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Primeval (2007)
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Terrible movie. It tries to be an anti-war message in relation to Africa and a crocodile monster movie at the same time and accomplished neither, resulting in a dull, grim, boring film with excessive gore and terrible CGI with poor performances.

Fired Up
Fired Up (2009)
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Good movie. It's clichéd, formulaic, misogynistic and cheesy, but it's still a lot of fun thanks to some quick-witted humor and great performances from its leads, D'Agosto and Olsen.

Boulevard (2015)
11 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Good movie. Much of this movie's storytelling is a little clichéd and familiar, but thanks to a phenomenally complex performance from Williams, this is a very compelling drama with a very grounded and silently moving direction from Montiel.

Dear White People
18 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Fantastic movie. Its voice and message is breathtakingly fresh and intelligent, it offers endless smart humor and drama, and features stylish direction/editing and phenomenal performances from its cast, especially Williams, Thompson, Bell and Parris.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
20 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Awesome movie. While some of the comedy might not feel as fresh as its predecessor's, the sequel to the hit Guardians of the Galaxy brings the heroes back to the big screen in an action-packed, visually compelling, thoroughly funny and surprisingly emotional story that rivals the first and lands this film on equal ground with it, also featuring fantastic performances from its group of heroes, as well as Rooker, Russell and Gillan, stellar direction from Gunn and another killer soundtrack. Though the new mixtape didn't feel quite as lively as the original, this one still helped to capture much of the emotion and action in this film.