly all element and that works quite well for this spooky movie. Classic masterpiece!

Student Bodies

It's bad and it knows it which actually makes it good! A more original horror spoof than any Scary Movie sequel and dumber fun!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Great movie. Kept me interested with the intelligent dialog and superb acting. Even at around 3 hours, I was into it through the very end!


Suprisingly better than I imagined it'd be. It has suspense (unlike most movies today) and good acting and action! Recommended!

Bram Stoker's Dracula

Slow and nearly no action with the feeling we should sympathize with Dracula. More like a dry British soap opera.

Night of the Demons 2

Slightly better acting than the previous movie with a somewhat bigger budget, but doesn't add up to the original gore.

Shutter Island

Good acting and very suspensful though the ending was a little predictable.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

They tried and failed. Good enough story, but really slow. Also, when will Hollywood realize we think CGI is sloppy and distasteful?


Good for a few chuckles and worth seeing if nothing else for the freaky vampire played by the lead singer from Burning Brides (looks like Johnny Depp's version of the Mad Hatter).


Boasts some genuinely scary moments in special effects as well as a mostly original story, but is overall repetitive until the silly ending.

Beautiful Creatures

A female friend of mine came up with the idea to see this film and I was surprised that I enjoyed it to the extent that I did.There are quirky scenes of comedy and great effects. But after a while, it does indeed get tiresome and needed to hurry along. I thought this was a much more enjoyable Twilight type of movie with witches in place of corny, overdramatic, sparkly vampires and gay wolves.

Wreck-it Ralph

It was a lot of memory lane fun with all the old video game knock-offs, oldschool references and started with a strong plot. But I wanted it to be even better. After a while, when Ralph begins his journey to redeem himself, the movie starts falling into every other catagory and sort of gets boring.

Evil Dead
Evil Dead(2013)

Okay, so the demons in the original 1983 version are way scarier and I wasn't sure what to think of this remake until I kept watching and I must admit that it was pretty good. It takes liberties in being it's own movie, but maintains the bloody gore of chopped off limbs, painful violence, and screams "tetanus shot" throughout the entire feature which was a positive surprise from today's weaker movie-going experiences.

Night of the Demons III (Demon House)

A bit of the same of the last sequel, but worthy of a peak. They obviously keep bringing Angela back, so it's worth it just for her.

Night of the Demons

Creepy and gross! Not great acting but with nasty deaths, who cares about acting!

Night of the Demons

Fun to watch one time, but falls way short of the original.

Child's Play 2

Watchable - not a movie's best sequel but relevant.

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

Wow! One of my favorites. Suspensful and witty with pretty good acting.

Hell Ride
Hell Ride(2008)

I love old exploitation biker movies and this one tries to be one. It had great potetial and I was excited to see it. Then I was so let down. This movie can really be summed up by those who rated it lower than me.

Clash of the Titans

Far more excitement than the original and a much better story telling more background with some originality. I could watch this multiple times and enjoy it always.

Rock 'n' Roll High School

Cornball style of comedy but original for its time. Recommended for the die-hard Ramones fan!

Friday the 13th Part VIII - Jason Takes Manhattan

Nice to see Jason taken out of Crystal Lake for new scenery, but the ending was a rip-off and totally senseless.

Friday the 13th Part VII - The New Blood

Staring to get sillier, but this one is more brutal than the others despite having a goofy plot.

Saturday the 14th

Good to watch the 1st time, but not to buy. It attempts to be funny a little too hard at times.

xXx: State of the Union

Even worse than the first one. I'm an Icecube fan and even he couldn't save this for me.

Battle Royale

This has been done somewhat before, but the violence is very good and watchable repeatedly.

The Spikes Gang

Easy to follow, solid storyline and superbly well acted (especially by Lee Marvin). It is better than a lot of Westerns and I have no idea what the hold-up is for the dvd release!

Tourist Trap
Tourist Trap(1979)

Not bad and pretty original. Chuck Connors is who really holds this movie together, but it is nonetheless creepy in itslef. Still never explains the supernatural stuff though...

Cannibal Holocaust

So I finally saw it and it was everything I thought it was - shocking trash. I guess it is sort of a rite of passage though. It really is as distubing as it was meant to be although sometimes pointless. The cruelty and murders were gruesomely realistic and the animal deaths were actually real which made this film even more dispicably shocking. You can pretty much handle any movie if you can take this one.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

The worst of the trilogy and proof that the writers ran out of ideas. Stick with the first two.

The Last House on the Left

Not even close to the shock it's hyped up to be. After seeing the remake, I can genuinely say the latter is better and that's coming from someone who usually detests remakes.

The Last House on the Left

Not a bad, violent waste of time. Still better than the original.

Tombs Of The Blind Dead (Noche del terror ciego)

Poorly acted with a novice plot. I give it the points I did due to the constant eerie feeling throughout the movie.

El Buque Maldito (The Ghost Galleon)(Ship of Zombies)(Horror of the Zombies)

This came on Saturday Nightmares years ago on the USA Network and terrified me for weeks. This is probably the best "Blind Dead" movie of them all.

911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions

Lots of proven facts that conclude 9/11 was deliberately executed by America's own government. No one can prove the well-researched evidence as inaccurate.

Dog Day Afternoon

Remarkable acting and gripping story with good dialog and action. Kept me in my seat and re-watching. Done with typically superior cinematography!

America: Freedom to Fascism

Plentifully accurate information and genuine questions unanswered but fails to provide it's own answer to the question "what do we do about the problem?".

End Game
End Game(2007)

Another undeniably accurate account of events from Alex Jones. Try to prove the accusations wrong here and you will be terrified at the outcome.

Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism

The first professionally done documentary by Alex Jones that provides well-researched insite into government affairs and cover-up. Try to,prove him wrong and you'll eventually side with him when you find the facts.

Observe and Report

Not great but still better than Mall Cop...

The 'Burbs
The 'Burbs(1989)

Ha, it is an alright movie, but only worth seeing a few times. Nothing worth adding to your collection.

Half Baked
Half Baked(1998)

Very funny. Any pothead would agree.

Dazed and Confused

Excellently done and a fun memory of 70s culture. Good acting, too!

Thirteen Ghosts (13 Ghosts)

The ghosts are really cool but the rest of the movie is overdone and is just too much even for a spook movie. Glass house and elaborate mechanical door to hell indeed...

The Haunting
The Haunting(1999)

Not a very good remake to such a great original. It goes in a much different direction and though the effects are decent, it's a forgettable movie after the first viewing.

Friday the 13th

I enjoyed the different take on Jason this film created and frankly, the original series got so confusing and screwed-up towards the end that it needed a reboot.

Jason X
Jason X(2002)

Original story but the creators are obviously running out of Jason ideas. Jason is slashing more meat on a spaceship in the future this time.

Freddy vs. Jason

They were talking about it for over 10 years before they made it and it came out decent for what it's worth. Good fight scenes from the 2 horror icons didn't disappoint.

Jason Goes to Hell - The Final Friday

The worst Friday ever. Trash that should've been kept in the vault.

Friday the 13th, Part VI - Jason Lives

Breathed new life into Jason (literally) and the Friday series...at least for a moment. New developments in this one kept the story revilitalized.

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter

Still very good and takes place immediately aftyer the last movie. Same bloody body count.

Friday the 13th Part 3

One of the greatest movies in the series. Actually starts the Jason we all have come to love.

Friday the 13th Part 2

This could've been better and seems forgettable to me. The sequel after this is much better!

Friday the 13th

The original masterpiece that stayed mostly true to the novel it was based from.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

Yeah, Freddy's bullshit probably went too long before this came out, but they had to end it some way...or did they?

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Holy shit! A fresh idea about a killer ghost who can kill you in your dreams! I actually had several Freddy nightmares from this original!

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Nearly ruins the entire series. Don't watch it.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child

Still fairly fresh in the sense that it's another original sequel but slightly starting to slip.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master

Still strong and pretty fresh with more interesting deaths. The makers probably should've stopped after this one though.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Aside from the original, this one is my favorite. It broadens the Freddy story and goes from there...

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Watchable if you are a big Freddy fan. Not really neccessary though. You can skip right to the next sequel.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I guess it would've been good if it hadn't already been done way better back in 1984. This was a very inferior remake.

The Simpsons Movie

It's just like the shoiw but done better. Brilliant storyline that kept my attention for many viewings.

2001 Maniacs
2001 Maniacs(2005)

Cheap and sleazy remake, but one I have to keep watching. It has good deaths and Robert Englund steals every scene he's in!

Basket Case 2

Even more ridiculous than the first movie and more shocking. Good job!

Basket Case
Basket Case(1982)

A little slow at times but ridiculously stupid which works to its credit and makes it a good shock.

The Undertaker and His Pals

Ha ha, it was okay. Definitely original and not meant to be taken seriously.


Masterfully acted and apparently a pretty accurate portrayl of the great Ray Charles' life story. I'm an action type of guy usually, but I can't stop watching this film. Any time someone puts it on, I'm watching like it's my first time. All the actors' interchange with each other is superior than what most movies have and the story of Ray Charles is indeed interesting enough to keep one craving to see (pun intended)!

The Goonies
The Goonies(1985)

A bit dated, but that's part of the fun. It's kind of a kid's movie...kind of, but there's enough dirty jokes to keep an adult's attention, an adventurous innocence for kids, and a great story for both adults and kids!

Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai

I'm suprised so many people liked this. Forrest is fairly good in supporting roles, but I can no way see an old, lazy-eyed, out-of-shape Ghost Dog continually practice his Samuri abilities on roof tops when he isn't overly concerned with what he's playing on his car stereo which happens all too often and wastes movie time. The acting wasn't very good and the effects are like what we used to do with a 1990s camcorder. Throw in quoted morals of an actual Samuri book for extra cheese and a few good stereotypical Italian mobsters can't save this film from being good.

Good Dick
Good Dick(2008)

So bad that it was hard to stay awake to see it all. I guess the acting between actors was pretty good, but the story was boring. I just wanted to find out what happened at the end so I could finish the movie and put something good on...


I really tried to not like this movie, but left the theater crying because the raunch was so hysterical! I remember so many different scenes to laugh at and can't keep up -LMAO!

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Didn't think I'd like it until I saw it. This is easily funny and the laughs just kept happening. There was an interesting plot that the comedy continued on until the very end. This movie was satisfying.

American History X

Somewhat tame and inaccurate to anyone who has actually studied the White Supremacy Movement and their brutal organizations, but a solid tale of misguided passion, regret, redemption, and alas well, I won't ruin it. Overall, I did like the moral of the story. It provided superb acting skills from everyone involved and will no doubt go down as an instant classic.

The Island
The Island(2005)

Exciting rib at criminal governments and fairytale religions in general that works well with plenty of fast paced action!

Hang 'em High

It still has that Speghetti Western feel that I love along with another good Eastwood plot where he's to get revenge on those who wrongfully tried to hang him!

Kingdom of the Spiders

Starts slow, but has more realistic acting than most of today's blockbusters. Shatner is impressive as expected and the plot plus victims is a good show.

Mean Guns
Mean Guns(1997)

Not a well planned movie and has a somewhat confusing ending, but worth seeing for all the violence!


Another big suprise pitting me against the majority of critics. I thought it was genuinely funny and showed that Eddie Murphy hasn't lost anything since making kiddie movies!


Falls in the So-Bad-Its-Good genre with horrible acting from otherwise okay actors and cheesy 1980s effects. A movie to watch while laughing drunk if you can ever find it!

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

No, no, no. I thought this film had potential when I heard it was being made with the final title, but this was a sad piece of crap compared to the superior and genuinely funny predecessor.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Very amusing and made me laugh often. Kal Penn is the perfect foil to Cho's up-tight character and watching the two friends inter-act is hysterical! This provided lots of entertainingly blunderous action!

Gang Related
Gang Related(1997)

A good Dirty Cop film. Belushi and Tupac really meshed well together which was both a comedic and dramatic treat to see.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Very well- done and better than I imagined though I imagined it would be pretty damn good! Seemingly realistic if aliens did live among us and another great commentary on our society even without them.

The Butterfly Effect

I'm not an Ashton Kutcher fan at all, but this flick deserves way more credit than people generally give it. The acting is pretty good and has a plot intense enough that kept me watching. Check out the Director's Alternate Ending for true full effect!

Route 9
Route 9(1998)

Eh, this one is okay the first few times and is Wade Williams' first time acting! It has a few Name Brand Actors, but the direction is rather made-for-tv quality which makes sense because it was an HBO Original. But the plot is suspenseful and certainly original which made this movie one to buy at least just to brag that you own it (which I do)!

For a Few Dollars More (Per Qualche Dollaro in Più)

Not as good as the first, but with a new story and same style. Definitely an excellent sequel to bridge it's predecessor.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

My favorite Eastwood western with a solid yet simple story with intelligent dialog and just enough action to keep it interesting.


Not a bad action/mystery. It's creepy and claustrophobic with good death scenes and a twist I didn't see coming.

Ghost Ship
Ghost Ship(2002)

Not really scary. Watch it for the beginning and for the music video-like flashback towards the end.

Four Brothers

This one really impressed me more than I thought it would. It takes a 1970s type of filmmaking for present day with fair acting, a good, simple plot, and enough action that kept my attention throughout the whole movie.

Rambo (Rambo IV)

Maybe the best of all the Rambo movies, but still pretty much the same as the last two sequels. This keeps the old school feel which I like and has more blood. This is a violent man's violently manly movie!

Rambo III
Rambo III(1988)

A little better than the last sequel, but more of the same.

Rambo: First Blood Part II

Hmmm. This is a different direction from the first movie with a way higher body count, but after a while, it just seemed to go on and on. Watch this drunk with nothing to do.

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

A simple story and very satisfying action for a movie that doesn't claim many lives. This was the beginning of a very nice franchise.

The Final Destination

Again, they should've stopped at the first sequel, but they obviously had to try to grab more money from the semi-successful two Final Destinations. This one is the same as the last one, only more sloppy and too quickly put together.

Final Destination 3

The creators probably should've stopped with the last sequel. This one reverts back to a typical, teenage horror movie with unlikeable victims and is unrelated to the first two Final Destinations.

Final Destination 2

Better than the first one and the first one wasn't bad. This one had more varied types of characters and the story evolved from the first one in that more things are found out as to why the "accidents" are occuring. Also, the people and deaths are mentioned from the first movie as well as a couple of characters who come back for this sequel.

Final Destination

A very original idea as well as a scary one when you think about it. The deaths were unique and genuinely realistic as well as frightful.

Empire of the Ants

Unententionally bad, but that's why I loved it. The effects were horrible and I was laughing more than anything through this movie. That it was meant to be taken as a serious horror makes this movie a great comedy!

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd

I can't help it. This one had close goodness to the first one and may not have had the more focused storyline, but this younger version of a prequel worked well for me and hurt when I laughed at it's stupidity. It's a good companion to Dumb and Dumber. If you liked the first one, you'd probably enjoy this one.

Dumb and Dumber

So damn stupid that it's funny which was the point! Actually, the story isn't bad and worth watching. Carey and Daniels mix really well and have many insanely silly parts that I keep laughing about everytime I think of them. I should watch this right now for a good laugh!

Horror of Dracula

The only Hammer Dracula I've seen as of this writing, but I really doubt it will be the last!! This was a good, eerie telling of the Dracula story with that gothic English style that classic Hammer became known for.

The Breakfast Club

A look at varied school kids finding themselves and each other after a weekend of detention. It sounds a little boring, but this pic drew me in with it's excellent development and character interaction.

No Country for Old Men

The more I saw it, the more I liked it. The antaganist is genuinely creepy and makes the movie what it is. A good feel is generated throughout the entire picture and has multiple great performances from the cast.

The Village
The Village(2004)

I thought it was okay and original. It definitely has a good metaphor for religion and as always, the M Knight twist. In all, it could've been better, but isn't a bad waste of time on a boring Sunday if you haven't already seen it.

Ed Gein: The Butcher of Plainfield

Not a very accurate portrayl of the real Ed Gein - not even in physique. Cheaply done though the camera work was okay. Overall forgettable. That's about it.


Seemed like a cheap ghetto attempt at creating a horror icon with a sad plot. Tony Todd is too good for this crap.


More of a story about the stressful relationship between 2 cops with gang life as a backdrop than an actual gangsploitation, but has good several plots all while the main story develops. Also a good period piece of 1980s street gangsterism.

6 Guns
6 Guns(2009)

It's the same old Western revenge flick with under-done acting and a cast who doesn't make the movie feel as though it was set in the Old West save for the semi-decent sets. The murder of our heroine's family and her rape are a little hard to watch and I felt as though the revenge plot fell weak. This would've been better as a torture/revenge, like say the original Last House On The Left or I Spit On Your Grave with a 1880s Western style, but this cheaply done wanna-be loses in the long run.

All of Me
All of Me(1984)

Steve Martin at his early great self and Lily Tomlin at a good time, too! Fairly original movie (especially for it's time) and zany fun. Again, Martin at a younger, funnier stage!


Not an accurate telling of Domino's true life, but this has a good story and the camera work is steller with a big cast of well-knowns who provide great script and acting. Of course, Mickey Rourke plays the character he always plays and Keira Knightly is extremely hot, so I recommend this.

The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

I liked this one almost as much as the 1st one. It brought back most all of the original cast and for a sequel that took 10 years to make, that is impressive! It's a new plot, but stays true to the original and is all around great for anyone who liked the first movie.

The Boondock Saints

Boston, Irishmen, gangsters, vigilantes! This is a well-done action with likeable characters. It has a basic plot and easy to understand.

Baby Doll
Baby Doll(1956)

Wow, this one really stood out there especially for it's time. It's nearly all dialog which is okay because it is all story! Brilliantly done with over-the-top acting at times adds to my liking!

Gangs of New York

A long but interesting look at the Irish strife of 1800s New York that stays realistic enough for a class on early Irish street gangs, but unrealistic enough to maintain a plausable story about revenge and honor.

Run, Angel, Run

Another slowly running one at times, but good for Bikersploitation flick fans with William Smith as the main character. Don't know him? Look him up!


Humorous at times and somewhat realistic look inside the world of tweakers that has very above-average acting.

Keoma (Django's Great Return) (The Violent Breed)

Worth a viewing for the hardcore Spegetti Western fans, but the script might've benefited from some work and the pace should've been faster. This however is a good story and there are some fine shooting scenes!

Da uomo a uomo (Death Rides A Horse) (As Man to Man)

A lesser-known gem that is another classic Spegetti Western about revenge with plenty of shooting and a soundtrack that's almost perfect. It even stood as an example to Tarantino's Kill Bill movies.

Deadly Friend

Complete garbage even for the 1980s with poor scripting and laughable acting. It's another one only good to make fun about.

Planet of the Apes

Not bad for a remake and a movie that is more of it's own story than a genuine remake anyway. There's a good shot at religion and probably could've spawned decent sequels.

Battle For The Planet Of The Apes

Unneccessary 5th installment of the Apes series that should've only contained the first, third, and fourth to make a very nice trilogy, but no...Hollywood just had to beat a dead ape by overdoing it. Yes, there is such a thing as overdoing it!

Conquest Of The Planet Of The Apes

The true "trilogy" should be as follows: Planet, Escape, and this one, Conquest. Though this one I rated the weakest of the 3, I don't even include 2 and 5 because they are so bad. This one is relevant and is a good metaphor for revolution even in our times.

Escape from the Planet of the Apes

Back on track from the previous Beneath The Planet Of The Apes blunder and more on par with the first movie only now it's the apes who are treated badly. The more things change...

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

Probably rushed out too quickly to keep the Apes fresh in our minds. This installment was way off base to me and should've been omitted from the series.

Planet of the Apes

Certainly original for it's time and a gripping classic for today. It still has relevent commentaries of our society which the writer/director very much intends for us to realize.

Boogie Nights

A good attempt at telling John Holmes' story of breaking into porn and his downfall while trying to mask that it was about John Holmes. This movie is definitely a quasi-documentary drama that relies on very solid acting to keep the audience interested. I still don't know why I liked it so much, but I did and do! Solid acting.


Fairly true to the real-life version of John Holmes after porn. The movie has cinemaphotography and an even greater soundtrack...also a little violence here and there (particularly towards the end), but mostly all dialog leading up to that climax we all knew about before the movie even started. I guess you just need to know what you're getting into to enjoy this one.

Made Men
Made Men(1999)

It could've been better, but is really good for what it is which is a fun shoot-em-up on a limited budget. True, it had one or two continuity flaws and questionable acting skills at times, but again, it's a real gem if you like smart-ass Jim Belushi wise cracks while being pursued by corupt cops, hillbilly druggies, and bumbling gangsters.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

So, so beyond just a movie about fighting and writing about the evolution of this movie makes me want to watch it now to witness the superior narative storytelling, the fantastic chemistry between the 3 main stars, the great twist, and the ideas that the writer wanted us to all understand at the end. In all, this is the story about a conformist trying to become an anarchist with a little help.

Hide and Seek

Memorable for a De Niro suspense? More forgettable than that and down right disappointing. No, I didn't actually see the end coming, but it's been done several times before and De Niro is too good for this flawed flick.


It was good for what it's worth. Lithgow has never played a character like this that I know about which makes it worth a peak, but otherwise, it's fairly predictable.


I thought this was a well-done Action for the 1990s almost rooted in Western style that pitted 2 rural White firemen against urban Black thugs and didn't really take away from either set. It provided sort of a culture shock for the firemen with okay acting, a fairly original plot, and lots of gunplay.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

It was okay. The plots were largely taken from past episodes and had a few original laughs worthy of watching, but overall this is an extra long South Park episode.

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

Denzel as a bad cop - yes! This has an acceptable amount of violence and great dialog mostly all provided by Denzel. The ending was a bit weaker than expected, but still a decent movie that had me paying constant attention.

The Scorpion King

The Rock cannot act and the story is just another big-budget Hollywood flop that isn't worth your time.

The Mummy
The Mummy(1999)

Plenty of action with a little too many Hollywood wise-cracks and not probably exactly what you think it will end up being as a Mummy movie.


I remember liking this movie when I saw it once when I was around 8 years old and now realize that it was probably a good way to waste an afternoon. Looking back, I think it was corny and childish.

Midnight Run
Midnight Run(1988)

A good action comedy I could watch on repeat where De Niro and Grodin have hysterically good chemistry. De Niro is an exaggeration of himself and it's hilarious.

The Deer Hunter

A little too long, but good acting makes up for the length. I honestly gave this a higher rating than my personal taste because so many Vietnam vets have told me this is the closest movie to how things really were.

Race with the Devil

The suspense and violence are great, but the movie runs so slowly and needed to hurry along. It provided okay acting from Warren Oates and Peter Fonda with a good ending, but I couldn't get over how long it took between one action scene to the next with all the boring dialog at times.

Demons 2: The Nightmare Returns

Worse than it's predecessor, it's plot was even more lame and unrelated to the first Demons movie. Only watchable for the gore and unintentional humorous parts.

Young Guns II

I wasn't a huge fan of the bookends, but the overall story was a decent companion to the original though obviously done by a different director over-trying to make this one better than the first one and coming slightly short. At least the survivors are brought back from the last movie and some new personalities are introduced as well. It's worthy of watching if you enjoyed the original Young Guns.

Young Guns
Young Guns(1988)

Not how things really happened if you know anything about Billy the Kid, but the movie relied on emotion, gun battles, and slight humor that worked fine for me. The main characters' personalities varied which made them their own and I felt were likeable. This pic had a solid plot with a satisfying ending.

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Not quite as good as the original (if we can even call the original good), but this one as a sequel did evolve into something new and definitely had some memorable parts. It thankfully has a few characters from the original which tied it together somewhat and there were more victims and blood. It has a new director and campier direction, though is still an obviously related sequel.


I rated it high only because it's so laughably entertaining with way beyond bad acting, very cheap props/effects, and a horribly written script. But this was a kind of original idea when it was made and I know they had a very limited budget. It stayed interesting, had a twist ending, and is fun to ridicule all the bad acting. Did I mention how bad the acting was?


I liked this a lot. It has over-the-top characters (Billy Bob Thorton was amazing) and an ever-growing plot that is every bit original that included witty dialog between characters. I really felt sorry for all the bad things that happened to Sean Penn's character while stuck in this surreal hick town and he really played the tragedy up great.

Cabin Fever
Cabin Fever(2002)

Paranoia about diseases is always a little scary. The location and locals make it even worse (or better). It was supposed to be cheesey and I get what direction Eli Roth was going for and believe he achieved it. I'd see it a few more times before I got tired of it.

Hot Tub Time Machine

It's hard to please me with Comedies and I didn't think this one would as much as it ended up doing. I was laughing loudly in the theater, but it didn't matter because so was everyone else. It was way better than I thought it'd be and I highly recommend seeing this!

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

I looked forward to it and was disappointed. The Punisher of the late 1980s was better and that says a lot since it wasn't too good either.

The Punisher
The Punisher(1989)

Bad but still better than the newer Punisher movies that came out in the 2000s which is a sad commentary on how lazy Hollywood writers have become.


Fairly good movie with believeable acting which had both sympathetic heros and dispicable villains. It has a good balance between dramatic dialog and gun fighting with all around interesting characters. The sets, styles, and wardrobe also stayed more faithful to the 1880s than many Westerns.

Edge of Sanity

Anthony Perkins fell a long way from Psycho and this movie seems like a student project gone bad. It was poorly constructed and not nearly as creepy as the writers meant for it to be. This was a complete flop and is why you never heard of it!

Nightmare at Noon

Pretty bad. I remember sort of liking it when it came out, but I was 12 and didn't know better. It was made to be taken seriously, yet has a child-like plot and a hokey show-down at the end. Buy this crap for a dollar to have around when friends want to make fun of a bad, bad movie.

Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Great for anyone who appreciated the crassness of the TV show, but had a rather weak ending considering how lude the rest of it was.

Psycho III
Psycho III(1986)

Not a bad second sequel and pretty eerie like the first two at times, but also seems like they're running out of ideas by now. A high point is that they again make references to the first two movies which keeps this sequel true to form.

Psycho II
Psycho II(1983)

Almost as good as the first one and definitely a great follow-up for being 23 years later. It brought back Anthony Perkins as Norman and made references to the original which was very significant. This sequel had a more eerie feel to it and is for sure a must see for fans of the original.


Very intentionally suspenseful with stress, anxiety, and suprises. This film is timeless. Alfred Hitchock's greatest!


Very realistic in government operations with Walberg as an empathetically likeable hero, but often overly dramatic and slow paced.

Boyz n the Hood

A fairly realistic look into Los Angeles' south central hoods in the late 1980s and early 1990s with an okay story that builds-up through the chapters. Not completely "gangsta", but the element is definitely there and a big part of the movie.

The Marine
The Marine(2006)

John Cena can't act and this is just a cheap pop at patriotism. Action is okay, but mostly entertaining for pre-teens.


I personally know a lot of the people in this film including the director, but stil think it was a boring experiment that was overly simple and went nowhere. I'm glad Link has evolved!

Truck Turner
Truck Turner(1974)

Very cool with an acceptable amount of action along with some humorous dialog! Fairly strong plot and Isaac Hayes is very comfortable in his role.

Menace II Society

Not much of a plot and more of a day-to-day documentary told in first-person with a kiddie moral at the end.


One of the top 10 mobster movies I've seen. I enjoyed the first-person telling, the organized timeframes, the matter-of-fact violence, and the superb acting from everyone in it! This seemed long after a while, but I stayed mesmorized every minute!


Like most everyone I know, I saw the 1983 remake first, but I was thoroughly impressed with this original once I finally saw it. The remake actually stays fairly true to this one and for being made in the early 1930s, this one is still tough for today's audiences!


A masterpiece telling of a low-life criminal who makes it really big just to get caught up and wreck everything. Lots of violence and bad language that I actually thought made it more intense and realistic. One of my favorites.

Resident Evil

A nice, original zombie flick that gives a decent explanation for why the dead have come back to life, but certainly made for big fans of the game which I never really got into. This plays a lot for early teens, etc...

Creepshow 3
Creepshow 3(2006)

Trash that made the second sorry Creepshow look great! I wouldn't use this DVD as a beer coster if it was given to me for free.


Very eerie and just right for you A.D.D. variety with it's 5 very unique stories that were all indeed memorably creepy!

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III

This ended up as more of a re-do and not at all a bad one. It's nasty and was filmed in California instead of Texas, but still feels like some Texas ghost town with some interesting new Chainsaw family members!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Probably the best horror movie ever made. Realistic and nasty even without much gore at all.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

This one is also good and feels more like the late 60s as intended. Kudos to getting the same actors and locations for reprises. It also tightly stayed true as a firm prequel.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I don't care what other fans say. I've met most of the original cast multiple times and I still think this was an extremely well-done remake and I usually hate remakes. This had great detail and a good re-imagined plot that still stayed true enough to the original. The only reason I didn't give it a 100% is due to the slaughterhouse scene towards the end.


Not bad for unrealistic action - plenty of it in fact and Vin Diesel is tough, but a little too surreal. Still better than it's sequel.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown(1997)

Not bad, save for length. Not a lot of action, but if you follow the story and are a fan of 70s homage filmmaking, you'll probably like this light Blaxploitation. I mean, how can you not want to see a movie where Samuel L Jackson, Robert De Niro, and the legendary Pam Grier interact?!!? Pam still looks great, by the way!


Very pleasantly suprised about Shrek! I genuinely stayed interested. In fact, all the Shrek movies were very good.


I'm not usually into kids flicks, but was somewhat amused by this film. It had a decent plot and good voice acting.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

I guess I'm not a fantasy fan like the girlfriend is, but this movie was about people walking around. I thought it was boring.

The New Kids
The New Kids(1985)

One of the "so bad that it's good" movies. Yeah, it's pretty terrible, but good to make fun of on one of those nights where there's nothing to do.

Easy Rider
Easy Rider(1969)

I wasn't a fan of this overrated pic. The plot gave it potential, but it just seemed like a documentary about pals riding bikes. The acid trip was way too long as if they were just trying to waste film.

The Killer
The Killer(1989)

Of all the hype I heard about this flick, I was a bit disappointed. But I only saw it once whereas I sometimes need to see a movie repeatedly before coming to a real conclusion. The action was good, but the plot was somewhat unoriginal.

Reservoir Dogs

If you enjoy crime/mystery type of movie, then this one is good. I thought it was a bit too talkative, but at least it was very good dialog and the characters inter-acted well with one another. The more I watched it, the more I really liked it.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

This had me laughing nearly the entire time. I was a fan of Borat on the Ali G Show and was excited to see a movie come out. This is often vulgar, tasteless, and offensive just as it was intended and just how I love it!

The Jerk
The Jerk(1979)

Classic Steve Martin humor that lasts throughout the entire film. Intentionally ridiculous at times and it works. Very funny!

Poltergeist III

Even Tom Skerritt couldn't save this sloppy, poorly done threequel.

Poltergeist II: The Other Side

Pales in comparison to the first one, but watchable mainly for Julian Beck's portrayl of the spooky Reverend Kane.


Genuinely frightening and well-played by the cast. One of the better ghost movies ever created.

The Evil Dead

I saw this on the USA Network when I was left at home at age 9 while my parents were playing softball. It scared the hell out of me although now I see it as somewhat silly with parts that are completely ridiculous, but that doesn't matter. This movie was scary and often unsuccessfully imitated.

Smokey and the Bandit Part 3

The only reason to watch this is for Jackie Gleason still being great as Sheriff Buford T. Justice. Jerry Reed took over as The Bandit whereas he should've just stuck to singing.

Smokey and the Bandit

The classic original is the best of 3 and has memorable crashes and one-liners. Never a dull moment.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I'm usually a Tarantino fan, but like I heard someone else say "this movie is more of a long tampon commercial". Most of the film is of bar patrons talking and then a small amount of car chase action. This could've been good, but too much boring talk killed any interest I might've had in the first 30 minutes.

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

I "get it" and so did Robert Rodriguez! This is a throw-back that pays homage to the sleazy drive-in and grindhouse films of the 1960-70s. Overdone excitement and gore makes this the fun flick it intended to be!

H2: Halloween II

Right when I started bragging about Rob Zombie's director skills, he comes up with this disgrace. He would have ruined the entire Halloween franchise if the original series wasn't so good!


Not usually a fan of remakes, but this one was okay and Rob Zombie put his twist to it which I thought made it a good horror remake.

Land of the Dead

I guess I'm not a fan of intelligent zombies though I realize Romero thought change needed to happen in his movies. I understand the social commentary and liked it a lot, but it just seemed more like a Made-For-TV movie this time around.

Dawn of the Dead

Not related to any Romero Z-movies or even in his universe. The only thing this one shares is the name and that much action happens inside a mall. Otherwise, it's a zombie flick all it's own and more realistic than most others. Nearly non-stop action, okay gore, and above average acting.

Dawn of the Dead

Very good follow-up to Night of the Living Dead a decade later. Being a bit drawn out doesn't stop the thrills and horror. The cast worked brilliantly together and provided a realistic reaction to a zombie epidemic. Lots of gruesome blood scenes only adds to the fun of watching this zombie classic!

Night of the Living Dead

Great social commentary using zombies for it's time and still very relevant today. Good story and interaction between survivors and a fitting ending.

Maximum Overdrive

Crappy and badly acted even for Emilio Estevez, but original story with a high body count! I have this movie memorized for drunk friends looking for cheesey B-movie nights.

Ninja Assassin

Mostly disappointing with lots of fakey, CG blood. The unrelated Shogun Assasin from 1980 was better...

Death Sentence

I actually enjoyed this remake of Death Wish. Kevin Bacon was great and had a decent supporting cast. I saw it in the theater and have rented it for others to see...satisfying enough to purchase.

Death Wish 3
Death Wish 3(1985)

A cheap reason to sadly attempt to cash-in on the original (and maybe sequel of) Death Wish.

Death Wish II

I still liked this better than most of my friends did. It has a little more action and follows-up the 1st movie fairly strictly. This is probably the only Death Wish sequel worth seeing though...


THE best Spagetti Western I've ever seen! Good pace, nice acting, and superior storyline. This is what you should gage when rating Spegetti Westerns. See it and buy it whenever you can find it!


Good dialog, but kinda strange and it seemed like direction was lost towards the end. Semi-watchable just once...maybe twice for Belushi.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

Beautiful story about love and revenge. Good action, decent acting, and the sweetest ending I've probably ever seen.

Beverly Hills Cop III

Eddie really tries in this one, but the direction is off and the story is weak.

Beverly Hills Cop II

Not as good as the first one, but a good companion and follow-up.

Beverly Hills Cop

Very funny with a solid storyline. One of Eddie Murphy's earliest greats!

The Hills Have Eyes 2

This was a forgettable pile of crap. I think I'd rather watch the horrible original's sequel which was nothing like this.

The Hills Have Eyes, Part 2

Even worse than the original and a cheap shot at cashing in.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

Not memorable even for a boring movie night rental. The original (like most) was far better.

Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

The best of and also the best way to end the original trilogy. It has great action sequences and beautifully sums up the story. Masterful.

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

A terrific sequel with slightly less action, but greatly enhanced plot and story follows. Awesome!

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Somewhat better than the childish first of the "new trilogy" but still should've never been made.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

A timeless classic and good metaphor about fighting tyranny. I still get chills at the opening credits!

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

The only one of the "new trilogy" I thought was semi-bareable.

The Return of the Living Dead

Well-done campy B-flick of the 80s. A new direction for zombies and enjoyable to watch. Anyone who doesn't like this punk-rock take on the living dead (as well as punk-rock characters) just doesn't "get it".

The Driller Killer

Crap...even for a laughable 70s slasher flick.


Not completely realistic, but very entertaining and full of action for the A.D.D. crowd!


I heard all the hype about how good this flick was and when I finally saw it, I thought it was even better than what I was hearing!


The action was okay, but the movie is an overall disappointment. Play the game instead...

The Matrix
The Matrix(1999)

Overrated for the wrong reasons...one of the best metaphors against fascism I've ever watched.

The Wild Bunch

The action makes up for any slow moments. The acting and dialog is very well-done as well.