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Saving Mr. Banks
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Poignant, touching, and compelling; it may be an overlong Disney advertisement, but it also tells the story of haunted pasts and hopeful futures. Emma Thompson portrayed a fussy but not stereotypical P. L Travers, and Tom Hanks a convincing Walt. However, Colin Farrell takes the cake as the charming and troubled Travers Goff, earnestly portraying Pamela's loving alcoholic father. Overall, whilst the film might have skimmed over a few truths, it is surprisingly mature and sentimental, bringing on both smiles and (maybe) a few tears.

August: Osage County
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

An enthralling, if dark take on Lett's classic play, August: Osage County is an assaulting piece of cinematic pleasure. Performances were spectacular from the star studded cast, in particular Chris Cooper, Julianne Nicholson, and young Abigail Breslin (the last of whom fiercely proved her worthiness amongst her wildly talented companions). Naturally, of course, it was Meryl Streep running the show, however Julia Roberts gave her a serious run for her money, commanding and demanding attention at all times, putting up a fair fight against Streep's ferocious performance.
The film was dark and long, but utterly captivating. It was incredibly disturbing watching Meryl Streep behaving in such a manner; Streep is such a prominent figure in society she seems as though she belongs to us all, like a kindly Aunt. Watching her lose control like that seemed intrusive, as though peeping upon something very private and pitiful that we were never meant to see.
The entire film is intense and twisted: you long to look away, and yet you can't.