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Joco's Review of The Conjuring

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Conjuring

The Conjuring(2013)

After a month since I have watched it, I kept thinking to myself, "Was it really that scary?". And the problem is solved. The Conjuring is definitely creepy, the sound effects have been so very effective that even though the door is only moving, it would creep you out. For me it wasn't scary, it was shocking, almost made me jump out of my seat, though one thing I noticed, the screams of my cousin and sister was longer than the part of the, jump from the top of the closet. The hide and clap from the basement was brilliant. When Lily Taylor was in the basement holding the match, then Lory clapped from behind, brilliant I say. Creepy not scary, but honestly I enjoyed it, The Conjuring can give you screams from the top of your lungs.