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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


This film is a tribute to Lincoln, who was president of the United States until being murdered. Spielberg, once again, moves away from the blockbusters that keep him busy most part of the time and, as usual, he brings a historical drama, and basically that's the greatness of this film: it is a lesson of history. Spielberg uses a clear and slow technique to tell the events that happened within the walls of the White House and other political offices mainly. This way of filming can be somewhat boring, but that is how real life is, isn't it? The emblem character of this movie character, Lincoln, is well represented by the talented Daniel Day-Lewis. I could not tell if he does a good job because I could never compare him to the original, but he certainly gives a strong charisma through his wrinkles, his beard and everlasting anecdotes; but honestly, during the movie, I never got to be convinced that I was watching lincoln but someone playing him. Tommy Lee Jones also transmits feelings in a very realistic way. And curious intervention of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, to whom I predict a great future in the industry, although not yet well defined. The film is very theatrical in many scenes, especially when Sally Field is on the scene, since she overacts most of the time. Other scenes, however, are very emotional. One thing that has left me completely neutral was the soundtrack, which goes unnoticed throughout the film, a big pity, since it is signed by the greatest one. Overall the movie is memorable, but it is still another biopic, a great movie about a piece of history, a kind of film that abounds.


The other day I was talking to an american guy when he told me that Lincoln wasn't acutally interested in the freedom of the slaves. He only wanted the farmers from the south to deliver the slaves, so that the industries in the north could hire that people cheaper than an american average worker.
Considering that, now I feel really cheated by Spielberg. Maybe I should redo my review since the film is not as faithful to history as I thought.