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The Go-Getter

M. Ward is my new favorite artist. Soundtrack to this is so sick...and cinematically has very skilled & creative editing and play of light. Visually beautiful and even surprising. And, I like how this film has such a strong literary flow to it. It's the Odyssey/journey theme with a sprinkle of coming-of-age and romance. It's just really good. A little melancholic. Sappy in the way that I like it: subtle and emotional, the part that focuses on how two personalities really get to know each other. Think Elizbethtown but better, Garden State but just better. Somehow Go-Getter is less contrived. Only contention is the "skip this one scene..." problem. But few films escape that. Check it out!

Pineapple Express

Comedic genius and absolute vulgarity. I don't even know how to take it. I like the friendship dynamic though, it's hilarious. Just block out the other stuff. :::

Saul: How about in the park, when I said you were my friend... you didn't say anything back.

Dale Denton: Well, that's easy. It's because we're not friends. You are my drug dealer. The only reason I know you is because I like the drugs you sell. If you didn't sell drugs, I would have no idea who you are, and I wouldn't be here right now. I would be fantastic!

Saul: Oh.

Dale Denton: I'm sorry, that sounded really mean... just to hear that, that sounded really mean.

Saul: No, I see. The monkey's out of the bottle now!

Dale Denton: What? That's not even... a figure of speech.

Saul: Pandora can't go back into the box - he only comes out.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Okay, even if it's almost unbearably corny and grabs your heart and won't let go.

Love Me if You Dare

This movie is amazing for the first 2/3. It's whimsical and sweet with a lot of attitude and I love the romance at first. The cinemetography is cool, with breaks from reality and over-saturated color, in the style of one of my favorite movies, Amelie. Also, hello! It's in FRENCH. So like I said it's amazing. But *then* the lead guy and girl get all emotionally sadistic towards each other, which I hate. And to top it off there is a plot twist that I won't spoil for you, but suffice it to say THE ENDING SUCKS. I could have given it 4-4.5 stars but noooooo....

Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Leaves a lot to be desired for entertainment value. It's quirky, whimsical...but banks mostly that to carry the movie. Hoffman is not his best, but slightly endearing. Think Willy Wonka without the dark undertones. Portman is fine. I particularly enjoyed Batemant as the accountant "mutant." However weak parts of it were, I laughed, have to admit. All in all, waffles between: witty, absurd, and trite. As an aside, it's squeaky clean!

Quantum of Solace

I was so caught up in the theater experience of this one (highly recommend) and all the action/effects that I didn't even notice the loosely strung together plot and underdeveloped characters. Hurray!

She's the Man

Ah. Just poorly constructed plot/dialog and forced humor. With a few hot bodies thrown in for good measure. But...I was laughing, yeah.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

I can't believe I watched this one either. S'pose it has to be your particular brand of humor...but I must admit I laughed at one or two parts. Caught me off guard.:)

The Valet
The Valet(2007)

Cute. Passes the time.


"Yes, I did it. I killed Yvette. I hated her so... much... it... it... the... it... the... fee... flames... flames... on the side of my face... heaving... breathless... heaving breaths..."

Dan in Real Life

Kind of a chick flick...but the good kind. Brothers fighting over the same women thing was...interesting. Not quite sure how I felt about that. But I always love an outsider-coming-into-a-big-family theme in a movie. Quirky and pretty well-developed as characters go (some of them) and Steve Carell and Dane Cook stretch out of character (slightly). Juliette Binoche is fantastic.


I wouldn't watch it again...but yeah I was laughing in spite of myself. Sometimes out of shock... even if it's crude the actors are often unpredictable and the comedic timing is fantastic.

The Producers

I had low expectations do to the critics' reveiws...but come on, this is just hilarious. Predictable and over the top, yes, but I think that's the intent.

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

It's okay. Follows suit of the show... so wrong, but it's still hilarious.

Benny & Joon
Benny & Joon(1993)

Love the quirkiness and how this can at once feel fanciful and not overdone. Love the homage to Buster Keaton. I did hope I'd be more impressed than I was...but, hey, Johnny Depp is hot.

Bella (Beauty)

So moving it refreshes the soul - I love that. Slightly overdoes is at times...and might not truly appear believable. Plot/story a wee bit shaky. But all of this only to a slight degree. To me it came off as just a very "human" to which many people could relate. Also, kudos for great statements about the value of life. I was afraid it might be preachy or didactic, but really it didn't seem so; I liked it all. Cinematically sound as well. For me, the title encapsulates it: beautiful!

Saint Ralph
Saint Ralph(2005)

Four stars?! "All Flixster" has atrociously poor taste in flicks.

The humor of the struggles of "teen-hood" is totally missed. Feels distasteful and forced. Overacted on all accounts save two (priest/coach and dying mother)...editing is either jolted or just pointless. Plot is both hokey and contrived.

And, I hated the depiction of Catholicism! It's all hypocrisy and intolerance. And it scoffs at both faith and reason in turn as well as at overcoming adversity. If the film had any artistic merit at all, I could set this aside. But as it is, I literally dropped the thing in the trash just for this.

The film's one hope at saving grace is the whole training to run the Boston Marathon motif...and that part was at least alright, but not enough to save the movie. Not by a long shot. Overall, poorly executed.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

Okay. The dresses were fun, but other than

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Had NO idea I would want to see this...saw the preview and got slightly stoked. The movie itself blew all of my expectations. It's saying something that I really liked it. :)

The Nanny Diaries

Bleh. Had some potential and blew it, utterly and completely.

There Will Be Blood

It's good. But I can't say the movie was actually me at least. Oh, except for the last ten minutes where Daniel Day Lewis proves he is God's gift to the acting profession. That, I must admit, was awesome.


I can't believe I actually watched this.

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Visually fantastic, great comedic timing, and I love the story! Can't go wrong with this one. :)

No Country for Old Men

It's extremely good, yet I'm not sure how I feel about this movie. The acting is excedingly well-done. Character development and dialogue is excellent. Skillful composition and editing. I love the absence of a background score and tension created from that. The ending for me, however, is unsatisfying. The movie morphs from what's-everyone's-motive western to all musings and symbols and metaphore: "What does this say about the nature of evil and our world today?" It's unresolved even if it's not pedantic. Rooting for the underdog doesn't pay off, which is esentially the film's thesis I suppose, but I'd rather keep cheering.

The Jane Austen Book Club

A chick flick I really liked! Sometimes trite or forced but it's hard to escape that within the genre...and in a film primarily about women of course they have to throw in lesbianism. Apart from that, the characters are very enjoyable and it's interesting how their lives parallel the ones in Austen's books. Also, I'm a lit geek, so I love to hear the banter and critique of theses, motifs, author's intention, etc. Jane Austen's now on my summer to-do list. As is Hugh Dancy! ;)


I was expecting more...more of...something. Probably witty humor. It really is a Disney movie; slightly on the annoying side. Amy Adams is perfect as the princess though. And the song and dance through the park is great! But the rest is simply predictable.

Eastern Promises

I want my hour and 40 minutes back.
And, to gouge out my eyes...

King of California

I loved this movie. The whole feel of it is at once happy and sad, unpredictable, lyrical...and funny! Definitely my kind of off-beat, eccentric humor. The characters are original and captivating and the acting quite good. It's the Michael Douglas from Wonder Boys but even better: less cynical and even more lovably eccentric. Evan Rachel Wood does a wonderful job as the daughter...nuanced, comical, real. Channels Zooey Deschanel. The story itself is a fun one - wacky, quixotic... about two people accepting each other for who they are. All in all it probably wouldn't be extraordinary to most people, but personally I think it's great. A fun and pleasant ride! :)

"I don't know if I exist."
"I've done lots of things in my life, maybe I haven't done what I need to do. And if I do this, maybe...I will."

"Breaking and entering make everything taste different. It tastes...more lively."

"In the quest of science the analysis of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual!"


An entertaining feel-good movie without being a romantic comedy. Yay! And Clare Danes wasn't annoying for once. Double yay! Haha... Strong cast and an interesting newcomer in the lead (Cox), who I think did a fantastic job. Parts of the humor I didn't exactly laugh at, but I suppose I could see where they would be funny...De Niro in a leo and tights was over-the-top to me... although I loved his character apart from that. And the lightning ship is sweeeet! :) Mostly I just liked the fantasy element of the movie, it's something refreshing, fun, and light-hearted. And there are some good thoughts on love. Very enjoyable overall.


Very cool. I love the idea of the future becoming Big Brother-esque and yet people still being able to outsmart the system. Also, the whole idea of genetic modification is verrrry intriguing and thought-provoking. The movie itself was well-crafted too, I thought, with good pacing and believable acting. The brother dynamic is interesting also - " I never save anything for the way back" keeps popping into my head now and I like that philosophy. :)

We Own the Night

Though it seems critics don't care for it, I did like ways. The plot, I felt, was unpredictable, and I like that a lot in a movie. Great dramatic tension as well - so thick you could cut it with a knife. Awesome handheld camera work here and there helps create that. Very real perspective-taking also; each of the brothers is well-developed. The only thing is it's kind of painful to watch, precisely because it is so raw and so tense. So, it's not flim I'll throw on "for fun". I probably won't see it again, actually. Everyone I watched it with liked it though.

The Score
The Score(2001)

It wasn't bad...but it was just alright. I've been waaaay more impressed w/ other films with these actors. Their acting is good, but the pacing is a little subtle at times, not super action-driven. But all of the technical gadgetry for the hesit is sweet. :)

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

Very, very good film. Solidly crafted in both form and content. And superbly acted. I love ambivalent good/bad guy characters...Russel Crowe really pulls it off.


Wicked, wicked sweet movie. Looooved the way it was filmed - color palette, composition, everything. Loved the acting and the depth to the characters. The battles were amazing too, styled in a way that was so epic. And who said this wasn't a girls' movie? Lemme just wipe the drool off of my face...

The Italian
The Italian(2007)

Pensive and melancholic, but so moving and beautiful! A little Capra, yeah? The plot moves slowly at first, but the six-year-old lead is awesome - very good acting.


Cool treatment of a serious subject - both hilariously witty and uplifting. And Ellen Page's acting kicks ass! As does the quirky folk soundtrack. :)


Brilliant, brilliant music. I can totally see why it's Oscar-nominated. (Check it out!) The film itself is subtle; it comes off as very authentic, almost like a documentary. It's not overtly action-packed or anything, but the acting is superb.


Phenomenal acting, great off-beat humor, and pie pie pie. :)

Shaun of the Dead

Fantastic. I laughed the entire time! But then again, I like dark comedy. Watch out for the gore; I'm glad I had forewarning.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Same song, second verse.

But, decently entertaining for a PG movie.

Evan Almighty

I gave a whole star to the CGI. Impressive.

In the Land of Women

Tooootally unbelievable. As in, I didn't believe one bit. Brody is a big pansy and I just didn't care for any of the character's relationships. Average cinematography didn't make up for that.


Ok, some parts are pretty laughable. At least grant that. However, the vast majority of the movie just kicks ass,'s good!

Ocean's Thirteen

You know, I liked the first two better.

Ocean's Eleven

Not worth your time. It's unfortunate. Pacing is incredibly slow; end just sucks. Possibly the first time the remake exceeds the original.

Live Free or Die

I want my hour and twenty-nine min. back.

Die Hard
Die Hard(1988)

Another classic series I have only just started to see. Some line delivery is a bit cheezy...hehe...but Bruce Willis compensates for that by being the ultimate badass. And, he does it all in bare feet. ;)

Jaws 3
Jaws 3(1983)

Hysterical attempt at special effects. Just priceless.


I was expecting complete cheese from this 70s blockbuster, but this was actually a pleasant surprise. Good composition, editing, acting. Fantastic build-up of tension and suspense. Sweeeeet soliloquy by the loopy fisherman. Really, it wasn't bad and I liked it a lot.

Jaws 2
Jaws 2(1978)

Nowhere near the first. A lot of things are lacking.


I think I'm in love! Indian cinema has so much singing and dancing, ornate sets, richly detailed, colorful's a sensual overload. This story itself is a little like Mulan Rouge. Not a happy ending but it's very beautiful.

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

Could not have been more hokey. It's utter crap.

Gone With the Wind

I hated it when I saw only the last 45 min. but watching it all the way through was a vast improvement. The acting is very good and the characters are so dynamic.


Mark Walberg is such a bad ass. Skills like that demand respect! Awesome.

The Rocketeer

Haha. Take it for what it is and you won't be disappointed. And check out the younger versions of Locke from Lost and Jan from The Office!!

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

Highly interesting. Both a film about filmmaking and a self-reflection on the Italian Catholic consciousness. Rich, dense, ambiguous... surreal and intellectual. Hard to follow the first time around but Fellini is one hell of a director.


Just hardcore greatness. Period.

Seven Samurai (Shichinin no Samurai)

Supposedly one of "the greats"...I chuckled a little but couldn't get very into it. It has its bright spots - some of the cinematic compositions were brilliant.

Driving Lessons

Alright...not overly compelling but a pleasant viewing experience.

Match Point
Match Point(2005)

Well executed, even if I didn't love it. Interesting, nonetheless.

La Grande illusion (Grand Illusion)

No one does nuanced characters like Renoir. Love it.

Akeelah and the Bee

Strong performances, cool idea. It's impressive...wish I knew even half of those words. Kids, don't ignore your potential!

Stick It
Stick It(2006)

Secret thrill. Love gymnastics.

Wonder Boys
Wonder Boys(2000)

It's more narrative than cinematic...good characters, meandering/random plot, lots of dry, sarcastic wit. All in all, fun. :)

The History Boys

I liked it. Besides the homosexuality fixation.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Oh, come ON. Everything was cut and spliced and changed...I was not a fan. Did not do justice to an amazing book.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

They finally got some acting lessons - yesss!


What's funny is that I've read the reviews since watching this and they were soooo bad! I wouldn't have seen it if I'd read them first. But the film just struck a chord with me. Very emotive. Some of the scenes between husband and wife were so poignant and believable. The depth in the acting was a pleasant surprise. I'd have preferred a different ending, but I like the way the priest was portrayed and his advice that Bullock's character needed to deal with a crisis of faith in her marriage. There is something so beautiful and moving about trying to heal a distant marriage and to love a spouse again. It's heroic.

School for Scoundrels

Weak, very weak. And all the "good" stuff was in the trailer.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

A forewarning: there's some gore and it goes slightly "slasher", even though it's an action comedy. But it's very good. Pacing is excellent - I wasn't ever bored.

Blades of Glory

Homoerotic moments, but Will Ferrel is just so damn hilarious.

Alpha Dog
Alpha Dog(2007)

It's too bad the movie is based on a true story...because it falls very short of doing it justice. The kid is decent, but other than that the dialouge and acting sucked. Instead of being heartbreaking, it's just stupid and unredeeming.

Perfect Stranger

Usually I guess what plot twists are going to happen, but this one I didn't. That is about the only part of the movie I liked.

The Simpsons Movie

Eh. Not as funny as I'd hoped.

Step Up
Step Up(2006)

C+ acting and storyline is comPLETEly predictable...but the dancing is fantastic. Afterwards I just wanted to get to a club and dance!!

Punch-Drunk Love

I was interested due to the rave reviews, but it unfortunately didn't meet my expectations. I love an unconventional romantic comedy, but this is a little off-the-wall. Too losely strung together even if it's sincere. A particularly apt review: "uses a hit-or-miss aesthetic that hits often enough to keep the film entertaining even if none of it makes a lick of sense." Fun to see Sandler in this role though; some moments with his love are especially sweet or comical and the depth he displays as an actor is a pleasant surprise.

Catch a Fire
Catch a Fire(2006)

Interesting to combine a political thriller with a flim biography...I liked the depiction of both sides as nuanced and yet flawed. I suppose that's good human drama, even if it's at times minutely annoying. (Scenes of torture, bleh.) More than anything it's good to take a look back at what was South Africa only ten years ago, so I appreciate the film for that.

I Heart Huckabees

It's a quirky comedy, yes, and I do like a flick that dabbles in's just not what I remembered it to be. A little too earnest, a little too half-assed. I laughed out loud at Mark Wahlberg (highlight of the movie for me) but found that Schwartzman got on my nerves. I suppose I still like it, but upon recently re-watching it, it has to come off of the favorites list.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days

The film consists mainly of tension-filled, cooly passionate dialogue, but it is done extremely well so I commend it. Both intense and powerfully moving.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Umbridge couldn't have been played better. I hated her. Oooh, and Potter's first kiss! I suppose that's due. The kids are like...what, 20?

Miss Potter
Miss Potter(2007)

Hmm. It was fine. Good clean romance with a touch of whimsy.


The movie has its moments...precious few...I laughed once or twice. And I love a good ol' dysfunctional family, trust me. But this honestly just felt forced. Overall it came off a bit weak.


My favorite thing is the way it was shot; some scenes are almost achingly beautiful. I like pretty movies. :> As for the rest, I thought most of the acting and characters were decent, aside from "Callista"...she just came off as over the top, trying too hard. Kinda of goes for the rest of the movie as well (e.g. plot) - it's a bit melodramatic. So there you go.

True Romance
True Romance(1993)

Somehow I like this movie, in spite of the rampant violence. The acting is very, very good. A lot of big names - and they live up to them. Maybe it was the soundtrack? I could wake up to that every morning. And not to spoil it, but the ending makes me happy. :>

Come Early Morning

Saw it a while ago and already wrote a review once, dunno what happened to it. So this one won't be as accurate. But it wasn't that great.... subtle (read: one step above boring) and about the leading lady's psychological hang-ups and eventual growth. Blah, blah.

The Last Mimzy

The kids do some decent acting...and Rainn Wilson's in it! After watching the movie I was not too impressed; it's definitely far-fetched, somewhat bland...and I could have done with out the Buddhist, new agey, palm-reading stuff as well. But the extras made the movie for me. I like sci-fi when the facts are separated from the fiction.

Reservoir Dogs

I was grossed out. My expectation was that I would like it, and the acting and plot were good, etc... but all the blood really got in the way. Definitely my least favorite Tarantino. Eww.


It's cute...and about good food!! I will one day own this. :)

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints

Very emotive. But it was a little too much for me and I did not care for the father-son relationship.

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

I wasn't that huge of a fan.

The Good Shepherd

This is between 3 and 3.5 stars, either "okay" or "I liked it." It was well-acted for the most part...I remember that much. The complexity of the story renders it sometimes engaging, sometimes just plain boring. Suffice it to say I wasn't, um.. "wowed."

Children of Men

I liked this a lot. Plot, acting...all of it was done well. Very suspenseful. Sometimes violent (I never like that), but I think the movie redeems itself with a good message about the sanctity of human life.

Stomp the Yard

Come on, who doesn't like a dance movie??

Blood Diamond

I'm surprised this movie didn't get better reviews. It was decent. Floating between 3 and 3.5 stars.

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

My expectations were low...I think that's why I actually liked it. There are definitely some holes, but hey - I'm a sucker for Denzel.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Extremely good. Very emotive, impeccably acted. Some people I talked to said it was depressing and long, but I disagree strongly. I really like this movie.

Freedom Writers

Moving and very good. To devote yourself to resolving injustice and giving hope as Hilary Swank's character does is extraordinary. She devotes so much of herself and it's inspiring. I also like that the movie is based on a true story. Remarkable.

Music and Lyrics

Eh. Not good, not great. Full of cheese at times but almost cute at others. I suppose it passes the time.

Reno 911!: Miami

This is horrible. And hilarious. Horribly hilarious. I mean, it's sort of Austin Powers in it's humor, so not everyone will like it. Kinda stupid and there's a lot of nudity. So because of that the movie's so-so. Basically, I'm embarrassed to admit that I was laughing out loud, haha. If you have conscience this movie's not for you...but it's pretty funny if you don't. ;)


Mmm, it was okay. I liked learning some of the story of the Supremes, who I'm told were the basis for the movie. I didn't know anything about them, so I enjoyed that... and Jennifer Hudson definitely has a set of pipes on her! I think she stole the show. The only thing is that it's basically a musical, with people breaking into song about every five minutes. I found myself thinking, "Again??"

Daddy's Little Girls

It's not bad. Really I thought the acting was good and the story at least a little compelling. Now, I didn't give this flick my full, undivided attention, to be fair... but even if I was moved to feel compassion I honestly just wasn't that entertained.

Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Aces(2007)

Pretty big disappointment. I reeeally didn't like it. A lot going on that doesn't really seem to matter. Over the top blood and violence. I thought Ryan Reynolds was passable in a serious role, surprisingly. But in the end this movie is weakly trying too hard.

10 Items or Less

I loooove character pieces. And, to me, this is a good one. Both Morgan Freeman and Paz Vega are exceptionally good as their characters...actually believable as "unlikely friends". I love this sort of comedy, also. (Similar to Stranger Than Fiction; it's not always obvious.) It's refreshing. The movie has a light-hearted, meandering feel to it, which I think seems to peter out at the end, but overall I enjoyed the movie.

As Good as It Gets

I don't think this is quite as good as the reviews would have you believe, but I did enjoy it. Jack Nicholson is just fun to watch and he has some great, scathing lines in this movie. I think he pulls off his character well.

Secondhand Lions

I loved this! I thought all of the acting was very good... and the characters as well as the overall flavor of adventure and growth in the film were very endearing. Reminds me of the movies I liked as a kid! : )


There were scenes that were too violent for my taste, but I loved the "epic" quality of this movie. *Slightly* predictable, but I can get over that. It was good.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

It's breathtaking. Very artful and well-made.

Material Girls

SUCKED! It's really horrible and cheesy. I have no idea why I wanted to see it. Duff sisters CANNOT ACT.

Harsh Times
Harsh Times(2006)

This was good but, yes, it was harsh. Kept me guessing though. I knew there had to be a downward spiral I just didn't know when. It's intense.

Jet Li's Fearless (Huo Yuan Jia) (Legend of a Fighter)

This is good. The fight scenes definitely have the "wow" factor. Sometimes I thought parts of the dialogue and acting were lacking, but overall I like it. I'd see it again.

Curse of the Golden Flower

Visually, this movie is breathtaking. I love it for that. It's a tragedy, so be prepared. But opulent sets and costumes, nice soundtrack, very good acting of subtle's just good. See it.

Pan's Labyrinth

This is very good. Quite well-told and I enjoyed all the acting. The violence, however, was too much for me, though I did appreciate the effect of it - it's graphic and therefore offputting. I appreciate it as a tool but still would rather not see it. Minus 1/2 a star. Apart from that, I really liked the movie. And of course I love that it's in Spanish. ;)

Batman Begins

Quite a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed this far more than I thought I would. Looking forward to the sequel!

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

It's good. I didn't know anything about the Princess Di story, so it was interesting to see one perspective of it.

Who Killed the Electric Car?

Monotonous. I didn't finish it. Sometimes minorly provocative, but who really takes the spin of Hollywood seriously?

Memoirs of a Geisha

I liked it. Mostly for the costuming, etc. It did seems to drag on, though.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

This was very good. Pretty violent, but the plot was rivoting. Incredible acting by Denzel. I liked the subtleties to his character.

The Patriot
The Patriot(2000)

Need to see it again.

Moulin Rouge!

So what if the story's a little ridiculous, Ewan McGregor has the voice of an angel! I like the theatrics and character-acting also. The second half is not as good as the first though, I will admit that.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

Need to see it again.


Kicks ass. See this movie.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

This was decent; I did like it. Acting is above par. Toward the violent side, but it was fun trying to guess where the plot was would go. It's cool that it's based on a true story. However, it does not deserve best picture. Not THAT good.

Running With Scissors

HORRIBLE disappointment. Anything good is in the preview and the rest of the movie just drags on and overall is just plain crap.

The Last Kiss

I like the soundtrack, but this is a mediocre movie. Jacinda Barrett and Blythe Goldwyn are great. The other acting is sometimes spot-on; other times it has an incredibly thick layer of cheese... Script follows suit. More scenes of nudity than I would have expected. It's about infidelity so it's a bit depressing.


I was expecting way more and this falls very flat. The humor is scant, plot seems to drag on. However, I suppose it *is* British... Oh, and there is full frontal nudity. Just to give you a heads up.


Smart people need to procreate! Some of this really hilarious and other parts just suck. Lots of stupid sexual humor and plot is extremely corny, but it's still somehow an okay flick.


Good acting. Cool shots at times. Sort of a dark "dramedy" was different than I expected and simply alright.

Watership Down

This is a screwed up movie to watch at 7 years old! Creepy, fat Godfather-like bunny, all the bunnies die...I probably would like it now. Also want to read the book.

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

It's alright. Cast is idosyncatic. Winslet is good and I like Jack Black, but Diaz and Law are more annoying than convincing. The shifts between parallel narratives are of interest at times, abrupt at others. You will find yourself second-guessing if the scenes are really part of the same movie. All in all, it's somewhat haphazard, trying to be too many things at once.

Half Nelson
Half Nelson(2006)

GREAT acting. Really believable story. I enjoyed it a lot.

Stranger Than Fiction

It's very good. You should see it. Sort of Charlie Kaufman but more on the whimsical side.

The Neverending Story

I love these movies! Childhood nostalgia, mostly, because when I rented them recently they were sort of crappy. Hah.

Dude, Where's My Car?

When I saw it I loved it. Wonder if I still would now...

Jesus Camp
Jesus Camp(2006)

Not terribly far from some Catholic movements, haha...I bet the hardhore liberals are scared shitless.

Superman Returns

Interesting, but... entertainment value is lacking.

Something New

I thought this was well-made and that it dealt well with the tensions of interracial dating. Because I know soooooo much about that, I know...

Failure to Launch

Totally unbelievable plot...but I like the scenes where they go sailing and eat crab...of course, haha. It's also funny in parts. But overall just alright.

Shrek 2
Shrek 2(2004)

The first is better.

White Chicks
White Chicks(2004)

More funny than I expected, but I definitely only laughed because my expectations were so low!

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

Wasn't too hard to figure out but I still really like the movie. David Bowie is surprisingly good as Tesla--had no idea it was him.

A Good Year
A Good Year(2006)

Falls in line with all the other mild-mannered romantic comedies. Finney is the one bright spot. I guess it did make me hope I'm really a winemaker's illegitimate daughter who'll inherit his vineyard....

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

It was alright. Not a huge fan of Angelina, but Brad Pitt...mmmm. ;) Entertaining action sequences even if the plot was lacking. Ha, at least I didn't fall asleep.

Little Miss Sunshine

I really, really like it. Offbeat humor, great acting, believable. characters... I will admit that it didn't blow my mind, but I think that's because I was expecting a lot out of this movie. And I was only *slightly* disappointed.

Marie Antoinette

COMPLETE lack of plot. Acting was lame at best. The only redeeming qualities were the costumes and some of the soundtrack...and as you can see they don't redeem it much.


Fantastic. Set aside a whole day to watch it though. You'll want to watch it about three times.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

Not even close to the first one. Sucked.

Employee of the Month

It has its moments but it's crass in some parts and mostly stupid.

The Devil Wears Prada

Good acting, interesting setting (to me, hah), and I loooooove the clothes.

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

I liked it better than most scary movies because it's well-shot, but it's still scary. Ew. I also don't like that the evil never ends.

American History X

Reeeeally good. Could have done with a violent scene or two, but this movie is great. Love the monologues, the acting. Brings up some compelling points.


Different from anything you've seen. Very subtle. Beautiful cinematography. Some may find it boring, and it is sort of hard to follow, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Moulin Rouge
Moulin Rouge(1952)

Great movie. Awesome theatrics, dancing, songs, character acting...Ewan McGregor has the voice of an angel...*Swoon*... Brings out the closet Bohemian in me. ; )

The Wicker Man

Sort of like "The Village", except it just really sucks. THE worst movie I've seen to date, and I have seen many. Dumb, not scary, and horribly predictable. I having to stop myself from a rant, here, because it's not even worth that.

The Illusionist

Sweet movie! Norton and Giamatti were very good in this, I thought. Fun plot twists and ending.


A different kind of movie and very real. I liked it.


Sort of a social satire and sometimes comical, but mostly it's about a stylist's little "escapades" with his clients.


Examines a how messed up a relationship-gone-wrong can get. Really like some of the music, the psuedointellectual dialouge about God and religion is mildly interesting, cameo by Dane Cook is kinda funny...but all in all too much sex for me.

In Good Company

Put me to sleep. I liked Scarlett's clothes though.


Pretty darn good. I need to see some more of these classics!

Down in the Valley

Ohmygosh -- *is* he a real cowboy or *isn't* he?? Yawn. This film has some decent actors but all in all it's anticlimactic.

Clerks II
Clerks II(2006)

It's hilaroius. You might feel a little dirty after watching it, but you're pretty much shocked and laughing at the same time. Couldn't help myself.

The Fisher King

It was good, but parts of it I didn't really care for. Like the scence where a guy's wife is shot and her brain splatter all over his face. Ewwwwwwwwww.

Riding Giants

Freak. Ing. Awesome.


Just alright. Can't remember it really...shows how "rivoted" I was, eh?

Lady in the Water

Pleasantly surprised. I liked it.

Brothers of the Head

They are actually brothers of the liver/lung (I think), but... haha. Well, the music's great! Think I'll buy the'll like it if you've any affinity for mid-70s Brittish punk. The movie itself is an odyssey alright; it was interesting...real, raw...and whatnot. Good presentation of the exploitation to which any music group is prone... I could see this film having a cult following, or something...even if it is a little strange for my taste.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Pretty darn funny, if you enjoy dark comedy, and I do! :-) Loved the banter between Cusack and Driver. Great 80s soundtrack, too.

Tsotsi (Thug)

Acting rocked, music made me want to dance, and I cried at the end. All in all a good movie.

The Squid and the Whale

Look out for some unsavory scenes, but good script and fantastic acting. And it is a comedy, which they carry off well. You'll like it if you enjoy atypical / dry humor.


Great! All the poker jargon sorta went over my head but loved the acting, esp. John Malcovich as KGB -- awesomely nuanced, hilarious character!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Story's a little morbid, yes, but the stop-motion animation is amaaaaazing. Watch the 'special fatures' on the DVD!

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

It's good...but not really a storyline I can take seriously. Then again, maybe it's not supposed to be taken that way.

Winter Passing

The plot stalls out in some places and the film is pretty typically an "indie", but the acting is good and it's fun to see Will Ferrell play and out-of-type character. I liked the music, too!


It was decent. Probably about the scariest movie I can handle.

The Wedding Date

The film has its funny moments... and I would like to have pretty much *all* of Debra Messing's clothes from this movie!


Just alright. The mom gets annoying, but Wanda Sykes is funny. J-Lo also has a killer wardrobe, so maybe that's what kept me watching!

The Wedding Planner

It's not a fantastic movie, but it's alright. I love when the crazy Italian guy propses to J-Lo! Sooooo sweet. Also love all the cool wedding ideas and what the film says about love being a choice.


Well-made, entertaining movie. Loved the pikey character and Brad Pitt's just hot.

A Prairie Home Companion

It was alright, but I expected more. Interesting if you're a GK fan though.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run(1999)

Really liked it. Loved all the little details that change from one scene to another as well the way it was shot (e.g. the saturation of the red accents). The music is good as well -- awesome to run to.


One of my favorite movies from childhood.

High School Musical

Haha...I got more enjoyment out of this movie than I probably should have. "I just wanna *dance*!"

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

It's brutal. Decent, well-acted...but definitely brutal.

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

At least one of those stars is for Chris Pine's hottness. Maybe all of them, actually...

The Boondock Saints

It's hilarious and well done, with a provocative message. "But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men."


It was better the second time around, for sure! "I thought maybe we could make ginger bread houses, and eat cookie dough, and go ice skating, and maybe even *hold hands*"...haha, love it.

Mission: Impossible III

Eh. Maybe I've lost my taste for these movies, not sure...but I was unimpressed.


Predictable. And watch out for the plot holes!

Uncle Buck
Uncle Buck(1989)

Though I didn't think I would, I got a kick out of this movie.

Lucky Number Slevin

Josh Hartnet in a towel was alright, but in general I was bored.

Wild America
Wild America(1997)

Jonathan Taylor Thomas was my preteen crush. Did I love this movie?? You shouldn't have to ask. ; )

The Benchwarmers

I watched this movie with someone who loved it. It's a wonder I made fun of it only around 20 times... reeeeally not my kind of humor.


A little cheezy, I have to admit, but it still got me to cry! I know, typical.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Pretty good, but it seemed to fall into the sterotypes of the genre all too easily. And I'm more a fan of the genre-breakers, ha. So, I was a little bored.

Cinderella Man

I loooove the relationahip between Renée Zelleweger and Russell Crowe in this movie! *Swoon*... Oh, and I guess the boxing is good, too. : )

American Splendor

I was bored out of my mind. Perhaps it's because I don't read comic books. Or, maybe it was that I'd read the reviews and went in expecting too much.

Friends With Money

People I watched this with thought it was depressing, but I liked it. Good acting, in-depth character development -- the whole thing comes off as very authentic and real.

Take the Lead

I'm a sucker for dance movies... and an added plus is that Antonio Banderaz has some good things to say about what it means for a man to "lead" a woman. Also, RUFIO is in this movie! Come on, say it with me: Rufio, Rufio, Ru-fi-ooooooooh! Haha.

The Green Mile

I bawled, but it's very good.


It's funny, you have to admit.


So cheesy I almost did use the little barf bag in the seat-pocket in front of me! But, this is my kind of quasi-intellectual romance, I have to admit. Who thought Bloom would make a good Kentuckian, though, I've no idea...

Must Love Dogs

This one had some potential, and even a flash of brilliance or two, but came off feeling pretty scripted and cheesy to me. Although...who doesn't want to fall for that romantic philosopher type, who -- you guessed it -- loves dogs too? Good for poking fun at online dating.

In Her Shoes
In Her Shoes(2005)

Pulls off a very character-driven and authentic screenplay with solid acting. Overall, though, I don't love it. Much more of a drama than I expected.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Kinda sweet, but too sappy-sentimental for me.

Angel Eyes
Angel Eyes(2001)

Kinda liked it. But it's pretty formulaic and sappy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

It was overlong and redundant, but I still liked it. Plus I've been to the island where it was shot -- Dominica! Beeeeeautiful.

American Beauty

Really, really like it. Some questionable elements, but fantastic acting, awesome quotes about beauty, nice cinematography.


There are some parts that are good.

Requiem for a Dream

Extremely well-shot, but too disturbing for my taste.


Love the costuming in this movie.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

All-around great. Good casting, off-beat humor... I watch it a lot.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

Love it. I can watch this anywhere and anytime and I never get sick of it. And the soundtrack is outstanding!


Good cast, good acting, good story... :)

The Incredibles

Down with mediocrity! ;)

Liar Liar
Liar Liar(1997)

One of Jim Carrey's funniest, in my opinion.

Dumb and Dumber

One of the ultimate stupid-funny movie. Classic.

Bring It On
Bring It On(2000)

I'm a cheer/dance movie dork. :P

Cheaper by the Dozen

Had to wipe the drool off my face.. ;) Fun movie, too.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Even better than the first.

Charlie's Angels

I wanted to take karate after this, and kick butt!

Meet the Parents

Hilarious, but painful. Poor Gaylord!

Legally Blonde

Reese Witherspoon nailed this role.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Kirsten Dunst's clothes in this film are cool. :)

Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams is always hilarious.

The Silence of the Lambs

I...idk, thrilling I guess.

Just Married
Just Married(2003)

Movies where everything goes wrong kinda grate on my nerves... I guess in like the locations in the movie though.