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Green Lantern

This movie has way too much CGI throughout with too much short scenes and bad plot. Might as well watch a animated show because it has few live action scenes.

Marvel's The Avengers

An amazing movie with great effects and fun for all ages but too much jokes throughout the film that well are unneeded.


A movie with terrible dialogue,characters, and plot with annoying characters and unfunnny jokes. Reminders me of Transformers.

The Back-up Plan

An very unfunny film with a unoriginal plot and storyline and a terrible character development.

Men in Black III

A fun movie from the first minute to the last minute.Josh Brolin has a great Tommy Lee Jones impersonation.

The King's Speech

An amazing film with a clear and great message in it. Almost everyone will enjoy the movie with the acting.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

More like 'Epic Fail'

Vampires Suck

A terrible movie not even close to funny. This movie is the worse I've seen in years.

Driving Miss Daisy

An amazing film with great acting from everyone. The story is very well told from the first scene to the last. The movie tells a great friendship story between Hoke and Miss Daisy .

The Pianist
The Pianist(2002)

What a film.Its great WW2 film and my favorite without having a battle scene in it.Great directing and acting.See it


All this film wanted to do is watch it so we can see what will happen in 2012.Waste of money.

Puss in Boots

I expected this to be crappy but it i good.It tells the story good but my only problem with the movie is it should been a little longer. Also it should explain how Puss got in Far Far Far Away.Overall great film


I don't really like boxing or sports movies but this is a great movie.Stallone gives a very well preformance. The story was good and it is a classic movie.Its a must see movie before you die. You will enjoy the movie sepically the ending.

12 Angry Men (Twelve Angry Men)

A classic tale is what is this film should be called.The movie is great and it only takes place in one room.Its a must see classic.The acting is great and so is the movie.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Even though this was supposed to be Eddie Murphy's comeback I thought it could be a little better.Yes the movie was good and kinda funny it could've been better. The entire cast did great and it was funny as time.I really liked Matthew Brodrick in the film. The film is not a must see but you'll be okay if you see it on DVD.


As Katy Bates gives a great and haunting preformce,the movie is great. Every scene was great and this is better than today's horror films.It also has one of the most scary movie scene in history.Its a must see if you havent seen it.