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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

A great start to a trilogy that shouldn't be a trilogy - it should just be two movies.

Life of Pi
Life of Pi(2012)

Packed with amazing visuals, great storytelling, an amazing friendship between human and animal, and a fantastic message give this one an outstanding grade. It's only drawback is that it's a little slow in parts.

Man on a Ledge

One of the biggest issues in the movie is the fairly frequent mention of the crowd below wanting the man to jump off the ledge - are New Yorkers seriously that stupid to want to watch a guy jump to his potential death? This is one of the more major issues in a overall fun and exciting thriller, but it does however have a "lazy" feel during a few different scenes, and quite often feels completely unrealistic.


Spoof movies are never made to be award winners (other than winners at the Razzies) but they always are a lot of fun. Fanboys is no exception - it's a so bad, it's fantastic spocksucking good time.


Bond is back - and he has a splendid movie in his arsenal. Happy 50 years, Bond!

21 Jump Street

Yes, it is very raunchy, but the raunch makes the movie what it is - without it, this movie would be boring, but with it, it's so much more entertaining and so much better.

Wreck-it Ralph

If this isn't the contender for this year's best animated flick, then I seriously have no idea what qualifies as "great" anymore.

Rise of the Guardians

Starts out somewhat slow, but ends smoothly. Not a whole lot of variety in terms of scenes, but the gorgeous animation and likable characters (and a great villain) give this a passing grade anyway.


If this gripping suspenseful drama doesn't receive a Best Picture nomination and a nomination for Best Actor to Ben Affleck, then I'd say to the Academy "Argo, f*ck yourself".

The King's Speech

A beautifully made, well-acted historic biography that deserves all the honors it received a couple years ago.


Even the stunning visuals can't save this bore-fest. Thank goodness this one is shorter than most.

Paranormal Activity

This movie isn't visually scary, it is psychologically scary - and that's an understatement. This one will keep you entertained throughout, but the only horrors come when you really think hard about what you are seeing. You have to give props to the unknown actors and the "independent" feel to the film as this one proves that you don't need a huge budget to freak out audiences.


The title of the movie says it all - Kick-Ass kicks... well... ass, with it's adrenaline pumping action scenes, hilarious dialogue, and epic characters. Not to mention the cleverly chosen music played during action scenes...

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

The movie does slow down a few different times causing a little bit of boredom, but once the wolves shockingly appear, you're in for one bloody exciting ride.


If you walk in to your local theater thinking this is one of those confusing, generic sci-fi films, then you're partially correct. Yes, it is confusing - but the movie isn't in any way generic - it's filled with lots of twists and turns that keep you guessing. One downside is that it is a little too "over violent" as some of the violence seemed a little unnecessary. It's not filled with blood, but it has that constant "Well, that's a bad guy - so... I guess I should murder him so he never will do any more harm" feel. Otherwise, a fantastic Sci-Fi movie - especially considering it came out in the Fall.


If this movie doesn't remind you even a tad bit of a female version of "Taken", then you must not know the movie that this one models itself after. Seyfried is good in her role - she's no female version of Liam Neeson, but she's solid. The movie is surprisingly good for the most part, but the last 20 minutes or so ruined what could've been a fairly good movie.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This isn't just a movie about three teenage misfits in high school, but this is also a story about a troubled teenager who you grow to love and care deeply about. The cast is outstanding all-around, the story is emotionally moving, and you wish the film was longer - as long as the tearjerker scenes would be more mellow.


Hated by most probably because they didn't have the right mindset going into watching it - if you prepare yourself for dumb fun, you will have a blast with Zookeeper. If you expect anything more from it, you'll be wishing to have 1 hour and 41 minutes back in your life.

Happy Feet Two

Wasn't a fan of the original and not a fan of the sequel, either. An overall pointless follow-up that was begging to be a disappointment for those that liked its predecessor. Boring, slow, and unneeded. The music sequences get old fast and the additions of the Krill creatures knock the train (in this case, the movie's plot line) off its track. Cute movie though, I'll give it that.


Although it becomes quite predictable throughout, the black and white colored animation is a nice change of pace compared to todays' color of movies. Although it isn't painfully scary, it still has a creepy feel to it delivered by none other than Tim Burton. The movie is on the short side, but it's not really a bad thing considering its 87 minutes is plenty enough to tell the story. An overall very good film, not perfect, but still very charming, heartfelt, and enjoyable for most.