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viktor's Review of Hostel

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Three innocent teenagers travelling by train, probably interrail, towards what they consider fun. But when they arrive, they find something else.
Since the beginning of the movie little anormal things begin to happen, these little details keep the viewer alert. Nothing serious yet: a stranger acting strangely, some girls too attractive to them and desolate images that are continuously projected on the screen , from a country that seems largely uninhabited. Here the director makes a perfect combination between curiosity, intrigue and the apparent normality of the situation of these travelers. But, with the same master hand, the director slowly increases those details, at first unimportant and at the end completely sinister. Maybe a mistake to show the splendor of the story before the characters discover what is happening, but still is actually intriguing.
Once uncovered the plot, the gore starts. And a gore of a quality that many films could envy; and directors, that believe they are experts in this gender, can't produce. Scenes like the german torturer slipping, falling to the floor and throwing the saw over his body, are as striking as great and unforgettable.
And finally, a perfect chain of events that end up in the most satisfactory way for the viewer.