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The Godfather
The Godfather (1972)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The Godfather a film what has inspired so many of todays media and films. It brought so much to the table, the importance of family and the corruption between business and politics.
Before i get into to the film i would like to praise Al Pacino and Marlon Brando as they play the best performances in this film both definitly oscar worthy. To this day i cannot think of any other actor who could have played the parts better than these two. Marlon Brando is such a diverse actor from playing in musicals to becoming a respectable mafia boss, Marlon purs his emotions onto the screen which is a git for all of us to watch. Al pacino who plays Michael Corleone is a calm but fiesty character, he can change within seconds from nice guy to his loud abnoxious character it's an incredible character played well by Al pacino. I also ave to admire Francis Coppola's directing skills because he did not hollywood or glamourize the film, he kept it very traditional and it worked well with this film.
To b honest i am not one for 'old movies' per say because they are predictable and i find the acting very over dramatic and the big put off the quality of the sets they use and quality of the film. I had seen every other major gangsta movie except from the three Godfathers, which are all fairly recent films with the likes of goodfellas (1990) and casino (1995) which i found were great films, so basically i was pretty sceptical to watch these films, i didn't know much about them and i thought they would be very old fashioned, but boy was i wrong.
I have never seen a film with such great lighting and camera shots. The locations were breath taking and memorable. The storyline was compelling and intense at times. The very first scene has you hooked to the film with a rich black darkness and a golden white light shining on the man talking about his daughter and wanting justice from Don Corleone, The camera slowly zooms out as he speaks and pure italian accent with his english language is beautiful begining to a film. A simplistic but effective camera technique which grabs the audiences attention.
One of my favourite scene's 'connie's wedding'. The italian/american way of life al bundled into one. The music, the food, the dancing but most importantly the family ethics. hey are very happy and have so much respect for one another it brought a smile to my face. This resepct is shown well when Sonny Corleone breaks a camera from the press because it was disrespectful but he still threw money at the press agent for him to buy a new one.
When everyday civilians ask favours from The Godfather, The Don dosen't ask for money but for friendship and for the favours to be paid back whenever he called upon them for it. The Godfather's currency wasn'nt money but it was respect and loyalty.
The Don is a very legimate man, owning an respectful Olive Oil businuess which was brought over from the old country Sicily. Don does not like funny businuess because he has high powered friends and politicians metophirically in his pocket Don feels that a deal with the Dittalia's for the narcotics would be a bad move for the Corleone family and refuses.
When Michael realises his father maybe feared dead, Michael became a man of action and goes to the hospital to protect his father. It's from this point i feel Michael comes into his own, he rises up to protect his family by getting rid of threat of Solazo and the corrupt poilce chief who cowardly punched Michael because he was on the dittalia family's payroll.
As Michael killed Solazo and Poilce Chief he fled to Sicily to avoid any dangers from the other familys and the poilce, leaving behind his fiance Kate.
For me this is what the Godfather is all about, the old country. Away from all the crime and city life to the beautiful countryside and peacful town of Corleone. When we see Michael in Sicily we see a lot more wide angle shots to see the astonoshing setting wheras in America we see more medium shots so we concentrate more on the people.
It's a refreshing scene because instead of seeing the busy city of New York we are now in a tranqual and peacful town. The colour contrast also chnages because we now see more earthy colours like green and yellow wheras in the city there was more neutral colours like black and grey.
In some areas of the film i can tell that the lines are scripted because the words what they use are meanigful and would take a long time to think of but in this film i think it works well because the film is based on a book and Coppola and Mario Puzo the creator of the book made an excellent screenplay.
Overall i find this film a joy to watch because of the transformation and shift of power, the corruption of businuess and politics, but most importantly family morales. I admire the Corleone family so much because they love each other so much and treat one another with respect, i will carry this film with me in my head when ever i may be and possibly use the importance of family when i have my own.

Catch Me If You Can
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Catch me if you can is a film where everything is perfect. Great soundtrack, superb cast and a compelling storyline and what makes it even more belivable is that the film is based on a true story.
a well documented film by Steven Spielberg with Leonardo Dicaprio as Frank William Abagnale jnr, Tom Hanks as Carl Hanrady and Christopher Walken as Frank Senior. The film structure is Episodic meaning that the film has flashes into the future, this is a great effect from Spielberg as it links together at the end of the film and creates a couple of high suspense points.
The film is in the 1960's just as the real thing, the art and locations put into this film are well detailed and portrayed in this film from the right clothing to the right cars and transport, also the lighting and camera shots are well done in this film.
Christopher Walken plays an Excellent performance, he's a lady killer. A swarve and sophisticated person and thus rubs onto his son Frank junior who uses these techniques in diffrent situations. Frank senior is such a memorable character becaus of his great phrases and sayings.
the film quickly changes from the success and big house to the downfall which is effectivly done with the transition. The spotlight also shifts from Frank Senior to Frank Junior.
When Frank changed his first cheques he pursaveres even if some banks did not accept the cheques. Frank is very mature for his age and always looking for ways and schemes to get back the money his mom and dad lost.
To represent how young Frank is there is a scene in a phone booth where he is wearing teenage kind of clothing for that era with a patterned t-shirt and brown jacket but the camera angle of what this scene was took is from outside so we can see the fast paced world outside, showing adults in black suits moving very quickly. This carries on to the next scene where one of the staff at an airline suit fitter says ' you look too young to be an airline pilot' which a lot of people would be thinking he got away with a lot without much questioning, so adding little thigs like this can keep the audience belifs as real as this storyline can possibly get.
the film represents sterotypes really well in this film an example of this is when Frank becomes an airine Pilot Frank finds it a lot easier to to cash his cheques and it gives him a higher status in society as the public look at him more, in the 1960's Pilots were considerbale respected in society therfore Frank took advantage of the endless oppurtunitys with this power.
The FBI seemed to know very little on cheque fraud and Carl was the only one who seemed really intrested in catching Frank and the job in general. I find it quite bizare ho they did not realize that Frank was basically robbing the bank without the use of weapons or violence, infact they were handing him the cash.
Frank is very comfortable in hostile situation and handles them very well, especially when Frank pretends to be secret service and his in the same room as Carl, he totally outwitties Carl who had no idea until he opens his wallet.
Unaware of Franks consequences he still decides to marry hoping to settle down, but tis is not possible as Frank has commited huge crimes. Frank is aware that Carl is following his tracks and quickly decides to become a lawyer . To some this may seem very unreal how Frank seemed to get away with all of this but what Frank does is take advantage of the system and it gives him the oppurtunitys to do these things but Frank actually learned a fundemental basic knowldge of what careers he was choosing.
What i love about this film is the importance of Family and the Christmas theme. There are strong family morales and the importance of love. Christmas is always a symbol in this film, the first with his mother and father where they was happy, and the others where he would call Carl to stop chasing him realising more and more that his mother and father wont get back together.
In a nutshell i can relate to Frank as he is the same age as me when he did all of this and i admire the way he carrys himself and the high level of sophistication Frank has. Because Frank is so intelligent and has a good knowledge in Cheques he actually ends up working with Carl and they have remained close friends to this day.

Cast Away
Cast Away (2000)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

First of all i would like to say this was one of the best investments i ever made on a dvd, i'll admit i was a bit tentitve to watch this i thought it would be a poor film based on an excellent novel by Daniel Defoe (robinson crusoe). But as they say never judge a book by it's cover and it coudn't be more right with a great film directed by Robert Zemicks and an oscar worthy Performance by Tom Hanks.
Tom Hanks who plays Chuck Norland is a hard working Fed-ex employee who travels a lot for his job. Tom plays such a convincing and realistic portrayer of a hard working and down to earth human being.
The film straight away gets you hooked with Chucks hectic lifestyle and his relationship with Kelly Freas played by Helen Hunt, a blossoming relationship which leads the audience on because its all part of the suspense before the crash scene. Kelly is very understanding of his work and their realtionship and Chuck's life revolves around time, working with fed-ex and balancing his relationship. The audience knows that the relationship is real and serious when Chuck pulls out an engagment ring a symbol of his true love for Kelly.
The films most detailed scene had to be the crash because if the audience found that some elements were unrealistic then they would think that he should of died on that plane and ruined the main plot of the film which is being stuck on a Deserted Island.Robert Zemicks does a great job on this scene because it happens within minutes, if this scene dragged on then the audience would be thinking how did he survive it and so on, but because it happens so quick the audience can be a step ahead of Chuck because we know already that he s stuck on an island but a lot of sceptics were probably wondering how he got there.
As a majority humans chuck takes things for granted and dosen't know much about basic survival. This is important to stress because not only is it a learning curve for Chuck but for the audience too. The first lesson for Chuck were to get water from a cocunut, we saw him struggle and suceed, using tools like a prehistoric man. Symbolizing that without technology and material possesions we as humans are nothing more than any other creature trying to survive the elements.
When Chuck creates a friend named Wilson( a vollyball with a hand printed with blood as a face) we begin to think Chuck is going a bit crazy as anyone would the amount of time Chuck has been stranded alone. Wilson is a major factor in Chucks survival and we love Wilson because of this, although he dosen't speak Wilson was the sane Chuck Noland and made Chuck rethink massive decisions within the film.
When the film skips four years we see chuck has transformed physically and mentally. Chuck is much more experienced at survival with a great camera angle with a close up of a spear into a fish from a couple of metres away, the camera then pans upwards to chuck who is stood with a strong and sophisticated hunter. Chuck seems mentally unstable at this point but with Wilson still by his side Chucks fundamental reasoning his still there ad builds a raft with good prepartion to get off the island.
After Defeating the huge waves and horrific storms Wilson leaves the raft on the calmest of sea's, Chuck tries his best to save Wilson as he slowly drifted away. For me it's the most upsetting scene because Chuck in Desperation jumps off the raft and goes as far as he could but he went too far, crying on his raft and with non digetic music to go with it Chuck is truly devasted. With Wilson gone Chuck looses his will and let's go theoritcally and physically by releasing is oars into the water.
When Chuck returns home he finds coming to terms with what just happened hard. His behaviour remained in the state as it was on the island, sleeping on the floor and eating fish. Although Chuck knows Kelly is now married and has kids there love for one another still showed with a romantic kiss in the rain but Chuck being the decent and loving man he is, he lets go of Kelly and moves onto the next chapter in his life.
Overall Castaway is a spectacular film for all the family.

Titanic (1997)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It's truly amazing how James Cameron combines his love of science and romance together.
The title itself carries such qualities and the film is piled with shots that demonstrate the scale of the ship.
The overall narrative of the film is constructed by a team of American and Russian relics trying to salvage 'the heart of the ocean'.
This film is a mixture of disaster, special effects and romance, this attracts men and women, couple and families, young and old. Elderly Rose is our guide at crucial moments marking the stages of the unfolding story. But she does not control what is seen, she is like an entrance to events, a door to the past.
Ok so let's dive into the characters, Rose is a young woman of stature, beauty and learning. Yet she sits silently unresponsive to the cultural splender around her just as it allows her lonliness to go unnoticed. Screaming inside Rose is dying for something else, but what? there is nothing. Thats why she attempts suicide.
When she speaks to Jack for the first time it's an unlikely one, Jack is obviously not 'her type', but is free, like the saying opposites attract.
Jack is happy go lucky guy he dosen't class himself as a 'class' he spits and gambles but yet he has a depth of understanding of the human heart, he lives on 'god's good humour'.
James cameron knows the technical side of film like the back of his hand, everything in Titanic is timed beautifully, the sounds and cinemotography work together, making moments of peace and intense scenes of chaos. One of the greatest cinematic achievments is when the ship reaches 21 knots and Jack and Fabrizio stood on the bow coining a famous phrase 'i'm the king of the world!' the camera zooms out to the extent of seeing the whole ship until it glorifies mans achievment. The costumes and sets are appropiate for the time making this historically accurate.
James Horner's musical score is the best i have ever heard and has changed my life musically, it floats us, it haunts us, it's well mixed and all relates back to the ocean.
Titanic is about doing your best with time, the value of it, the cherishing of it and touching it. When old Rose lays in bed surrounded with the pictures of all the things she did in her life, flying a plane and horse back.
The scene what will be etched in my mind forever is when the ship has gone and theres thousands of screaming people in the ocean, i think that is another point Cameron is trying to make that real life human beings died and is more important than the ship itself.

28 Days Later
28 Days Later (2003)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

By far the greatest Pandemic worldwide disaster film ever, it's like the black plague of our generation. From the very begining i am alrerady feeling emotion, Humans going insane then it shows the monkey tied to a chair being exposed to it, very ironic how we as humans are acting as these apes.
Ok so the plot is Jim (Cillian Murphy) waking up from a coma to discover the world is not the same place, before long he discovers he is not alone and there are infected humans which all began from the laboratory which we see at the begining of the film.
Absoloutly incredible cinemotography is shown when Jim wakes up from the coma, it feels so real but yet never been seen. By incorporating little things like brands such as when he drinks Pepsi really instills in the audience to be a part of the experience instead of being in an alternate universe.
Danny Boyle is an amazing Director who dosen't shy away from blood or or the reality of human endevour. I can't praise Danny's vision of a Deserted London which again is so ironic because London is the capital of England. The film also feels very british invloving the Motorways and and block flats.
Cillian Murphy shows a great performance he dosen't react inhumainly to the new world and he dosen't adapt easily to the change but is most people woudn't.
Naomi Harris who plays Selena is a moody bossy character but i think that if this film didn't involve this person then it woudn't feel as real because it shows that even after a huge catastrophe people personality still remain.The infected in this movie are quick and very scary. The film was shot using a digital camera to give it a gritty effect.
This film is the first of it's kind i have seen because instead of glorifying human dominance and intelligence we see the human race vanished from the face of the earth and just trying to surive like any other species.
I love the narrative because it's a bit like Mad Max in the style of watching a few survivors instead of a full blown out human fight against the virus.
Overall the film is one to think about for us all. The nature of the beast will always win over mankind but for the few what survive we see human behaviour still remain bitter and selfish rather than to stick together as a species to survive. It is saying that nothing really changed because humans are still killing humans and the virus would actually bring things to normaility, not for us but for the world.