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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies(2013)

Mixed feelings about this, but as the first zom rom-com, it's pretty charming and occasionally witty. The actors are all likable and the love story works, believe it or not. If you start thinking about it in hard-core zombie apocalypse terms, things start to fall apart (Why is there power? Why do cars still work? Why does smearing a little blood on your cheek make a human invisible to zombies? Why would eating brains give you someone's memories? And what the F is this "cure" about?). The Bonies look like CG rejects from some Mummy movie that was never made, and the makeup on all the zombies is amateurish at best. Were "The Walking Dead" people busy? It really is the first movie I've ever seen that tries to do something radically different with zombies besides making them mindless monsters, so I'll give it that. In the end, I liked it and thought it was cute in a zombie-light way, but I wish they had stepped up the makeup and effects a few notches.