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Atomic Blonde
Atomic Blonde (2017)
6 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Very good movie. Though it takes some unnecessary narrative liberties that make it more convoluted than its source material, the direction is effortlessly stylish, the action is well-choreographed and thrilling, and the performances are top-notch, especially Theron and McAvoy.

Thor: Ragnarok
6 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Phenomenal movie. In what is arguably the best entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and for sure the best in the Thor series), Taika Waititi delivers some of the most visually stellar and stylish direction seen in the genre, creating compelling action sequences and dramatic moments, and thanks to his brilliant sense of humor and taste for improv humor, as well as thanks to smart writing, the laughs are strong and frequent, the visual effects are gorgeous and the performances are superb, especially Hemsworth, Blanchett, Ruffalo and Goldblum.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
7 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Good movie. Though it doesn't match the narrative or pacing heights of the first few films, this one certainly puts the franchise back on track by diving deeper into its mythology and character history and delivers thrilling action, solid direction, and good performances from its cast, especially Depp (no surprise).

Blade Runner 2049
7 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Astonishing film. Not only is this one of the most stylish, elegant and beautifully shot films delivered from the eyes of Deakins and Villenueve, the narrative is filled with intriguing mysteries and intelligent themes, intricate and stellar visual effects, thrilling action, a mesmerizing performance from Gosling and a powerful reprisal from Ford. This is not only one of the best films this year, it's easily one of the best of all-time, one of the best sequels of all-time, and the rare sequel that actually rivals its predecessor in quality.