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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Awesome! Awesome! AWESOME!!! Aliens is a near perfect movie for many reasons:
A freaky and addicting score by the great James Horner which was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar; great acting by the whole cast, and one of Sigourney Weaver's finest and strongest performances; The movie is its own suspense builder; plenty of creepy and action-packed surprises that make you want to see it more times but not to often so that the movie stays fresh, giving the film plenty of replay value; realistic aliens that are just about as good as today's standards.6. The emotion between Ripley and Newt just adds to the excitement and story as Ripley tries as hard as she can to protect Newt from the insidious, serpentine xenomorphs of whom Ripley wishes to exterminate with a handful of high-tech marines!
An exciting war between man and myth! If Cameron never directed this movie, then I'm positive the sequel that would have come instead, would NOT be as good as Alien, or be as iconic as Aliens. I wouldn't recommend watching it over and over again, because the real enjoyment of the movie is when you forget some stuff after some time. The longer you wait to see it again, the better the next experience will be.If you watch the first Alien film before this one, you may expect to get a horror movie. But the inaccurate expectation will probably add to the fun even more! I know I may be exaggerating bout this movie, but this is really how I feel. This is my favorite movie.
James Cameron's Aliens deserves to be an icon because this movie not only almost defined the sci-fi/action/horror genre...but because this time, it's war...