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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Star Trek

Star Trek(2009)

Pros: Great action, cool story, awesome special effects, and cast members that not only look very much like younger versions of the original Enterprise crew, but do great jobs on their roles.

Cons: One or two plot differences from the TV show, and a few hokey elements. Really, I can't believe the Trekkies liked this movie. Here's a very obvious inaccuracy: Old Spock was marooned on an icy planet, and Kirk just happened to be marooned on the same planet. This Spock remembers that he was always friends with Kirk, but that was a different time period. Time was altered, and Spock and Kirk hate each other. So shouldn't this old Spock remember that he used to be enemies with Kirk instead? Or wouldn't Old Spock disappear?