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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Powerful and human!!! and it is NOT about 911 itself, it is the story of a child trying to make sense of his loss, and of those that are in his life.

I am surprised with the myopia of some high critics, who complaint about how obnoxious the kid is.. they are missing the point totally!!!!

First, let me me explain:
The title is related to the high perception to stimulus kids with developmental disorders have.
The acting is superb, Horn delivers a realistic performance of a kid with high functioning Asperger's disease. Bright, precocious but socially awkward and unable to understand his pain and process his feelings, in this case grieving in a "normal way".

You see the world through his eyes, the way his brain is trying to make sense of the loss and pain. You can see his anguish and suffering even though he cannot really understand it.There is a heartbreaking scene when he tell his mother he wants to be normal and he promises her he will one day be normal. He understand there is something off .

The stories and the acting are marvelous, understanding the pain of a broken marriage in the eyes of viola davis in less than a 1 minute, the horrors of the WWII in the mute world of the renter. The need to come to terms with father-son relationships that we humans dream to have but sometimes we need to let go those dreams and accept reality, that such bond was never created.
Above all the pain that goes behind closed doors of those that loss a family member on that "worst day" , as seen in the acting by Bullocks.
In regards to the details of the movie to visuals, and sounds.. it really take you closer to how this kid perceives the world.
The novel has many stories, including the grandparents story, but the movie is focused on Oskar and his emotional burden, as well as his journey.

Everyone in the theater was silent, and you could hear their tears, -along with mine.. it really touches your heart if you open your mind.