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The Nativity Story
5 years ago via Flixster

The Nativity Story is a movie that tells the story of how Jesus was conceived in a young teenage girl named Mary and still remained a virgin. The way the movie tells the story on how this happened is by the Holy Spirit conceived a child in Mary. This is how Mary was still considered a virgin.
The movie starts out by an older man, who was an acting preacher hears a message from God saying that Mary will conceive a baby. The guy is startled and runs out of the room where he hears this message. After that scene, the remainder of the movie is set around Mary and the story of her up to Jesus,¢¢,,¬¢,¢ birth. One of the most famous scenes that is known by most Christians is when Mary is approached by an angle and tells her she will conceived a son and name him Jesus. One thing that is say which is unclear if she said this was when she asked the angle, ,¢¢,,¬..."How can I conceive when I have no man?,¢¢,,¬,,? The saying most likely was a filler statement to show Mary as human and understands how babies are conceived and born.
The way that this movie relates to religion is it tells the story about how Jesus was born of a virgin due to being conceived by a spirit instead of another human. Some of the consistencies that are seen in this movie is when Mary is approached by an angle telling her she will give birth to a son and name him Jesus. The journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem is another consistency that the New Testament mentions. The final consistency that is true is when Mary gives birth to Jesus in a manger or shelter and three guys known as Wise Men (or Magi) are present for Jesus,¢¢,,¬¢,¢ birth.
One inconsistency that the movie showed is Mary did not have a group of siblings when the mother is talking about God,¢¢,,¬¢,¢s words. One other inconsistency that the movie showed is, the older man who was the acting preacher never heard a message from God that Mary was going to have to conceive a son. That was something that did not seem quite accurate.