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I apologize to all you "Twihards" out there. I thought the movie was painfully dry, and lifeless. I admit I gave a shot... Quite a few shots actually. I think it killed itself with anticipation, then it failed to deliver. The two leads seemed completely unrelatable. Plus, If a boy ever climbed into to my room to watch me sleep (I don't care if he's a vampire, werewolf or whatever) he gets the boot. It was also produced badly. (I could see edwards make-up lines.) I wanted it to be a roaring success, but it plummeted for me.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

All in all a good film, but not my favourite of the series. All the parts in this film feel a little bit unconnected. Also, You are talking to a true Potter fan. I still loved the plot, the actors, and the wonderful feeling everytime a new Harry Potter movie comes out. I just wasn't as impressed with how it was played out. Especially, following prisoner of azkaban, which I'll be honest, I thought was incredible!

Spirited Away

Studio Ghibli continues... And continues... and continues........etc..(Whew! Let me catch my breath here).. And continues to amaze me! <3 I said it before and I'll say it again... The morals of studio Ghibli movies are inspiring and outsanding!

Castle in the Sky

An incredibly, enriching movie! The young boy and girl's pursuit for each other seems like something, that I think everyone could take a lesson from. It shows love from a deep perspective, loving someone and casting your own wants aside. Yet, it was so inoccent. I simply loved it. The adventure seemed to tie the movie together in a nice little bow. Also, the morals of the movie, simply fantastic! As all the studio ghibli movies I've seen. They all, seem to have the same beautiful quality!

P.S. The relationship seemed to be the main aspect of the movie to me, rather then the adventure... It just popped out to me.