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Bring It On

Bring It On(2000)

Dance films fall into two categories: God-Awful and Good. This one is thankfully the latter. The films main character Torrance Shipmun (Kristen Dunst) is a cheerleader who discovers that her cheerleading captain stole all the dance routines that made their team so good from another team. Now, Torrance must prove their team's worth in a competition. The only problem I can really say that I have with the film is that the plot is a sort of "has been there done that" affair, but the characters are still likeable and believable. One of the best things about this film is the humor, it really isn't a cheerleading film but more of a spoof of cheerleading films, and it works really well. It addresses what I've always thought: That if you are a guy, you will think that cheerleading is stupid. The film admits some of the stupid aspects of the "sport" and uses it to great effect; the jokes are really funny and put a really big smile on my face. Never once did I ever feel bored, I was always entertained. The acting is good, but the real star is the dances, which look spectacular and are incredibly fun to watch as well. Hell, this whole film is plain fun, guys on dates will think its fun, and girls will be having a blast with this. As a film for regular moviegoers, it is good, but for girls who like these dance movies it is spectacular.