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Stephanie's Review of Contraband

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Mark Wahlberg is entertaining playing Mark Wahl... err, Chris Farraday. If you walked into an R-rated movie of his expecting anything else but sarcastic comments peppered with swear words and a couple of beat-downs, you don't know this guy very well! If you like it, see this movie. If not, why are you even on this page? Giovanni Ribisi provides an artfully done villain who isn't a maniacal ham but gets his point across, and Ben Foster riddles yet another character with humanity and deep flaws.

The movie isn't original and you can see a couple of the twists coming, but it's not so much the destination as the journey as we tangle with drug lords, counterfeiters, and one J.K. Simmons who delights as a meddlesome jerk. There are things to enjoy about this movie, even if it's got some downsides here and there.