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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim(2013)

The blockbuster value of this movie is as big as its Kaiju and Jaeger characters what with fantastic visual effects and rip-roaring action. The Kaiju genre has come a long way from the monster rubbers suits of Godzilla attacking miniaturized Tokyo to up-to-the-minute technology that only Hollywood can bring.
This film packs a mean punch as far as action and visuals are concerned but generally lacks focus when telling the story itself. It seemed like they had a lot of stories to tell, some subplots were developed but soon dropped to focus on the action and some inconsistencies with characterizations.
Charlie Hunman is the handsome actor that played the lead. He truly looked the part , and did his fight scenes with much credibility but he did not fair very well in the acting category, I may have counted only a couple of facial expressions that he can do. The others simply lend as much support as they can which made for a fair ensemble act.