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Make Mine Music

Make Mine Music(1946)

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My only memory of Make Mine Music! is the "Peter and the Wolf" segment. Frankly, most would say that is the only reason Make Mine Music! is any sort of memorable. Though I found Make Mine Music! mostly enjoyable, it wasn't at all memorable. Peter and the Wolf was good, and even though I love Sterling Holloway's voice, I could have done without the narration. Would have preferred none at all. It really took away from the experience for me. It should have been all music and singing like Fantasia. My favorite short was "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet". It was really cute and thought it outdid most of the numbers.
Acting: The narration was on the nose for "Peter and the Wolf", but well done. Great singing voices.

Visuals: Only at times is it beautiful, but I really liked the variety of animation.

Story: The little stories told were mostly good, sometimes no story to speak of. The narration was on the nose though. Loved the story in "Johnny Fedora and Alice Blue Bonnet".

Concept: Disney wanted to bring pop music to the screen, being the opposite of the classical music in Fantasia. It could have been better, but it is still a wonderful idea.

Personal: I felt myself struggling to pay attention at times. It has almost no nostalgia for me, as I never really watched it as a kid. A pretty ho-hum experience.

Re-Watchability: Entertainment value is hardly there and it isn't as memorable as "Melody Time". I did like a few segments, but like any Disney movie, I will be showing it to my kids.