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Man of Steel

Man of Steel(2013)

For 75 years Superman has always been the iconic and definitive figure when associated with the world of superheroes and comic books. Always inspiring through hope rather than fear making him accessible to a large audience. When it come to films adaptations it's entirely a different story as it seems Superman hasn't been able to adapt with the time. As a result Batman has currently the prominent figure of DC for the time being resulting in a reimagining of the iconic hero. Man of Steel does deliver blockbuster entertainment without the heart of previous incarnations of the character.

Man of Steel is about a young itinerant worker who is forced to confront his secret extraterrestrial heritage when Earth is invaded by members of his race. The plot main issue is the very rushed pacing. Certain themes are brought up, but go underdeveloped just like the shortage of character development. Its plot is mainly focus on Clark Kent struggle to find his place in the universe. His physiology is deeply explored from the reason he wears his costume, learning to control his powers on Earth, and always bearing the powers that remind him he's an alien. Zod (the villain) backstory is something that puts a different perspective on the usual battle turning out to be a rather tragic villain. These elements of the plot make up a majority of the film which makes it plot good. As for the narrative it would have been benefited if told in chronological order. The flashbacks distract from the current issue of the film, but not entirely negative since they serve a purpose of showing Kent's demon. There's one particular scene that leaves a huge impact on Clark Kent that could have opened the possibility that he didn't save a life then if he's ready now, but is ignored. As for humor its present, but not from Superman himself who is always dead serious. The potential of Man of Steel story aspiring to greater things is clearly visible though never reached. It makes some changes for the worst on the iconic character, but enough good ones to make him relatable and connect with.

Henry Cavill performance as Superman is solid. He fits the persona of Clark Kent and a super-powered being without leaning towards the other too much. His Superman will be the most debatable since he causes just as much collateral damage to Earth as the villains. Amy Adams is solid as Lois Lane, but lacks chemistry with Cavill. Michel Shannon is suitably creepy and imposing as Zod, but Antje Traue's merciless Faora is the real surprise amongst the villains. The other supporting actors are pushed away until needed or in some case not given much to work with. While we all love John Williams' classic score from the old movies, Hans Zimmer's score is atmospheric, enchanting and catchy in its own very modern and compelling way. Certainly making scenes much better than they actually are. The overabundant action scenes are spectacular. They are huge both in scope and carnage with so many explosions it you will wonder if it was directed by Michael Bay. The downside is that after them so often they lose they special value since a proper atmosphere is not setup or buildup for the next set piece.

Man of Steel does soar, but never into greatness. The rush pace makes the plot absent of any emotional resonate it could have had and Synder heart was not strong in his storytelling as with his action scenes. Where it does soar is the exploration of Superman and what he should be for the greater good for humanity.