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Revolver (2005)
6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Revolver, is brought to us by critically acclaimed auteur Guy Ritchie. The film is a cocktail of revenge, gangsters and philosophy all woven together to create Ritchie?s most demanding venture to date. Ritchie again casts his discovery and most valuable asset Jason Statham as Jake Green in the lead role but also adds Ray Liotta (Macha) and Andre Benjamin (Avi) to the diverse cast. Ritchie uses the platform that past successes Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels have given him by asserting a psychological aspect to the film, in the hope he still pleases the immense following he has accumulated. The film is not as cut and dry as Ritchie?s past productions, in a way that requires the audience to explore many avenues of interpretation. Reality is warped in almost all scenes of the movie and the subconscious voice-overs of characters in certain scenes, offer a window into the psyche of character?s thought processes and emotional states. The way in which Ritchie uses these techniques and stylisations, runs the risk of alienating the audience and can add complication to an already detailed plot.

Only delve into this film if you have the patience of a Saint, Over 2 hours of your life to throw away and the IQ of a Mensa member. Maybe I missed the point?............