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No Country for Old Men

No Country for Old Men(2007)

To start off I think Joel and Ethan Coen are two of the greatest filmmakers of all time. They bring a very unique style of filmmaking, and a wide range of different kinds of films to the film world, and every single film I have seen of theirs I felt like had something about it that I had never seen before. Their movies are all pretty weird in their own ways, but that is what makes them unique. Their quirky style of movie making has produced many cult classics like "Big Lebowski." Their films are not for everybody, because they don't appeal to a mainstream audience.

The Coen Brothers are guys that grow on you. The more you watch their films the better they get, because they are a bit of an acquired taste. At the same time however most of the really talented filmmakers are an acquired taste. The more talented you get in a certain art, the more artsy your viewers are going to have to be so they can appreciate your work. I have found that the more I have gotten into the art of movies the more I have grown to appreciate the artsy filmmakers like Joel and Ethan Coen. That is why they are an acquired taste. You have to go deep into movies, and develop an appreciation for them to like certain things.

This film is an acquired taste, and even though I think it is a really good one I am surprised that it won best picture. I feel like if it had been nominated in another year it would most likely not have one. It seams like an odd film win best picture when you think about it. It is an odd film overall, but when I first saw it I was surprised that it one best picture. This is a film that I would expect to get nominated for certain things, but not win best picture. I don't think there has ever been a film to win best picture that was anything like this, and that is why I am surprised it won that year. Don't get me wrong I think that it is a great movie, but I find it to be an interesting choice to win best picture.

This is a very weird, but interesting crime drama adapted from Cormac McCarthy's novel of the same name. It is about a murderer named Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) who escapes from jail by killing the deputy with his handcuffs. Llewelyn Moss (Josh Brolin) comes across the aftermath of a Mexican drug deal gone wrong while he is hunting out in the dessert. There is a bag with 2 million dollars in it, which Moss takes, and Chigurh goes after him to get the money. That is a short explanation of the story.

I really liked this movie. I found that it got better the 2nd time too. I am reading the book now, and I will add more about the book after I am done reading it.