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Eden Lake
Eden Lake (2008)
40 minutes ago via Movies on iPhone

Good movie. Though it's filled with clichés, it transcends most of them with a relentless pace, dark and disturbing escalation of events, a jaw-dropping ending no one will be prepared for, and great performances from its cast, especially Fassbender, Reilly and O'Connell.

Shut In
Shut In (2016)
2 hours ago via Movies on iPhone

Atrocious film. The story offers no points of intrigue, suspense, originality or terror, resulting in one of the most boring and waste-of-time films in a while, despite featuring a great star in a role that remains stale throughout.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
21 hours ago via Movies on iPhone

Awesome movie. While the mixed reviews had my hopes skewed, and though the narrative and pace were not as neatly developed as the first, this film barely misses the mark of the first with another villain that has some good points to her madness, a story that flows well and has some great twists, effortlessly stylish action that multiplies the first's insane sequences, great visual effects, slick and stellar direction from Vaughn, and great performances from its cast, especially Egerton, Pascal and John. Elton is easily one of the best parts about this film, and his reasoning for being in it is clever.

Don't Think Twice
2 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Great movie. The plot is pretty unique in exploring the troubling life of a comedian (specifically improv), the humor is smart and outrageous, the characters and their lives are deep and moving, and the performances are all superb.

Small Crimes
Small Crimes (2017)
2 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Ok movie. Though its plot might not be the most original, nor add up to anything much in the end, there's a certain charm to the characters and with some decent fight scenes and a great performance from Coster-Waldau, this film stands in the middle ground.