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Wayne's Review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix(2007)

The worst book gets turned into the worst movie. The book was nothing but filler, don't believe me? Then here's the main structure of the book;

1.No one believes Harry (For really no reason what so ever, just to stall the plot)

2.A bunch of plot threads and filler (A full 900 pages of it) that are introduced but don't go anywhere i.e. Cho and Harry's relationship.

3.Everyone believes Harry

That's basically what the book was, no one can deny that.

But now onto the movie. The Movie itself, has all the major complaints that I have with the book, the Plot. The plot was basically No one believes Harry that Voldemort has returned, which is something really hard to believe, since HE'S HARRY POTTER, WHY WOULD YOU NOT BELIEVE HIM?!!!!!!! In between all this is Harry forming an organisation called the D.A. behind Umbridge's back which is just there to stall the plot since this plot thread is eventually forgotten. Apart from the plot the other major problem is the structure. All the scenes feel disjointed and choppy and don't lead us anywhere. The camera-work is another problem, every five seconds, the camera flickers from one thing to the next, particularly with the fight at the end and when that happens it's hard to tell what's going on and what's happening. The special effects are good, except for the Centaurs which look like shadowy blobs. Overall, with a weak and uninteresting story and choppy direction, this is easily the worst of all the Harry Potter films.