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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds(2005)

WOTW '05 has it's ups and downs. It's extremely enjoyable for those who can't find the hokey elements.
1. Acting: Really good. Dakota Fanning was fantastic.
2. Suspense: Loud noises and heavy doses of suspense are enough to make this a summer blockbuster.
3. Score: Creepy and well-fitting. 4/5

1. There are elements overlooked in the movie. Ex. a. When Cruise and other people are stuck in a cage right under the tripod's head, and Cruise puts a grenade in the tripod's head causing the tripod to fall over destroyed, how is it that nobody got injured in the fall? That's a tall tripod. Ex. b. All the electricity is supposed to be sucked into the tripods, but a reporter's camera still worked. How?<
2. The ending sucked. It's the same ending as the book, but it sucked.
Whether you enjoy this movie or not is your choice.