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Seasons 1-3 are brilliant, Seasons 4 and 5 are some of the finest television I've ever watched, second only to The Sopranos in my book.

Monsters University

Very entertaining, I would've preferred a sequel but it's still fun for the whole family.

Zero Dark Thirty

Bigelow knocks it out of the park with a film so tense I'm still reeling from the incredible final sequence.

Django Unchained

One of Tarantino's best. Very unafraid to go to dark places and highlight the hypocrisy and disgusting nature of racism. Christoph Waltz and Leonardo DiCaprio make up a cracking supporting cast who fill this film with personality. Jamie Foxx's Django is a no nonsense yet entertaining character with plenty of warmth and a sly wit.

This film isn't an easy watch but if you're familiar with Tarantino's work then you already know that this film will contain strong violence and coarse language from the get-go, but it seems so in place here. This was a much darker period in America's history and very much the world's, not to be taken lightly but also not to be missed, definitely a return to form for one of cinema's most treasured modern maestros.


Definitely one of the best heist films of them all, the dramatic robbery and subsequent shoot-out towards the end is one of the best action sequences ever put to film, always good on a Saturday afternoon.

Do the Right Thing

Spike Lee's unique look at racial tension and the consequences of actions is still very relevant today, the cracking ensemble cast make this all the more entertaining with some highly memorable characters and a structure that makes this the seminal work of Spike Lee's career.

Shaun of the Dead

It's easy to see the boys trying to shake off their cult hit TV show 'Spaced' and it makes it all the better, the quirks of each character and their reactions to the zombie-filled environment they find themselves in makes for some brilliant comedy. Filled with an equal amount of splatter and laughs, this is the defining horror comedy of the decade.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Easily the best action comedy of them all, the shoot-out at the end echoes the work of John Woo but ingeniously scaled down to a small village in the English countryside. This is a must-see, hilarious, violent and brilliant.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

This is definitely what the Star Trek formula needed, less dialogue heavy discussion and more exploration and action, but still maintaining wit and intelligent characters who are still willing to discuss a given situation. Abrams took a step in the right direction with this and followed it up with a very strong sequel.

There Will Be Blood

TWBB is a film that always feels like it's about to amount to something fantastic, that the scene is just about to hit a brilliant peak before abruptly cutting to the next one. Despite a hugely strong opening half hour and a flawless performance from Day-Lewis I can't really see this as anything more than a straight forward morality tale about greed.

Monsters, Inc.

Pixar have an ability to create visually stunning and very warm gems. 'Monsters, Inc.' is no exception. Always a film I'm willing to sit down and watch with my family, this is still very funny and very heart warming and, like all Pixar films, it's aged very well.

The Godfather

It's easy to see why so many consider this to be the greatest film of all-time. Almost every aspect of film is perfected in this work, the acting is outstanding, the storytelling is unparalleled, the cinematography is dazzling and for a 2 and a half hour film it's paced brilliantly. There aren't many films I've seen as good as this, in fact the only film I think is better is Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Eyes Wide Shut

Unfortunately, even the best of the best can have an off-day. Kubrick seemed to have a lack of sense when he made this film, a very disjointed jumble of various ideas and themes in a film that is far too long and paced...interestingly. Cruise's awkward delivery of his lines makes various scenes drag out and become boring. I don't particularly find this film very entertaining, interesting or even that likeable, Kubrick really missed the mark with his swan song effort but his catalogue contains more than enough masterpieces to make up for it.

Blazing Saddles

More than just a comedy, an excellent spoof of the classic Western genre, acknowledging the racism that they refuse to and very, very funny.


One of my favourite comedies and most quoted, I'll never get bored of this film, so funny it hurts.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Quite simply the funniest film ever made. I never cease to laugh whenever I watch this and it's ripe for quoting on a regular basis, if you haven't seen this then you need to stop what you're doing right now and watch it.


Incredibly funny, Harrellson creates an absolute sleazeball who is juxtaposed by Qauid's unrelenting likeability, not sophisticated, not particularly clever, but my God it's damn funny.

Northern Soul

As an avid WWE fan and a Northerner I really clicked with the humour in this when I stumbled across it on the extras on the DVD of 'Dead Man's Shoes'. A charming little watch with an irritating but likeable protagonist, this is a fun little expression of unachievable dreams and the mundanity of living in a suburb in the North of England. This is definitely an acquired taste though, I'm not guaranteeing anything in the way of laughs.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

This film's highly enjoyable and unlike anything I've ever seen. Such a unique execution of a very familiar premise. The cast are excellent, from Farrell's low, depressed, not-cut-out-to-be-a-hitman Ray all the way to Fiennes' sadistic yet hilarious crime boss Harry.

The film did feel a little rushed towards the third act but aside from that it's pretty hilarious, dark, sad and violent, kind of like a more grown up yet somehow more immature 'Hot Fuzz'.


Moon's downright thrilling, Sam Rockwell's scary ability to pull off such a layered performance is a thing of beauty. The film deals so well with isolation and plays a lot on our expectations of sci-fi clichés by going against the norm. My only grief with this film is the ending which felt rather phoned-in and to deviating from the tone of the film. Aside from that though it truly is fantastic.


I found this to be highly enjoyable and less brainless than a lot of Bruce's more recent contributions to cinema, a good concept and some high quality production values. Don't let the reviews fool you, there is a good film here.

Quantum of Solace

A very bland film, you can't just give us the mastery of Casino Royale and then present us with a rushes, poorly written cash-in film that was so forgettable that I can't actually recall anything significant from it. James Bond has its own identity, it should NEVER become a dull action film that has no outstanding merits. This certainly is the runt of Daniel Craig's so far trilogy of Bond films and has already faded into obscurity. Years down the line I can see this being remembered as one of the less good Bond films.

Casino Royale

The Bourne Identity clearly gave Bond a real kick up the backside as they quickly realized that Bond was losing his relevance. Bring in Martin Campbell and give the reigns of one of cinema's most iconic characters to Daniel Craig and you get 'Casino Royale', a gritty and dark outing for Bond and a huge return to form. It's just such a shame that it was ruined by a vastly inferior sequel.


Such a refreshing film in the wake of the unbelievably dull 'Quantum Of Solace', Bond is developed loads more as a character and so is M. I really don't have anything bad to say about this film, in my opinion it's the best Bond film so far.


My favourite film of 2012, a real triumph in storytelling and originality. This is not to be missed.

Full Metal Jacket

A film that I find very hard to fault and that I feel is the best war film of them all. Kubrick proved that he could tackle action in a film that deserves far more reading into that it gets, from its hyperbole of how young the soldiers in Vietnam were to its on the fence attitude towards war on the whole, this is something very special.

The Hurt Locker

The best film of the 2000s in my opinion, it's portrait of man's needless addiction and dependence on war is Bigelow's spotlight feature. This film gives tension a new name and meaning, I was never not thrilled by what was going on, easily one of the finest war films of all-time.

Burn After Reading

Plenty if laughs to be had and a plot that takes chain of circumstance to a whole new level, this echoes early existentialist themes blended with the violent absurdity that only The Coens can deliver. Very funny and definitely worth your time.

The Big Lebowski

I love this film dearly, I could quote it all day and it's full of endless laughs to be had. One of my all-time favourite comedies, this is the Coen Brothers proving that they are the most consistently brilliant filmmakers working today.

American Beauty

I never felt that this was quite as amazing as its accolades let on, whilst Spacey and Benning are outstanding this film doesn't really seem to be sure what themes it's addressing. It feels like a heavy drama version of 'All In the Family' but I see it as a satire that is hilarious in places, recommended, but I won't heap it with praise.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

Appealing to wrestling fans and non-wrestling fans alike, this film breaks the taboo that wrestling is 100% "fake" and addresses the problems that professional wrestlers face after their heyday. Rourke gives the performance of a lifetime that must be seen to be believed.

This film really highlights the old saying, "In wrestling, it's not how much you make, it's how much you save".


One of the best British films ever, choose life, choose a career, choose 'Trainspotting'.

28 Weeks Later...

I actually found this scarier than the first film, especially one particular scene in an old abandoned farm house. Carlisle isn't as appealing as Murphy was but he does a fine job. My only real problem with this film was that it felt too Americanized, it's possible to address an international crisis and still retain your cultural identity, this film seems to forget that.

28 Days Later

One of Danny Boyle's best films, a brilliantly crafted horror that's gorgeously shot, intense, terrifying and boasts a superb performance from Cillian Murphy. A modern classic.

Children of Men

Some of the best cinematography and direction that I've ever seen, 'Children Of Men' is a scary warning of where we're headed as a species and is never hopeful, much like a dystopian future would be.

Dr. Strangelove Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Cold War satire and comedy classic, this film is nothing short of sheer excellence. A must-have in the collection of all serious film lovers and further proof that Kubrick is one of the all-time greats.

The Seventh Seal (Det Sjunde inseglet)

A film that's so inspiring, beautiful, admirable, innovative and disturbing that it's startling to behold. The re-watchability of this film is commendable, you're bound to read the plot differently every time you watch it, this is one for the ages, a seminal piece of ground breaking cinema that should be witnessed by all.

Rise of the Guardians

A very strongly made family adventure that really captures the essence of what being a kid is all about as well as spreading a really positive message for young children. Terrific voice acting and some very charming moments, this is definitely one of the better DreamWorks animations out there.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Took everything I feel the first film did right and squandered it, the humour wasn't remotely clever or well executed. This is an unnecessary sequel and really doesn't need to exist.

Cheaper by the Dozen

I like this film when I'm watching it with the family, it raises real belly laughs and is easy to watch, the characters are likeable and I didn't feel like I was having my intelligence insulted, watch it with your kids, their happiness will make you happy.

Mr. Popper's Penguins

I thought this was fun for the whole family and Jim Carrey gave an endearing performance. Not a brilliant film but not a bad one either, me and my family were entertained by it's simple and charming approach.

The Last Airbender

I actually kind of enjoyed this for a reason I'm yet to determine, it's not exactly Hitchcock but I think it's gotten an unfair response.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Easily one of the best films ever made, this is Scorsese's magnum opus, his seminal work that will be studied and analysed years from now. I still think that this is underappreciated despite its contemporary acclaim. De Niro is terrifying as he creates a character with stern and yet contradictory values, Travis is a fantastic portrait of the hypocrisy of the government and society.

Jodie Foster's pre-teen prostitute Iris gives us a character to latch onto and root for, whilst Travis stands opposite, a man who we are forced to constantly question our stance on, is he doing the right thing or is he just a selfish psychopath? With an ending that is so complex and ingenious and one of the single greatest characters in cinematic history, you're doing yourself a disservice if you haven't watched this staggeringly incredible piece yet.

The Wave
The Wave(2011)

A film that kept me engaged with its plot, ideals and characters throughout as well as giving me a real shock with its punchy ending. Shooting entirely on 35MM gives the film a more authentic aesthetic and makes it feel like a well-produced propaganda film, which is precisely the point of the narrative. Definitely a very strong modern-day contribution to world cinema and definitely worth your time.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Tipped by one critic as "The Brazilian 'Goodfellas'", this is a crime film that I think is better and more sophisticated than Marty's gangster biopic. This film is so rich in content and paints such an honest picture of the Favelas of Rio that it warrants multiple watches. This film is definitely an experience and is one of the best films I've ever seen, believe the hype, it's damn good.

The Godfather, Part II

A film that I don't quite understand the hype behind. Not only do I feel that the first Godfather film is better, I think that it's superior in every way. Having read the book, I feel that Vito's journey to becoming The Godfather should have been the sole focus of this film as the only scenes that really drew me in and kept me interested were Robert De Niro's masterful strides as a younger, less weary Don Vito Corleone.

I wasn't interested in Michael's story in this film and felt that Pacino wasn't able to carry it with the same fraught excellence with which Brando did in its predecessor. I didn't feel like the pacing was as good, either, despite being the same length as the first film I was very disengaged with the plot and bored for two thirds of the film, this wasn't the case with the first Godfather.

Not a bad film by any stretch, but not the masterpiece it's hailed as, I was thoroughly disappointed as the first film set the bar so high, I'd take Goodfellas over this every day of the week.


Scorsese has a knack for making masterpieces and his streak was continued with the defining film of the 90s. Whilst not as sophisticated as The Godfather, it doesn't try to be. It's a more gritty portrayal of the Mafia and makes liberal use of bad language, violence and drugs to remind us of that.

This mobster drama has such an intriguing cast of characters and a story that's easy but fun to follow. Ray Liotta manages to create a character that we are simultaneously rooting for and against. Joe Pesci demonstrates his dramatic ability at its full potential with a performance that won him his first and only Academy Award. Bobby D does what he does best, gives us a character and just inserts him into the world and let's fate take its course.

This is definitely a film to see before you die and is something I'll never fail to recommend, whilst not as good as The Godfather, it certainly comes damn close and, in my opinion, exceeds Godfather Part II.

The Usual Suspects

A film that I will never get bored of. Sporting a top-notch screenplay, brilliant direction and a mesmerizing performance from Mr Spacey, 'The Usual Suspects' makes use of a multi-layered plot, action, twists and turns and one of the strongest endings of all-time to deliver a cult favourite that will always be fondly remembered as a masterpiece of mystery.

My Little Eye

This is a good film in its own right, one that plays around with the "Big Brother" concept and tells a very good story with a strong cast and a well-paced plot. The problem with this though is that it's a horror film that isn't scary, it probably could have benefitted from being promoted as a satirical thriller because I was never once scared whilst watching, which was a disappointment. The ending was OK but it could have been better, it didn't really feel like an ending at all, more of an invitation for the film to continue with it's new twist.

I do recommend this film as it is enjoyable, but if you want something similar that I would say is a lot better then watch 'Cabin In the Woods', a film that goes full throttle with its satire and tongue-in-cheek campiness, whilst not scary either, it was promoted more as a sci-fi/horror/satire parody and thus delivers its message more clearly.

Also, see if you can spot a small supporting role from a young Bradley Cooper in this flick, the man who, 10 years later, would get an Oscar nomination.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Simply put, this is the greatest film of all-time, I have never seen anything like it or anything better. This is a film that addresses a vast scope of themes and makes one question their own humanity, are we going too far with technology? Are we too curious about our origins? This film is a spectacle to behold and cements Kubrick's legacy as the best filmmaker to ever grace this Earth, one for the ages and too hard to summarise in a mere few paragraphs. All I can say is, just watch it.


A true modern-day cowboy film. Gosling's contemporary interpretation of "The Man With No Name" character, forever immortalized by Clint Eastwood in the 'Dollars' trilogy, is a superb one. Every action he takes is deliberate and meaningful. This film has a stand-out supporting cast as well, featuring the likes of Ron Perlman and Bryan Cranston of Hellboy and Breaking Bad fame, respectively. The soundtrack is the tour de force of this film with its distinct classic 80s techno jive, the whole thing feels like a cross between Miami Vice and a 70s exploitation film, which is far from a bad thing.

Highly recommended but not for the squeamish, this film has unrelenting and highly detailed violence so it definitely isn't for everyone.


This film isn't horrible, it can actually be somewhat entertaining at times. This doesn't excuse its many flaws though, it's around half an hour too long and could have ended much earlier, the acting was pretty poor with the exception of Taylor Lautner who was clearly trying to do his best with the material he'd been given, there's some interesting direction here and some nice cinematography but it will have to take a lot more than a few bells and whistles to convince me that the sequels are worth my time. I watched this film only once and have refused to watch all that followed it.

American History X

A film that deals with racism on its own grounds and is coupled with a wicked performance from Norton, this is a modern classic and gets no less harder to watch no matter how many times you sit through it.

Dead Man's Shoes

A fantastic take on a very simple concept. Considine gives a captivating performance and creates a character who is totally dubious and unrelenting. Highly recommended to fans of revenge thrillers and British cinema in general.

Star Trek Into Darkness

A breath taking sci-fi adventure, spectacular special effects and great action. Benedict Cumberbatch also needs a mention, he is absolutely captivating as John Harrison, an Oscar worthy performance, I was blown away by his cold and calculating methods, bravo.

No Country for Old Men

A scary drama that sees the birth of one of the greatest film villains of all-time, this will stick with me forever as a film where The Coen Brothers were more on form than they ever will be again.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

One of the most gorgeous films ever created, the simple plot is driven by some of the most breathtakingly stunning animation ever seen, if you haven't seen it yet, do yourself a favour and do.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Arguably the greatest sequel ever made, this film has so much going for it technically that it's still impressive to look at by today's standards. James Cameron really knew what he was doing with his SFX and paired this up with 'Aliens' in his resume of masterful sequels.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

A classic of American cinema, David Fincher grabs the bull by the horns with an onslaught of violence and anti-consumerism in this superb dark comedy about Angry Young Man Syndrome.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

A highly promising start to Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this film definitely improves on 'Iron Man 2' and is on par with the first film. RDJ brings his dry wit that's made Tony such a modern icon but also really displays the humility that he's capable of. An all-star cast and action packed, this is a Summer blockbuster that's not to be missed.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

In my opinion, superior to Jackson's original trilogy, this film looks absolutely gorgeous and is paced brilliantly. Freeman definitely eclipses Bilbo as a younger and more spry Hobbit and displays what he's really capable of as an actor. This first part shows a lot of promise as a spectacular trilogy yet to come.