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2001: A Space Odyssey
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A science-fiction epic crafted of cinematic ingenuity, that is both thought-provoking and influential. Audiences may have difficulty maintaining attention due to it's excessive run time, overbearing (yet awespiring) special effects, a story-line that doesn't sew together it's gaping plot holes and a severe absence of character development. However, when observed at a contextual and artistic perspective it is an immersive cinematic experience that broadens the mind. A cinematic achievement in human history.

Batman Begins
Batman Begins (2005)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A dark and thrilling cinematic experience, that takes a deeper look within Bruce Wayne's origin story and his life-long journey to becoming the Dark Knight. Director "Christopher Nolan", succeeds in refining a new image of the Caped Crusader through a more modern context, and places his story in a more realistic world. Batman Begins entertains with engaging storytelling, solid acting performances, great character development, chilling suspense and hair-raising action. It is a more original type of a comic book movie adaptation, which appeals to a more mature audience, as it presents a very dramatic, eerie and sophisticated plot, which overall creates a film not so much directed to younger audiences. The film is one of a kind, and appropriately sets the stage for a successful movie franchise.

Green Lantern
Green Lantern (2011)
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Once again, Hollywood manages to prove their capacity of squandering a film's potential of launching a blockbuster franchise, while in the process, disappointing generations of comic-book fans who have long anticipated it's release. It is more than obvious that the producers solely depended on making money off this film by employing a star-studded cast, as well showing off some flashy special effects and visuals incorporated into the trailer, to allure their audiences into the theatre like flocks of sheep. It appears that it's main focus was to balance it's budget on special effects, and supposedly meant that the script-writers were relieved of their responsibilities of contributing to a good story.

One of the greatest issues resides in it's pacing, that progresses at too fast of a pace, and reverts from telling the entire Green Lantern origin story properly and efficiently. Even more so, it unsuccessfully manages to captivate it's audience, to introduce them to this vast universe that has been created from the telling of this tale, and rather applies to cheap story-telling, failing to unlock the doors to imaginations both young and old. While the CGI animation is visually stimulating, and well-incorporated into the fray of the action sequences, they last for only a short time before cutting into next panel of the story, and for the most part, they feel very abrupt and driven into the plot by force, just for the sake of calling it an action movie, and to move the story from point A to B.

On a side note, the visual effects have a particular effect on the audience while sitting in the theater, and some impressive CGI animation helps to illuminate the vastness of outer-space and detail the visual appearances of many alien characters,played by a variety of famous voices. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast as Hal Jordan, the cocky and hot-headed pilot who assumes the responsabiliy of the first human Green Lantern. He is well suited in the role of the hero, in a unique portrayal of the comic-book character in the flesh, and it is fun to watch his character develop on the screen.

Assuming the description of what one may call a "flashy light show", as opposed to a motion picture, Green Lantern sadly diminishes the thrills delivered in the comics, and more importantly lacks the charisma and ethousiasm the makes blockbuster superhero films so great. Hopefully, in the near future, a talented film-maker may one day be able to revisit this "could have been" franchise, and redeem it.

Raiders of the Lost Ark
5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One of the most ingenious ideas ever to be conceived on a Hollywood script, a revolution in film at the time of it's release, that virtually redefined the action/adventure genre. Inspired by classic pulp-adventures of the 1940's, Raiders of the Lost Ark follows adventurer and archaeologist, "Indiana Jones" in his quest to uncovering the ancient and powerful biblical artifact, "The Ark of the Covenant", while racing against the Nazis, whom are determined of unleashing it's power to accomplish Hitler's dream of world domination. The imagination of George Lucas, and the beautiful direction conducted by Steven Spielberg had essentially mesmerized audiences around the world, with a ground-breaking story embedded in a plot that endures a never-ending cavalcade of swash-buckling action and adventure, presented with eye-popping stunts and chase sequences.

One of the greatest spectacles in the film showcase magnificent special effects and visuals that present great eye-candy to behold, and look very convincing in it's verge to look real. Melting Nazi's anyone? Amidst all the action, the film never forgets about it's characters, who are what genuinely allow this film to work, and participate in scenes that shine with star-studded romance and human drama. These brilliant and love-able characters, are portrayed by very capable actors who never let the audience down with their superb dedication, particularly with "Harrison Ford", who played the lead-role of the bad-ass, jaw-socking, but yet charming archaeologist, Indiana Jones, (whew, that's one hell of a combination) and gave a memorable and iconic performance, remembered today in the world of pop-culture and cinema history.

What is most admirable about the film however, is how it's source material pays tribute to the cult B-Movie adventure serials that delighted North-American audiences, and allow them to escape the harsh realities of the Great Depression and WWII, of which Lucas and Spielberg were inspired by during their childhood, to later produce this spectacle of an action flick. Raiders of the Lost Ark beholds, all of the thrilling escapades of classic adventure cinema, matching the tone, look, and feel to the movies with it's amazingly choreographed stunt-work, authentic set-pieces and musical score. It's almost works as a big budget B-Movie, and a trip down memory lane in it's homage to the Saturday-Matinee serials. An influential piece of film-making that spawned a great and successful franchise, that shall forever lie as an inspiration to Hollywood directors who love delighting their audiences with spectacular and unforgettable adventure.