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Andrew's Review of Duel

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Duel, This is a Steven Spielberg gem that I never hear anyone talking about. It came out before Jaws so that probably explains why it is not that well know. It's one of those movies that you dig up and either really end up enjoying or end up finding it really boring. I am a big fan of films that have simple plots and this movie is no exception. It starts out normal and then the suspense just keeps on building. It really kept me at the edge of my seat while watching this, I kept thinking the whole time whats he going to do to get away from this maniac? Now some people may not enjoy this movie for a few reasons. Since the whole movie is just a guy on the road trying to avoid this crazy person in a truck who is, what the audience is assuming, trying to kill him, some people out there may not find it too entertaining compared to most movies that are out now a days. One other flaw is that once you know how the movie ends it really doesn't have a whole lot of re watch value. Really those are the only flaws I can find in this movie. I personally found it to be really enjoyable. It may not be a movie for everyone but if you ever come across it on TV or in the store for cheap I wouldn't pass it up.