DylanP's Rating of Thor

Dylan's Review of Thor

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Yawn..............a boring, bland, and dissapointing Marvel film. The first 30 minutes were TERRIBLE. Boring, bland acting it was just so dull. I could hardly care about what was going on or the characters, didn't care at all. This trend continued throughout the rest of the film except only slightly better. Chris Hemsworth was good in The Avengers, but clearly he cannot carry a lead role well. Iron Man and Captain America's movies were good as they got you interested in the characters. This film was filled with a boring story and boring characters. I saw the trailer for Thor 2 and was curious what this one was like as I missed it in theaters. I also was curious about the Loki storyline in The Avengers. Well I saw it and was dissapointed and well just plain bored. Cannot reccommend.