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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Minyeo-neun goerowo (200 Pounds Beauty)

Minyeo-neun goerowo (200 Pounds Beauty)(2006)

Country: South Korea
At first i thought it was a rip off Shallow Hal or at least it would be a usual cliched romcom, instead i found a real message through a simple and lighthearted plot. Yes, i know it has few silly moments, but we can overlook them as the whole experience of this feel-good movie is worth watching.

Kim Ah Jung-in her first role-fits the role of the cute Hanna and the beautiful Jenny perfectly. yet she did all the songs by herself. yet she did all the songs-performed by Hanna-by herself despite not being a singer.

I like all the songs. my favourite is Maria, which is originally by Blondie. Actually the songs topped the Korean charts at that year.

"200 pounds beauty" was a super hit and won many awards and nominations including best actress and best film, so watch it. it is really a sweet one.