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Men in Black III

MIB (Men In Black) has been a very interesting franchise to say the least. The original Men In Black was a very fun and, funny ride, though the second lost a little of the first's magic. Luckily the Third time is the charm in this case. Fun, funny, and an interesting take on Time Travel makes this movie an interesting trip for your imagination. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing is the delving into some of the characters personalities, from Tommy Lee Jones' blank faced serious nature, to Will Smith's sarcastic and joke filled shenanigans this movie is a very fun ride. Both characters mix like butter and milk... At first they appear as though they won't mix/work... but add a little more to the recipe (a good emotional, light hearted story) and bam! You have great Sci-Fi adventure.

Star Trek Into Darkness

I have never been a big fan of Star Trek but once I saw 2009's "Star Trek." I have become a fan of the "Trek" But here we are 4 years later, the second "Trek" into the Kirk/Spock Universe is nothing short of amazing. Great story, acting, action, visual and special FX, make this a stunning and fun movie to watch... many times over.

The Dark Knight Rises

Spectacular Ending to an incredible movie trilogy, not since Lord of The Rings has there been a trilogy as good as this. The Dark Knight will forever be amongst some of the greatest movies of all time... Superhero/Sci-Fi or not. The acting, dialog, special FX, visual FX, music, action and emotion is just plain incredible. Christopher Nolan, David Goyer, and Jonathan Nolan make a fantastic team. Christopher Nolan is by far one the best Directors in the Film Industry today. These movies help prove that.

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Definitely must see movie of the year.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Very funny movie but that is just about it, as ultimately the story is all over the place as are the characters and their goals. Too many plot holes, even for a Sci-Fi comic book movie. It has great acting, action, and very clever and witty dialog... but the movie seems to get lost in it's own jokes. It is a poor attempt at trying to complete the Iron Man trilogy.

Green Lantern

The theatrical movie here is a fun popcorn movie, but if you are a fan of Green Lantern you may be a little let down with the slightly confusing and sluggish story. I do enjoy this version of the movie, but I must recommend the extended cut version instead. The extended cut may not add much more to the movie, but it adds enough to help the original story along better. And it helps satisfy this GL fan more as well.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

Very fun story with great Voice acting and exceptional animation.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1

Very good story, spectacular animation, exceptional voice acting? And Batman is in it too? Yeah that's all I needed to know, this movie is a must see.