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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Hope Springs

Hope Springs(2012)

A mainstream Hollywood film about rekindling affection in a loveless marriage done right. Hope Springs is not a chic-flick in the traditional sense, except that the focus of all the scenes are about obtaining a fulfilling romantic relationship. Although it's being advertised as a comedy, Hope Springs is in fact equal parts drama, romance, and comedy (and some of the laughs are delectable). Steve Carell is excellent in a supporting role, and plays it completely straight. The leads, Streep and Jones, are outstanding (Streep should even win some more awards for her work here). Special mention for the screenplay and direction: subtle, realistic, contemporary, and understated. A tender, emotional, hilarious, sweet, and important film, one that underlines the importance of having a loving relationship in our lives. Highly recommended, especially for those 35 and up.