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The Return (Vozvrashcheniye)

The Return (Vozvrashcheniye)(2003)

Country: Russia
That's why i love European movies. they focus on the story, acting, cinematography; natural cinematography without usual Hollywood special effects and explosives, making you sigh after the end credits.

What is more beautiful than seeing the water and the blue sky, feeling the air like the actors feel. Really, camera angles could make difference, making the audience in the seat of the actors. What i mean is apparent in the scenes where the children use their camera and view sights. You feel shaken hands while taking photos like you do, see the world like they see it around, It gets bothering at times these shaky hands, but it get you in the mood of the movie.

Concernig the acting, it's solid, and the two boys are superb. The movie does not contain much dialogue, so the actors depended on their facial expressions which they succeeded in having the right ones in every scene, expressing how they feel towards their father.

The plot is vague in some concerns and not everything is revealed. It is about the return of a father to his two children after 12 years. He took them in a journey to a deserted island.

What special about The Return is its various interpretations. It appeals to all countries and all ages due to your interpretation, whether it is politically, socially or even religiously. Believe me, you will find what concerns you in this powerful and flexible movie, realising that The Return is more than the return of a father.