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Strange Days
Strange Days(1995)

Even though the script devolves into garbage, still a thought-provoking, entertaining film.

The Angels' Share

At least the Brits can still churn out a good, working class film. Marvelous.

Olympus Has Fallen

Xenophobic, American propaganda. I want two hours of my life back. One star for Gerard Butler.

Ip Man
Ip Man(2010)

Not historically accurate, but fuck it. A must see for Wing Chun/Kung Fu fans!


One of Godard's finest masterpieces. Bardot in her prime.

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers is actually okay-- in a fucked-up-social-critique-kind-of-way. I don't envy the post-production team. 3/5


One of the most psychologically relevant films of the last few years!

Cloud Atlas
Cloud Atlas(2012)

Although choppy and convoluted at times, Cloud Atlas is one of the preeminent films of the last few years. The film questions not only the meaning of existence, but the inevitable threat of totalitarianism in our lives. However, the true message is lost on those who do not seek to find truth.


Magical masterpiece.

Days of Glory

The French-Algerian version of Saving Private Ryan. A captivating war film that chronicles the brave contributions made by North African soldiers during WW2.


Smart, intelligent, and overall well-written. I am a sucker for futuristic, dystopian films with a dash of steampunk . The film however skims the surface in terms of the character's psychological convictions, focusing more on plot development and action sequences, getting progressively worse as the film unfolds. It wasn't the right blend of sci-fi and action for me (too much Hollywood). 5/5 for the 1st half. 3/5 for the 2nd half. Do the math.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

Amazing psychological sci-fi thriller!

A Prophet (Un prophete)

Superb French gangster film.


It's a good film as many films in the decade. But there a couple scenes and dialogue that are a bit off, preventing it from being a masterpiece. Outstanding performances by Bruce Greenwood and Don McKeller. 4.5/5

Man With a Movie Camera

I mean it's an interesting experimental film, but I felt like I was on a drug-induced trip or seizure. Hardcore film students would give this 5/5. 3/5

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Strong central performances from Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor keep this film together. A decent British romantic drama with an interesting plot.


A contemporary look into the lives of gay men in England. You can't help but get immersed in their world, if only for a couple hours. It's like the gay version of "Before Sunrise."

Friends With Kids

A parenting rom-com which ultimately succumbs to a need to follow convention. It was fun while it lasted. Jon Hamm, Megan Fox and Kristen Wiig are in it though. Praise to Jennifer Westfeldt-- director, scriptwriter, and actress in the film.


Probably Jack Black's finest performance, in probably the most underrated movie of the year.

La tête en friche (My Afternoons with Margueritte)

Simple and charming, yet powerful and moving. Something only the French could make.

The Bourne Legacy

Slapping the name Bourne on a movie doesn't make it a good movie. The biggest flaws being the disgustingly weak plot and lack of character development. A mess of a film

Monsieur Lazhar

Best Canadian Francophone film I have watched. C'est magnifique.

My Blueberry Nights

A well written American tale that leaves something to be desired by its main actress. Strong supporting characters, weak choice of protagonist.

A Dangerous Method

Fassbender and

We Bought a Zoo

Perusing through the reviews reminded ne of how some film critics are emotionless, cinephilic snobs. We bought a zoo is a sentimental adventure, and with strong performances from the cast make it a must see. Just because the movie isn't a completely realistic portrayal doesn't make it any less enjoyable. Movies were made to make us feel something, and this one succeeds.

The Bourne Ultimatum

The end of the best spy trilogy of the 21st Century. Praise for Greengrass' camerawork and Damon's portrayal of Bourne. Julia Stiles is very under-rated, two thumbs up for her. Well written and intelligent. I wish Damon was coming back for another. Renner has some big shoes to fill this year.

The Bourne Supremacy

The second installment in the Bourne Trilogy is just as good if not better than it's predecessor. The sequel is much more complex and causes some story sub-plots to be rushed. Otherwise an entertaining thriller. 4/5.

The Bourne Identity

One of the best action thrillers of the 21st Century. Smart, intriguing and well written. Beautiful backdrops. 4/5.


Slightly reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I sat through the whole movie with either a grin on my face, or an expression of awe at the mesmerizing visuals. Ridley Scott is a practically a living God in the industry. I am also a big Michael Fassbender fan, and he doesn't disappoint. However the Holloway-Shaw relationship was a disappointment. Although I have minor quibbles with some casting and scripting, Prometheus is overall one of the best sci-fi films in recent years.


Strong supporting performances but the script truly shines. Adventureland is a journey of a rag-tag group of socially awkward and troubled teens and adults as they navigate the challenges of life in suburbia.


How to make it in Hollywood. Step 1: Cast a hot blonde. Step 2: Make shit go boom. Poorly written and poorly casted. Is it bad that I empathized with the aliens? Can someone tell me the purpose of the film? And why Taylor Kitsch wearing a T-shirt when he's supposed to be a Lieutenant?

8 1/2
8 1/2(1963)

For those who don't believe film is an art haven't watched this Italian masterpiece. A psychological comedy-drama about the inner workings of a troubled director. Reality and fantasy blur in what is one of the most complex film I have ever watched, yet remains remarkably rewarding. Definitely requires another viewing.


Dark and at times touching. However, the movie succumbs to a script that prevents the characters from developing fully. Peter Mullan's convincing performance prevents the film from being a flop.

The Searchers

The Searchers is arguably the greatest American film ever made. Despite the somewhat inaccurate portrayal of Native Americans, the realistic depiction of the difficulties of frontier life, the depth of the story, and John Wayne remarkable performance make this my all time favourite Western.

The Descendants

Payne succeeds in capturing the Hawaiian atmosphere as well as the emotional turmoils of life.The film is humorous and moving at times, but some sub-par acting prevents it from reaching its full potential. Nevertheless, Clooney's performance is marvelous and Shailene Woodley is convincing enough in her supporting role.

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

Ms. Theron is one of the few actresses out there that could you like an alcoholic sociopath. Makes you squirm, makes you laugh. Depressing and I like it.


One of the better found-footage films released this decade. A coming of age super hero movie with a twist. The young trio have a chemistry that is hard to come by.

The Godfather

A tale of violence intertwined with love, family, respect, loyalty, betrayal, and vengeance. Never before have mobsters been portrayed in such a human light. Michael's transformation from war-hero to ruthless don gets on my nerves a good way. A terrific performance by the whole cast, especially Marlon Brando. A benchmark for the crime genre.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Kubrick's work is not merely a sci-fi film but art in its finest form. His photographic eye is unrivaled, capturing some of the most magnificent scenes in film history. Space exploration has never been this eerie.

The Rules of the Game (La règle du jeu)

Renoir's tragicomedy set in pre-WWII France is an absolute delight. The director's use of deep focus combined with long takes allows the film to progress in a remarkably lifelike manner.


Hitchcock's masterpiece is a psychological thriller that takes the audience on an exploration of erotic obsession and the human psyche.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Don't see this making my favourites, but with a mesmerizing performance by Ms. Hepburn and a great score the film ends up hitting all the right notes.

Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane(1941)

One of the greats of American cinema. Storytelling at its finest.

Into The Abyss

Herzog provides an emotionally charged look at the Texas death penalty through the eyes of victims, cops, and criminals. Passionate stuff.


MMA fighter, Gina Carano isn't half-bad. She definitely has the face for movies, though her ability to hold dialogue-heavy scenes is weak. The lack of plot originality is made up by the well choreographed hand-to-hand combat. Soderbergh's artistic touches makes the film watchable.


One of the better dramas this year... Michael Fassbender is amazing!