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Get Out
Get Out (2017)
4 days ago via Movies on iPhone

PHENOMENAL MOVIE. The plot features so many unique ideas and setups, the pacing is tense and suspenseful, the horror is top-notch creepy, the comedy is outright hilarious, the direction is intimate and stylish, the musical score adds to the tension and scares, the inclusion of actual songs (especially Gambino) is strong and the performances are stellar, especially Kaluuya, Stanfield and Howery. Easily the best film of 2017 and proves Peele has a huge career ahead of him in the writing/directing department, especially with horror/comedies.

The Lego Batman Movie
10 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Amazing movie. Chock-full of brilliant references, outrageous humor, even more dazzling effects than its predecessor, and a stellar voice cast, especially Arnett, this love letter to the DC hero also does a wonderful job of featuring some magnificent character development and an introspective look at the vigilante.

The Station Agent
12 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Fantastic movie. Even without any major conflicts or resolutions in the story, this film still soars thanks to its intriguing and compelling character development and self-reflection, supported by stellar humor and wonderful performances from its cast, especially its three leads and Williams.

John Wick: Chapter 2
15 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Great movie. The expansion on dialogue in the follow-up is both an improvement and a flaw (the only one really), but yet it delivers exactly what it promises and then some, resulting in a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride with incredibly stylish direction, wonderfully choreographed action and a stellar lead performance from Reeves. This film is neither inferior to nor better than its predecessor but I'd rather on equal ground.

Feast (2006)
15 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Very good movie. While its script could've used a little more work, the film has a lot of unique aspects and clever dialogue, offering a gory sendup to grindhouse and b-monster movies.