DingCruz's Rating of Elysium

Ding's Review of Elysium

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Elysium falls in the same trap like all the other films regardless of genre. At the onset, this film seemed to have a noble intention of sending a message about equality in the realm of healthcare, but the story moves on and you are introduced to couple more interesting subplots like power-grabbing among the rich and the big disparity between the rich and the poor. Then the film starts to lose focus and the concept falls apart.
Be that as it may, a sci-fi film depends in part on visuals and this film does not fail in that department by creating the differences in the two worlds that the story is set from. Both worlds set in the 22nd century but totally different in energy and feel.
The story bestows too much power to technology to a point that it looks rather ridiculous and seems almost impossible. But putting that aside, a couple of things make this movie worthwhile; some powerful scenes that totally engages the viewer and the chance to see Jody Foster's almost startling performance as the villain of this film. Matt Damon is the glue that tries to keep the movie from falling apart