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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Silver Linings Playbook

Silver Linings Playbook(2012)

To start, I want to know first if this movie is a rom-com, comedy, romance, drama or what!! 'cause I didn't find neither romance nor comedy,actually. I read a lot of positive reviews and heard very good things about it; unconventional romcom, funny, honest,...etc. So, I went with high hopes and expectaions to explore this so-called masterpiece.

But what I actually found is it is not only a mere average movie, but also a shallow one with predictable incidents and a dragged cliched plot. It is too busy; mental illness, sports, book making, dancing, positivity,...etc. Every thing you can imagine is found here, but you will come out with nothing. BY the way, I did not even smile except at a scene or two at most. It is not funny at all. At each scene I waited for the next hopping to enjoy the fun, but I was hugely disappointed.

Even for the soundtracks, I think Danny Elfman has done better before.

I am always moved by movies about dysfunctionality-mentally or physically- but this time I really disliked the characters; a man who hit his parents, a sex addict, a gambler father. What is more laughable is that these characters are supposed to be inspirational!

I can't explain till now why all that hype around it, perhaps for Bradely Cooper who was the only savior out of all that mess, and Jennifer Lawrence who's already loved by the audience. Even those two I felt the chemistry between them is lacking. Every one of them did well but each on his own, away from each other. Or perhaps people were tricked by the the hype and media to the extent that they laugh at nothing.

Hope I watched LIFE OF PI once again instead of wasting my time and money on this.

Overall rating: 45, just for Cooper