BrandenWilliam's Rating of Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye'

Branden's Review of Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye'

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye'

Stephen King's 'Cat's Eye'(1985)

It is difficult for me to fathom the 67% rating given by Rotten Tomatoes, when Tales From the Darkside, another film inspired by Stephen King short stories, is rated so poorly. Cat's Eye is a collection of three suspenseful stories, presented through an intertwining bookend, involving an adventurous cat. The cat becomes the hero of each of the three stories, always intervening and eventually saving the lives of the victims, in heroic fashion. In comparison to other Stephen King short stories, each of the three stories do not complement each other in any way. Definitely not Stephen King's best work, though thrilling enough for a one time watch.