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The Dark Knight Rises

Making a Batman film is probably one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to film-making because you have to strike a balance between appeasing the critics and of course staying true to the comic books, Chris Nolan has managed to please both with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but doing it a third time was always going to be a very difficult task and all I can say to him is Mr Nolan..... take a bow my friend because I never thought I would say this but The Dark Knight has been outdone by it's sequel.

Replacing Heath Legder was always going to be tough but in Tom Hardy, Nolan has himself one of the most promising and professional actors in the business, Hardy seems to get stronger with each performance not just muscle wise and The Dark Knight Rises is no exception as he tries to revolutionize Gotham and destroy Batman as the menacing Bane. Anne Hathway also joins the cast as Selina Kyle (Catwoman) a petty thief who is more of an antihero than a villain. Hardy and Hathaway are both outstanding in their respective roles and add a new dimension to the trilogy as Batman meets a foe who is physically stronger than him and just as smart, while Catwoman provides a love interest that Batman cannot trust. The usual suspects are back in roles such as Batman, Alfred and Lucius Fox. Christian Bale, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman respectively and there are some other new characters including the wonderful Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake.

The Dark Knight rises is the biggest film of the Summer and it more than lives up to expectations as it will please fans and critics alike. It is a shame that Nolan and Bale will not return because the two of them seem to understand the Dark Knight and what he stands for but more than that they provide damn good entertainment that will be sorely missed. All I can say is good luck to the next director of the expected rebooting of the Batman franchise.... you have VERY big boots to fill


Park Chan-Wook's Oldboy was one of the most intriguing films I had ever had the pleasure of viewing so when I first found out that he was making a film in the English language I was skeptical about how he would translate his magnificent ideas and to be quite frank he did not disappoint me one single bit Stoker was absolutely amazing and so far it stands as my favorite film in 2013 and I could see it remaining that way for the foreseeable future.

Stoker stars Mia Wasikowska as the brilliant but equally disturbed India, India is introduced to the audience at her father's funeral after he has been killed in a tragic accident. India and her mother are obviously heartbroken with the death of their kin but India's mother does find some comfort in Charlie an Uncle and brother in law that India never knew existed. India is at first skeptical of her new found relative and when a series of strange occurrences begin to develop instead of distancing herself from her uncle she becomes weirdly obsessed by him and he with her. A weird incestuous love triangle begins to form and the film picks up the pace at the halfway point and finishes on flying form with a few bumps and twists along the way.

Stoker is a wonderful film by a magnificent director who has made a completely original film using segments of tried and tested plots from some of our favorite films, Stoker in my eyes will go on to garner a massive cult following much like Chan-Wook's vengeance trilogy and deservedly slow the film starts off slowly and builds tension in Hitchockesque manner before finishing with a superbly devastating climax..... Stoker is a real triumph and a must see

West of Memphis

Brilliant, superb, gripping, amazing,shocking and did I mention brilliant? This is how to make a documentary!!

Movie 43
Movie 43(2013)

Oh sweet merciful lord where to begin with Movie 43? The film has such a talented cast at it's disposal and uses very few of them to their full advantage it's hard to review this film because really it is one gigantic mess bar and bar a few laughs here and there does nothing that viewers haven't already seen. Movie 43 and it's many sketches were directed by numerous people and stars a host of Hollywood A-listers including Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Chloe Moretz, Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler and countless others but all in all the majority of the stars come across as foolish rather than funny onstage and it is a wonder that any of them agreed to be in the film in the first place.

The plot opens with two teenage boys being pranked by one of the teenagers younger brother, the two elders decide to take revenge on the younger by stealing his computer and filling it with viruses so that he cannot prank them the duo tell them about the a film named Movie 43 and how it is top secret and only he has the brainpower to help them view it, one of the teenagers goes to the bathroom to watch adult films on the boys laptop to obtain viruses while the other stays with the kid who searches Movie 43 and from here we jump into a series of weird scenes that become the basis for the actual Movie 43.

Apart from one scene that features Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Chloe Moretz in an awfully cringeworthy but fantastically funny few minutes the film genuinely did not make me laugh out loud and seeing as it is a comedy I am viewing it as a major flop the gags are jokes that 10-12 year old boys will still find funny but apart from that I advise you to save your money as Movie 43 is a spectacular failure

Duck Soup
Duck Soup(1933)

I don't know how anybody could watch this film and fail to love it it's just simply hilarious. Duck Soup is one of the rare films that has stood the test of time and can still make an audience laugh almost 80 years after it's original release.

The Orphanage

WOW! To be honest that is the best way to sum up J.A. Bayona's The Orphanage and even then that might not be doing it justice. Maybe it was because I stumbled upon it by accident because before watching the film I had heard very little about it and merely picked it out because there was nothing else I wanted to see at the time but boy was it an impressive film. I do not think I have ever watched a horror film quite like The Orphanage I mean for the first half of the film it seems like your typical horror film, there is the old abandoned house, a child goes missing while mysterious things happen around the house and there is a creepy old lady who is lingering around the house but one important thing that so many horrors now have is the "eye in the mirror" moments that make you jump! The Orphanage relies solely on building tension in a Hitchcock style manner and it makes the movie nerve wracking and delightful to watch at the same time. I am not familiar with the cast as it is a Spanish made film but the leading lady is absolutely superb and I can only hope that she won numerous awards for her role as Laura.

The film starts by introducing us to a young girl named Laura who lives at an orphanage but is about to be adopted flash forward 30 years and Laura is now 37 and has moved back into the abandoned orphanage with her adopted HIV suffering son and her husband. Laura's son Simon tells his parents about his imaginary friends but his plea's about them being real fall on deaf ears. Laura plans to adopt 5/6 more children but is struggling seemingly with Simon and his pleas about a boy named Tomas who lives in the house. When Laura hosts a party for potential residents of the orphanage Simon goes missing and for the next 6-7 months we follow Laura as she desperately tries to find her son while being haunted by mysterious spirits within her own home.

The Orphanage is eerily refreshing and is one of the rare horror films of the last 20 years that does not need to use scare tactics to make the film scary instead it utilizes the ability of the cast and the wicked plot to build suspense and to produce one of the best films I have ever seen.


Seth MacFarlane brings his adult friendly comedy to the big screen with his feature film debut Ted and fans of MacFarlane's shows need not be disappointed as he serves up a very funny debut. Starring MacFarlane as the living teddy bear named Ted and Mark Wahlberg as his owner/best friend John Ted is one of those movies that pushes boundaries with it's risque jokes and it's ludicrous plot but Ted works as the stars and director no how ridiculous the movie is and they run with it and serve up a barrel of laughs.

When an 8 year old John wishes that his teddy bear would come to life the unthinkable happens and the bear does come to life and becomes famous for a brief period but never leaves his best friend and owner, fast forward twenty seven years and Ted has fallen from the limelight and he and John are your typical stoners who seem to lack any real ambition in life. John however has been in a longish relationship with Lori(Mila Kunis) who is fast becoming sick of John's laziness and unhealthy lifestyle and his dependency on his best friend. The plot involves some minor characters mostnotably Giovanni Ribisi's character who seems to have a strange obsession with Ted and plays a significant role in the film in the closing scenes.

Ted at 115 minutes is probably 25 minutes to long but the gags involved will have you crying laughing until the credits roll and hey come on, who doesn't want to go and watch a rude talking, pot smoking teddy bear?

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

The Watch is good for what it is and that quite simply is a funny movie with a silly plot and four talented actors who give good performances. While it is fair to say that some will not like The Watch fans of the buddy comedy genre should enjoy it and to an extent fans of sci-fi may enjoy it also as the two blend together quite well. Filled with immature jokes and quirky characters The Watch is a film that should be enjoyed in the company of friends who don't take life to seriously. The all star cast of Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Richard Adoyade work well together and the chemistry between the four is fantastic and they provide laughs throughout the film.

When an uptight Costco manager named Evan(Stiller) starts a neighborhood watch scheme to catch a murderer he expects the locals to turn out in their masses but instead his watch team consists of four of the biggest misfits in the town in the form of Bob(Vaughn), Jamarcus(Adoyade) and Franklin(Hill). Bob is the most enthusiastic member of the watch but his ideas usually involve drinking and violence, Jamarcus just seems happy to be in other peoples company and Franklin is a rejected cop who takes his role in the watch far to seriously. When the misfits stumble upon an alien they realize that the world is under threat and when they discover that the aliens are actually living in human skin it is up to them to stop them.

The movie is itself good popcorn entertainment and the four leads work well with each other and all the humor in the film comes from them, especially Jonah Hill's character. Hill has proven time and again that he is one of the finest actors in Hollywood today and he is in his best form when the films are comedy movies. Hill repeats his success in movies like 21 Jump Street and Superbad with his performance in the Watch.


Martin Scorsese's Hugo is a personal homage to the pioneers of the film industry most notably Georges Melies but Scorsese doesn't make the film all about Melies and I think that this is the wonderful thing about Hugo because instead of making a movie/documentary Scorsese has fabricated a story involving a little boy and his relationship with the highly imaginative Melies. Hugo is a visual delight and the story is fantastic but at over two hours the movie is just a bit to long however that does not diminish the movie in any such way and it is still a highly entertaining film.

Hugo is a young boy who is trying to unlock a secret that his late father left him but he faces many struggles in his quest to find a heart shaped key that fit's into the automaton his father left him most notably that of a toy store owner who Hugo regularly steals from and the security guard in the train station that Hugo roams around. When Hugo meet's the toy store owner's Goddaughter Isabelle he learns that she wears the key that he has been searching for and she reveals that it was a gift from her Godfather, when the automaton draws a picture Isabelle recognizes the signature on it as that of her Godfathers who is revealed to be the legendary film-maker Georges Melies. When confronted about this Georges tells his tale and how he went from one of the finest film-makers of his era to a toy store owner.

Hugo while long and a little tedious at times is a heartwarming tale and Scorsese's use of 3-D is absolutely outstanding, special mentions must go to the young lead actors Asa Butterfield and Chloe Grace Moretz as they are phenomenal in their respective roles. Scorsese's homage to his own profession is breathtaking at times and is one of the finest films of 2011.


50/50 Might just be one of the most charmingly brilliant films that has ever been made. Inspired by the writer of the film Will Reisers own experience with cancer 50/50 can go from being rib achingly funny to heartbreaking sad in a split second as a young man tries to battle a terrible illness.

The plot centers around two best friends named Adam and Kyle(played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen respectively) and how both of them deal with Adam developing a cancer with a fifty per-cent survival rate. After Adam is diagnosed with cancer and he learns that his girlfriend is cheating on him his life appears to be completely shattered fortunately enough Adam has his best friend Kyle for support but rather than support Adam through his battle Kyle appears to be far more interested in getting laid which proves to be to tough physically and emotionally for Adam. The main thing Adam wants from the people around him is for them to be honest with him and with a friend like Kyle who seems to neglect his illness and a mother who doesn't neglect it enough Adam finds that the only person he can be open with is his psychiatrist Katherine(Anna Kendrick) the problem is that he doesn't seem to want to open up to her and with her being a novice she does not yet know how to pry his feelings from him.

The chemistry between Levitt and Kendrick is a funny one because is quite clearly awkward but it works on so many levels because it feels real and despite the awkwardness you can still sense a connection between the two. But the main attraction in the film is Seth Rogen who provides a humorous scene for every dramatic scene to counter balance the film.

As previously stated 50/50 can go from being rib achingly funny to heartbreaking sad in a split second as a young man tries to battle a terrible illness and that is what makes it such a special movie.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

I do not know what it is about Forrest Gump but the more I watch it the less I seem to like it which is strange because the first time I ever seen the film I thought it was a masterpiece. However I still think it is a gloriously innovative film and Tom Hank's performance is marvelous but after multiple viewings I just think that something is lacking and the strange thing is that I don't know what it is because 'Gump' has everything from romance to humor and action to death. I want to say that the film isn't realistic but the whole point of the film is that Forrest gets himself into these unbelievable situations I guess I could wrap it up nicely by saying that Forrest Gump at times makes it TOO unrealistic and that for me was a real negative but that said I still enjoyed the film and it is one I frequently re watch.

The film follows the loving but stupid Forrest Gump and his journey from a young boy to adulthood. Along the way Forrest meets many famous people and plays a part in a lot of historic events such as the Vietnam war and inspiring John Lennon to write Imagine. Despite his historic and thrilling journey Forrest is constantly lonely and all he is really seeking from life is the love of his former best friend Jenny Curran. Jenny does come back to Forrest's life briefly before leaving him and Forrest again plays a part in some major events before showing us a present day Forrest on a way to visit his love Jenny who has some big news for him.

Forrest Gump is a fun film but often flawed and for such a simple story it really does drag on, however there are enough gags and dramatic scenes to keep it fairly entertaining and Tom Hanks gives a memorable performance as the titular character.


After watching Skyfall there were only two things running through my 1. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond ever and 2. Skyfall is the best Bond film I have seen. Skyfall is a real through back to the James Bond's of yesteryear that are considered classics and Craig in my eyes has firmly established himself as the greatest actor to ever play the famous James Bond. Craig is fantastic as Bond but even still he is not the best thing about Skyfall as Javier Bardem is simply outstanding as Bond's latest nemesis Silva. What Skyfall does and it is something that was clearly lacking in Quantum of Solace is takes all the best elements of the Bond films and mixes them so perfectly that there is no way die-hard Bond fans cannot fail to appreciate Sam Mendes Skyfall.

The plot centers on James Bond tracking down a cyber threat who has received/stolen vital information from MI6 and is starting to kill off undercover agents using the information that has been stolen. The villain seems to have a personal hatred towards Bonds loyal ally M and when Bond tracks down the villan he turns out to be a man named Silva who had previously worked under M and he claims that he had a similar relationship with M before her 'sins' almost cost him his life. Bond quickly captures Silva with the aid of MI6 and brings him back to London for questioning but when Silva breaks Bond along with the help of Q realize that he has been one step ahead of MI6 all along and is planning to hunt down M to finish her off once and for all with only Bond standing between him and his goal.

Before I watched Skyfall all I had heard was good reviews and I tend to take films like that with a pinch of salt because when I then actually watch the film it is usually good but over-hyped (cough cough Dredd cough) but Skyfall completely blew me away and is actually much better than others made me believe. The end of Skyfall hints at another outing for Daniel Craig as Bond and I say bring it on!


I don't think there will ever be a more honest and real account of heroin addiction than Danny Boyle's adaption of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. Boyle taps into the mind of the novels leading man Mark Renton and shows off a totally brutal and sadly real side to people who suffer from heroin addiction. Boyle teams up again with Ewan McGregor on what is undoubtedly their best work together and the pair are joined by the equally impressive Jonny Lee-Miller and Robert Carlysle in supporting roles. Pulp Fiction recieved widespread critical acclaim for it's use of an effective soundtrack and Boyle in my eyes outdoes Tarantino by using delightfully upbeat 80/90's music to portray the characters emotions it really is a thing of beauty and one of the best uses of songs comes from Lou Reed's perfect day, the scene in which the song is used really does need to be seen to appreciate just how good it is.

The films focuses on the life of a heroin addict named Mark Renton and his friends as they struggle to cope with their addiction and with "real life". Renton is a seemingly smart man who just cannot be bothered with real life and uses heroin as an escape from what is going on around him, his friends are no better than him and he frequently mentions that he is not particularly fond of his friends as one is a snappy, eccentric James Bond lover who Renton believes is too sneaky for his own good and Begbie is a complete and utter lunatic who he does not trust in the slightest. Renton's two other friends are Tommy and Spud who he actually seems to get on with but you always get the sense that he is not happy with their friendship. As Renton battles his addictions throughout and goes cold turkey he finds solace in the arms of an underage girl who convinces him to move to London. While there he is soon joined by Begbie and Sick-Boy much to his disgust but when they learn of a quick fire money making scheme it seems that Renton finally has his way out of the depressing lifestyle he has been living.

Dark, humorous and at times charming Trainspotting is a most see but be warned it is a tough watch with some particularly nasty scenes that are both intentional and shocking. Boyle really hits all the right notes with Trainspotting.

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

I didn't know what to expect when I sat down to watch End Of Watch because I mean in the past couple of years we have had all manner of buddy cop film and it seemed like there was nowhere else the genre could go but the main thing that End Of Watch did was highlight just how serious a job this is and make no mistakes they enforce this every step of the way. There are a host of recognizable faces throughout but the main characters are played by Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal and both men are simply fantastic in their roles as Officer Zavala and Taylor respectively.

Filmed in a 'cops' style fashion End Of Watch follows two cops named Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala who are members of the LAPD, the duo are shown to be good cops with a keen love for the action side of their job and the film opens with the two gunning a car with some dealers in it down. This sets the pace for the film and it doesn't slow down for one single second. The two cops patrol the city night and day and take on all manner of problems whilst under the watch of a Mexican drug gang who are planning to take the cops down. Mike and Brian witness some brutal murders, assaults and all round nastiness throughout the duration of the film and the ending is simply breathtaking and left me gasping for breath.

End Of Watch might focus primarily on being a first shooter cop film but there are huge elements of comedy and romance throughout with a lot of the humor in the film coming from the wives of the cops. Special praise most go to Jake Gyllenhaal he is simply fantastic in the film and I would not be surprised if he earns himself an Oscar nomination his chemistry with his co-star Pena is fantastic and all in all it is this chemistry and sense of brotherly love that makes the film a great watch.

The Poker House

The Poker House was a film that was really hard to judge because while I enjoyed the performances of the cast and had a sense of enjoyment when the credits rolled I was still left thinking that it was a tough watch and now that I can reflect on that is exactly what it was a tough film to watch and maybe even stomach at times but overall a good film with a nice background lesson. The Poker House utilizes it's cast well and it has two genuine stars who I am sure will dominate the female leads in many great films in years to come in Jennifer Lawerence and Chloe Grace Moretz, Lawerence's performance is the ultimate stand out of the film while a lot of the humor in the film comes from Moretz. Lawerence plays the older sister role and she is quite simply fantastic proven herself once again as a future mega-star.

The Poker House is about a typical day in the life of Agnes(Lawerence) and her sisters lives with their deeply troubled mother and her shady friends.Throughout the course of the day the family go through a series of dark moments which are apparently not uncommon in this family and it is Agnes who is always left to provide and basically play the mother role all while trying to struggle with her own teenage life.

The Poker House is a reasonably good film that has a lot of dark moments and some are harder to watch than others but more important than this is that the character development is fantastic and by the end of the film you get a real insight into what each main character is like. Lawerence and Moretz are definitely the standouts and make the film what it is.


There are so many things that I could say about Brick but really I can sum it up in five words: Brick is an awesome film! Rian Johnson's big screen debut was a major hit with critics and the audience and it is easy to see why because he mixes the high-school teen genre that we are all familiar with, with the film noir genre to great effect and the film as a whole is a massive success. Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a sharp talking high school student who solves mysteries in what I consider Levitt's best performance to date Brick is a gripping mystery film that really is one in a million.

Brendan is a high school student whose girlfriend has recently been murdered and when Brendan discovers her body he takes it upon himself to find her murderer. Enlisting the help of his only true friend the brain Brendan soon begins to realize that his former squeeze was part of a deadly drug baron's plans and it is not long before Brendan is being threatened and beaten by various people. When Brendan gets 'in' with the drug Baron his ex was involved with he begins to piece the mystery together bit by bit and along the way he is often offered help from the kind but untrustworthy (in Brendan's eyes) Laura who may or not be key to the whole situation Brendan has become involved in.

The thing that makes Brick such a wonderful film is that it is a highly original film that makes numerous nods to the film noir genre and even the modern day characters speak in 1940's slang which makes it all the more delightful. Brick has everything a film noir should have there is the protagonist that we love, the femme fatale, the shady characters and everything seems to be clouded in a cloud of impeding doom. Brick really is just a fantastic film and that it was Rian Johnson's first attempt at a feature film makes it all the better.

Ed Wood
Ed Wood(1994)

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp reunite after the success of Edward Scissorhands to tell the tale of the world's worst director Ed Wood. Wood was an unsuccessful Hollywood visionary whose films were so bad that many people thought they were comedy films and have even garnered a cult following in recent years because of this. Johnny Depp while versatile is not known for his comic roles but in Ed Wood Depp and Burton serve up a treat and Depp's comic timing is perfect. Depp is superb as Wood and should have received far more recognition for this performance and deserved to be at least nominated for an Oscar and Martin Landau thoroughly deserved all the accolades he won because he is superb as Bela Lugosi.

The movie centers on the titular Ed Wood and his strive to become a successful director but the problem is Wood does not have the directorial talent to match his slightly blinded optimism and even when his movies are booed and critically panned he refuses to be put down and continues making lackluster films with his cast of misfits which includes the once popular but now drug addled Bela Lugosi. The plot also follows Wood's love life as he struggles to maintain a relationship with one of his actresses before moving on to his future wife and his other hobby which is cross dressing. Ed Wood is a terrific homage to the director and in typical Ed Wood fashion has built a strong cult following.

In my opinion this is the best Burton/Depp collaboration and I do not think that they will ever repeat the success of Ed Wood as both are in there absolute element here and it is clear that both actor and director have put in the effort to portray Ed Wood the way that he deserves to be played. Martin Landau is phenomenal as Bela Lugosi and the black and white setting give a very old fashioned classic feel to a movie that is sure to become a classic

The Brave
The Brave(1997)

The Brave is actor Johnny Depp's debut film as a director and while the film is flawed in many ways it must be said that it is a pretty decent attempt, Depp who became a household name in the late 80's and early 90's directs and stars in a tale about a Native American man who is willing to go to very extreme lengths to provide for his family. Based on a novel that has a similar story Depp's first attempt at directing isn't a bad one but it is clear that there is significant room for improvement as the film goes on for far too long and it is also a bit slow to start however the second half of the film is extremely powerful and the ever consistent Depp is magnificent in the starring role.

Raphael is a native American man who lives in a slum-junkyard neighborhood with his wife and two children and he makes a little money be selling scrap items that he finds in the rubbish. When Raphael is offered a substantial amount of money to appear in a snuff film that would leave his family with a modest home and enough spare cash to get by for a while he agrees to do it and he is then given a week to live before appearing in the film. Raphael decides that he will spend a small portion of his cash on gifts for his wife and kids so he can have one last week of peace and joy with the family he loves.

The Brave is by no means a masterpiece in fact it is far off it as the film's narrative is pretty weak between the first and final sequences and it definitely runs far too long for it's own good but Depp plays the character of Raphael with such passion and heart and he clearly shows that there are a lot of things he would do for family by making a film of this like and he is as good as usual in this one. That the film was so widely panned by critics at the Cannes Festival will remain a mystery to me because while it has it's faults there are much worse films out there.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

Benny and Joon is not like any other film I have ever seen before, while a lot of films seem to make a big deal of a characters disablilty or disease Benny and Joon seems to thrive off of not making that much of a deal over the characters faults and mannerisms. Aidan Quinn and Mary Stuart Masterson play the title characters who are brother and sister while Johnny Depp plays Sam who is a young man that eventually lives with Benny and Joon. Depp's performance really is up there with his best work and it is astonishing to look back on his box office performances in the 90's as his films never made great fortunes but frequently gave stellar performances and his role as Sam was one of them.

Benny and Joon are brother and sisters who live with each, Benny has become like a father figure to Joon since their parents left them and is extremely protective over her because she is mentally ill, Benny's one break from Joon is to play an eccentric game of poker with some pals once a week and it is during one of these games that Benny loses a bet which means he has to take care of Sam. Sam is like Joon in every way possible except he has no mental illness but he does portray a lot of his emotions through the use of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin routines. Sam and Joon naturally hit it off and begin a relationship which visibly angers the overprotective Benny, when one event leads to another Joon ends up in a mental home and Sam and Benny know they must put their differences aside to get her out of there.

Benny and Joon is a perfect example of a film where you can just shut your mind off for 90 odd minutes and just enjoy the characters on-screen as they are all fantastic. Depp and Quinn are superb in their roles.

Pineapple Express

While I am not usually a fan of buddy/stoner films like Cheech and Chong and the Friday franchise I have to say that Pineapple Express completely took me by surprise as it is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Pineapple Express's plot is a bit thin but it more than makes up for this by producing numerous rib-tickling moments throughout the film and some of the fight scenes in the film while ridiculous and over the top are absolutely hilarious to watch. The film is another Judd Apatow product and like previous hits like Superbad and Knocked Up Pineapple Express has just enough of everything to make it a fantastic popcorn film. Seth Rogen and James Franco reunite after appearing in cult television show Freaks and Geeks to play the two lovable leads and Franco in particular is outstanding in his role as the caring drug dealer Saul.

Pineapple Express tells the tale of two stoners named Saul and Dale who are mistakenly thought of as informers for a Chinese drug gang by the leader of the American gang. Saul and Dale learn of this and immediately flee to the woods where Saul tells Dale about another low time dealer named Red who may be able to help them but as it turns out Red is on the side of the American gang and his betrayal leads to Saul being kidnapped and Dale enlists the help of Red to go and have a climatic showdown with various gangs in order to get his friend back.

There is no reason I should have enjoyed Pineapple Express because I do not indulge nor do I approve of drug use and the stoner/buddy genre that my friends seem to love has always been the least appealing genre to me but nevertheless I found Pineapple Express a fantastic comedy film that is slightly profane at times but is clever about it and it makes very good use of the cast at hand, James Franco is terrific as the lovable Saul and he has created a character that will be fondly remembered for years to come.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The thing about this film is that there is nothing particularly wrong with in that the plot, villain and characters etc. are interesting but it just doesn't say or do anything that the original didn't already, I mean yeah there are some new features that are better in the remake due to the advancements in technology and Jackie Earl Haley is pretty good as the 'new' Freddy' but it's a poisoned chalice because in my eyes Robert Englund is always going to be the only man who can play Freddy past, present or future! But to be fair Haley is pretty menacing as Freddy and gives a good performance as does the actress who plays the leading protoganist Rooney Mara as she takes on the role of Nancy.

The plot of this 'Nightmare' is more or less the same as the plot of the original with a few minor differences here and there. A small town's teenage population is currently being tormented in their dreams by a former resident who goes by the name of Freddy Krueger, Krueger begins murdering the teeens in their dreams and Nancy and her male counterpart soon set out to stop him but discover a few twists and turns as they try to overcome everybody's worst nightmare.

While A nightmare on elm street is not a clear cut remake of the original in the sense of 1998's Psycho it just does not add enough to the reboot to distinguish and maybe even improve on the original, the scary moments are predictable, Haley just isn't as good as Englund, the charm and smarts of the original are also lacking a well and as such the film falls flat and becomes pretty forgettable.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Looking at the many-many sequels that A Nightmare On Elm Street spawned it is easy to look back on the franchise as a bit of a joke given that Freddy Krueger returns no less than eight times but the original 'Nightmare' is still a film that should be considered a classic horror and even though I have outgrown my childhood fear of Freddy I never really get a proper nights sleep after watching A Nightmare On Elm Street. The cast features some notable names such John Saxon who plays a cop and Heather Langenkamp as the primary protagonist and there is also a debut feature film performance from future 'mega-star' Johnny Depp while Robert Englund plays the antagonist of the film Freddy Krueger. Englund is absolutely terrifying as Freddy and it is definitely a role that he was born to play.

When teenagers of a small town begin dying/getting murdered in their sleep a lot of the townspeople think that their deaths were suicides but when the local lieutenant's daughter Nancy Thompson begins to have dreams about a child molester named Freddy Krueger she realizes that there is more to the teenagers deaths than meets the eye. She along with her boyfriend Glenn and a couple of friends begin to discover more and more about the murdering Freddy and find that he was murdered by a gang of parents after molesting some of their children and now he is able to get inside the dreams of these children and murder them in brutal fashion. When Nancy realizes that the only way to stop Freddy is to confront him in her dreams and try and drag him to the real world for a final confrontation.

A Nightmare On Elm Street is most definitely a modern day classic and should be fondly remembered for it's originality and creativity, Wes Craven literally took the slasher genre to a whole new level with his idea of a murderer getting you in your dreams making sure that the teen's nightmares in the films weren't just premonitions of what is to come but actually happened. Highly intelligent and shockingly scary for it's time A Nightmare On Elm Street really is fantastic.


Looper is one of the more aesthetically pleasing films I have seen in recent years not only does it have an intriguing plot and a talented cast but it somehow manages to develop so many characters despite never really trying to. Joseph Gordon- Levitt maintains his recent reign of form with another fantastic performance as young Joe and Bruce Willis is equally as good as old Joe. Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and Paul Dano are just some of the names also featured and Looper overall draws great performances and makes the most of it's highly talented cast.

Looper is set in the near future approximately 35 years from now and time travel has begun and there are people known as Loopers who kill people from the future in the present day but sometimes a Looper could have to kill himself and 'close the loop'. Inevitably the main character Joe soon has to kill the older Joe but when Old Joe arrives in the past he is ready and outruns young Joe. When the two finally meet up to discuss their situation Old Joe explains that he is going to murder a child known in the future as the rainmaker because it is his fault that old Joe's wife dies. Young Joe has different ideas and sets out to protect the young boy who lives with his mother Sarah on a farm, as young Joe hides out in Sarah's old Joe begins to pick Looper's off one by one and it becomes clear that both Joe's are on a collision course with each other.

There is nothing overly complicated about Looper in that it isn't that hard to follow what is going on but by the time the credits roll there will be a number of questions rolling around your head. Looper is a fantastic science fiction/action film that is as clever as it is entertaining .

Batman & Robin

It was a little hard for me to go back and watch Batman and Robin because when it was first released I was a young boy who was fascinated by the Batman character and I pretty much loved everything to with him from comic books to film and Batman and Robin was one that I absolutely loved! After re-watching it though it has to be said that it is a truly awful film, everything from start to finish from the acting to the costumes is just terrible. Director Joel Schumacher reportedly tried to make the Batman franchise more child friendly and while he probably succeeded in doing so he all but killed the films reputation. Not only was the director bad but so were the jokes and the plot making Batman and Robin a truly unbearable film.

Batman and Robin who are played by George Clooney and Chris O'Donnell respectively, centers on the dynamic duo and their battle against crime in the troubled Gotham City. At the helm of all the happenings in Gotham is Mr. Freeze who is disastrously played by Arnold Schwarzenegger and communicates mainly through ridiculous ice puns that are neither inventive or funny, when two more rogue villains in the form of Bane and Poison Ivy also start wreaking havoc Batman and Robin have their hands full and it is not long before the city is under imminent threat once more.

Batman and Robin is without a doubt one of the worst films I have ever had to endure, Clooney actually seems like a good fit for the role of the Bat/Wayne and it would have been interesting to see how he would have handled the role with the right direction. The rest of the cast are just awful most of them underact but Uma Thurman completely overacts and it is cringeworthy to watch her try to seduce every male in the film and I won't even get started on how Schumacher turns Batman's equal Bane into a complete and utter one word a sentence moron. Warner Bros. are very lucky that this franchise did not kill the Batman franchise.

500 Days of Summer

From the moment I started watching 500 Days Of Summer I had a feeling it was a movie that I would absolutely love and I was not disappointed. 500 Days is a clever, refreshing take on the romantic comedy with a non-linear style plot full of jokes, heart warming scenes and a dramatic edge 500 Days it would seem was always going to be a hit. Starring the extremely talented Joseph Gordon Levitt and Zooey Deschanel as the leading characters is just another added bonus to this wonderful film.

Tom is stuck in a job that he really has no affection for but when Summer Finn begins working alongside him he begins to enjoy going to work just so he can communicate and pursue Summer, the two find out that they have a lot in common and begin dating(sort of) but Summer makes it clear to Tom from the beginning that she does not believe in love and does not want a relationship with anybody. Tom is seemingly happy to just have Summer in his life as a kind of standby girlfriend but as the two spend more time together Tom realizes more and more that he truly has deep feelings for Summer and believes that they are soul mates much to Summers frustration. Tom however is not put down by his lovers unenthusiastic persona and he soon makes it his primary goal to convince Summer that they are destined to be together.

The best thing about 500 Days of Summer is that it does not promise a happy ending for the couple involved and unlike many other romantic comedies it sticks to it's guns which makes for a truly refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable film

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

The Departed sees a return to the type of film that made Martin Scorsese a household name in the 80's and while films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull and Goodfella's are generally accepted as his best works The Departed is in my own humble opinion Scorsese's best film. Featuring an all star cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg The Departed is two and a half hours of edge of your seat, nail biting action that includes some of the best performances of the decade.

The film is based upon the hit Hong Kong film Internal Affairs and follows two Boston cops one who is infiltrating an Irish crime lord and the other who is working for the crime lord. Billy Costigan is the cop who is on the side of the law and he is training to make a name for himself in the police department but due to his families shady past the only job he qualifies for is the most dangerous job and that is to infiltrate Frank Costello, Costello though has his own man inside the station named Colin Sullivan and soon the two cops are trying to figure out who the other is while keeping their heads down in their respective roles.

The Departed is just a fantastic movie from start to finish the dialogue, the action, the direction, the acting and everything in between is simply breathtaking and you will not be able to take your eyes off the screen and by the time the credits roll you will be in a state of shock at how strongly and brutally the film ends. Special praise has to be reserved for Leonardo DiCaprio who is fantastic in his role as Billy Costigan but from my perspective Mark Wahlberg was far and away the best thing about The Departed as he quietly steals scenes in his role as a sergeant working with Costigan. Scorsese is back to his very best and The Departed really is a must see film.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Tim Burton had recently lost both of his parents and that was a key reason for him to direct Big Fish and it truly shows here as he delivers a stunning triumph of a movie that will leave you in floods of tears by the time the credits roll. Big Fish is a fun and heartwarming film based on the book which also has the same name. It is unique and bizarre and proves that Burton has more in his arsenal than meets the eye.

The plot centers on William Bloom and his relationship with his dying father Edward. William never really had a relationship with his father and all he can remember his father talking about was far-fetched stories but now that he is a grown man he has become frustrated that this seems to be all his father ever wants to talk about and William refuses to believe any of the stories his father tells him. The stories are shown in flashback and a much younger Edward is seen acting out the stories that the old Edward. When William angrily leaves his fathers beside one day he happens to run into an old friend of his dad's who was also in one of his stories and when she tell's him some stories of her own William realizes that his father may not have been the liar he thought he was and William races home to be beside his father in his remaining hours.

Burton already directed a fairy tale style film with the commercially and critically acclaimed Edward Scissorhands and while that was a fantastic movie Big Fish is more powerful in a way that you can relate to which makes for a very pleasant watch.
In typical Burton fashion the movie is a visual treat and the plot is amazing as is the acting and Burton brings real emotion to the movie especially in the penultimate scenes.

The Other Guys

The Other Guys is a really clever parody of the buddy cop films and if it weren't for the numerous gags throughout it might even be considered a good action film regardless The Other Guys is very silly but yet smart at the same time and the chemistry between Wahlberg and Ferrell is outstanding as they play the overly enthusiastic and extremely angry Terry Hoitz and the 'paper-bitch' desk man Allen Gamble respectively. Featuring a good supporting cast that includes Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan and Eva Mendes amongst others and an extremely funny cameo appearances from The Rock and Samuel L. Jackson The Other Guys hits all the right notes and doesn't take itself serious enough for us to care about how insanely silly the plot is.

When New York's two top cops tragically die the rest of the squad realize that there is an opportunity to become the new hot-shots in the station unfortunately for Terry Hoitz his partner Allen Gamble has no interest in the action side of crime and prefers to focus on paperwork. However Terry does eventually convince Allen to accompany him on a crime but the two botch it and are made the laughing stock of the police force but Allen has discovered that some numbers aren't adding up on one of his clients accounts and that they could make a huge bust if they arrest him but when people start interfering with the duo's work they realize that it is time to take action and become New York's leading cops.

The Other Guys is an extremely entertaining buddy-cop movie that is funny, clever, well performed and has lots of action throughout as well as numerous moments that will have you gasping for breath due to laughter it is truly popcorn entertainment at it's very best the only negative I found was that Michael Keaton wasn't in it enough as he absolutely owns every scene that he is in.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island reunites legendary director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio for the fourth time and they do not disappoint as Shutter Island is a highly entertaining thriller. DiCaprio is a highly acclaimed actor and has worked with many directors but Scorsese seems to get the best out of him and his performance as Teddy Daniels in Shutter Island is up there with his best work. The film based on the novel of the same name is your typical mystery movie and it does not really add anything new or shocking to the genre but it is still a very good watch mainly due to the direction of Scorsese and the acting especially DiCaprio and the brilliant Michelle Williams.

Shutter Island is set in the year 1954 and opens with marshal Teddy Daniels and his partner Chuck on a ferry to Shutter Island where a patient from the criminally insane institution has gone missing and Teddy and Chuck have been assigned the job of finding her. Upon arrival Teddy and Chuck are treated with hostility with no members of security willing to talk to them and the head doctor is even less helpful and flatly turns down many of Teddy's requests. Teddy reveals to Chuck that the real reason he took the case was because the man who murdered his wife is on the island and that he intends to confront him. When a storm hits the island Teddy and Chuck are stuck on the island and things begin to become stranger and more suspicious and it is up to Teddy to find out exactly what is going on the mysterious Shutter Island.

While it is not one of Scorsese's best works Shutter Island is still a thoroughly enjoyable film that has a good story line and a fantastic cast who all put in good performances. With a few twists and turns along the way Shutter Island is an eerily good watch.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

We need to talk about Kevin is more of an eerie drama than an actual horror movie, it is not actually that scary but the suspense involved in the film is good and the child Kevin has an air of Damien from the Omen about him and the adolescent Kevin is creepily disturbing. Ezra Miller and Tilda Swanton are fantastic in their roles as Kevin and his mother Eva respectively with Swanton playing the role of the timid, frightened mother craving attention from her deranged son perfectly.

We need to talk about Kevin tells the tale of Eva and how she is struggling with her son Kevin being in jail as well as being on her own apparently. The story is told in a Memento type of fashion as the story switches between present day and then to the time before and after Kevin was born. When Kevin is old enough to communicate with his mother he rarely has anything nice to say to her and pulls some pretty nasty stunts as he gets older and it continues onto his adolescent years. Whilst Kevin is cold and mean to his mother he is loving and talkative with his father which makes him believe that he is a normal boy and so Eva begins to feel outnumbered in her battle to prove that her son hates her.

The problem with the movie is that we learn very early that Kevin did something horrible due to him being in jail and from there it seems like the whole movie is building slowly towards the moment Kevin commits his crime but when we do reach that pivotal moment in the plot it is not shown instead the aftermath is, which makes for some good scenes for Swanton to showcase her talent but for me this made the movie seem dull and prolonged. The acting in Kevin is great but the momentum of the film fades at the halfway mark and in the end the movie becomes quite tedious.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

probably one of the few who doesn't like this film, by the time I got around to seeing it I had heard all manner of story about it lots great and few poor so I went to the cinema with high expectations and I was highly disappointed, what could have been a marvelous movie just seemed dragged out to me 2h 50m is pushing it for time and the story just isn't interesting enough to hold my attention for that long.Without good performances from Pitt and Blanchett I'm sure this movie would have flopped. Apologies to the many who loved it but that's how I felt


Alfred Hitchcock is arguably the greatest film director that ever lived and Psycho is also arguably his finest movie. Perfectly blending horror, mystery and suspense Hitchcock creates a masterpiece and a film that is still looked upon as one of the best horror films ever. While the suspense and scares are one of the best things about Psycho it is also worth noting that Hitchcock broke new ground by introducing some things such as adultery and he may even have started the Slasher trend with Psycho.

Psycho introduces us to a secretary named Janet Leigh who is desperately unhappy with her life, when one of her clients asks her to deposit 40'000 impulse takes over and Janet skips town without telling anybody. She soon comes across a rundown motel off the side of an old highway that is owned by Norman Bates and his sickly mother. Bates is a seemingly charming man in his mid to late twenties and is extremely polite and kind to Janet until she suggests that he should institutionalize his mother he reply's angrily and visibly frightens Janet who soon returns to her hotel room where she is promptly murdered by Mother Bates. When Janet's sister and her boyfriend begin to question her disappearance they hire a private detective but when he arrives at the Bates motel he is also murdered by Mother Bates. With no other option Janet's sister and her boyfriend head out to the Bates motel in order to find out just what happened to the two missing people.

Psycho is a fresh, invigorating horror film that will have you on the edge of your set from the minute Norman Bates is introduced. Anthony Perkins is superb as Bates as he plays the kind and worried motel owner in a career defining role. The supporting cast is very good but a little underdeveloped due to the plot centering on Bates which is not a bad thing. Overall psycho is an inspiring, scary, thrilling, classic film that is one of Hitchcock's absolute bests.


Seeing as I am not a big fan of Baseball there was nothing particularly appealing about Moneyball to me other than that it had a pretty talented cast but still nothing to really attract me to the film, however as the film reached theater's the hype began to build the reviews began to pile up and all were favorable so I decided to go and see it and to my surprise by how surprisingly pleasing and gripping it turned out to be. The best thing about the film is undoubtedly Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill's performances as Billy Beane and Peter Brand respectively as they add a touch of class to the proceedings and make you really feel and care for their respective characters, Hill who is known for comedic performances proves here that he is not all about the laughs as he puts on a serious face and is fantastic in doing so.

Based on a true story Moneyball tells the tale of the Billy Beane and Peter Brand who revolutionize the Oakland Athletic's by using stats and numbers to organize a team of players who are out of luck or not rated as highly as they should be and take them on a magnificent running streak that picks up more steam with every passing game with many tipping the A's to break Baseball records.

Moneyball starts quite slowly and it may take some people a while to get into it but it is well worth the wait as you get drawn into the story, it is really the look at using stats and logistics to buy players in Baseball rather than spending on 'big names' that is really interesting along with the performances of Hill and Pitt of course. Moneyball is an enjoyable and intelligent film that utilizes its stars very well and make for a very pleasant watch. The best thing I could say however is that it made me take an interest in a topic that I simply do not care for and that in it's own right is a success.


Not since the likes of Pixar's Toy Story have I seen an animated film that I have enjoyed as much as Rango which tells the tale of a househould pet(Rango). Starring Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Bill Nighy and Abigail Breslin among others Rango looks like it is a movie that only young children would enjoy and they will but anyone from any age should also be able to enjoy Rango as it is clever enough for adults to enjoy but also childish enough to still be appropriate for children.

The film starts with Rango who in his search for water lands himself in the town of Dirt which is in desperate need of water. After a case of mistaken identity Rango decides to take on a different persona which leads the mayor of the town to name him Sheriff. In his new duty as Sheriff Rango must deal with bandits who they believe stole the towns water, the mayor who seems to be hiding something and the threat from the local villian Rattlesnake Jake and the only help he has is from a gang of misfit locals that happens to include Rango's love interest beans.
The outcome is a turbulent and fast paced 'Gonzo' animation film that should appeal to everyone.

Rango is funny and clever film throughout that has an interesting plot that pays a nice homage to the Western genre. Rango looks visually outstanding and the plot and voice work of the actors is particularly pleasing with Depp and Fisher in the leading roles the film has two talented actors who bring a different dimension animated films and Bill Nighy's brief appearance as the villainous Rattlesnake Jake was a personal highlight of the film from my point of view. Rango is silly but at the same time mature enough to appeal to a large audience of any age range.

21 Jump Street

21 Jump Street is most likely going to go down as one of the biggest hits of 2012 surprisingly and the main reason behind this is because of the wonderful chemistry between it's stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Borrowing it's name from the hit 80's show that propelled Johnny Depp to stardom it would be safe to assume that not many were expecting much from 21 Jump Street but it is honestly one of the best buddy comedies in years.

Schmidt(Hill) and Jenko(Tatum) were opposites in high school but not rivals by any means Schmidt was just an average kid who didn't fit in and Jenko was the typical jock who everybody idolized but after certain circumstances neither will be attending prom which upsets both of them. Flash forward a couple of years and both men are training to be police officers and the form a friendship due to the fact they can help each other when it comes to their weaknesses and they soon become official officers but during their first arrest Jenko fails to read the man his miranda rights meaning the duo are assigned to a special division on 21 Jump Street where young looking police officers go undercover in high-school. On their first day Schmidt is nervous as he feels he will not fit in at high school again but after the first few hours in school Schmidt fits in with Eric(Dave Franco) and the popular kids and it appears that Jenko is the one that doesn't fit in much to his bemusement. As Schmidt gets in with the popular kids (who happen to be supplying the drug that they were sent undercover to find) Jenko befriends the science 'geeks' and gets them to hack Eric's phone which causes conflict between Schmidt and Jenko because Schmidt feels that it is wrong to do it while Jenko feels that Schmidt cares more about being popular than he does about solving the case. After the two fight and are expelled from the school they are dropped from the case and it seems that their friendship is over but they decide to reunite for prom night for one last crack at solving the case.

21 Jump Street is full of laughs and the film becomes a cross between Bad-Boys and an episode of cops as Hill and Tatum bluff there were through high school. It is Hill and Tatum that make this movie what it is but the whole cast put in a strong performance with Rob Riggle putting in a particularly funny performance as a gym coach. Fans of the original need not be disappointed either as a lot of the old case show their faces at certain times throughout the film and there is even a surprise cameo appearance towards the end of the movie to round it off perfectly.


James Cameron famously directed the mega hit Titanic which is a movie about two star crossed lovers who meet on a ship that is unknown to them headed to it's doom but still the plot focuses a little more on the love the characters develop with each other than on the actual disaster at hand and Titanic worked because of this, with Avatar has pretty much taken the same love story but changed the setting from a ship to a distant planet.

Avatar is set on the planet of Pandora and the planet is filled with many wonderful creatures and races especially the Na'vi a blue skinned tribe who stand at 10 foot tall. The story centers on Jake Sully a paraplegic who has by chance been chosen to take part in the humans experiments, the experiment they are conducting is transferring the human mind to an avatar that resembles the Na'vi race. Jake delighted to be able to walk again loses the run of himself soon finds himself lost in the depths of Pandora on his own before he is saved by Neytiri a member of the Na'vi race and the two become friends, when the humans learn of this they see a golden opportunity for Jake to infiltrate the Na'vi and find a precious ore that they have been seeking but as Jake's relationship with Neytiri develops and he begins to learn the way of the Na'vi he soon finds himself fighting against his own species in order to protect the Na'vi which leads to an all out war between the two races.

Avatar is a technically superb and it is a visual delight especially when it is viewed in 3D but unfortunately the plot is not deep enough or meaningful enough to completely engross yourself in the film but still all in all a decent film that is worth a watch.

Tropic Thunder

When I watch a film that has Ben Stiller as it's star I usually have to lower my expectations and accept that it will be a typical Stiller film that is filled with cheap laughs and a boring plot but Tropic Thunder exceeded my expectations and was a pleasantly funny film that has a pretty decent but unbelievable story line. Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. play the leads in the Hamlet style film within a film and Downey Jr. fully deserved the Oscar nomination he got for his role as Kirk Lazarus. Danny McBride, Nick Nolte and Tom Cruise also have minor roles in the film and Cruise is particularly funny in his role as Les Grossman.

Tropic Thunder starts off in a Vietnam style war with lots of explosions and gory action scenes but as we soon find out these are just scenes from an upcoming film named Tropic Thunder starring some of Hollywood's biggest names including Tugg Speedman, Kirk Lazarus and Jeff Portnoy. Each actor has their own battles to deal with on set Speedman's recent films have been flops and his career is in a downward spiral so he sees Tropic Thunder as a lifeline, Lazarus has one five Oscars and is known for never breaking character and in Tropic Thunder he has his skin dyed in order to play an African-American man and Portnoy is a comedic actor looking for a serious role but he has a huge drug problem. When the cast of the film mess up the most expensive scene the director is furious and he decides to film Guerrilla style with hidden cameras but unknown to the actors the Vietnamese people that are hunting them are not actors and are genuinely trying to kill them. Lazarus and Steedman try to outdo each other at every turn and when Steedman eventually leaves the group to go on his own he is captured by the Vietnamese and the rest of the cast now aware of the danger they are all in go all out to save him and to escape the jungle.

Tropic Thunder is one of the rare Stiller and Jack Black for that matter films that I actually enjoyed however Robert Downey Jr. is far and away the best thing about the film. At just under two hours TT might be a bit long to keep people's interest but the action and comedy scenes remain constantly good throughout and make Tropic Thunder an enjoyable film.


I cannot begin to explain how much I love this movie it's just an hour and a half of cheesy, humorous lines, upbeat songs in the style of Grease and a plot that is so extravagant that it asks questions such as is the movie a spoof of typical teen movies? Is it a spoof of itself? and most importantly does it matter? The simple answer is no because Cry-Baby is a wonderful trip through the 1950's were being square meant dressing smart and singing pop and being a drape was all about leather jackets and rock and roll. Cry-Baby boasts a fresh faced cast including a young Johnny Depp, Amy Locane, Ricki Lake and even Iggy Pop plays a part in the film as the uncle of Cry-Baby.

Cry-Baby tells the tale of the Wade 'Cry-Baby' Walker and his gang of juvenile delinquents who love to terrorize squares and disobey the law. When a square named Allison falls in love with Cry-Baby her grandmother and her boyfriend are disgusted and tell her that she should be proud to be a square but as Allison and Cry-Baby learn more about each other they fall in love but after an alteration with a square Cry-Baby is arrested and as rumors spread Allison leaves him in jail much to the annoyance of Cry-Baby. Allison soon learns the truth however and the only way they can convince the warden to let Cry-Baby go free is through song!

Cry-Baby has an insanely silly plot and some of the scenes are cringe worthy but it seems like this was intended by director John Waters as he tells an almost Romeo and Juliet style story through this dialogue and some very catchy songs. Cry-Baby is a highly enjoyable movie with a delightful cast and many some very funny scenes.

Donnie Brasco

Johnny Depp makes quite a habit of picking interesting roles, movies and characters where the majority of the attention would be focused on his performance but Donnie Brasco is one of the rare movies where Depp is not the key man, yes he is very good as the titular Donnie Brasco but it is Al Pacino's performance as the guiding 'Lefty Ruggerio' that steals the show. Telling the tale of an undercover FBI agent named Joe Pistone AKA Donnie Brasco Depp and Pacino complement each other superbly throughout the film and the two are obviously the key to the highly successful Donnie Brasco.

Joe Pistone is an FBI agent who is trying to infiltrate the mafia under the alias of Donnie Brasco. When Donnie meets and befriends Lefty Ruggerio he has an in to the mafia much to the delight of the FBI but to the dismay of his family who he has to constantly ignore in order to keep them safe in case he is found out. As Donne learns the mannerisms and ways of the mafia from Lefty he begins to speak and act like him which does not go unnoticed by his wife who wants him to pull out as she feels he is getting in to deep but by this stage Donnie has now developed an almost father-son relationship with Lefty and he knows if he leaves the mafia that Lefty will almost certainly be killed for bringing Donnie into the 'family' in the first place.

Donnie Brasco is as good as any mafia/gangster film there is and this is due largely to the relationship of it's leading men Depp and Pacino who are simply fantastic in their respective roles. Brasco is an action packed, gritty drama but there are also elements of humor involved in the film with Pacino having some of the best lines but it also seems to be a maturing movie for Johnny Depp and is undoubtedly one his finest performances but all in all the film belongs to the ever present Al Pacino.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking a Friend The End Of The World might just possibly be the most under rated film I have seen in recent times everything from the disturbing plot to the wonderful acting seems to fit so well that it is a wonder so many people and critics were not overly fond of the film. The plot is basically in the title as it follows two new friends Dodge and Penny both who have their own quests to fulfill before an asteroid hits the planet Earth and ends the human race as we know it. Dodge is played by Steve Carrell who is famous for his funny guy roles but he has proved in the past that he can play serious roles and 'Seeking a Friend' is another fine example of that he along with Keira Knightley who plays Penny are far and away the best thing about this film and the chemistry between the two of them is strangely wonderful.

The story starts with the hapless Dodge who is an insurance salesman whose wife has recently left him and while everyone is fearing the imminent death of the human race Dodge seems weirdly relaxed despite the slight fear of dying alone. When Dodge lets a distraught Penny spend the night in his home when she misses a flight to see her parents the two strike up an unlikely friendship and in the days following decide to set out to find Dodge's high school sweetheart and for Penny to find a friend of Dodges who can fly her home to England to spend her remaining time with her parents but the duo must put up with some minor twists and turns on their journey and as they spend more time the two grew closer romantically and begin to question what they want to do with their remaining days on earth.

The beauty about Seeking a Friend of The End Of The World is that it is your typical romantic comedy film except there is always a cloud of impeding doom hanging over the characters and so you wonder how they can truly be happy and yet they find each other and it seems like it was destiny that their paths crosses, you could most likely guess the way the film pans out from the minute Dodge and Penny meet but it is the undeniable chemistry between Carrell and Knightley and the eerily disturbing ending that this makes this film so much better than your run of the mill romantic comedies.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is your typical run of the mill romantic comedy or rom-com in terms of the plot but it is the wonderful direction of Judd Apatow and performances of his cast that separates Forgetting Sarah Marshall from most other rom-coms. Jason Segel stars as Peter Bretter the man who is trying to avoid and forget about Sarah Marshall who is played by Kristen Bell and with support from the likes of Mila Kunis, Paul Rudd and Russell Brand the majority of the cast give good performances to make for a fun film with the one minor flaw being a running time of two hours.

When Peter is dumped by Sarah Marshall a successful Hollywood actress he jets off to Hawaii in the hopes of taking his mind off her but when he arrives there he finds that she has also decided to vacate there and worse yet she is there with her new boyfriend Aldous Snow. After some initial awkwardness Peter begins to settle into the hotel and the locals all seem to get on with him rather well and he gets on particularly well with the attractive hotel receptionist Rachael. As Peter and Rachael grow closer and begin dating Sarah becomes jealous of their relationship and begins to tease Peter by flaunting her and Aldous's relationship in front of them but Peter has moved on and is now intent on winning Rachael's heart.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is filled with a lot of laughs and good performances especially from Jason Segel as Peter and Russell Brand as Aldous Snow, both men more than prove that they can star in a big screen film and do it successfully. Despite the positive aspects of Forgetting Sarah Marshall it is overly long and the plot does become a bit dull at times but Brand and Segel provide enough humor to keep you entertained throughout

Marvel's The Avengers

After the hype surrounding The Avengers it was either going to be extremely good or extremely poor and thankfully Joss Whedon has successfully managed to combine multiple superhero stories into one and make arguably the greatest superhero movie of the lot. With the likes of Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo and Samuel L. Jackson on board it was always clear that the talent was there to make a wonderful film but it was how to utilize the talent on board that was always going to be the hardest part of the production, thankfully Whedon manages to construct a plot that has just the right amount of action, humor, thrills and to make it even better the plot isn't even complicated so there should be no problem in following the story line.

When planet Earth comes under threat from Loki a 'God' from another planet and brother to Thor, Nick Fury assembles the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Hawk Eye and Black Widow to try and put a stop to the hell bent Loki. Their efforts prove to be futile however and Loki soon takes control of some of Fury's best agents to scheme against the Avengers and to make a weapon that will allow his army of aliens to come and start a war on planet Earth. When Loki succeeds in opening a portal to allow his Aliens into the world they begin wreaking havoc on New York City and it is up to the Avengers to fight them off in an epic battle.

With stunning action scenes that are heavily influenced by the use of CGI The Avengers is a breathtaking movie that matches up to the success of Christopher Nolan's Batman films, the cast are terrific as they reprise their roles as superheros and the chemistry among the cast is key to the little bits of humor that are involved throughout the film. A genuinely thrilling movie from start to finish that has one of the best battle scenes in history to round off a perfect superhero movie.

Jeff Who Lives at Home

The Duplass brothers return for another family themed drama/comedy after the hit that was Cyrus and while Jeff who lives at home has it moments it does not reach the same standard that Cyrus set

Jason Segel and Ed Helms star as Jeff and Pat who lead very different lifestyles and Susan Sarandon plays there mother. Jeff is a stay at home son who likes to sit around and smoke pot all day rather than finding a job much to the dismay of his mother and Pat is a not so succesful nine to five guy who is not so successful but is married and lives away from home. Jeff recalls his love for the film Signs at the beginning of the film and when he receives a phone call that was meant for a man named Kevin he believes it is a sign and starts looking for Signs to lead him to his destiny. After he is mugged by a seemingly nice young man named Kevin and his friends Jeff winds up running into his brother Pat who is rather abusive to his brother in a verbal manner rather than a physical one. When the two end up in a car crash they see Pat's wife(Judy Greer) with another man Pat assumes that they are having an affair and they decide to follow them whilst Jeff continues to look for signs. All of this culminates in a very dramatic moment for Jeff after he follows each sign along the way he seems to discover his destiny. There is also a lovely side story involving Jeff's mum Pat and a surprise secret admirer in her work who along the way also act as signs for Jeff.

Jeff who lives at home basically follows the same plot as Cyrus in the famliy problems sense albeit with a few more gags and funny moments but the Duplass brothers seem to lose steam with the gags towards the end if it were not for a very tear jerking finale 'Jeff' could be considered quite boring.
Segel and Sarandon are fantastic in there respective roles and Segel brings a lot of humor to the film, Ed Helms and Judy Greer worked well as a struggling couple but there just seemed to be something missing from the movie the problem is identifying what it is. Jeff who lives at home is an up and down movie it starts out very good before becoming stale at the midway section but the finale is fantastic.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

One of the most refreshing horror movies that you are likely to see from the modern age, Let me In is an adaption/remake of the Swedish novel/film of a similar name and it will not disappoint fans of the novel or the original film for that matter.

Let Me In tells the story of two outsiders named Owen and Abby who live next door to each with the latter having just moved in with her father. Abby is played by Chloe Moretz and Owen is played by Kodi Smit-McPhee and it is the two youngsters who are the backbone of the film. Owen is tormented and friendless at school due to a bully problem and fantasizes about torturing his tormentors while Abby is strange and mysterious girl who upon meeting Owen insists that they cannot be friends much to Owen's dismay. When Abby's father murders a man for blood we find out that Abby is a vampire and her father really isn't her father he is just an old friend who possibly is in love with her. After a botched murder Abby's father/friend sacrifices his blood for her Abby visits Owen and the two 'go steady' but Owen soon realizes Abby's secret and that she is wanted by the police. The movie really picks up the pace at this point as Owen decides to stand by his friend and love and the two in their own different ways set out to protect the other from the troubles that they are facing while forming a close relationship. The final scenes in the film are eerily traumatic and disturbing if you think about the situation but at the same time you feel happy which is a very strange feeling to have at the end of a horror movie.

Let Me In is a romantic horror and it should be noted that it is not intended to be a film that makes you jump every two seconds in fear nor is it one that will you make you grab the tissues because of the romanticism involved. Let Me In is as dark, disturbing and wonderful as any of the best horror/fantasy movies you have seen.


At the age of 15 Chloe Moretz has become almost like a veteran in the acting world and she seems to get stronger with every passing performance however she and Eddie Redmayne are the only things that are particularly good about Hick. The main issue with the film from my point of view was the lack of direction as it seems that nobody including the people in the film themselves know what they are doing or where they are going with the story.

Hick tells the story of Luli a 13 year old girl who after being constantly neglected by her parents decides to head West for Las Vegas and along the way meets various people most notably Eddie and Glenda. Eddie offers Luli a lift but she is soon thrown out of his car for insulting and she then meets Glenda who takes her under her wing and lets her travel with her, things go pear shaped however when Glenda and Luli meet Eddie and his boss with Glenda being particularly scared of Eddie for unknown reasons when Eddie takes Luli away from Glenda and his boss so they can be alone we begin to learn more about him and it soon becomes clear that Eddie has a dark past and that Luli is in danger.

The story is engaging and very good for the first 45-50 minutes but slowly fades away and the plot thins towards the end and becomes too dark for it's own good and it seems to focus primarily on everybody obsessing over a 13 year old girl and becomes rather demented in doing so and the film seems to lose the run of itself in the last 35 or so minutes despite a nice cameo appearance from Alec Baldwin. The plot never really goes anywhere nor does it seem like it is going somewhere that being said Redmayne's performance as Eddie was outstanding and Moretz keeps up her consistent form to make this a barely watchable flick.

Public Enemies

Based on the notorious 30's bank robber John Dillinger Michael Mann's effort at portraying the modern day Robin Hood is a good effort and his leading men Johnny Depp and Christian Bale give terrific performances especially Depp who oozes charisma as Dillinger. The film is almost historically accurate except for the timeline of certain events and the places where some of these events actually happened which is also a nice touch.

Taking a trip back to the 1930's to tell the tale the plot centers on Dillinger and his gang as they ride from town to town rubbing banks and becoming celebrities to the citizens for their determination to rob the banks money not the peoples. When it seems like Dillinger cannot be caught Melvin Purvis is put in charge of the FBI hunt for him and as Purvis begins to enforce strict laws Dillinger realizes he may have met his match but it does not stop him from trying to outrun the law especially since he had met and fallen in love with Billie Frechette.

Public Enemies is good but the film is overly long and lacks a lot of things, it is worth watching just to watch Depp and Bale in a battle of wits and there are a lot of good shoot out scenes and one particularly pleasing scene involving a jailbreak that is just inspirational in a very wrong way. It seems that Michael Mann had all the makings of an exceptional movie on his hands, he had two of Hollywood's most bankable men, a strong supporting cast and a deeply intriguing plot but he somehow managed to fall short. Maybe the standard he set himself was just to high? Still Public Enemies is an enjoyable enough movie and another stunning performance from Mr. Depp makes it watchable.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law reunite as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson in the sequel to Guy Ritchies Sherlock Holmes and A Game of Shadows certainly does not disappoint..

Holmes first learned of his latest Adversary Professor Moriarty in the first film from Holmes flame Irene Adler. Moriarty plans to start a world war by murdering political figureheads so that he can reap the benefits by selling war weapons. Moriarty it would seem is always one step ahead of Holmes and he even makes it a personal battle between the two by murdering Irene Adler and refusing to leave Dr. Watson alone after Holmes states that he has nothing to do with him anymore. Holmes then has to recruit Watson for one more 'trip' and after a rather interesting train journey Watson reluctantly agrees to accompany his friend. The two travel to France to meet the gypsy Simza whose brother is key to the investigation. After Moriarty outwits Holmes by assassinating another political figure they must travel across Europe with the aid of Simza and a few of her compainions to pursue Moriarty and an enthralling game of cat and mouse plays out.

The chemistry between Downey Jr. and Law is enough to keep A game of Shadows as entertaining as the first but the best bits are saved for the Holmes and Moriarty confrontations, Moriarty played by Jared Harris is a much better villain than Blackwood and Harris plays the role brilliantly. A Game of Shadows is a slight improvement on the first movie in my opinion but Ritchie will need some fresh ideas for the third movie as the explained fight scene bit wears thin in this movie bar one particular sequence which needs no explanation.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Without a doubt one of the best films of the noughties as Gore Verbinski rejuvenates the non-existence of Pirate movies and boy does he do a wonderful job in doing so most of it down to a career best performance from Johnny Depp who plays Jack Sparrow or should I say Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp famously based his performance of Sparrow on Keith Richards and Pepe Le Pew and the result is a bumbling ,drunken and girly walking pirate who entertains from the minute he's on the screen to the minute the credits roll. Geoffrey Rush is superb as Sparrows nemesis Barbossa and Pirates features a strong cast who all more than earn their keep as they travel to Isla De Muerta not to find treasure but to return it... queue various sticky situations, CGI sword fights and basically all round fun for the 2 hours and 23 minutes not even the completely wooden Orlando Bloom can ruin this flick

Shaun of the Dead

One of the funniest comedy/horror films that has ever been made. Ed and the titular Shaun are two going nowhere guys who seem to lack ambition in their lives that is until Shuan gets dumped by his girlfriend Liz and he decides to spruce up his lifestyle. There is however one problem....there happens to be a mutant zombie attack going on around them at the same time. Shaun of the Dead is clever, quirky, funny, intelligent and downright scary at times and features some of the funniest moments in British film in a long time with a particularly strong performance from Nick Frost as Ed the lovable cheeky chappy best friend of Shaun.

Lesbian Vampire Killers

With a name like this movie had to be really good or really and..... it was really-really bad! Mat Horne and James Corden reunite in this movie about lesbian vampires that is supposed to be sexy and funny but ends up being neither. Horne doesn't look like he can act on the small screen so why anyone though he would have big screen presence is beyond me, Corden on the other hand is a good stage/tv actor but this may set his film career back a couple of years as a couple of cheap laughs here and there aren't enough to stop the film from falling flat on it's face. The cast is bad, the direction is bad and the whole movie is bad


A decent film that is made in a similar style to Michael Mann's Public Enemies Lawless is entertaining but a tad overlong. With a talented cast that includes Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce and Gary Oldman Lawless is a throwback to the spaghetti western films of old but it lacks enough real depth or character development to make you care for the characters involved in the storyline. Tom Hardy is on the verge of being Hollywood's biggest stars and some may say he already he is but it has to be said he is pretty poor in Lawless as he grunts his way through most scenes and his accent is susceptible, Guy Pearce and LaBeouf are the standout characters in the film and both give good performances while Gary Oldman basically makes a cameo appearance and it seems like he was cast just to use his name. Lawless tells the tale of the Bondurant brothers who are bootlegging moonshine sellers in the prohibition area, the two eldest brothers are feared by largely everyone whilst the youngest brother is looked upon as a lackie by the authorities and the elder brothers themselves. When Charley Rakes the DA begins to take a personal interest in the Bondurant brothers things begin to heat up as Rakes wants the Bondurant brothers blood. The Bondurants respond in their typical manner by taking revenge on people who have hurt them first and by continuing to defy Rakes by selling moonshine which is successfully done by the youngest brother but when a shocking event leads to the death of a beloved friend even he turns manic and wants Charlie Rake dead as much as his brothers do. At 115 minutes Lawless is drastically long for the simple story and plot it has to tell although there is some decent action throughout and the acting performances of Pearce and LaBeouf make it a fairly decent movie but it's definitely Tom Hardy's most disappointing role to date.

The Firm
The Firm(2009)

The problem with Nick Love's adaption of the made for TV movie which starred a young Gary Oldman is that it offers nothing new to the hooligan genre and that the plot is essentially the same as the original with a few minor changes, some of the dialogue is even word for word the same. The movie's lead is supposed to be Dominic as it is essentially about him but even still he plays a bit part to Bex who was the central figure in the original. Paul Anderson plays Bex in the film and he is quite good but the part was always a poisoned chalice because of how good Oldman was.

The plot follows Dom as he manages to work his way into a notorious football hooligan gang after standing up to there leader Bex. At first Dom idolizes Bex and tries to emulate him by dressing like him and speaking in a violent and intimidating way to his friends. When Dom begins to make a name for himself in the gang he begins to realize that it is not what he thought and he yearns to return to the simple life he had before meeting Bex however he knows Bex will not let him leave the firm willingly and so he is forced to fight on.

The thing that made the original movie so great was that at the time it was hard hitting and almost factual like but Nick Love has taken the same plot with the same character and more or less made the same movie except Anderson does not have the charm that Oldman and have and the inclusion of Dom as a central character seems utterly pointless. The film looks as if it is on the verge of pushing boundaries throughout but by the end you realize the final fight much like the film is boring, lackluster and pointless.


Prometheus was a bit of a let down for me as I was a big fan of Alien but after viewing Prometheus I was left feeling disappointed and sad as Ridley Scott's latest film has so many plot holes throughout and the characters become so cliche by the end you realize that the film lacks any real originality, the one positive aspect of the film is that the action scenes are quite good and the visuals are pretty impressive especially in 3-D. Prometheus has an all star cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce, Charlize Theron and countless others but unfortunately it is only Fassbender who makes the most of his material with a stunning performance as the android David and is the sole reason the movie is somewhat entertaining.

When a group of scientists discover ancient runes that also feature the same sign they decide that the signs are an invitation to meet who they believe are their creators. The group is funded by a billionaire who has recently passed away and the group are put into a permanent sleep until they reach there destination save for David who is an android looking after the sleeping humans. When the humans wake from their two year slumber they have arrived at the destination and set out to find the creators but after some initial research it seems that things aren't all they seem and with many twist and turns happening aboard the vessel they all begin to turn on one another in order to find out the mystery of the island.

Prometheus in the end asks more questions than it answers for a start why would a multi-billionaire invest in something that two scientists literally made up? Why did they rush everything in their first day on the planet? they had days, weeks maybe even months to research but yet they try to rush everything from the start and even then the head scientist becomes depressed because he doesn't see an alien despite only exploring a mere fraction of the planet. Prometheus could have been very interesting but it wasn't and in the end it is because of plot inconsistencies and the numerous amount of characters all of whom are utterly pointless and not likeable in any sense especially Charlize Theron's character.


Not being a huge fan of MMA or UFC I didn't have high expectations when I sat down to view Warrior but to my surprise it turned out to be one of the best films I have ever had the pleasure of watching. If you were to combine all the fight scenes and drama from the six Rocky movies and compared it to Warrior, Warrior would win hands down it's just so powerful and the acting from the three leads particularly Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte is amazing as is Joel Edgerton.

Warrior tells the story of two brothers Tommy(Hardy) and Brendan(Edgerton) competing in an MMA tournament both have motives for winning the money but the main focus of the plot is on the brother's strained relationship with each other and their recovering alcoholic father Paddy(Nolte). We learn that Paddy split his family up by boozing and that Tommy and his mother ran away with his mother passing away sometime after. Tommy refuses to forgive Brendan for not coming with them and Brendan refuses to forgive Tommy because he didn't let him say goodbye to his mother, Brendan forgives his father and they seem to be civil with each other as the movie progresses the ever angry Tommy see's this as an act of betrayal and refuses to accept his brothers apology. As the plot progresses it becomes clear that the brothers will meet eventually in the tournament and when they end up in the octagon together it is very hard to pick a favorite.

Warrior never stutters at any moment and the final fight will have your heart torn between who to cheer for and the result will break your heart but maybe not in the way you would expect, the fights are as good as any Rocky fight and the acting is far and beyond that of any Rocky character as mentioned Hardy and Edgerton are great as the troubled Conlan brothers and Nick Nolte is superb as their father how he never won an oscar for this role I will never know.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

First of all I'll start on a positive not and that is the performance of Gary Oldman is yet again outstanding, Oldman has to go down as one of the most underrated actors in the history of film and the fact that he is only now receiving his first Oscar nomination backs this point up because in my eyes I have never seen him give a bad performance or even a bad scene. Now to the negatives Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a mystery film that captures you and makes you believe that exciting things are going to occur throughout but they do not and while the movie is still interesting to watch it is mainly due to Oldman and the talented cast as the movie becomes a little boring to watch and one main complaint I have is that Tom Hardy was drastically underused an actor have talent should not have had such a small role

Featuring other stars such as Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and Mark Strong Tinker had all the makings of an excellent film but unfortunately it is below the standard set by the cast and is easily forgettable, the plot centers on Smiley(Oldman) as he returns from retirement in order to find a spy who has double crossed the MI-6 and while the film is as complex as 3000 piece puzzle and becomes interesting for the viewer to find out who the mystery man is it just drags out and becomes to much of a wait and there is little or no action to conquer the boredom although it is still interesting for some unknown reason. The film was based on the television series of the same name and I truly believe it could have been left as a TV series as it works much better that way but at least we got a terrific performance from the ever present and wonderful Gary Oldman out of the film.

The Cabin in the Woods

The Cabin In the Woods sounds like your stereotypical horror film where a group of teenagers go off to the a cousins country cabin in the middle of nowhere before something horribly goes horribly wrong and the teens are soon being chopped off one by one and while it is true that this happens throughout The Cabin In The Woods but there is the ongoing query as to why it happens that catches your attention that makes for such an interesting movie.

Five teenagers go into the woods for a weekend of partying and to get away from there boring town but things are odd from the start as they are monitored by various people throughout who seem to be talking about some sort of competition between them. When it turns out there is a competition it isn't to see which teen survives or dies its to see what way they will die and as it turns out they are being attacked by a family of zombies who begin to take them out one by one as they try to escape but with the men monitoring them constantly and ensuring that they do not survive it seems that they are destined to die.

With a fine performance from its relatively small cast which includes the talented Chris Hemsworth and a breathtaking film debut from the films primary antagonist Kristen Connolly The Cabin In the Woods is dark, disturbing, scary, original and even funny at times film and it is definitely a fresh welcome to the horror genre as it does not conform to the usual plot and while the movie does go a bit wacky towards the end it is fully intended and more importantly it works. Overall it is an intriguing film that is scary and thrilling at the same time with a very unexpected twist.

The Simpsons Movie

The Simpsons movie is better than the current episodes that are being aired but it still does not have the heart or the humor that the early that the early series produced. True the movie is still funny and has many of the character antics that made the show so popular in the first place but a lot of the jokes are recycled through the funny but I they're still funny and I guess you can't ask any more from a comedy movie than for it to make you laugh. The movie also sees a vast improvement in the animations and the visuals sector which also makes for pleasant viewing and there a few nice cameo appearances throughout notably from Tom Hanks.

The plot centers on the town of Springfield being quarantined and sectioned off by a big dome after our favorite Dad Homer dumps a load of waste in the newly clean Springfield lake, when the people of Springfield turn on Homer the family flee to Canada, but it is not long before The Simpson family soon decide to return to their beloved town but Homer refuses as he feels there is nothing there for him . After an epiphany though Homer decides to return to the town in order to save his friends and his family.

The Simpsons movie is funny enough and clever enough for fans of the original series and smart enough for both adults and children to enjoy but it does lack originality at times and many of the jokes are ones we have seen before but nevertheless The Simpson movie makes for a good family movie that any person of any age should enjoy but ultimately the show has run its course and the film should be viewed as a last hurrah and although it still airs the Simpsons movie for those who don't view the new series is a fitting end to a great television show.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton has a knack for all things visual and creative and he blends these two things to make the most perfect Halloween movie that ever was, or is it Christmas? That is the real beauty of the film as it is one of those films you will be able to watch at Halloween and it will feel like a Halloween movie and you could watch it at Christmas as it also passes as a Christmas film. The visuals as aforementioned are breathtaking as are the stop-motion animated characters and the songs throughout the film are delightful.

The film opens with a catchy number before introducing Jack Skellington, the successful Pumpkin King of Halloween Town who is adored by the townspeople. While it seems that Jack has everything he has in fact become tired and bored of Halloween town. However Jack soon stumbles upon Christmastown and decides to make the town his so he will be adored as much as 'Sandy Claws' (Santa Claus) however when Jack enlists the help of three children to kidnap Sandy they tell Oogie Boogie and he plans to kidnap the Sandy Claws to play a game of life with him and so it becomes up to Jack to rescue the Sandy Claws.

That you can watch it at Halloween and Christmas and categorize it as a Halloween or Christmas film is an achievement in itself but The Nightmare Before Christmas is much more than just that as it is a morally correct film that is also funny, charming, scary and overall brilliant to watch it will surely go down as one of the greatest animated movies of all time.

The Hunger Games

Like the Harry Potter franchise The Hunger Games is a book turned film that is primarily aimed at teens and young adults but make no mistake The Hunger Games like 'Potter' can be enjoyed by any age group. Mind blowing and enthralling it is one of them films that seems to get stronger as the film progresses and by the time the end scene comes you will be screaming for more, the performances, the plot and the direction is all spot on in what is surely one of 2012's best films.

Set in a post-apocalyptic time where the lands as we know them are no longer the same the plot centers on Katniss (Jennifer Lawerence) who lives with her struggling family in the poorest district of the new world district 12. As part of a punishment for another district attacking The Capitol each district must enter a male and female between the ages of 12 and 18 in the Hunger Games a battle to the death where only one person can survive. When Katniss's sister is drawn she unselfishly volunteers in her place and she and a boy named Peeta are then taken off to represent District 12. Under the tutelage of Haymitch, Effie and Cinna Katniss and Peeta begin to learn to do what is necessary to survive as long as you can in the Hunger Games. When the Games begin and Katniss and Peeta survive the opening days against the stronger district's it becomes clear that they are not ordinary opponents and it is not long before they are the target of the top two districts who have formed an alliance.

With superb performances from Lawerence and her co-lead Hutcherson and some strikingly graphic action scenes the Hunger Games is enthralling and brutal from the off, there is more than enough hints throughout the movie to tell us that there is a meaningful message behind it, whether you understand it or not determines how powerful the movie will be to the viewer.

The Inbetweeners

The Inbetweeners movie does not live up to it's massive expectations nor does it fall flat on it's face but rather starts off promising before falling into a stereotypical teenage film plot, the television show of the same name with the same cast was praised for it's crudeness, originality and dark wit and while the movie has a lot of crudeness and dark humor it cannot find a plot that fits with it and instead goes for an American Pie styled plot. The movie even involves a fight between the friends which is something that the series never did and which quite frankly made the movie worse in my opinion, the boys argue a lot in the series and a lot of humor comes from this but they never fight and that is what makes the friendship special as they are not popular nor unpopular but ultimately they all have each other.

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are four best friends from a suburb in England who have just finish secondary school education and when the four lads realize that the summer before them will be there last real chance at partying before heading into the adult world they decide to go on holiday together to Ayia Napa. When the sex obsessed boys reach their destination they learn that they are staying in a dingy hotel and are just as unpopular with women abroad as they were at home but there is hope for the four as they meet four girls who the lads desperately chase.

The cast do well with what they are given but they to seem to struggle with the transition to the big screen. The Inbetweeners isn't bad and it will have you laughing out loud at some points but the problem is that the jokes are few and far between and the plot is boringly unoriginal and uninspiring, the movie even involves a fight between the friends which is something that the series never did and which quite frankly made the movie worse in my opinion, the boys argue a lot in the series and a lot of humor comes from this but they never fight and that is what makes the friendship special as they are not popular nor unpopular but ultimately they all have each other. The movie even involves a fight between friends which is something that the series never did and which quite frankly made the movie worse in my opinion, the boys argue a lot in the series and a lot of humor comes from this but they never fight and that is what makes the friendship special as they are not
as a huge fan of the television series I have to say I was pretty disappointed with the Inbetweeners movie.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Dark Shadows is director Tim Burton's take on the popular 1960/70's soap opera of the same name that featured mythical creatures like vampires, werewolves, witches etc. and of course there were very strange happenings involved in this soap opera and strange is something that Tim Burton can definitely relate to so it seems only fitting that he directs the film adaption of Dark Shadows.

Burton's frequent collaborator Johnny Depp plays the leading role as the vampire Barnabas Collins and Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter, Chloe Grace Moretz, Jackie Earle Haley, Johnny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote and Michelle Pfeiffer round off a star studded cast. There is also cameo appearances from Christopher Lee, Alice Cooper and the original Barnabas Collins Jonathan Frid.

Dark Shadows begins in 1752 with the Collins family migrating to America to open a fishing port which they name Collinsport. When Barnabas(Depp) falls in love with Josette(Heathcote) he breaks the heart of Angelique(Green) and in return she casts a spell on both Barnabas and Josette, turning Barnabas into a vampire and making Josette throw herself from a cliff and she also convinces the townspeople to bury Barnabas for being a vampire. Two centuries later and Barnabas is accidentally freed and upon his return to Collinwood Manor and Collinsport there lies a nasty shock as his family are as dysfunctional as they come and his old nemesis Angelique is now the leading businesswoman in the town his parents built. Barnabas struggles to adapt to life in the 1970's and much of the humor in the film comes from his wild reactions to everyday items such as a television and LED lights. It is not long before Barnabas sets out to restore the family business to it's former glory but whilst doing this he also falls for the Collins governess Victoria who bears a striking resemblance to his former love Josette much to the dismay of Angelique who is hellbent on destroying the Collins legacy and the blossoming romance between Barnabas and Victoria which in turn leads to a hilarious rivalry between the duo culminating in an epic battle at the films close.

Dark Shadows while entertaining and fun for the majority of the film seems to lack something towards the end and the inclusion of Helena Bonham Carter's character seems fairly pointless as she does not add anything to the film bar one surprise which again is irrelevant to the plot. The main source of humor comes from Johnny Depp and Eva Green's rivalry with one particular CGI fight/love scene being the highlight of the film. Dark Shadows starts strong but ends weak but there is enough entertainment in between to make it a very enjoyable film and fans of the Burton/Depp collaboration should look forward to seeing it. Mark my words in years to come this will be a cult classic and I for one am not waiting

The Libertine

As one of Johnny Depp's greatest admirers when it comes to acting and the movies he chooses to do I can only ask one question and that is what the hell was he thinking when he agreed to sign on for this film? The story is actually interesting and based on the real life tale of the notorious John Wilmot who was a friendly with the ruler of England but was also a past-era rock and roll star of sorts who loved to have a drink and found no better company than that of a woman. Depp is pretty good in the lead role but it feels like the movie focuses primarily on Depp and not the plot or the supporting cast and as such there is no real character development save for Depp's Wilmot, the movie is overlong and becomes tedious to watch after about half an hour, the cast are bad mainly because they are given little to work with, the shooting of the film itself is shoddy and looks blurry for the majority of the film and the plot seems incomplete by the time you reach the films conclusion. Overall The Libertine is just a very dirty film that is not very appealing but will draw viewers because of its stars name but The Libertine is definitely a film that I will see once and once was more than enough for any man, woman or child to take.

The Libertine was made around the time where Depp seemed to hit the big-time commercially as an actor due to the success of Pirates of The Caribbean and as mentioned previously he is good in it but deep down it is sad to see his talent wasted on such a fruitless film with no sense of direction or creativity.


When I first heard that there was a vampire film out that was drawing comparisons to the Harry Potter films I genuinely got excited and decided to give Twilight a go but I soon realized that my excitement would be turned into boredom very, very quickly. Telling the tale of a new girl in a dull town who falls for a boy who turns out to be a vampire Twilight is a film that is more interested in how good looking it's main couple are than an actual plot or point to the film and to quote Stephen King ''Harry Potter is all about confronting fears, finding inner strength, and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend'' the two should never be compared they are two completely different stories and there is about as much emotion in the Twilight novels as there are in my teapot. Kristen Stewart stars as the dull Bella Swan and Robert Pattinson stars as her love interest Edward. Pattinson to be fair to him is not the worst thing about this film but at the same time that's like saying a meal is not that bad as it still isn't much of a compliment.

When Bella decides to move in with her father in the shoddy town of Forks she is instantly attracted to her partner in one of her classes Edward Cullen and when he saves her by stopping a car that was about to hit her with his hand she realizes that he is nor ordinary human being and is in fact a vampire. The two unlikely lovers soon begin to bond and Edward even introduces Bella to his family who all take a liking to Edward but one of Edward's relatives James promises to make Bella his next victim and so it is up to the rest of the Cullen clan to stop there relative from tearing fair maiden to shreds.

Twilight is dull even the town featured in the movie isn't sunny throughout, the acting is awful especially from Stewart she seems like a lost puppy trying to find her feet for the majority of the film and to top it off the dialogue is pretty cheesy as well. Twilight is based on a novel that has to be better than the movie so maybe I should give that a go?


Perhaps I shouldn't have listened to the hype before viewing Bridesmaids as I genuinely did not like the film as much as the majority of the population it would seem. While the cast give strong performances (especially Kristen Wiig and Mellisa McCarthy) the story was something we have all seen before and while it is funny, very funny actually at times there is not enough jokes to make up for the 125 minutes involved in the film. Judd Apatow has a knack for making young adult films and Bridesmaids is much of the same from him but it does not quite hit the high standards set by previous films such as Knocked Up and The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Annie and Lillian have been best friends for years but Annie is on the verge of depression while Lillian is prepared to be married with Annie as her maid of honor. When Annie meets the rest of the bridesmaids she immediately takes a dislike to Helen whom she believes is trying to steal her best friend by buying her expensive things, things go from bad to worse for Annie when she mistakenly ruins the brides hen-do and falls out with her love interest and she soon begins to go stir-crazy much to the annoyance of the other bridesmaids and it is not long before she is at odds with all the important people in her life.

Bridesmaids is a good film at best that has been hyped beyond belief. Melissa McCarthy was nominated for an Oscar for her role as Megan and while I agree that she is very-very good in the film she is not the best thing about as Kristen Wiig's character brings much more humor and feeling to the film. Bridesmaids has been compared to the Hangover and to summarize the comparison I'll leave it on this note.... The Hangover is better

Stuart: A Life Backwards

Tom Hardy gives a career best performance as Stuart a homeless, sometimes violent alcoholic who also indulges in drugs from time to time. Benedict Cumberbatch co-stars as Alexander a writer who also works as a carer for the homeless to make a it more pocket money.

The story like the novel is told backwards so from the off we learn that Stuart has passed away and Alexander narrates the story like the book and tells the humorous and heartbreaking tale of his good friend Stuart. When the owners of the homeless hostel Alexander works at and Stuart visits are arrested the two meet at a meeting to free the couple and strike a bond when Alexander realizes that there is more to Stuart than meets the eye as he proves himself to be intelligent and he even comes up with a way of peaceful protest that leads to the carers being released. When Alexander decides to write a book about Stuart the two begin to bind and develop a loving friendship and as Alexander learns more about Stuarts past he comes to realize why the seemingly intelligent young man ended up becoming homeless but Alexander also has to put up with Stuarts drinking and his rage of violent outbreaks that occur. Hardy plays

Based on a novel that was also a true story Stuart: A life backwards is easily one of the best independent films I have ever seen largely due to the chemistry between the leading men, Hardy's performance as Stuart is so convincing and strong it is amazing that not that many people know about this film and it is a shame that the film was made for television and not given a wide release as he would have won numerous awards for his portrayal, he goes from dark to joyful at the click of the finger sometimes and makes you care so much for the character, Benedict Cumberbatch is also very good in his role as Alexander but this is Hardy's movie from start to finish and he makes the most of it.


At the time of release Saw was original and a fresh spark in the horror genre and if you put the many sequels to the back of your mind whilst watching the first one it is still largely refreshing I believe if the movie had a little bit more character development it could have been very good

Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine is such a good movie because it is heartwarming, heartbreaking, charming, funny and just plain sweet from start to finish. The best thing about Little Miss Sunshine is how the family in the film begin to feel like your own as the movie goes on, there's the pushy father, the doting mother, the crazy brother, the suicidal uncle and the junkie but loving grandfather, we could try and say that these types of people don't exist in our families but in most cases they do albeit in different forms and so the movie builds a connection immediately with the audience because you watch how they act around each other and if you closed your eyes it could be your own family. The story itself centers around Olive's longing to be crowned Little Miss Sunshine and with the family struggling financially they decide it best to make a road trip out of it and well the rest will be history, you will laugh and cry throughout the film sometimes both at the same time and by the end you will be cheering for Olive like she was your own relative.

I Love You, Man

Jason Segel and Paul Rudd team up for the third time after appearing together in the critically acclaimed films Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall and the duo do not disappoint on their thrid outing together as I Love You Man is very funny and heartwarming. The plot follows stereotypical rom-com story line of a guy and girl falling in love before hitting a bumpy batch and falling out but the difference with I Love You Man is that they have the hilarious Jason Segel to lighten the mood and it is his chemistry with Rudd that makes the movie what it is.

Rudd plays Peter, who is a sweet, charming man who loves his fiancee Zooey but as their wedding date nears they both realize that Peter has no guy friends nor does he have a best man and so he goes on the hunt for one and eventually meets Sydney at the house of Lou Ferrigno(whose house peter is selling). The two soon start to bond and realize that they have a lot in common and Peter believes he has found his best man but as their budding 'bromance' grows Zooey begins to feel neglected and it is not long before she begins to lose patience with Peter. Zooey soon leaves Peter and he takes his frustration out on Sidney and ends their friendship and with the wedding approaching both realize that they learned something off the other and that they are miserable and it is up to Zooey to bring the boys together.

I Love You Man is funny from the start and while it does not offer anything new to the buddy genre the charming chemistry Rudd and Segel share is fantastic and they are both very funny in their respective roles and the rest of the cast are strong in their respective roles and make for an overrall good, funny and charming buddy film.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

As an actor who is not known for having a wonderful singing voice it would be safe to assume that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton were looking at a big flop critically and commercially but instead Sweeney Todd becomes one of the best musicals in cinema. People would be right to assume that Depp's voice isn't great but it isn't bad either and he can hold a note when he has to and as he sings the majority of his songs in a dark ominous tone it fits very well with the character he is playing and it also differentiates from the stage Todd who can be quite humorous at times Depp's Todd is dark and grim for the whole movie but it works. Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman are equally as good as Depp in their respective roles as Mrs. Lovett and Judge Turpin. Todd is one of Burton/Depp's best collaborations and it is a bloody good movie. You bleeders shouldn't miss this one!

Telling the tale of the now famous human butchering barber Sweeney Todd and his loyal companion (and sometimes love interest) Mrs. Lovett and how they turned their customers into meat pies in a lustful bid for vengeance. The story is told through the use of song and all the casts voices are surprisingly good. Tood having returned from a prison sentence wants to take revenge on Judge Turpin for convicting him for a crime he did not commit and when Mrs. Lovett recognizes Todd upon his return he confides in her and together they begin to murder Todd's customers and feeding them to Lovett's.

Burton while staying faithful to Stephen Sondheim's musical manages to put his own stamp on the film that is visually enthralling, humorous and horrific all at once and when you think about it Depp and Burton are the perfect people to star in and direct this wonderful story.


Beetlejuice will go down in the history of films as one of the finest horror-comedy films to ever grace the big screen due largely in part to the direction of Tim Burton and the performance of Michael Keaton as the titular character. Keaton only actually appears onscreen for about twenty minutes overall but it is what he does in that short time that makes the film what at is and he provides much of the laughs as the wacky, creepy, energetic and funny Beetlejuice. The film also stars Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, Jeffery Jones, Catherine O'Hara and a young Winona Ryder who all give stellar performances. Beetlejuice in my humble opinion is director Tim Burton's masterpiece.

The story starts with newly weds Adam and Barbara Maitland who are currently living in their dream home but when the young couple are tragically killed they return to their home as ghosts and find that they cannot leave the home or move on to the hereafter. With their property up for sale the Deetz family snatch it up at a bargain price the Maitland's are not happy and want them out immediately. When they learn that there are people in the afterlife that can help them they enlist the help of Juno to help scare them off but after several failed attempts Beetlejuice shows up and begins to cause chaos between the Deetz's and the Maitland's and all hell breaks loose.

Beetlejuice is one of Tim Burton's earliest films and upon its release it was met with mixed reviews and you really have to wonder why. The jokes, plot and cast are all terrific and the film itself has aged well and remains a popular favorite of many and Beetlejuice like all good things only seems to get better as the years go by and a sequel has even been planned but as a massive fan of Burton and Beetlejuice I think that is should be left alone as it will go down as a classic and that's a fact.

Drag Me to Hell

For what it is Drag Me To Hell is a pretty good horror movie that features some moments that are scary, comedic and cartoonish and when you go to see a Sam Raimi film I think that this is what you are expecting to see anyway, that being said there is no stand out performance from the cast and the movie itself while decent is pretty forgettable and fans of out and out horror might want to give it a miss.

Christine Brown is an LA loan officer who in a bid to impress her boss turns down an elderly Hungarian woman for a loan, when the woman begs her for the loan and Brown refuses the elderly Mrs. Ganush feels publicly humiliated and places a curse on Brown that will torment her for three days before doing as the title says and literally dragging her to hell. When Brown actually starts being tormented she begins to take the woman's threat more seriously and goes to see her about lifting it however Ganush has died and Brown fearing that the curse may not be lifted visits a fortune teller who tells her that the only way to get rid of the curse is to get rid of the item that Ganush had cursed, but with only hours left until she will be dragged to hell can Brown get rid of the ill fated curse and get her life back on track?

The cast is decent and give pretty OK performances and the plot is good I can't help but feel that if Drag Me To Hell took itself a little more serious then it could have went on to be one of the greatest modern day horror movies but alas it was not to be and it is still pretty good watch anyway.


Memento is Christopher Nolan's breakout film and he proves with Memento that he is one of the finest directors in Hollywood at the moment as he skillfully directs the film in two different sequences and completely draws the audience in with the story behind this masterpiece. The sequences are in chronological order when they are black and white and when in color they are in reverse so the start of the movie is really the end of the movie. Memento might confuse people as it switches back and forth between these sequences but believe me any initial confusion will be wiped away once you get involved with the plot as it so brilliantly played out.

Memento stars Guy Pearce as Leonard a man with a form of amnesia he suffered during an accident( in which his wife was murdered) which prevents him from having a short term memory but he can remember things that happened right up to the accident and he also knows that his attackers name is John G. Leonard uses photographs of people and writes a little fact about them underneath to help him remember whether he can trust them or not among the people in his photographs are Teddy(Joe Pantoliano) and Natalie(Carrie Ann-Moss). Leonard's photos tell him not to trust Teddy and to trust Natalie but when Leonard runs into Teddy he seems to have Leonard's best interests at heart and as the story regresses we realize that Natalie is not as trusting as she seems and with Leonard desperately wanting to find his attacker he faces a difficult choice in who he can trust and who he can't.

Nolan directs Memento with such skill and audacity it becomes hard to remember that this is only his second feature film as there are many directors who will try to make movies like Memento throughout their career but very few will be able to make a movie as compelling and gripping as this one. Guy Pearce, Moss and Pantoliano are fantastic in their roles and while Memento leaves many questions unanswered when it concludes it is in a good way and will spark debate on internet forums for years to come

Alice in Wonderland

Mia Wasikowska stars as Alice while frequent Burton collaborator and friend Johnny Depp again teams up with the director as The Mad Hatter, Helena Bonham is the Red Queen and Anne Hathaway plays the white queen. Much of the movies heart comes from Wasikowska as Alice and she is very good in her role as the lost teenager, Depp is good as the Mad Hatter but and a lot of the films humor comes from him and Helena Bonham's character, the cast overall give a strong performance for what they are given although I felt Anne Hathaway was underused. Alice In Wonderland is not one of Tim Burton's better films however it has to be said that it is a visual delight and for two thirds of the movie it is a lot of fun also.

Alice is now a nineteen year old who is struggling to fit in with her high class family and after an unwanted marriage proposal she decides to chase after a Rabbit she has seen that leads her to Underland a strange world much different to her own that is filled with lots of even stranger people. When Alice meets her old friend the Mad Hatter she cannot even remember being there before but she learns of a foretold prophecy that says that she will be the one to kill the Jabberwocky the Red Queens powerful dragon, when the Red Queen kidnaps the Mad Hatter Alice realizes that it is up to her to save her old friend.

It is Burton's old friends Depp and Bonham Carter that provide the best performances throughout the film but the cast as a whole are quite impressive. Burton again seems to run out of steam towards the end of the film but nonetheless Alice is still an enjoyable film.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Burton's mover is definitely a closer adaption of the novel than the original and to me it was a much better film all round as I was never a fan of the original. Burton recruits his friend and frequent collaborator Johnny Depp to play Willy Wonka and Depp is fun and weird as Wonka but sometimes he strays a little bit to much towards the dark side and the tale of his relationship with his father is definitely something that should have been left out of the movie.

The plot is the same as the original adaption of the film but Burton stays truer to the book, disappointly the songs the Oompa-Loompas sing aren't the same as the original film but they are the ones from the book and Danny Elfman is on the very top of his game in composing the songs each with their own distinctive genre. Depp's portrayal of Wonka while a little too dark at times is more in line with the Wonka in Dahl's book and his creepy mannerisms are thoroughly enjoyable to watch. The movie however is made so sweet and brilliant by the casting of Freddie Highmore as the titular Charlie. Highmore makes this movie by playing the sweet, loving, kind-hearted Charlie exactly the way the book portrays him and that was one of the main appeals of this film to me and Burton's overall direction of the young cast is fantastic.

As per usual with Burton's film its beautiful visually and has elements of darkness throughout which as aforementioned should probably be left out and there was no need for the inclusion of Wonka's father as it is not in the book and it felt like Christopher Lee was cast in the role to give Depp some more screen time nevertheless Burton's 'Charlie' is a brilliant film but I feel that due to most peoples love of the original it will never get the credit it deserves.

Batman Returns

Darker, broodier, funnier, creepier and overall much better than Tim Burton's first attempt at a Batman film. Burton is a director who has to be given free reign to fully utilize his creativity and flair and while Batman Returns isn't perfect it is a much better film than the Batman. Michael Keaton returns as Batman/Bruce Wayne and is joined by villains Max Schreck, The penguin and the anti-hero Catwoman who are played by Christopher Walken, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer respectively and they fit in with Burton's dark take on Batman much better than The Joker from the first film. The only flaw I can find with Batman Returns is that again there is not enough focus on Batman and it feels like the villains characters are developed to far greater extent than Batman's.

The plot centers on Max Schreck and the Penguin trying to bring power to the criminals of Gotham by having the penguin run for Mayor of Gotham, when Selina Kyle learns of some of Schrecks criminal antics he pushes her from his building and seemingly kills her but she appears to be reborn as Catwoman and is not long before she starts to cause trouble between the villains of Gotham and Batman. With Gotham heading for disaster once more it is up to Batman to save the town from criminal injustice however his constant battle with the villains becomes complicated when he begins dating Selina Kyle/Catwoman and as the two learn each others identities their battles become much more meaningful with Kyle on the verge of madness to take revenge against Schreck.

At just over two hours the only real complaint with Batman Returns is that Burton didn't seize the opportunity to tell Batman's back story and instead focused more on the villain again. Batman Returns builds on what was already a good film and it seems that Burton was allowed much more freedom to make his own film here this was the Batman film that I expected Tim Burton to make!

This Means War

It is a wonder how a movie with such likable stars can be so unlikable itself, starring Chris Pine, Tom Hardy and Reese Witherspoon as FDR, Tuck and Lauren respectively the film stars off promising with a fast pace but by the end the humor among the trio is all but lost and the supposed bad guys in the film don't feature enough to have a lasting effect.

The plot centers around the two secret agents Tuck and FDR who are also best friends, Tuck hasn't been on a date in years since splitting from his wife and FDR is a bit of a ladies man who is more interested in one night stands rather than a lasting relationship. When the two meet Lauren they are both smitten immediately and both pursue her while agreeing to keep their friendship intact. Lauren continues to date the two boys in the hope of finding out which one of them is the perfect match for her whilst Tuck and FDR's friendship begins to falter due to the rivalry they have.

This Means War is your typical love triangle film except due to the nature of Tuck and FDR's jobs their is supposed to be more action but in reality there really isn't enough action or anything really to stop this film from being a major failure and the ending in particular is a major disappointment. The one thing that made the film a little easier to watch was the chemistry between Hardy and Pine and they even manage to make you chuckle a few times but neither of them seem to have any chemistry at all with Reese Witherspoon. The plot is predictable from the off and director McG really doesn't add anything new to the genre but on some level the movie works for what it is. However one thing that This Means War did do in comparison to other films was to let the nice guy finish last! So kudos to McG I guess?

The Hangover Part II

The thing about the first Hangover was that it was a refreshing comedy that had some far too over the top scenes but the movie went with that and the results were hilarious but the Hangover 2 is nearly a direct remake of the first movie except it is in Thailand. Don't get me wrong the movie isn't bad it has some very funny moments but there was a long time during this movie were I wasn't laughing and that isn't what the first movie was like at all. The lovable three best friends are drugged again, they wake up can't remember a thing and the chaos begins, sounds familiar right? It is! Zach Galifianikis is fantastic again as the dim witted Alan but the Hangover crew will need a new sense of direction for the 3rd film

The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Arthur in The Woman in Black as he tries to break free from his role as Harry Potter that brought him fame and worldwide recognition and while Radcliffe gives off a good performance the same cannot be said for the movie in general. The Woman In Black seems to lack direction and the scares are kept to a minimum as well.

Arthur travels to a secluded village where he has been assigned a job and the moment he arrives there it is clear that he is not welcome as the locals do there best to avoid giving him a room. Arthur befriends Sam a man who had lost his son years before and he and his wife seem to have not yet recovered. As Arthur begins his job which is an abandoned house on the outskirts of town he begins to see things around the house that make him skeptical especially when he sees a woman in the grounds from one of the bedroom windows. The next day as he waits in the police station a sick child looking for help dies in his arms and the townspeople blame Arthur with only Sam sticking up for his friend. Arthur returns to the house and learns that it is haunted and the town is cursed and he and Sam set out to restore balance to the town and hopefully rid it of the curse that has bestowed them.

The Woman In Black is one big anti-climax the best moments happen in the first hour when the faces in windows, things popping out from nowhere etc. makes you jump but this trick is repeated far too often and it becomes stale and repetitive , the rest of the cast seem as bland and dull as the rest of the film although I have to say the final few scenes are exciting and where the whole movie as intense as those it would have been rather good.

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

Tim Burton is definitely in his element when he is creating film's like this. The Corpse Bride stars his two loyal companions Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and it really is just an hour and twenty minutes of fun as Victor Van Dort and the Corpse Bride spend there time flitting between the real world and the underworld. Danny Elfman's music is as brilliant as always and Burton's visionary skills are in there element in this film. It is not quite as good as The Nightmare before Christmas but overall it is still excellent


As a comic book geek who also has a passion for superhero movies it took me all of about 3 minutes to love this film as it is a clear homage to everyone who has ever dreamed that they could be a superhero in real life and anyone who has a keen interest in superhero movies will probably love this.

Kick-Ass is about a teenage boy named Dave(Aaron Johnson) who is not popular nor unpopular for that matter he just exists like most teenagers but he has a burning passion to become a superhero. After he is stabbed and knocked down trying to stop a crime he has many metal plates put in his body to aid his recovery which makes his tolerance for pain a lot better. It is here Kick-Ass is born properly and he is probably the worst superhero of all time having no fighting skills, money or experience in crime but through the help of an online video that showcase Kick-Ass's brave heroics as he fights three men off of a guy they were trying to beat up he becomes a cult sensation and it is not long before other superheroes in the form of Big-Daddy(Nicholas Cage) and Hit-Girl(Chloe Grace Moretz). One problem for Kick-Ass now is that the murders of criminals that work for him by Big-Daddy and hit-Girl are now assumed to have been committed by Kick-Ass and he now has a hit put on his head by Frank D'Amico(Mark Strong)

The cast all give solid performances but it is Chloe Grace Moretz who plays hit-girl that really steals the show in one of the most outstanding performances from an actor under the age of 16. A particular highlight would be her first fight scene where she brutally murders violent criminals to the Banana Splits theme song!

Overall Kick-Ass is smart, funny, violent and damn entertaining and will certainly go down as a cult classic in the coming years.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

This is without a doubt one of the finest films I have ever watched and one of the finest performances I have ever seen coming from Rooney Mara. The movie centers on the plot of a girl who had gone missing 40 years prior to the year in the film and basically a rich uncle employs Mikael(Craig) to investigate the disappearance of said girl. Mikael after trying on his own with little breakthrough hires Salander(Mara) as his assistant, Salander is introduced to the audience as a bit of a wild child and after learning bits and bobs of her back story not to mention an event that occurs during the film it is clear why she is 'mentally incompetent' as she puts it but one thing she is good at it is investigating and she becomes key in Mikaels investigation. Throughout the course of the film I was constantly on the edge and I don't think I have ever been as involved in a mystery movie like this so much so by he end I felt like I was part of the investigation.

Leaving Las Vegas

This film made me want to hug both lead characters and tell them everything is going to be alright and essentially that is what Ben(Nicholas Cage) and Sera(Elizabeth Shue) do for each other in this brilliant romantic tale of an alcoholic drinking himself to death and a prostitute who just wants someone to be with.

Ben is a raging alcoholic who in the wake of losing his job and his family decides to move to Las Vegas where he plans to drink himself to death. Upon his arrival he meets a prostitute named Sera and pays her for what she believed would be sex but in fact Ben just wanted someone to talk for the evening and as the two drink together you can sense a bond forming. After a few more dates Sera asks Ben to move in with her and he grudgingly accepts with the sole condition being that he can never stop drinking. The two begin dating kind of and a proper relationship seems to be forming but Ben's constant drinking often gets the duo into trouble and Sera begins to grow weary off Ben's disease and Ben struggles to understand Sera's profession and this causes conflict between the two which remains throughout the film.

Leaving Las Vegas has no right to be heartwarming, funny or romantic given that the plot revolves around an alcoholic and a prostitute but as the film goes on you learn to accept Ben and Sera for who they are and they also accept each other for who they rather than for who they could be which is very fitting for this type of film. Leaving Las Vegas will bring laughter, sadness, shock and joy to the viewer if you let it and Cage and Shue deserved every award they won or were nominated for because this film is beautifully touching.

The Football Factory

Unlike Green Street the Football Factory is good for what it is and that is quite simply a film about football hooligans, the film is essentially about beer, drugs and fighting and that works for the football factory. Starring Danny Dyer as Tommy Johnson a cockney hardman who loves boozing and is in a football firm with his pals. The Football factory has a sub-par plot that is loosely based on a novel but the action and the acting more than make up for the films lack of storyline. Dyer has become severely typecast in roles like the one he plays in this movie but the thing is it kind of works for him sometimes, the way I look at is if I see Dyer's name among the cast I know what to expect from him and I think he knows this too so he plays to his strengths in the football factory.

The plot revolves around Tommy trying to avoid running into an opposing team's firm as he has been having a recurring dream where they beat him severely and he manages to avoid them until the two teams collide in a local derby and it is then Tommy knows that he must face up to his fears. There are some very funny characters in the football factory including Tommy's cocaine loving best friend and especially Blighty (the leader of the firm) who is your typical boozy hardman who cannot seem to avoid confrontation or the chance to get one up on even his mates, there is a subplot in the football factory involving two old men who are planning to move to Australia to see out there remaining years and they provide a lot of funny moments throughout the film. Overall the film is watchable and the plot and acting are decent enough to make it enjoyable.

Green Street Hooligans

In a movie about football hooligans you don't expect the acting to be brilliant because the plot of the film is based solely on violence and solvent abuse but the acting in Green Street is so awful it almost becomes funny at times all I can ask is what was Elijah Wood thinking? I mean anyone who listens to Charlie Hunnhams ''cockney'' accent and thinks it is good or even passable should be put down.
Wood stars as Matt Buckner a promising journalist who is expelled from Harvard when his rich friend frames him for drug use, he then goes to live with his sister and her husband in London to avoid the whole affair. Matt is soon introduced to Pete his sisters brother in law and Pete takes Matt to football game where Pete explains that he is the leader of the Green Street Elite a football hooligan gang who fight rival teams. The GSE once had a reputation but it was soon diminished but with Pete at the helm it is slowly rising and Matt soon finds himself in among the fighting and becoming a big member of the hooligans.

Green Street is nothing you haven't seen in movies like The Football Factory or The Firm the story delves into a deeper plot that could have made for good viewing but the actors don't seem to be interested especially Hunnam who seems to have been cast based on looks rather than his capability to pull of a cockney character it seems pointless to rant and rave about it but why wasn't a Londoner cast? The rest of the cast are English save for Wood (who is an American in the film anyway) so why wasn't one of the main characters from London as well? It makes zero sense and it was a major problem throughout the film for me. As bad as Hunnam was it must be noted that Leo Gregory and Marc Warren are pretty good in their significant roles.

Project X
Project X(2012)

Being a young enough man there was a lot of hype surrounding my visit to the cinema to see Project X as I had heard from various companions that it was excellent and blah blah but there is nothing excellent, interesting, clever or good about Project X there are not many movies that I would walk out of but Project X tested my patience until the very end.

The plot starts out reasonably simple three friends are having a house party as one of the boys parents are away and they are paying a kid from the AV club to film it so they can relive the wildness of the night in the future so far so good but when one of the boys decides to post an invite on Facebook and advertise the party on the radio the party soon becomes the talk of the town and the host realizes he may be in over his head and hence we get to view a lot of trashy stupid situations that I hope never to see at a party such as a midget being stuffed into and oven, a very expensive Mercedes ending up in a swimming pool and the house eventually being burned down so I guess it's just a typical Friday night huh? The parents return and instead of being furious the Father seems to be proud of his son for ruining everything he has worked for and the boy becomes popular this is probably the most annoying part of the movie because after making you watch these ridiculous situations they could have sent out a warning to teenagers or something but know apparently ruining your home will make you cool so go do it!

The movie, plot and characters are stupid but if you are an immature teenager who likes fart jokes you will probably enjoy this... good luck to anyone who has the displeasure of viewing this


Ah where to begin with Triangle? It is one of those movies that will leave you baffled and divide opinion no matter how smart or how many times you view it as it is just plain confusing and in absurd but in a strangely brilliant manner as it is gripping and at times actually quite scary. Triangle can be viewed as a mythological/fantasy horror movie or it could be viewed as a hard hitting suspense drama and it would fit in well into either category it really is one of the strangest and compelling films I have seen and yet I still couldn't award it full marks because it lacks something. If you were to explain this movie to someone who had never seen nor heard of the film before they would laugh at you and say that the plot is absurd and it couldn't work in any way and yet Triangle's plot is absurd and maybe even a little silly but it works wonderfully for some bizarre reason. To describe the basics of the plot seems like it would be telling the whole story because Triangle is essentially the same story told repeatedly and although that sounds boring it really isn't the film will lure you in with its eerily dark settings and characters. Melissa George stars as a struggling single mother and to call her performance anything less than outstanding would be an insult to her as I imagine it must have been highly tedious to film a story in which you have absolutely no idea what your character is doing. Triangle is a very good film but the fact that it is repeating itself time and again stop's it from being a brilliant film because once you see the twist of the movie you have pretty much seen the whole thing but an confusing last act and the aforementioned miss George are more than enough reason to see this film.

The Dark Knight

After Christopher Nolan scaled new heights with the release of Batman Begins it was always going to be hard to top it but boy does The Dark Knight top it. The Dark Knight garnered a lot of unwanted press in the weeks leading up to the release of the film because it was the wonderful Heath Ledger's final completed project. It is very fitting and also tragic at the same that Ledger's performance as the Joker is one of the finest pieces of acting in history and it will ensure he goes down as one of the best villains in history also. The support from the cast is very good but Ledger remains head and shoulders above his peers throughout.

Gotham City is once again being terrorized but this time the man causing the chaos is a homicidal maniac who wears face paint and goes by the name 'The Joker'. The Joker is not your typical villain as he is not in business for personal gain or wealth he simply wants to destroy Batman and everything that he, the District Attorney Harvey Dent(Aaron Eckhart) and Jim Gordon( Gary Oldman) stand for and he is also not threatened by anything. Batman has to deal with The Joker in a far different manner to other villains as he knows he can beat him physically as does The Joker, but The Joker knows how to get inside peoples heads and make them turn each other and so the battle with him ultimately becomes a mental one.

The Dark Knight is one of those films that you just watch in awe and amazement as Batman and his most popular rival The Joker engage in a psychological war which could make or break Gotham City's future. The Dark Knight however is all about Ledger and it is such a shame that he did not get to see his wonderful performance receive all of the accolades that it did, with one more Nolan Batman to be made and a likely re-birthing of the franchise after that it is clear that whoever takes over the role of the joker has the most difficult job in the world as this performance really could not be better.

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

The Grey was a film that I was not expecting to like because it looked like one of them survival movies that you would watch and instantly forget and to be honest that is pretty much what The Grey is forgetful.

Liam Neeson stars as Ottway an oil rig worker whose plane crash lands in the middle of the Alaska on his way home. With many dead and most of the survivors showing some form of injury Ottway takes control of the group as they try to survive the night but as the group tries to rest they realize that they are in danger of being attacked by a pack of wolves that are nearby. When the wolves eventually attack the group the damage is fatal as they begin picking off the survivors one by one, Ottway encourages the group to move forward in the hope of finding a place of refuge or to find some form of communication. As the group travels through the Alaskan wilderness tempers begin to flare and some people begin to suspect that Ottway is leading them to their deaths rather than saving them. It becomes a question of do the survivors let the wolves come find them where they lie or do they make the wolves hunt them down as they try to outrun them? The Grey soon becomes more about the group accepting their and it is at this point that the film begins to pick up.

The Grey isn't a bad movie in fact it is actually quite good but it feels like they could have done a lot more with the film, that being said there are some very powerful scenes throughout the film usually coming from the brilliant as always Neeson and fans of his shouldn't be disappointed by his latest film

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has got to go down as one of the strangest films that has ever graced the big screen. Terry Gilliam attempts to bring the wonderful Hunter S. Thompson novel to life and he does a very good job in doing so as he tries to blend the reality and the drug fueled hallucinations into a linear plot. Johnny Depp and Benecio Del Toro star as Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo and anyone who knows of the real Hunter S. Thompson has got to be impressed with Depp as he literally becomes Thompson/Duke in a stand out performance.

The film begins with Duke and Gonzo on the outskirts of Las Vegas as Duke prepares to cover the Indy 500 with his attorney(Gonzo) but in reality the two are really only interested in indulging in substance abuse. The movie starts out weird and continues to get weirder one scene that stands out is when Duke in the middle of an acid trip begins to imagine the residents of the hotel are reptiles, it's strange but at certain points throughout Fear and Loathing you feel like you are on this manic trip with Duke and Gonzo. Duke reports on the Indy 500 for all of about two minutes before returning to Vegas to hit the town filled with drugs and booze and to destroy the hotel room that he and Gonzo rented. The resulting two days are drug fueled and blurry and the reporter usually tells the tale through flashbacks but there is one sober moment where Duke shows the true genius behind Thompson's writing when he recites a paragraph from the novel reminiscing about San Francisco in the mid 60's after his one all to brief sober moment Duke and Gonzo go back to their drug abusing ways to see out their weekend in Las Vegas.

A film that you will love or hate no doubt about it due to the style of direction and the nature of the subject but Depp and Del Toro give career bests as Duke and Gonzo and I don't think anyone will come any closer to a more faithful adaption of the novel.


One of the few Tim Burton films I have never liked as to me it is not a Burton film as it feels like someone was pointing a gun in his back throughout the filming of Batman. The Dark Knight played by the controversially cast Michael Keaton has the darkness I expected to see from Burton but the rest of the film doesn't quite fit with Keaton's scenes, Jack Nicholson is excellent as the joker but again something just doesn't seem right about this film and I always seem to lose interest around the ninety minute mark as I find the ending too lackluster and also the character who dies at the end should never die in Batman films, cartoons, games etc.

American Reunion

For fans of the original three movies American Reunion will seem like a severe dose of deja-vu as Sean William-Scott, Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and co. get together for a high school reunion in East Great Falls. Jim and Michelle are still married, Kevin is happily married, Oz is dating a model, Finch has apparently traveled the world but still longs for Stiflers Mom and Stifler... well Stifler to put it nicely is still a loser.

The group of friends reunite for the weekend to attend their high school reunion although none of them decide to let Stifler know that they are back in town because they know that whenever they are with him they always end up getting into trouble but unfortunately for them they run into their old pal in the bar and realize soon that he hasn't changed one bit since high school. Stifler decides to join his buddies for the weekend which leads to various altercations including a naked, drunk teenager passing out on Jim's lap and Stifler taking a 'number 2' in a group of teenagers cool box and it is not long before all of these happenings take there toll on the group and they begin to fall out with their spouses and one another.

Most of the comedy in the film comes from Jim and Michelle's poorly sex life and from Sean William Scott as Stifler. Scott has perfected the role of Stifler and it is one that I thought would never get old but after four appearances I think it is time for Scott and the rest of the cast to call it quits with this franchise as the jokes are becoming tired and repetitive.

Fans of the originals will most likely enjoy this film but even then they cannot deny that it is reaching its end and this should really be the last of the series.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

The South Park television series was rude, crude and offensive but honestly South Park:Bigger, Longer and uncut makes the television series look like a respectable show for children. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman appear in their first feature film and the four boys from the mountain town in Colorado do not disappoint as they entertain and shock the audience with their antics and their very-very naughty langauge.

The four boys got to see an R-rated Terrence and Phillip movie and this results in them using foul language over the course of the film and when I say foul I mean foul! When the boys get into trouble in school for using their new found profanity and with the death of Kenny McCormick the boys mothers decide to take action by arresting Terrence and Phillip and sentencing them to death, the Canadian government are not happy about this and they retaliate by bombing the Baldwins and after this a world war is declared by Sheila Broflovski on Canada! Little do the folks of South Park know however that Satan and Sadam Hussein are waiting in hell for Terence and Phillip to be executed so that they can come to earth and bring years of darkness with them. As the war escalates it is up to the Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman to form an alliance to protect their beloved Terrence and Phillip and the world.

South Park is a filthy, violent, abusive, blasphemous, raunchy film that somehow manages to be incredibly clever, but it isn't just clever it's also a musical and I have to say it is a bloody good musical as well with a power ballad from Satan being one of the particular highlights. South Park is intended to shock and make people and anyone with a decent sense of humor will laugh consistently throughout this film.

Batman Begins

Tim Burton's adaptions of the Dark Knight were criticized for being too dark upon there release but if truth be told Burton's Batman films look like children's movie in comparison to Batman Begins.

Batman Begins is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale as Batman. With Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and Cillian Murphy rounding off a star studded cast.

The movie begins with Bruce Wayne lost and misguided in his fight for justice until he meets Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson) in a prison in the far East and Ducard offers to tutor him and fine tune his fighting skills in the mountains as a member of the League of Shadows. It is here Nolan carefully tells the audience the story of how Bruce Wayne gradually became the Dark Knight through the use of flashbacks to Wayne's childhood/adolescence. This is an important factor of the story as it lets the audience know why Wayne is so determined to see that Gotham City has constant protection and it is something that wasn't left out of Tim Burton's Batman entirely but it was not explained in full detail either. We learn that Wayne's parents were murdered by a lowly criminal and this is what encourages Wayne to become Batman. After an exhilarating fight in the mountains where Wayne destroys the League of Shadows base he returns to Gotham hellbent on stopping the crime and corruption that the town is riddled with. With help from the trustworthy Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and his butler Alfred(Michael Caine) Wayne/Batman begins to bring order to the town but he faces a new found power that Dr Crane/Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) is importing from a mysterious source and with limited time and resources to save the city and the people that he cares most about in the city Batman has a hell of a battle on his hands

Christopher Nolan understands the symbolism of Batman and he directs the movie with so much thought and care and he also has a strong cast on his hands who all play there parts magnificently (with the exception of Katie Holmes as Rachel Dawes). Special praise must go to Christian Bale who fills the boots of Michael Keaton superbly


Good film with an extravagant plot, Brad Pitt is superb as the Irish-English gypsy and the rest of the cast give solid performances to make this a rather enjoyable film


I have yet to see a Christopher Nolan movie that I don't like an Inception continues that fine run. After seeing Memento and The Prestige it became clear to me that Nolan is a director that likes to make you think and that is actually what he does with Inception. Tom Hardy has a line in the film that states 'you mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger' and nobody dreams bigger or more successfully than Nolan.

Captain America: The First Avenger

I really did not know what to expect when I went to see Captain America because I thought it looked rather cheesy in comparison to the other Avengers films but in all honesty it was actually a pretty good movie. Captain America features some good fight scenes, a nice story about a little guy becoming a success and a good supporting cast for the hero and if were not for some very cheesy romantic scenes between Captain America and Peggy Carter it could have been very good

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Ah say what you will but I cannot fail to not like a movie where Johnny Depp plays Captain Jack Sparrow but On Stranger Tides is definitely the closest I will come to it. Rob Marshall takes over from Gore Verbiniski and this I feel is the main flaw in this movie as Marshall doesn't seem to know what he wants from his cast. Depp and Cruz work well together and they are definitely the energy behind the film this and a particularly nasty fight involving mermaids are the real high highlights of the film but then there is the pointless romance between a priest and a mermaid and a not so scary Blackbeard to counteract the best bits. Depp and Cruz do there best and I along with most Pirates fans believe Captain Jack still has one last adventure or two in him but Pirates:4 is not up to the standard of its predecessors as much as it pains me to say

American Psycho

There is only one thing that is certain with this movie and that is Bale is straight up bad-ass as Patrick Bateman comparisons to Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange would not be far off. Bateman seems like an ordinary guy in the opening scene as he chats with fellow businessman about normal stuff but we get a little insight into the real Bateman when he threatens a barmaid behind her back and then murders a homeless man and his dog.Most of the time its hard to tell if Bale is about to commit a homicide or whether he is trying to sell a cassette due to the salesman like nature of his voice and the way he describes the music to his victims

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

Boring, predictable, mundane etc. you see where this is going. The Vow is ok for what it is and that's a date movie but even then it still isn't great. Girls will love it because of Tatum who is actually pretty good as is McAdams but other than it's a typical love story and to be honest it's a been there done that love story

The Da Vinci Code

A decent enough movie based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown which was fantastic but the movie never really lives up to the standard of the book. Tom Hanks is a great actor but I believe he was a terrible choice for the role of Langdon he seems very flat and looks constantly bored during the film as opposed to Sir Ian McKellen who is easily the best thing about this film with Paul Bettany not far behind. All in all there is to much hit and miss in the film but it is a decent watch if you remain interested

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Very rarely does a sequel live up to it's predecessor but Dead Man's chest gives it a fair whack as Johnny Depp returns as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow. The originality of Sparrow from the first film is gone but Depp is still hilarious as Sparrow as he and his crew do battle with Davy Jones and his crew of the nearly dead aboard the flying Dutchman. The plot does run away with itself at times but fans of the first Pirate movie will most likely love this is they/we get to see our swashbuckling hero back in action and while it is not as good as the Curse of the Black Pearl it is still a very enjoyable film


This movie was supposed to be an Irish version of Trainspotting minus the drug abuse and it is not nearly as good as Trainspotting falling way short but the film is entertaining . An all star cast including now Hollywood A-listers Cillian Murphy, Colin Farrell and Colm Meaney do a very good job with what they are given but the story becomes to mumbled and jumbled and it becomes hard to follow one person's story. If for instance Intermission had focused primarily on Cillian Murphy's character John like Trainspotting did with Renton they would have had a far better film

Edward Scissorhands

The first in what would become a series of collaborations between Johnny Depp and Tim Burton is very good for the most part but a lackluster ending stops this film from being perfect. The story of Edward is both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time and you will most likely find yourself weeping at the way this terribly nice man is turned upon after such a positive start


Heard a lot of bad press about this one from some of my colleagues but I honestly enjoyed, there is nothing to complicated about the film the story is easy to follow it has some funny scene and the acting is good. Marisa Tomei is old enough to be Jonah Hills real life mom and they along with John C. Reilly have amazing chemistry throughout the film


This is easily one of the most powerful movies and performances I have seen for a long, long time Charlize Theron is barely recognizable under pounds of make up and a slight weight gain but it is not her physical appearance that makes this movie so shocking it is the topic and the way that the actors deal with the topic. Theron is just incredible flying in and out of rage almost at will before a split second later showing off an effective side to her partner in the film played by Christina Ricci who is also fantastic. the morality of the film is questionable but Wuornos had a deeply troubled upbringing and Charlize Theron plays the role of a manic murderer so damn that by the end you feel that this was a movie that HAD to be made

The Rum Diary

It has it's moments and it is relatively entertaining but it just doesn't capture your mind the way 'Fear and Loathing' did

Date Movie
Date Movie(2006)

A comedy movie that is a spoof of other comedy movies? Yes, yes it is terrible I think I may have chuckled twice throughout the whole movie

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

If you go into this movie knowing that it is going to be juvenile humor with silly penis jokes throughout you will probably enjoy it, if not then I advise you to see something else

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

Predictable plot with an ending that you could see coming right from the very off although Ryan Reynolds gives a good performance in an action role which is something I did not think he could pull it off. The movie isn't bad it just isn't very good either, still worth a watch


Watched this film and knew how it ended going on in so I wasn't expecting much but wow was I wrong this is easily one of the best horror movies I have ever seen, Spacek is truly excellent as the lead as is Laurie as the mother who plays a big as role as Carrie does, entertaining and frightening right until the end Carrie is a horror that should not be missed