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Of course, it's a given that critics are going to do the best they can to rip this film to bits and pieces, simply because it stars along-time controversial and baby-pop musical artist, Miley Cyrus.

However, the movie will be far more enjoyable if you try breaking free from the stubborn and understandably cynical mindset that we all tend to drift into when we hear the name "Miley Cyrus".

Although if not for the crazed fans of the main character, Miley Cyrus, the movie would not be as anticipated, the movie still has it's bearably impressive movies.

The movie, much to my surprise, was very funny. The entire movie was far more comedically put together than I think anybody will assume. Although the humour is, of course, kept PG-13, it still will secure several laughs amongst the teenagers who, these days, hold a rather bitter and twisted/ sick sense of humour.

The movie's main concept is weak and it seems almost embarrassing that it would even be considered as becoming a remake.

But, however, the movie shows the importance of a Mother/ Daughter bond and the surprising relations that they can share.

Miley's acting, at some points is weak, but it brings a sense of teenage refreshment in other parts.

The movie, overall was really great, and would be more enjoyed and accepted if it didn't star Miley Cyrus.

Don't turn away from this video just because you see it stars teen pop-star, Miley Cyrus. It's actually quite funny, hense the name, "LOL" and stays, believe it or not, rather stuck to the meaningful point.

Not for everyone. But will be a massive hit amongst teenagers, especially girls, regardless if they're fans of the main character or not.

4/5 stars. Give it a chance. Don't enter the theatre with a stubborn mindset like I did. It's not meant to be too serious.

Don't be afraid to LAUGH. Even if you only have to laugh at some of the corny acting...