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Indie Game: The Movie

Phil Fish is literally the most unlikable character I have ever been forced to relate to.

This movie is nothing short of blatant propaganda and an ego-stroking exercise by the unwarranted self-importance brigade of the modern indie hipster crowd - anybody who has ever watched an interview on Phil Fish will tell you the same.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

It's emotional, and touching - No doubt.
In two words, "whimsical and superficial".

But it seems to take a very direct and simple-minded approach towards mysticism.
It's a movie made by and for someone who is experiencing a spiritual crisis, and it lures it's acclaim by providing emotional support and reliability.

In short, for those of you who are looking for something to hang on to in spiritual terms, and are more inclined to the mystic approach, then this movie is for you.

The rest of us who aren't experiencing the need for spiritual presence in our lives, will see this movie for what it is, unattached by it's lure of spiritual help: A simple tale, filled with cheap alegories to provide a whimsical false layer of deep thought, while still managing to distance itself from a concrete spiritual view, through first-grade, basic philosophical principles that an undergrad could deconstruct in his first, skeptical view of the movie.

To me, "Life of Pi" is and always will be, the film adaptation of a self-help booklet and might as well have been called "Spiritual Guidance, Wish Fulfilment and Emotional Reassurance: The Movie".


No, Ben Affleck. You are not latino.
Also, using "based on a true story" as a slogan doesn't give you the right to take any liberties for the sake of making a plot more interesting.

No Country for Old Men

Toying with the viewer's perception of moralities by exposing characters as double-sided, each stuck between their own nihilist and fatalist beliefs, No Country For Old Men is a western/noir/horror/drama/comedy film not to be taken lightly. Masquerading itself as a social commentary, it goes way beyond that by presenting us a diverse cast that is as dependent on the viewer's analysis as the familiar yet thin bonds playing with the very nature of causality that connect each character.
Delivering a poignant ending to what may just be one of the more ethically rich wastelands depicted by modern cinema, it is truly a film for the ages.

Gone With the Wind

A beautiful film with excelent actors, a story that couldn't've been adapted any better, a fantastic setting and most of all, very real, human, very fleshed-out characters.
Only problem I see in it is how biased in favour of the Confederacy it shamelessly presented itself, disregarding racial issues and paying them no mind as if they were non-existent.
But despite these flaws, it is still truly a brilliant film everyone should see in their lives, and one that deserves respect and study in all it's areas of excelence.

Moulin Rouge!

Easily one of the most pretentious, obnoxious movies of the 21st century.