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Ink (2009)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

While eccentric, whimsical, and self-serious, Ink oozes the qualities of a good independent film as it takes risks from which typical Hollywood blockbusters shy away. The story is a little shaky at times, but Hunchar flawlessly portrays the innocence and fearlessness of the little girl Emma as a creature called Ink kidnaps her spirit from her sleeping body in the night. Together they travel through a dream-like world that often makes the audience wonder if this is the afterlife. Some characters prove interesting concepts like Jacob and the Incubi, but the script often leaves the roles of others unfulfilled. However, each character plays an important part. Lovers of fantasy, dreams, and the "other side" will find Ink to be a rare treat.

My Week with Marilyn
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Beautifully created and intriguing. It takes a while for the suspension of disbelief to kick in with Michelle Williams playing Marilyn Monroe as she does not have her classic look, but once it does, it delivers a pleasant surprise. For those who look far beyond the surface of the story, it is easily understood it was written in Colin Clark's point of view as the innocent boy who can do no wrong. Characters threaten him and say he does not understand how Marilyn acts, but nonetheless he does what he wants regardless of warnings. The overpowering doom of an affair with Miss Monroe whose behavior is characterized as "erratic" and "devouring" falls flat when Colin (Redmayne) barely receives a slap on the wrist for his acts. Even Colin's shallow behavior leaves Lucy (Watson) unscathed when she discovers he's only using her as an outlet for his lust for Marilyn. My Week with Marilyn is candy for the eyes, but it is truly for women who want to project themselves into the Aphrodite that is Marilyn Monroe to have a young, innocent, and stupid boy to seduce and manipulate. Of course, that might be the feminist in me talking.