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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Wolverine

The Wolverine(2013)

At this point in his career, Hugh Jackman has truly nothing else to prove even when he did not bring anything new to this second solo movie of Wolverine. I cannot even imagine this role being done by somebody else. And there is totally nothing new with his character except that fact that in the end he was finally able to move on from Jean Grey's death.
The story seems to fall apart in the middle and you realize that everything else is withheld until the last scene and at that point it does not seem exciting anymore. The character Wolverine is angsty and this is enough to make for an interesting story, but we have probably had too much of that during the origins movie and so the movie settled to make him more weak to make it more interesting. And because he is weak for the most part of the film, it does not make for a good hero/popcorn movie.