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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Life of Pi

Life of Pi(2012)

While watching the film I didn't realize that the whole story was a metaphor, until the end. Then my point of view changed.
The whole adventure of Pi is a fight with himself and a trip to discover who he really is. However, to continue that way would be more like making a critic about the book, which I haven't read.
The use of technology is excessive. I feel cheated when I see all this completely unreal images and places and water effects...
And what seems to be the important thing of the film, the message, well, enjoying fantasies and stories is ONE thing, believing you live in one of those is a VERY DIFFERENT THING.
Completely disagree with the way the film tries to demonstrate the existance of God.
Anyway, there are some good scenes and the narration is quite good during the adventure in the boat.