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Happy Feet Two
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Here's the lowdown:
If you liked the original Happy Feet movie, you'll probably love this one just as much. If you're expecting a movie like SAW or Transformers, then why are you even going to see this? It's a FAMILY movie, not an action movie.

I'm probably in the minority here on Rotten Tomatoes as it seems most commenters here are totally against a clean, feel good, happy movie - but so be it.

Eric (perfectly voiced by Ava Acres), the star of the movie, is Mumble and Gloria's kid and he is really really cute. Just like Mumble, Eric doesn't seem to fit in, and after embarrassing himself, runs away - that's basically how the movie starts.

The movie switches back and forth between two inter-mingling story lines - Eric and the plight of his village, and 2 new characters, some krill named Bill and Will, who head off on their own; away from the krill swarm. All of these scenes are pretty hilarious.

Sure the movie's plot may not be perfect, but all the elements I wanted to see carried over from the first movie are still here. The fantastic soundtrack (I do wish there were more songs though), the 'help others out' theme, it just works.

If you've got any heart at all, I really recommend you go check it out.