ConnorB's Rating of Skyfall

Connor's Review of Skyfall

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


After watching Skyfall there were only two things running through my 1. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever and 2. Skyfall is the best Bond film I have seen. Skyfall is a real through back to the James Bond's of yesteryear that are considered classics and Craig in my eyes has firmly established himself as the greatest actor to ever play the famous James Bond. Craig is fantastic as Bond but even still he is not the best thing about Skyfall as Javier Bardem is simply outstanding as Bond's latest nemesis Silva. What Skyfall does and it is something that was clearly lacking in Quantum of Solace is takes all the best elements of the Bond films and mixes them so perfectly that there is no way die-hard Bond fans cannot fail to appreciate Sam Mendes Skyfall.

The plot centers on James Bond tracking down a cyber threat who has received/stolen vital information from MI6 and is starting to kill off undercover agents using the information that has been stolen. The villain seems to have a personal hatred towards Bonds loyal ally M and when Bond tracks down the villan he turns out to be a man named Silva who had previously worked under M and he claims that he had a similar relationship with M before her 'sins' almost cost him his life. Bond quickly captures Silva with the aid of MI6 and brings him back to London for questioning but when Silva breaks Bond along with the help of Q realize that he has been one step ahead of MI6 all along and is planning to hunt down M to finish her off once and for all with only Bond standing between him and his goal.

Before I watched Skyfall all I had heard was good reviews and I tend to take films like that with a pinch of salt because when I then actually watch the film it is usually good but over-hyped (cough cough Dredd cough) but Skyfall completely blew me away and is actually much better than others made me believe. The end of Skyfall hints at another outing for Daniel Craig as Bond and I say bring it on!