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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Water Lilies

Water Lilies(2008)

Country: France
mmm..I have mixed feelings about this movie. For the first time i couldn't judge a movie. I know it deals with an issue-not made for entertainment- but to some reason I couldn't get myself into the movie.

It is a slow paced movie about three girls/teens discovering their sexual identity. It is all about teens and by teens. There are no adult actors here-or as much as I remember.

It is real, but I wonder why the movie makers portraied the girls' life so boring like that. Adolescence has never been so dull like that before. What bothered me most is making a teenager go in a useless nude scene. Hey! Is that what you really teach girls?!

Overall 5/10 just for Adèle Haenel(Floraine) and the aqua ballet performance.

PS: the right translation of the title is"Birth of the Octopi"