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Ghostbusters (2016)
15 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

My Ghostbusters 2016 Review.

First of all, thank you to the Seattle Pinball Museum and Sony for the advance screening of the new Ghostbusters. As a fan of the original as well as a fan of the actresses chosen to portray the new team in this movie, I was excited.

Unlike most, I was not disappointed much by the trailers that were released. However, I set my expectations for this to be a completely new take on the property. I am glad I did.

Now, before I get into specifics which may or may not contain spoilers, I want to get this out of the way. Younger kids will enjoy the new movie. There are a lot of things going on, goofy moments, and other things that kids like. I foresee the movie being a good way to introduce new toys and other merchandise that kids will want.

With that being said, as an adult and a fan of the originals... trying to take the bias thoughts of being a fan out of the equation, this is not a Ghostbusters movie by any means.

This movie plays out like a poor parody of The Ghostbusters, and would have been better served by not taking on the namesake and being marketed as a similar movie in the same genre with a similar story. I was literally sick at my stomach during and after the movie to even think this could be associated with the original property in any shape or form.

It was only after getting a nights sleep after watching it, and in my own head taking out the Ghostbusters connection I could semi enjoy the premise of the movie.

THE MOVIE: This was a forced comedy with forced winks that were unclever and honestly gave no addition to the enjoyment of the movie itself. Too many aspects of the movie were overkill. From the overabundance of CGI and non interesting ghost, to a new forced joke every few moments, I found myself just sighing.

I feel like the director wanted to really wanted to create his own vision but felt that if he didn't force everything upon us it wouldn't sell. That is where he made his mistake. The backstory, what little bit there was, was boring and skipped over anything that could be remotely entertaining.

The nods and forced comedy were mediocre at their best. The overall storyline played out in what was a disappointing first act, alright second act, and very underwhelming third act in a movie that seemed to go by quickly, but not quick enough.

THE ACTORS: I LOVE Kristen Wiig, Melisa McCarthy, and Leslie Jones. All three of those women are terrific actresses and very funny.

Just not in this movie.

Kristen Wiig was annoying. her character made me sigh everytime she opened her mouth and the role was just so irritating I kept hoping she'd just be killed off. I feel as if she was supposed to be the Peter Venkman type of character for this movie, and they failed horribly.

Melisa McCarthy's characters was annoying and immature. The jokes they had for her were some of the most forced and her true comedic performance could never shine through as she delivered what I can only imagine were lines she just wanted a payday for. This is by far the worst role I have ever seen her in and it may have turned me off of her for a while.

Leslie Jones. Typecasted from the start. She plays the same role she ALWAYS plays but damn it, I wanted something different this time. I wanted her to take this major role she's been given and give us something we haven't seen before. The writing for her... man... I would have rather they kept her part down to the size they gave Ernie Hudson in the original movies than force her to be so up front with how ridiculous they wrote her. She was bland, not funny, and quite sadly given a "token black character" role. Shame on you Sony. Shame on you.

Kate McKinnon. This is the one person I was NOT familiar with at all going into this, but also the most interesting of the 4 core actresses. She played her character amazingly. The little things she did and how she delivered her lines were just entertaining and felt organic. If there is a stand out performance for the movie, it's this woman.

With that being said, the supporting cast was more entertaining than the main cast (sans Kate). Chris Hemsworth was great and gave me a chuckle a few times during the movie. Bill Murray's cameo was good but too short lived. And nice nods to the other originals.

Except for the main bad guy and the tour guide who started the movie out. Those guys annoyed me every scene they were in. Terrible, TERRIBLE acting. The characters were horrendous, and I think they had a major part in ruining the entire movie experience for me.

THE NODS: The nods to the original were good, but mostly forced as previously stated. Bill Murray was the best of the cameos, Ernie Hudson was only in the very end with a very predicable role, Dan Akyord was just a few moments and felt out of place with his dialogue. Nice to see the original actress to play Jeanine as well as Sigourny Weaver. That was quite a surprise for me. The Staypuft Marshmellow Man cameo was great.

Slimer could have played a better role. I almost wish they would have went the route of Slimer being the first ghost they catch and they keep him kind of like a pet like in the cartoons. Hell, the set up they had I THOUGHT that's the way they were going to go at first.

Too many other forced nods. The theme music played like 5 different times in 5 different ways. The firehouse was forced, just none of it needed.

OVERALL: Do not pay to see this movie. Wait till it's on TV or Netflix. Or take the kids to it. If you do go to see it, go in with the thought process its another bland comedy but in a ghost catching genre. Do NOT go in with ANY expectation that this will come close to touching anything in the Ghostbusters universe.

Those who hated Ghostbusters II will PRAISE it over this.

Here I was thinking the original TMNT remake had raped my childhood when in fact it just molested me before this movie came in for the raping.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've walked out of ONE movie in my life, and until tonight I had never gotten this close to walking out of one again. If I could sue to get my ticket price and two hours of my life back I would.

I thought if anything, it'd at least be a good action movie, but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was horrible for almost every scene.

I felt no emotion during the entire thing but disgust which grew with every passing minute.

Do NOT go see this movie. Spend your cash on GotG. If you've seen it already, go see it again.

If for some reason you MUST see TMNT, do NOT see it in 3D. First movie in YEARS that was so horrible in 3D it made my head hurt and me nauseous.