MikeCombs' Rating of Colombiana

Mike's Review of Colombiana

5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. My biggest criticism is that the opening scene is suppose to be Bogota, and it was obviously shot in Mexico. Having spent time in Bogota I can tell you there are no palm trees in Bogota.

Most people will write this off as just another revenge plot with little or no merit. I see it as bit more than that. Cataleya experiences a horrific, traumatic event as a young girl that sets her life on completely different course than it would have been otherwise. She determines right there in that moment what she wants to be and do with her life and holds true to that "vision" in spite of all odds, people telling her not to, and the price she has to pay, etc. and lets nothing distract her from her ultimate goal. How many of us can say we knew exactly what we wanted to be at age 9 and held onto that vision until it became reality?

The other thing I liked about it is that we do not have a 98 pound woman kicking the trash out of 200 pound dudes--on of my biggest pet peeves in women as action hero movies. She uses stealth, planning, and weapons to accomplish her end which makes it a lot more believable to me. I recall seeing a very early bout of UFC in which a 6th degree black belt weighing about 170 pounds was matched against a boxer weighing in at about 230 pounds in the octagon--the boxer destroyed him in a matter of seconds.