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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
End of Watch

End of Watch(2012)

I didn't know what to expect when I sat down to watch End Of Watch because I mean in the past couple of years we have had all manner of buddy cop film and it seemed like there was nowhere else the genre could go but the main thing that End Of Watch did was highlight just how serious a job this is and make no mistakes they enforce this every step of the way. There are a host of recognizable faces throughout but the main characters are played by Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal and both men are simply fantastic in their roles as Officer Zavala and Taylor respectively.

Filmed in a 'cops' style fashion End Of Watch follows two cops named Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala who are members of the LAPD, the duo are shown to be good cops with a keen love for the action side of their job and the film opens with the two gunning a car with some dealers in it down. This sets the pace for the film and it doesn't slow down for one single second. The two cops patrol the city night and day and take on all manner of problems whilst under the watch of a Mexican drug gang who are planning to take the cops down. Mike and Brian witness some brutal murders, assaults and all round nastiness throughout the duration of the film and the ending is simply breathtaking and left me gasping for breath.

End Of Watch might focus primarily on being a first shooter cop film but there are huge elements of comedy and romance throughout with a lot of the humor in the film coming from the wives of the cops. Special praise most go to Jake Gyllenhaal he is simply fantastic in the film and I would not be surprised if he earns himself an Oscar nomination his chemistry with his co-star Pena is fantastic and all in all it is this chemistry and sense of brotherly love that makes the film a great watch.